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General Information


Cleantech Infrastructure Fund, 6/2007 $300M
Tianjin VantagePoint Hi-tech China FIVCE Fund, 9/2010 $100M


1001 Bayill Dr
Suite 300
San Bruno, CA, 94066
Beijing, USA
Unit 601, 6th floor, Tower 3, China Central Place
No. 77 Jian Guo Road, Chao Yang District
Beijing, 100025, USA


Co-Founder & Managing Director
Partner, Investor Relations
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner
Venture Partner & Senior Advisor
Venture Partner
Venture Partner & Senior Advisor
Venture Partner
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VantagePoint Capital Partners

VantagePoint Capital Partners (formerly VantagePoint Venture Partners, until 2011) has more than $4.5 billion in capital under management and invests in the cleantech, healthcare, and IT sectors.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Amprius 1/2014Series C$30M7
1366 Technologies 10/2013Series C$15M5
IntelePeer 6/2013Venture Round$15M4
Ostara 4/2013Venture Round$13M3
Liquid Robotics 3/2013Series E$45M2
Evolv 3/2013Series D$15M4
Spanfeller Media Group 2/2013Venture Round$5M4
ChaCha 1/2013Venture Round$14M3
PulsePoint 1/2013Venture Round$3M5
Pica8 12/2012Series A$6.6M1
Tendril 12/2012Venture Round$15M4
Next Step Living 12/2012Series C$18.2M2
BrightSource Energy 10/2012Private Equity$80M7
ByteLight 10/2012Seed$1.25M1
edo 9/2012Series C$15M2
Identified 6/2012Series B$21M10
Ostara 5/2012Venture Round$14.5M1
Adura Technologies 4/2012Series B$8.5M3
EndPlay 4/2012Series C$21.5M2
Direct Flow Medical 4/2012Venture Round$284k9
Cobalt Technologies 4/2012Venture Round$2.92M5
InvestLab 3/2012Series A$10M2
MiaSolé 3/2012Debt$55M5
Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals 1/2012Series B$9.6M3
Livescribe 1/2012Series C$10M9
Livescribe 1/2012Series C$3.3M7
Liquid Light 12/2011Series A$8.5M5
BridgeLux 10/2011Venture Round$15M6
RecordSetter 9/2011Series A$1M3
Light-Based Technologies 9/2011Series B$7.5M2
TouchTunes Interactive Networks 8/2011Venture Round$45M2
Spanfeller Media Group 8/2011Series B$6M5
edo 8/2011Series B$20M2
BridgeLux 7/2011Series E$60M3
Liquid Robotics 6/2011Series D$22M2
Cobalt Technologies 5/2011Series D$20M5
BrightSource Energy 3/2011Series E$201M1
Vook 1/2011Series A$5.25M2
Trilliant 12/2010Venture Round5
REAC Fuel 11/2010Series B$4.5M2
AlertMe 10/2010Series B£15M5
GLO 10/2010Series Ckr170M6
ChaCha 10/2010Series F$20M2
Light-Based Technologies 9/2010Series B$7.5M1
Livescribe 9/2010Series C$39M9
Trilliant 7/2010Series B$106M6
Serious Energy 6/2010Series D$19.8M10
BrightSource Energy 5/2010Series D$150M4
Allocade 4/2010Series C$5M1
TransMedics 3/2010Series E$36M11
Adura Technologies 2/2010Series B$12M3
Allvoices 1/2010Venture Round€3M1
FloDesign Wind Turbine 1/2010Series B$34.5M3
Better Place 1/2010Series B$350M3
CymaBay Therapeutics 11/2009Venture Round$8.6M12
Direct Flow Medical 10/2009Series C$40M7
Santur Corporation 7/2009Series E$13M3
Solazyme 6/2009Series D$11.6M6
AlertMe 6/2009Series A$13M3
Tendril 6/2009Series C$30M4
Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals 3/2009Series A$17M3
Livescribe 2/2009Series A$11.1M2
3VR 1/2009Series A$5M1
IntelePeer 11/2008Series C$18M1
Cobalt Technologies 10/2008Series C$25M6
Adura Technologies 10/2008Series A$5M2
Zvents 9/2008Series B$24M5
Ostara 9/2008Venture Round$10.5M2
RadioFrame 8/2008Series B$28M7
ChipX 7/2008Series B$4M5
iWatt 7/2008Series E$12.4M3
Gemin X Pharmaceuticals 7/2008Series C$38M13
MiaSolé 7/2008Series D$220M5
BrightSource Energy 6/2008Series C$115M6
BridgeLux 4/2008Series D$30M6
YouMail 11/2007Series A$4.5M1
VeriSilicon Holdings 11/2007Series D$20M9
Livescribe 10/2007Series A$29M1
MiaSolé 9/2007Series C$50M4
ReachLocal 9/2007Series D$55.2M3
Grocery Shopping Network 8/2007Series A$7M1
BridgeLux 8/2007Series C$23M5
Masala 8/2007Series A$4.5M1
Multiply 8/2007Series B$16.6M3 7/2007Series B$3.2M1
Tesla Motors 5/2007Series D$45M8
Trading Metrics 5/2007Venture Round$4M1
CymaBay Therapeutics 4/2007Series D$32M16
TransMedics 4/2007Series D$25.5M9
bluepulse 4/2007Series A$6M1
OZ Communications 11/2006Series B$34M3
Mascoma 11/2006Venture Round$30M7
Zvents 11/2006Series A$7M3
AXSUN Technologies 11/2006Series D$15M4
BrightSource Energy 11/2006Series A1
Blue Egg 11/2006Series A$5.17M1
MiaSolé 10/2006Series B$35M5
Good Technology 10/2006Private Equity$51.3M4
3VR 9/2006Series C$9M3
Air2Web 9/2006Venture Round$25M4
Oxford Semiconductor 8/2006Series B$10M1
Allvoices 7/2006Series A€40k1
Nitronex 6/2006Venture Round$21.8M6
InnoPath Software 6/2006Series D$20.5M3
Exavio 5/2006Series C$3M5
Tesla Motors 5/2006Series C$40M12
3Guppies 4/2006Series A$20M1
Magink display technologies 4/2006Venture Round$10.5M3 2/2006Series C$12.4M3
RadioFrame 1/2006Series E$40M4
3VR 1/2006Series B$10M3
Healthline Networks 1/2006Series A$14M1
Cornice 12/2005Series C$97M4
SavaJe Technologies 12/2005Venture Round$40M5
Metara 11/2005Series E$11.5M4
Visto 9/2005Private Equity$70M7
Meriton Networks 6/2005Series C$54M9
Entrisphere 5/2005Series C$75M8
Datran Media 3/2005Series F$60M1
Blaze Company 1/2005Venture Round$5M3
Exavio 1/2005Series B$7M3 7/2004Series B$10M1
ReachLocal 6/2004Series B$2M1
ReachLocal 3/2004Series A$250k1
Cornice 2/2004Series B$51M1
Widevine Technologies 2/2004Venture Round$13M1
Nexsan 12/2003Series A$17M3



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