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General Information


Venrock V, 4/2007 $600M
Healthcare Growth Fund, 3/2009 $194M
Venrock VI, 7/2010 $350M


Palo Alto Office
3340 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, CA, 94304
New York Office
530 Fifth Avenue
22nd Floor
New York, NY, 10036
55 Cambridge Parkway
Suite 100
Cambridge, MA, 02142


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Originally established as the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family in 1969, Venrock continues a tradition of partnering with entrepreneurs to establish successful, enduring companies. With a primary focus on technology and healthcare, portfolio companies have included Adify, Apple Computer, Athenahealth, Centocor, Check Point Software, DoubleClick, Endeca, Gilead Sciences, Idec Pharma, Imperva, Illumina, Intel, Millennium Pharma, SlideShare and Tudou.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
RefleXion Medical 4/2014Series A$11.6M3
Shape Security 2/2014Series C$40M7
Intuity Medical 1/2014Series F$5.5M5
PowerVision 1/2014Series D$20M6
Zenefits 1/2014Series A$15M3
Juno Therapeutics 1/2014Series B$25M2
CloudFlare 12/2013Series C$50M5
Phononic Devices 12/2013Series C$21M4
Doctor on Demand 12/2013Seed$3M7
Zafgen 12/2013Series E$45M4
Aria Systems 11/2013Series D$40M6
Ocera Therapeutics 11/2013Venture Round$28M8
Q Factor Communications 10/2013Series A$6.5M2
Ad Hoc Labs 10/2013Series A$2M6
Smartling 10/2013Series C$24M7
Dollar Shave Club 10/2013Series B$12M5
adhoclabs 9/2013Venture Round$2M3
ADVANCE Medical 9/2013Private Equity$20M3
Martini Media Inc 8/2013Series D$14M4
Zenefits 7/2013Seed$2.1M6
Mevion Medical Systems 6/2013Venture Round$55M3
Dataminr 6/2013Series C$30M4
Personal Capital 6/2013Series C$25M4
Grand Rounds 5/2013Series A$10M2
Atrenta 4/2013Venture Round$2.85M2
Personal Capital 4/2013Venture Round$2.03M3
Achaogen 3/2013Private Equity$18.9M7
Nest Labs 1/2013Series C$80M2
AppNexus 1/2013Series D$75M3
Better Finance 1/2013Series C$21M5
Shape Security 1/2013Series B$20M6
Kyruus 1/2013Series B$11M4
nanosys 11/2012Series F$15M2
Intarcia Therapeutics 11/2012Debt$50M3
Transonic Combustion 11/2012Series D$32M4
Dollar Shave Club 11/2012Series A$9.8M4
Trumaker 10/2012Seed$1.9M8
Dynamic Signal 7/2012Series B$13.3M4
Awarepoint 6/2012Venture Round$14M7
Appthority 5/2012Series A$6.25M2
Castlight Health 5/2012Series D$100M7
Singly 4/2012Series A$7M8
Quantenna Communications 4/2012Private Equity$79M8
Boundless 4/2012Series A$8M5
Bizo 4/2012Series B$10M3
CTERA Networks 3/2012Venture Round3
Receptos 3/2012Venture Round$30M6
Well 3/2012Venture Round$1M8
Celladon 2/2012Venture Round$43M6
Mevion Medical Systems 1/2012Venture Round$45M3
Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc. 1/2012Series C$52.7M3
Kineto Wireless 1/2012Venture Round$3M3
Klout 1/2012Series C$30M12
Cerulean Pharma 12/2011Series D$15M5
Martini Media Inc 12/2011Venture Round$13M4
RedSeal Networks 11/2011Venture Round$10M5
IP Commerce 9/2011Venture Round$20.7M4
Personal Capital 8/2011Series B$15M3
Awarepoint 8/2011Series F$27M5
