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Make owning things simple.
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Bawte makes owning things...simple.

Look around your house, condo, apartment, whatever. You have stuff. You have so much stuff you don't likely know all the stuff you have. And life is great when everything is running like a well-oiled machine, but they live in reality. They have questions, issues, problems, concerns & unfortunately, catastrophes.

That's why they made Bawte (pronounced 'bought'). It is the place you go for everything you need to know about the products you own.

Need instructions for your TV? At your fingertips! Cleaning your coffee maker, but don't know how? They linked a video for you. Toaster recalled? Pushed to you, but only if you own that product! Warranty expiring? How about they tell you BEFORE it expires! Registration cards? Never again. Just tag and done. Receipts. All digital!

And the best part is that if you ever need help with anything you own, ask us. They will get you the answer or point you to the person who will. They call that Bawte Service Team Support. Yours free for any product you tag.

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