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Allied Wallet continues to revolutionize the e-commerce industry by introducing new and innovative payment processing solutions for online
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Allied Wallet inc. was founded in the year 2002 with an aim to offer their clients with a secure mode of payment processing system. The company was founded by Andy Khawaja with an idea since a survey conducted showed that 85% of internet users were also frequent shoppers which felt that their information was safe and secure. Therefore, he build an e-commerce experience around safe and secure payment technology.

The company understands that the information provided by their clients that is the business owners and merchants and further their clients is important and sensitive. Therefore, they make sure that this data remains secure and secretive as possible as it can be. The company is known for its low transaction fees and outstanding client servicing. The company makes sure that they go an extra mile to ensure that all transactions are encrypted and secure using state-of-the art payment processing technology.

Some of the benefits that a client gets if he chooses Allied Wallet are: • Safe and Secure encrypted transaction • Quick and easy Account Setup • 24 hours live support • Accept Credit Cards without Limitations • Accept Currencies from 164+ Countries • Send or Receive Money With Ease and a lot more

So, if you wish to avail their service for a faster, safer and better mode of processing payment, then be sure to get in contact with them at 888-255-1137 or reach their office in West Hollywood, CA.

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    9000 W. Sunset Blvd #820 West Hollywood, CA 90069

    West Hollywood, CA 90069


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    1 Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square

    London, WC2N 5BW


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