Intuity Medical 8/2011Series D$12M5
Smartling 7/2011Series B$10M4
Gazelle 7/2011Series D$22M4
PowerVision 7/2011Series C$24M5
CloudFlare 7/2011Series B$20M3
Kyruus 6/2011Series A$5.5M7
Constellation Pharmaceuticals 6/2011Series B$15M5
ADVANCE Medical 5/2011Series A$6M1
Fate Therapeutics 5/2011Series B$36M6
Appia 3/2011Venture Round$10M1
Phononic Devices 2/2011Series B$10M2
Dynamic Signal 2/2011Series A$8M6
Aria Systems 2/2011Series C$27.2M4
ACADIA Pharmaceuticals 1/2011Venture Round$15M2
Dstillery (formerly Media6Degrees) 12/2010Series B$17M3
Cerulean Pharma 11/2010Series C$24M5
Kineto Wireless 11/2010Debt$3M4
WorldHeart 10/2010Venture Round$25.3M3
Pathwork Diagnostics 10/2010Series C$30M6
SocialShield 10/2010Series A$10M7
AppNexus 10/2010Series C$50M3
Quantenna Communications 9/2010Series E$21M5
Intarcia Therapeutics 9/2010Series B$5M3
Redbeacon 8/2010Series A$7.4M2
TurnHere, Inc. 7/2010Series B$3M2
Gazelle 7/2010Series C$12M3
Better Finance 7/2010Series A$4.5M7
ApaceWave Technologies 6/2010Venture Round$7.8M3
Castlight Health 6/2010Series C$60M7
Acceleron Pharma 6/2010Venture Round$10.3M5
Martini Media Inc 6/2010Series B$6.29M3
Constellation Pharmaceuticals 6/2010Series B$22.3M5
Zeltiq Aesthetics 6/2010Series D$25M4
Teranetics 5/2010Venture Round$7.8M4
Achaogen 4/2010Series C$56M7
Smartling 3/2010Series A$4.1M7
Chelsea Therapeutics International 2/2010Venture Round$16.8M1
Awarepoint 2/2010Venture Round$10M3
Quantenna Communications 2/2010Series D$15M7
Intuity Medical 1/2010Series D$64M6
Neurocrine Biosciences 12/2009Venture Round$10M1
Atieva 12/2009Venture Round$7M2
CloudFlare 11/2009Series A$2.05M2
Virdante Pharmaceuticals 11/2009Series A$30M6
Receptos 11/2009Series A$25M4
Bizo 11/2009Venture Round$6M4
AppNexus 11/2009Series B$5M3
CymaBay Therapeutics 11/2009Venture Round$8.6M12
Celladon 11/2009Series C$21.8M3
Canesta 10/2009Venture Round$16M3
Alimera Sciences 10/2009Series C$5M5
RedSeal Networks 10/2009Series C$12M5
Semtek Innovative Solutions 9/2009Series B3
XConnect Global Networks 9/2009Series B$10M3
Constellation Pharmaceuticals 8/2009Series A$17.2M4
Cerulean Pharma 7/2009Series B$10M4
Threadbox 6/2009Seed$1.5M3
BlogHer 5/2009Series C$7M3
PA Semi 5/2009Series B$36M3
Quantenna Communications 4/2009Series C$14M5
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals 4/2009Venture Round$43.5M9
Hyper9 2/2009Series B$8M4
eIQnetworks 1/2009Series A$10M1
Anacor Pharmaceutical 1/2009Series E$50M6
Better Finance 2009Seed2
Boston Power 1/2009Series D$55M5
Bivio Networks 12/2008Venture Round$15.8M7
Aria Systems 12/2008Series B$10M1
Extend Media 12/2008Series C$10M3
Qteros 11/2008Series B$25M3
Gazelle 11/2008Series B$6M4
Martini Media Inc 10/2008Series A2
TwoFish 10/2008Series B$4.5M3
Kineto Wireless 10/2008Series D$15.5M4
Sapphire Energy 9/2008Series D$35M2
AppNexus 9/2008Series B$8M4
CrossLoop 9/2008Series B$6M2
Dstillery (formerly Media6Degrees) 8/2008Series A$9M4
BlogHer 7/2008Series B$5M2
Shopflick 7/2008Series A$7M2
DATAllegro 6/2008Series D$19.6M7
Aha Mobile 6/2008Series A$3M1
Sapphire Energy 5/2008Series C$50M2
