AlertFox is a web application monitoring service based on iMacros technology that offers transaction monitoring for any web application.
Mathias Roth
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January 1, 2009
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AlertFox is the first web application monitoring service that offers complete transaction monitoring for all types of web applications and is based on the iMacros technology. Users can begin with a free basic AlertFox account. Pricing for PRO accounts starts at only $49/month. All AlertFox accounts include transaction monitoring support and global monitoring stations.

As the shape and face of the internet continue to evolve, it is becoming increasingly apparent that yesterday’s solutions are no match for today’s challenges. Outdated website monitoring services claim to alert owners to problems, yet even when they give the all-clear signal and indicate that a website is up and running, there can be serious problems that hinder or event prevent visitors from performing common tasks. With today’s complex web applications, a web server can be "up," yet still not be working correctly due to a bug in the script, backend code, database or the Flash and Silverlight applets. That is precisely why today’s web applications cannot be monitored with yesterday’s website monitoring services. They need the next-generation website monitoring services that, until now, were unavailable.

AlertFox, a revolutionary new website monitoring service currently being offered as a beta version, aims to change all that. AlertFox is an in-depth monitoring service for Web 2.0 and SaaS web applications. Unlike its predecessors that are stuck in a Web 1.0 mindset, only AlertFox can monitor the function and performance of sites that are based on any of the major rich internet applications (RIA), including ActiveX, AJAX, Flash, Flex, complex HTML and Silverlight technology. AlertFox also helps SaaS users monitor their provider’s reliability. As the first service that can monitor web applications with Flash and Silverlight applets, AlertFox is able to monitor sites like YouTube or Google Docs that previously were not candidates for these types of services. Furthermore, this monitoring runs directly in the web browser, thereby monitoring the true user experience.

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