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Acquired by Digimarc
October 1, 2005
Jim Brock, Jim Pitkow
San Mateo, CA
SEO, Software

Attributor provides digital content protection solutions for the publishing industry.



Attributor is the leading provider of digital content protection solutions for the publishing industry. Attributor offers products that enable publishers to identify and verify copy infringement, enforce authorized use, analyze market demand and monetize digital content.

Attributor's system crawls tens to hundreds of millions of pages on the Internet daily and verifies whether it is authorized reuse. When Attributor finds a use that is not permitted, the hosting site is alerted and receives a range of options depending on the publisher and author, including a request to swap for authorized content, a licensing request, or a DMCA takedown notice.

Attributor can digitally fingerprint each piece of content to uniquely identify the content based on its essential features. Each content owner can define permitted use of their original content, such as how much can be copied, what kind of attribution is required and... See More

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