February 28, 1982
San Jose, CA
Adobe is an American multinational computer software company that provides digital marketing and digital media solutions.
John Warnock, Charles Geschke
Image Recognition, Design, Photo Editing, Creative, Software

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Adobe Systems is an American multinational computer software company headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. It provides digital marketing and digital media solutions that allow customers to create digital content, deploy it across media and devices, measure and optimize it over time, and achieve greater business success. It also helps customers make, manage, measure, and monetize their content across every channel and screen.

Some of Adobe's main products are Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Freehand, InDesign, Acrobat and Dreamweaver.

Adobe Systems was founded on February 28, 1982, by Charles Geschke and John Warnock.

Current Team (46)


Past Team (198)

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    Anand "TM" Taralika

    Computer Scientist
    Aug, 2009 - Aug, 2011
  • B3cbaf195a418d42a77e3ca4de180bc2

    Brian Acton

    QA Engineer
    May, 1994 - Aug, 1994
  • 85f90d325e8c84c6c8fefd568ae15b5c

    Randy Adams

    Director of Engineering
    1990 - Jan, 1991
  • 75dfd845420f6d035d321dc956acaf0f

    Sunil Agrawal

    DRM/Security Architect and Engineering Manager
    2002 - Jan, 2010
  • Ws353bch4r3iaektpn3f

    James Alexander

    Director of Product Management
    Sep, 2001 - Feb, 2008
  • E7r1xb3h9c1basxzd9it

    Ken Anderson

    Director of Engineering
    Jun 15, 1987 - Jun 15, 2007
  • Cl4czvh2889eie7ch3er

    George Arriola

    Senior Product Manager - Mobile Development / Adobe GoLive
    Aug, 1998 - Aug, 2005
  • Cl4czvh2889eie7ch3er

    George Arriola

    Senior Product Manager - Mobile / Pervasive Publishing / Adobe Creative Suite
    Aug, 1998 - Jul, 2005

Investments (8)


Board Members and Advisors (10)


Products (13)

  • Ctth3qzj8o3kjmzcbhxd

    Adobe Voice

    Voice is a free iPad app that creates stunning animated videos. It’s simple, fun and the fastest...
  • Hduwq5m2efgzc3ah0zxl

    Adobe Ink & Slide

    Creative Cloud Pen and Digital Ruler
  • Fm0bbuejlsiyiarqxpxy

    Adobe Scene7

    Deliver interactive, rich media experiences on demand.
  • Cb default image

    Adobe CQ

    Adobe® CQ is the foundation of the Adobe Experience Manager solution.
  • I3ae4xvsjnlcwa35usym

    Adobe Business Catalyst

    Business Catalyst (BC) is an all-in-one business website and online marketing solution
  • Cb default image

    Adobe Test&Target

    Adobe Test&Target is now part of Adobe Target.
  • Lnnej2fg5x9v0qgenh73

    Adobe Target

    Take the fast track to digital marketing optimization.
  • Dugmtykr6jlssqigva20

    Adobe Dreamweaver

    Dreamweaver® CC lets you share work directly from within the application

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Offices/Locations (1)

  • Office

    San Jose, CA


Competitors (6)

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