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January 2, 2006
Lancaster, PA
Android, iPhone, Mobile
appMobi is a provider of HTML5 mobile development tools and services focused on products with industry standards HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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appMobi is a leading vendor of HTML5 mobile development and deployment tools and services. The company has focused on products that advance the mobile market's shift from proprietary native tools and services to industry standards HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

While the emerging HTML5 standard offers the mobile industry ease of app development and freedom from fragmentation, it lacks a number of key features that drove Apple's rapid ascent to market leader. appMobi's mission is to provide the missing features that will allow HTML5 to compete and win against proprietary solutions. Specifically, these features include an HTML5 development, debugging, and build system, user authentication, 'touch to buy' , push notifications, user analytics, and on-device app updates. appMobi has created best-of-breed solutions for each of these issues.

appMobi's XDK (cross platform development kit) allows developers to use HTML5 technology to create fully functional mobile apps that run across different hardware platforms, including Android and iOs. Additionally, the XDK can render the exact same code as a 'web app' or an 'enhanced' web app that performs exactly the same as a native app. In August 2011, appMobi made the XDK available as a plugin for the Google Chrome browser, offering developers an extremely easy to use tool stack for HTML5. In December, 2011, appMobi released its directCanvas technology as open source. directCanvas speeds HTML5 game screen rendering by as much as 18x, delivering "native" game performance to games written with HTML5. Also in December, ReadWriteWeb named appMobi as the "Most Promising Company for 2012".

March 12, 2012, appMobi released version 1.0 of jqMobi, an open source jQuery-like JavaScript framework that is highly optimized for delivering an identical user experience on Android and iOs HTML5 mobile apps.

On Feb 21, 2013, appMobi announced to its developers that all of its HTML5 development tools had been acquired by Intel, leaving appMobi as a "pure play" mobile cloud services provider.

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    The statMobi Analytics package offered by appMobi allows you to do the exact same thing, only for...
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    pushMobi, you can send truly immersive messaging. Include a variety of media to provide an...
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    appMobi XDK

    AppMobi has launched a new "XDK," which allows developers to build HTML5-optimized...

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    35-37 East Orange St.

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