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Robert Fellinger, Jeff Spurlock
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9th Dot is a idea crowdsourcing platform striving to perfect the user experience. They provide a means for businesses to collect innovative ideas from their customers, and a way in which customers can be rewarded for sharing their bright ideas. Mobility, along with the shift to constant connectivity, lets consumers (9th Dot users) share their ideas in real time, through one single access point. Additionally, through proper incentives, customers are motivated to share their ‘aha’ moments as to how they would seek to improve their own user experience. Through its reward system and idea status updates provided to its users, 9th Dot is able to maximize customer participation, and provide meaningful information to businesses seeking to better understand their business from their customers' perspective.

Existing feedback mechanisms are reactive based (e.g., was the food warm, restroom clean, etc.) and neither compensate users for their time nor effectively close the feedback loop in letting users know their voice has been heard. In addition, existing social media platforms such as Twitter and Yelp, are neither designed for users to share innovative ideas nor serve as an efficient means for businesses to collect this data.

9th Dot solves these problems, and in doing so, is able to provide a product to businesses of any size or industry.

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