April, 2007
East Aurora, NY
Barbie Girls is an online virtual world that provides videos, games and activities for girls aged 6-16.
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Barbie Girls provides a safe and supposedly fun and exciting environment for girls between 6 and 16. Users can navigate a world of parks, cafes and malls to chat with friends and exchange gifts. Girls have two chat options: B chat for talking to anyone in the virtual world including bots and Secret B chat in Barbie’s room only for friends. Other Barbies bothering you? Don’t worry. Click the “ask to leave” button to make anybody leave your room. No Barbie will ever be without their alone time.

For worried parents, Barbie Girls has superfluous measures to block any obscene language and prevent information from leaking. It appears they have a white list of words that are allowed to be said rather than a black list of prohibited speech. At the moment very few things are not censored.Barbie Girls is not quite free. Users are directed to the Barbie website consistently during their time in the virtual world. Mattel toys (that appear in the virtual world) are marketed to kids in real life.

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