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Astia is a curated, global community of experts committed to the success of world class women-led, high-growth startups. For over 14 years the 5000+ members of Astia’s connected community have provided startups with access to capital, business networks, and opportunities to become dominant market players. The organization is a non-profit with distinct focus and mission.

What is Astia’s mission? Astia’s mission is to propel women’s full participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses, fueling innovation and driving economic growth.

How does Astia fulfill its mission? Astia startups benefit from a global, connected community of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. Through a proprietary and proven process, known as Astia Expert Sift(TM) and program, Astia Advisors are paired with startups to gain access to the right expertise at the right time. The Astia model of engagement ensures for an entrepreneur-centric approach, a give-back values alignment, exceptional commitment by individuals who volunteer their time and expertise, and a clear and distinct alignment with the success of the startups.

In 2013, Astia is vastly expanding its reach by decentralizing the internationally-recognized programming to reach an ever increasing number of promising women-led start-ups. At the same time Astia is amplifying the opportunity for startups to access capital via Astia Angels and monthly showcases to investors in Silicon Valley, New York and London (Astia Venture Lunches).

Where does Astia operate? Headquartered since its founding in 1999 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Astia’s reach is truly global. Leveraging the reach of over 5,000 individuals representing 32 countries, we work with and source startups from every continent. The Board of Trustees has global representation and our Global Board of Advisors and Global Sector-specific Cabinets have representation from North America, Europe and India.

Has Astia been successful? Guided by a proven philosophy that gender diversity is an essential element of innovation, Astia is a pioneer in the space, uniquely sourcing innovation for investors and achieving an unparalleled success rate with greater than 60% of the clients achieving funding or an exit within one year of joining Astia.

What does an Astia startup look like? Astia seeks visionary entrepreneurs from around the world with game-changing start-ups who are ready to become market-leading businesses. We are stage agnostic. Reflecting the community’s expertise, Astia will consider companies within the sectors of high tech, life science, clean tech, consumer tech, and health and wellness. At a minimum, startups must have at least one woman in a leadership role (at C level) or in significant position of equity and influence.

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