Acquired by Hewlett-Packard on August 18, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Autonomy Corporation develops software that process human information and unstructured data.

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January 17, 1996
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Autonomy, an HP company, is a market-leading software company that helps organizations all over the world understand the meaning in information. A pioneer in its industry, Autonomy's unique meaning-based technology is able to make sense of and process unstructured, 'human information,' and draw real business value from that meaning.

Human information makes up the vast majority of content in the world today and exists almost everywhere: in documents, emails, pictures, audio, video, and mobile and social media communications. Unlike tagging or keyword solutions, Autonomy uses ground-breaking, pattern-matching technology to form an understanding of this data, allowing computers to capture the meaning held within 100 percent of information, including structured, 'extreme,' or 'big data' amassed in databases from call detail records, gene sequencing, sensors, algorithmic trading, click streams, and other sources. Autonomy software helps businesses and organizations reduce complexity and unlock the real value in data.

Autonomy provides meaning-based solutions that understand the full spectrum of enterprise information as well as the relationships that exist within it. By enabling computers to comprehend the 'shades of grey' in our world, rather than only the black and white found in databases, businesses can automate processes, comply with regulations, act in real time, and improve business outcomes.

Understanding 100% of Information The characteristic that makes human information unstructured is its form - it does not fit neatly into the rows and columns of a database, but exists in various formats including books, email messages, surveillance video, chat streams, and phone calls that occur across networks, the web, the cloud, and numerous mobile devices. Growing at a rate three times that of structured data, the increasing deluge of unstructured information makes up approximately 90 percent of all information. The challenge for the modern enterprise is to understand and extract value from this rich sea of human information.

Today, with Autonomy, organizations can now process and understand in real time, the meaning of 100 percent of information. These advancements signal an historic shift where it is the "I" in IT that is changing, rather than the "T".

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