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January 9, 2013
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Ananto is a Big Data Analytics Solutions and Services Company, supporting firms with Data Insight, Predictive Intelligence, Technology Integration and Advisory and Professional Solutions and Services. The word ‘Ananto’ means Infinite, depicting the very nature of endless possibilities of business solutions that can be achieved using effect analytics. We believe that Big Data analytics is the next big revolution which will present infinite possibilities for businesses.

Our mantra is to convert your data to dollars for you. Data itself has no value, unless it can be harnessed smartly and transformed into deeper customer insight and channelized towards enhancement in productivity and efficiency. This deep insight into data can help organizations to Re-focus, Re-align, Re-engineer and be Relevant and Resilient.

Ananto solutions do not stop at creating reports and insights. In fact the infinite possibilities just begin at this step. Our senior industry experts will not only focus on identifying areas of efficiency improvement, but will also look at buying behavior patterns, risk assessments, affinity buying models, and campaign outputs and consult to help companies improve productivity and increase revenue. Above all Ananto will ensure the success of business objectives. We will walk with the customers, to ensure implementation of action points borne out of all the insights generated by data and organization strategies. We will rest only once the target dollars are in the pocket. We believe that our holistic approach towards data will lead our clients to earning dollars out of efficiency and customer experience improvements and this will set us apart in the Analytics based business solutions space.

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