SlideShare 5/2008Series A$2.7M1
Imperva 4/2008Series D$20M5
IP Commerce 4/2008Series C$17M4
Tapioca Mobile 3/2008Venture Round$5M1
Bungee Labs 3/2008Series C$8M3
Storm Exchange 3/2008Venture Round$7.2M2
Orecon 3/2008Series A$24M4
Teranetics 2/2008Venture Round$25M6
TurnHere, Inc. 2/2008Series A$7.5M2
Digit Wireless 2/2008Venture Round$4M2
PEAK Surgical 2/2008Series C$21M3
Crunchyroll 2/2008Series A$4.05M2
Gazelle 1/2008Series A$4.4M3
Cerulean Pharma 1/2008Series B$8.1M5
Boston Power 1/2008Series C$45M4
Fate Therapeutics 11/2007Series A$12M4
CoreTrace 11/2007Series A$8.02M2
Quantenna Communications 11/2007Series B$12.7M4
Semtek Innovative Solutions 10/2007Series A$6.72M3
INRIX 10/2007Series C$15M3
Asoka 10/2007Venture Round$7M2
Canesta 9/2007Venture Round$10M6
Tapioca Mobile 9/2007Seed1
Adnexus 8/2007Series C$15.5M5
Satiety 7/2007Series D$30M6
BlogHer 7/2007Series A$3.5M1
Neoconix 7/2007Series C$16M5
PGP Corporation 6/2007Series C$27.3M4
PodTech 6/2007Series A$2M2
National Banana 6/2007Series A2
Cerulean Pharma 5/2007Series A$12.1M3
Tri Alpha Energy 5/2007Series C$40M4
uLocate Communications 5/2007Series C$11M3
Where 5/2007Series C$11M3
Intercasting 5/2007Series B$12M3
RedSeal Networks 5/2007Series B$17.1M4
XConnect Global Networks 4/2007Venture Round$12M4
CymaBay Therapeutics 4/2007Series D$32M16
Optinuity 4/2007Series B$6M4
Extend Media 4/2007Series B$12M3
Ciclon Semiconductor Device Corporation 3/2007Series B$12M3
A la Mobile 3/2007Series B$4.05M1
CipherMax 2/2007Series B$9.54M3
Digital Railroad 2/2007Series B$10M3
Anchor Bay Technologies 1/2007Venture Round$10M3
Boston Power 1/2007Series B$15.6M3
Storm Exchange 12/2006Series A$3.6M2
TwoFish 12/2006Series A$5M2
Teranetics 11/2006Series C$20M6
Bungee Labs 11/2006Series B$7.1M3
Newport Media 11/2006Series C$30M6
Vocera Communications 11/2006Venture Round$7M6
Boston Power 11/2006Series A$8M2
Atrenta 10/2006Series D$16M7
Achaogen 10/2006Series B$26M5
PEAK Surgical 9/2006Series B$8M2
B-hive Networks 8/2006Series A$7M2
Bivio Networks 8/2006Venture Round$8.5M5
Vontu 8/2006Series D$10M4
Imaginova 8/2006Series C$15M3
Acceleron Pharma 8/2006Series B$30M6
Adify 8/2006Series A$8M2
CipherMax 7/2006Venture Round$6M4
Pathwork Diagnostics 7/2006Venture Round$11M5
Adnexus 6/2006Series B$27M4
Starbak 6/2006Venture Round$2.5M2
ANDA Networks 6/2006Venture Round$10.5M3
INRIX 5/2006Series B$10M3
Imperva 5/2006Series C$17M4
Extend Media 3/2006Venture Round$11.2M2
CodeRyte 3/2006Series C$8.52M7
Everypoint 3/2006Series B$10M3
PodTech 3/2006Series A$5.5M2
ApaceWave Technologies 2/2006Series A$12.1M2
Newport Media 2/2006Series B$25M5
OurStory 1/2006Series A$6.3M3
Neoconix 1/2006Venture Round$23M4
PGP Corporation 12/2005Venture Round$10M3
Celladon 12/2005Series B$30M4
Alimera Sciences 11/2005Series B$31.8M5
nanosys 11/2005Series D$41.5M16
Ciclon Semiconductor Device Corporation 10/2005Series A$12M2
Autonomic Networks 10/2005Series E$26M7
Bungee Labs 9/2005Series A$8.37M3
Canesta 8/2005Venture Round$8M6
Allux Medical 8/2005Venture Round$6.4M3
Simple Star 8/2005Series A$6.3M2
Digital Railroad 6/2005Series A$5.2M2
