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March 8, 2013
Anish Sebastian, Juan Pablo Segura
Mobile Health, Health and Wellness
1eq, a digital healthcare platform, leverages genetics and lifestyle information to provide a better service for the users.

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1eq is the first-in-kind, consumer facing digital health platform that leverages both genetics and lifestyle information to produce a clearer health picture and actionable items for its users to live a better and healthier life.

With the ubiquity of mobile phones and healthcare apps, exponential price-drops in genomic analyses, and economies of scale reached in the wireless sensor and device industries; there has been an incredible growth in what’s now called the ‘digital health’ space. These movements have allowed individuals to now adopt these technologies to learn more about themselves and more actively participate in their health. The output of all these converging movements is DATA, and the problem with the incorporation of these technologies is that users are increasingly inundated and confused by the data and outcomes produced by their mobile apps, wireless devices, and sensors.

Whether its questions like "how is my exercise, blood pressure, BMI, and genomic profile interrelated" to "how can I see my health in a holistic fashion", 1eq changes the paradigm for data aggregation in the digital health space. 1eq is the first platform to consolidate all pieces of users' health automatically, allows for holistic monitoring and tracking that can lead to positive behavior change and, using our proprietary and patent pending algorithm, creates relationships between the different data points and offers actionable items that allow users to live better and healthier lives today, instead of tomorrow.

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