New York, NY
Aggregift is a group gifting service that enables people to contribute together in getting gifts for special occasions.
Austin Lin, Greg Schvey
Social Network Media, Gift Card, Curated Web

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Aggregift is a group gifting service that helps you celebrate special occasions with your friends. We saw many of our closest friends' birthdays go by with the standard wall posts and text message but doing something meaningful was still difficult. We’ve spent our time rethinking why and how people celebrate. Aggregift is a new way to celebrate with friends without spending a lot of time or money.

When friends pitch in together, you can give that awesome gift that may normally be outside of a single person's price range. We help you tap into the potential of social networks to make celebrating a special day seamless, social and fun. Other friends don’t need to spend the time deciding what to get. They can participate easily, knowing the recipient is getting something they’ll love.

Over the course of the special occasion, your friend gets the unique experience of seeing those closest to them come together to celebrate, no matter where they are.

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