AroundMe is a mobile app that lets users find nearby Points Of Interest (POI), such as restaurants, hotels, theaters, hospitals and more.
Marco Pifferi

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Because You're Going Places

We know local search. AroundMe has been around since the dawn of time. Ok, well, we’ve been around since before local search applications were a thing. And that’s why millions of people trust us.

They’ve been using the AroundMe app since 2008. And today, with over 25 million searches completed every month in over 200 countries - we’re the most widely used app of our kind.

We’ve integrated cutting edge technologies like Augmented Reality and support for external GPS such Navigon MobileNavigator, TomTom and MotionX-GPS Drive.

And we work with the likes of,, FourSquare, and loads of other top notch localized data providers. AroundMe is leading the way in local search, so that our users can find what they want, when they need it.

Because we know you’re going places!

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