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Affective Interfaces builds emotion sensing technology.

Emotion is key to customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, economic decision making, and effective messaging. Yet, there are few efficient methods of gathering objective emotional data sans inexpert interpretation and testing bias.

AI analyzes your customer’s facial expressions and helps you uncover the nonrational influences affecting decisions from purchase to engagement. Our simple extensible SaaS solution only needs a webcam, generates clear actionable objective metrics. This demonstrates audience market relevant emotions to ads, media, and UX testing across products.

•Leverage emotion metrics to understand impact points for your site, media or content. •Augment click and site analytics with data that can validate your market assumptions •Improve your creative cycles with better informed creative and messaging

Affective Interfaces helps you understand and fulfill the preconscious heart and mind of your customers.

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Tie50 Finalist 2011 Stanford University GSB Entrepreneurs' Club 2010 Stanford University GSB Exec Ed 2010 OnMedia 2010 panelist OnMedia 100 award winner 2010 TechCrunch50 Finalist 2009 Web After Dark Winner 2009 Venture Summit West: 1 of 14 'Best of Breed' CEOs 2009 AlwaysOn featured presenter Venture Summit West 2009

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    Oakland, CA 94607