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Venture Capital
The largest Series A focused European Venture Capital firm.

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Balderton backs breakthrough technology businesses in Europe. Our partnership consists of some of Europe's most successful entrepreneurs and venture investors. By bringing their combined experience to bear, we enable our portfolio companies to access an unrivalled array of knowledge, skills and capital. Our focus is on ambitious entrepreneurs, disruptive technology and sustainable businesses.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Sep, 2016€7.4M / Venture
Sep, 2016$8M / Series A (Lead)
Aug, 2016£8M / Equity Crowdfunding
Jul, 2016$7M / Series B
Jul, 2016£13.8M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2016$1M / Venture
Jun, 2016undisclosed amount / Series A (Lead)
Jun, 2016£4M / Series B
May, 2016$13M / Series B
May, 2016$27M / Series B
Mar, 2016$13M / Series C
Feb, 2016£1.7M / Seed
Jan, 2016$2.75M / Seed (Lead)
Jan, 2016$6.5M / Series A
Jan, 2016£12.5M / Series B
Dec, 2015$3M / Seed (Lead)
Dec, 2015£3.5M / Venture (Lead)
Nov, 2015$20M / Series B
Oct, 2015€800k / Seed
Sep, 2015$27M / Series B (Lead)
Sep, 2015$37M / Series D
Sep, 2015$3M / Series A (Lead)
Aug, 2015$8M / Series A (Lead)
Aug, 2015$12.5M / Venture
Jul, 2015£6M / Series C
Jul, 2015$22M / Series B
Jul, 2015£1.5M / Seed
Jul, 2015$20M / Series B (Lead)
Jun, 2015$7M / Series A
Apr, 2015$40M / Series C
Apr, 2015$12M / Series D
Mar, 2015£25M / Series D
Feb, 2015$7.5M / Series A (Lead)
Jan, 2015$8M / Series A (Lead)
Nov, 2014$7.5M / Series A (Lead)
Nov, 2014€4.5M / Venture (Lead)
Nov, 2014undisclosed amount / Series B (Lead)
Oct, 2014$3.7M / Series A
Sep, 2014$1.4M / Seed (Lead)
Sep, 2014$4.5M / Series A (Lead)

Funds (6)

Unknown DateBalderton Capital IV$430M
Unknown DateBenchmark Europe II$375M
Unknown Date5th venture fund$305M
Unknown DateBalderton Capital V$305M
Unknown DateBenchmark Europe I$500M
Unknown DateBenchmark Capital III$550M

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  • Headquarters

    The Stables

    28 Britannia Street

    London, England WC1X 9JF

    United Kingdom

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