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August 14, 2009
Peter Koch, Karl Heinz Koch
Foster City, CA
Cloud Infrastructure, SaaS, Art, Cosmetics, Startups, Technology, Toys, Wholesale, B2B, Social Commerce, Social Network Media, Marketplaces, Fashion, E-Commerce
Balluun provides mobile and web applications as a complementary service for tradeshows and wholesale service providers.

Detailed Description


A global start-up, Balluun has headquarters in Switzerland and conducts its groundbreaking technology development in Silicon Valley. From its offices in Foster City, California, Balluun is dedicated to bringing the versatility of web and mobile applications to the traditional tradeshow experience.

Developed for the tradeshow industry, Balluun builds a digital platform that offers year-round transactional opportunities for exhibitors and attendees and increased revenue streams for tradeshow organizers. With our platform, tradeshows can offer their attendees a unique experience with state-of-the-art technology and a completely customizable application.

By partnering with us, tradeshows can enhance their events before, during and after the show. On the Balluun application, attendees can utilize the power of social media to not only connect with their new contacts immediately, but to keep their networks informed of their latest business news long after the tradeshow is over. On our platform, users can conduct transactions directly from their wireless-enabled devices. Instead of bulky paperwork on the tradeshow floor, our platform facilitates all sales and purchases digitally and paperlessly. Tradeshow runners can alert their attendees with up-to-the-minute information through the application, making sure attendees are well-informed without disrupting their in-person experience.

The applicability of our platform extends beyond the tradeshow experience. Tradeshows give attendees the opportunity to network and discover new brands. Users who maintain their presence on the application will find that they can stay in touch with the contacts they made at the show and follow up with additional orders, questions, and comments.

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