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Robert Reich
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November 10, 2008
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Add-on-Con is the conference for browser add-on developers and marketers. Add-on-Con 2010 will take place in Mountain View, California on December 8. Platinum sponsors include Mozilla, Google and Opera. Robert Reich, founded the conference in 2008 and the conference is co-organized by Fraser Kelton.

The 2010 conference will open with a keynote exploring what comes after the URL and how these changes will impact the current ecosystem. Other keynotes include The limits of advertising: is their a trillion dollar web-content opportunity and our closing keynote will once again feature representatives from the browser vendors discussing the future of the browser.

The keynotes are complemented by tracks focused specifically for developers and marketers. From building your service to operate cross-platform and cross-device to optimizing distribution and monetization, the individual sessions will provide practical lessons learned that can be applied today.

The single day conference is being paired with a pre-event day on December 7 filled with in-depth training sessions on the latest technologies, frameworks and implementation practices.

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