Funding Received
$6.5 Million in 3 Rounds from 2 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$2.4 Million Venture on July 31, 2014
West Hartford, CT
ADmantX provides contextual analysis and data, offering a cookie-less solution for publishers and advertisers to develop online advertising.
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ADmantX is a contextual analysis and data provider that offers a semantic, cookie-less solution to allow publishers, ad networks and exchanges, brand managers and agencies to develop more effective online advertising campaigns.

There are no privacy concerns: real-time monitoring and the use of sentiment analysis maximizes readers’ receptiveness to advertising content and minimizes placement near off-brand content. As a result, ads are more relevant, more accurately placed and brands are protected.

How ADmantX works, and what is an admant?

ADmantX allows companies to reach their online advertising targets more effectively by providing precise, real-time information about the content of a web page as well as blogs and social networks. Using semantic technology, ADmantX offers an increased visibility of web content and conveys the feelings they transmit to readers. ADmantx reads and reasons over content, finds and puts into context the people, places, brands and companies, things, ideas and concepts, and topics the content describes. But more than that, content elicits emotions, behaviours and motivations in readers. ADmantX can identify these too. Together all these elements make for a rich and pinpointed match between content and ads in what we call an “admant”.

An admant is all of the insights into the brand you want to advertise.

Once an admant is created, you can just save it for future use, or may also share it with your ADmantX followers to let them to add comments and improvements. In fact, uniquely, ADmantx also harnesses the power of social collaboration for the creation of ad campaigns or admants. Users can start the creation of their admants from the admants publically available in their social network. In this way an admant becomes a mantra of close associations, often repeated and is created by the “wisdom of the crowd”.

Real-time monitoring and the use of sentiment analysis allow ads to be more relevant and not misplaced in order to maximise the website visitor's receptiveness to advertising content and minimize ads placement next to content that may produce counterproductive effects.

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    Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno

    Atlante Ventures is a leading Italian VC fund, operated by IMI Fondi Chiusi SGR, part of Intesa...
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    Atlante Ventures

    Atlante Ventures is a leading Italian VC fund, operated by IMI Fondi Chiusi SGR, part of Intesa...

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    West Hartford, CT 06107


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