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BankLink is an accounting service that automates and streamlines the accounting process.



BankLink, as part of the Media Transfer Services (MTS) company, was founded in 1986 in New Zealand by Malcolm MacDonald, Derek Jones and Steve Agnew.

The original aim was to provide a time-saving service to accountants and their small business clients. Malcolm and Derek remain integrally involved with the company as Executive Directors.

It was clear to the founding directors that one of the most time-consuming processes undertaken by accountants was the re-keying of their small business clients’ bank statements into the practice’s own computer system.

It seemed logical that if this data was already recorded by the computer systems of financial institutions, it would be possible to transfer the data directly to the accountants’ computer systems.

This would enable accountants to turn the data into valuable financial information, create efficiencies, and provide added value to their service. And so, BankLink was born.

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