Anacor Pharmaceutical 5/2005Series C$25M5
Bivio Networks 4/2005Series D$16.5M4
INRIX 4/2005Series A$6.1M2
Newport Media 3/2005Series A$11M3
Vontu 3/2005Series C$10M5
Digit Wireless 3/2005Series C$6M3
GENBAND 3/2005Venture Round$18M11
CipherMax 12/2004Venture Round$29M5
ZoomInfo 7/2004Series A$7M5
Endeca 6/2004Series C$15M6
Simple Star 8/2003Seed$800k1
CipherMax 9/2002Series B$25M14
Vernier Networks 6/2002Series D13
Endeca 11/2001Series B$15M3
CipherMax 5/2001Series A$26M2
Endeca 1/2001Series A$10M3



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  194. Teranetics, a communications chip co., raises $20M ( [edit]
  195. techrockies ( [edit]
  196. Newport Media Closes $30 million Series C Financing ( [edit]
  197. Vocera raises $7M more for wireless communication badges ( [edit]
  198. [edit]
  199. Chip design co., Atrenta raises $16M more ( [edit]
  200. Achaogen Closes Series B Financing ( [edit]
  201. Peak Surgical raises $8M for surgical device ( [edit]
  202. San Carlos' B-Hive raises $7M ( [edit]
  204. EDGAR [edit]
  205. Imaginova Orbits $15M Round ( [edit]
  206. Acceleron Pharma Closes $30M Series B Financing ( [edit]
  207. Silicon Valley ad veterans launch start-up, Adify; raise $8million ( [edit]
  208. EDGAR [edit]
  209. EDGAR [edit]
  211. EDGAR [edit]
  212. ANDA Networks Announces Additional $10.5 Million of Expansion Equity Investment Capital ( [edit]
  213. INRIX Secures $10 Million in Oversubscribed Series B Round ( [edit]
  214. Imperva Raises $17M in Series C Financing ( [edit]
  215. EDGAR [edit]
  216. EDGAR [edit]
  217. Everypoint Secures $10 Million in Second Round Funding; Unveils New Mobile Apps ( [edit]
  218. [edit]
  219. WiMax chip maker raises $12.1M in first round ( [edit]
  220. Newport Media Closes $25 Million Funding Round Led By Oak Investment Partners ( [edit]
  221. [edit]
  222. Citation Needed [add]
  223. PGP Corporation Announces Addition of $10 Million Growth Capital ( [edit]
  224. Celladon Secures $30 Million in Series B Financing. ( [edit]
  225. Alimera Sciences Secures $31.8 Million in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  226. EDGAR [edit]
  227. Ciclon Semiconductor Announces $12 Million Investment from TL Ventures and Venrock Associates ( [edit]
  228. EDGAR [edit]
  229. EDGAR [edit]
  230. EDGAR [edit]
  231. EDGAR [edit]
  232. Simple Star Secures $6.3 Million in Funding from Venrock Associates. ( [edit]
  233. Press Release ( [edit]
  235. Bivio Announces $16.5 Million in Strategic Venture Funding ( [edit]
  236. INRIX Secures $6.1 Million in Oversubscribed Series A Round ( [edit]
  237. EDGAR [edit]
  239. Digit Wireless Secures Additional Funding ( [edit]
  240. General Bandwidth Raises $18 Million in New Funding Round ( [edit]
  241. MaXXan adds $29M in funding ( [edit]
  242. [edit]
  243. [edit]
  244. Citation Needed [add]
  245. Maxxan adds $25 million in funding ( [edit]
  246. Citation Needed [add]
  247. [edit]
  248. Maxxan gets $26 million in funding ( [edit]
  249. [edit]
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