May, 2010
Alternion is a social hub and communications center combining and managing users’ social web, email and direct messages in one app.
Timothy Pastushkin
Social Network Media, Networking, Curated Web

Detailed Description


Alternion is a social aggregation and communication center.

It enables you to combine and manage all of your web activities, news, photos, videos, contacts, and emails:

* View and comment your friend updates, photos and videos from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other networks.

* Combine and manage all of your own social networking updates from 220+ services, and collect all your posts, photos, and videos in one place. With full control over your privacy settings, you can manage who can see your information and updates.

* Connect any of your IMAP/POP email accounts, and collect and send all of your emails.

* Combine all of your contacts and their latest updates in your social address book.

* Connect multiple accounts, post to other networks, follow other users, and much more.

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