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Walid Al Saqqaf
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Babyhuddle is a baby social shop powered by a community of active users who create lists of baby products, product reviews and answer each other’s questions. Its platform is transforming the way consumers make purchasing decisions for their children up to five years of age.

From pregnancy and until toddler key development stages, parents are poorly equipped with knowledge of what products to get, when to get them and how to use them. Acquisition of this knowledge is a lengthy and stressful endeavor in which the burden lies on time-starved parents to seek information from a multitude of sources and patch them together to gain the necessary knowledge to make product purchasing decisions.

Babyhuddle simplifies this process by offering a central hub for product information and product purchase where parents share, and more importantly build on, each other’s knowledge by: • Creating lists of curated products around topics such as Baby Essentials, Early Development Toys, Top Bottle Feeding Products and much more • Asking and answering questions around any topic or product • Reviewing tried and tested baby products

This equips parents with the confidence to make informed purchases on Babyhuddle.

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