Acquired by Sysorex on April 21, 2014
Columbia, MD
AirPatrol develops tools to deliver software and services to mobile devices based on their location and user context.
Wireless, Mobile Security, Location Based Services, Mobility, Mobile

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AirPatrol develops technology that allows your mobile devices to act like an assistant or trusted friend; to change its behavior and actions to meet your needs based on where you are, when you're there, and who or what is nearby.

AirPatrol's Zone Engine is a precision locationing and communications hub that identifies devices on both cellular and Wifi networks, pinpoints location within 1.5 meters, and lets developers securely enable apps, deliver information and/or communicate with other devices based on user preferences, location, context (work/home/indoors-outdoors), time and security requirements.

AirPatrol's origins are in detection and locationing for high security installations. Its ZoneDefense location-based security suite, introduced in 2010, identifies, monitors and provides management of mobile devices on wireless and cellular networks via popular MDM and network security systems. ZoneDefense customers include numerous federal government and military agencies as well major enterprises and international organziations.

In 2013 AirPatrol launched a version of its technology that allows commercial hardware and software developers to connect to the company's precision locationing and context-awareness engine and deliver apps, push information and/or communicate with other internet-enabled hardware and gadgets based on "live" zones as small as 10 feet across.

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    AirPatrol Plug-in for McAfee ePO

    Extending the power of McAfee ePolicy orchestrator into wireless security. The AirPatrol McAfee...
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    AirPatrol WEC

    Securing mobile wireless endpoints is more complex than ever. Used in conjunction with...
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    AirPatrol PC

    Only a small percentage of laptops have data encryption – yet they’re mobile and loaded with...
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    AirPatrol RDS

    A portable, self-contained sensor solution – perfect for rapid cellular security deployment.
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    AirPatrol ZoneDefense LT: Connect

    AirPatrol’s ZoneDefense LT: Connect is an add-on tool that allows for remote monitoring of many...
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    AirPatrol ZoneDefense LT

    AirPatrol ZoneDefense LT was added to CrunchBase in 2013
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    AirPatrol ZoneDefense

    AirPatrol’s ZoneDefense system is the only solution that delivers cognitive mobile security – a...

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    9861 Brokenland Parkway

    Suite 204

    Columbia, MD 21046


  • Research and Development

    8547 Commerce Court

    Burnaby, BC V5A 4N4


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