Funding Received
$70.3 Million in 8 Rounds from 12 Investors
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$6 Million Debt Financing on August, 2014
San Mateo, CA
Mobile Ads 1:1 targeting across multiple screens, including PC & laptops, measuring Mobile Ads' impact all the way to the cash register.
Pankaj Shah, Zaw Thet
Mobile Advertising, Mobile, Information Technology, Local, CRM, Big Data, Advertising

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4INFO is an American corporation specializing in mobile advertising technology providing 1:1 targeting across multiple screens, including PC and laptops, measuring Mobile Ads' impact all the way to the cash register.

This company started out by building SMS advertising. 4INFO invested in solutions aimed at mobile display and app advertising. The company now offers the AdHaven targeted mobile advertising platform that includes a mobile advertising server, an audience and data management platform, and an analytics platform for targeting in the mobile advertising industry; and AdHaven Bullseye, which provides tools for precision targeting and measurement of customers. The company also provides AdHaven Audience Network, which includes a network of Web properties and applications to offer a suite of mobile advertising units in mobile Web, text messaging, mobile applications, video, and media. It enables publishers and application developers to sell and manage their mobile inventory. In addition, the company provides mobile Web advertising, SMS publishing, advertising insertion, mobile marketing, and ad serving solutions.

A history of innovation. A history-making platform.

4INFO invested years and millions of dollars to build the industry’s most advanced targeting and measurement platform. It began with advanced technologies and geocoding to map every US household to a latitude/longitude. Then they analyzed billions of ad requests using proprietary big data clustering algorithms to anonymously map mobile devices to each household. The result?

They accurately matched more than 152 million consumers’ mobile devices to 101 million households. So you can define your target audience just like you do with other media. Whether they’re at home or away from home, we receive an ad request and identify the device, instantaneously matching it to one from 101 million households. And if the household purchase data matches the target criteria, they serve the ad. If not, they don’t serve an ad, eliminating wasted impressions.

4INFO’s patented mobile technology has tied 152 million mobile devices to 101 million U.S. households. AdHaven Bullseye facilitates 1-to-1 consumer targeting by anonymously matching mobile device data to household-level purchase data, providing the ability to measure actual sales results from mobile ad spending.

4INFO's partnership with Acxiom allows 4INFO to offer Acxiom data within the AdHaven Bullseye product, providing direct 1:1 matches with consumer data within financial services, retail and automotive sectors.

Through partnership with Datalogix, 4INFO AdHaven Bullseye can target mobile advertising on over 500 Datalogix segments, including demographic, finance, lifestyles, philanthropy, retail, seasonal, subscription services, television viewing habits and custom segments.

Through partnership with Nielsen, 4INFO is able to offer Nielsen segmentation solutions, including ConneXions®, P$YCLE® and PRIZM®. ConneXions® provides consumer segments based on the combination of technology adoption, age and family structure. Nielsen P$YCLE® enables advertisers to target segments based on income producing assets and a wide variety of financial and investment behaviors. Nielsen PRIZM® provides segments based on consumer product consumption, lifestyles and purchase behaviors.

Through partnership with BrightRoll, 4INFO AdHaven Bullseye can target video advertising reaching audiences across web, mobile, and connected TV.

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