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General Information
Phone(212) 994-7880


Latest Fund, 9/2011 $200M
USV 2014 LP, 11/2013 $150M
USV Opportunity 2014 LP, 11/2013 $150M


New York, USA
915 Broadway
19th Floor
New York, NY, 10010


Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Managing Partner
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Union Square Ventures

“Union Square Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm based in New York City. We invest in young companies that use information technology in innovative ways to create high growth business opportunities in the Media, Marketing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Healthcare industries.

Our venture capital firm was conceived as a place where a small number of very experienced investment professionals, working collaboratively from a single office, could build a portfolio of promising startup companies and then put our experience and our networks to work to help those companies build valuable businesses.

Over the past 17 years, we have been directly involved in the development of 40 companies and have, through our prior firms, participated in the launch of over 120 companies. That experience has convinced us that we can deliver the highest returns to our investors by doing the work of venture capital ourselves, from sourcing investments, through due diligence and supporting our portfolio companies, to ultimately exiting the investments.

For an entrepreneur looking for venture capital, this means that you will be dealing with a principal of the firm from day one. If we chose to invest our time in your business, you can be sure that we are serious about investing our capital as well. As a portfolio company, you will be supported by a partner who has been directly involved with your company since the initial investment consideration. We will, as a result, be able to quickly identify opportunities to contribute to the development of your company whether you need to round out your management team, connect with a potential customer, or find a strategic partner. Our ongoing, direct involvement will also enable you to react quickly to financing, acquisition, or exit opportunities. ” (Source: Union Square Ventures)

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Wattpad 4/2014Series C$46M8
Kitchensurfing 3/2014Series B$15M3
CircleUp 3/2014Series B$14M5
Skillshare 2/2014Venture Round$6.1M2
Side.Cr 2/2014Series B$10M3
Duolingo 2/2014Series C$20M3
CloudFlare 12/2013Series C$50M5
Coinbase 12/2013Series B$25M3
Simulmedia 12/2013Series D$25M5
YieldMo 12/2013Series B$8M6
Zemanta 11/2013Venture Round$2M2
THE Football App 10/2013Series B$7M1
Funding Circle 10/2013Series C$37M4
Splice 10/2013Seed$2.75M10
VHX 8/2013Series A$3.2M6
C2FO 7/2013Series C$18M4
SigFig 7/2013Series B$15M3
Firebase 6/2013Series A$5.6M2
Covestor 6/2013Series B$12.8M4
Science Exchange 5/2013Series A$4M7
CircleUp 5/2013Series A$7.5M2
Coinbase 5/2013Series A$6.11M6
Dwolla 5/2013Series C$16.5M4
Shapeways 4/2013Series C$30M4
Kik 4/2013Series B$19.5M4
Foursquare 4/2013Debt$41M5
Kitchensurfing 4/2013Series A$3.5M3
Sift Science 3/2013Series A$4M7
Auxmoney 3/2013Venture Round$12M2
Simulmedia 2/2013Series C$6M3
Hailo 12/2012Series B$30.6M9
Heyzap 12/2012Series B$4.3M2
Flurry 11/2012Series D$25M7
Duolingo 9/2012Series B$15M2
C2FO 9/2012Series B$9.1M1
Edmodo 7/2012Series C$25M6
Shapeways 6/2012Series B$6.2M3
Codecademy 6/2012Series B$10M6
Wattpad 6/2012Series B$17.3M3
MongoDB, Inc. 5/2012Series E$42M4
Behance 5/2012Series A$6.5M9
Etsy 5/2012Venture Round$40M4
Simulmedia 4/2012Series C$6M3
Funding Circle 4/2012Series B$16M2
Dwolla 2/2012Series B$5M6
GetGlue 1/2012Series D$12M4
Twilio 12/2011Series C$17M2
Shapeways 11/2011Series B$5.1M2
Codecademy 10/2011Venture Round$2.5M7
Duolingo 10/2011Series A$3.3M3
Clickable 10/2011Series C$12M4
DuckDuckGo 10/2011Venture Round$3M7
Tumblr 9/2011Series E$85M8 9/2011Series A$7M11
MongoDB, Inc. 9/2011Series D$20M3
Wattpad 9/2011Series A$3.5M3
Lending Club 9/2011Venture Round2
Work Market 9/2011Series B$5M3
Skillshare 8/2011Series A$3.1M3
Lending Club 8/2011Series D$25M4
Foursquare 6/2011Series C$50M5
DrawQuest 6/2011Series A$3M6
Canvas Networks 6/2011Series A$3M6
Simulmedia 5/2011Series C$9.25M3
Disqus 5/2011Series B$10M2
Kickstarter 3/2011Venture Round$10M18
Stack Exchange 3/2011Series B$12M3
Kik 3/2011Series A$8M3
Boxee 3/2011Series C$16.5M5
TargetSpot, Inc. 1/2011Series C$8M4
SoundCloud 1/2011Series B$10M2
Flurry 12/2010Series C$15M5
Edmodo 12/2010Venture Round2
MongoDB, Inc. 12/2010Series C$6.5M3
Tasty Labs 11/2010Series A$3M5
Hashable 11/2010Series A$4M3
Tumblr 11/2010Series D$30M3
Zemanta 11/2010Seed$3M2
Twilio 11/2010Series B$12M5
Shapeways 9/2010Series A$6M2
Foursquare 6/2010Series B$20M6
Heyzap 6/2010Series A$3M4
Smart Balloon 6/2010Venture Round$3M1
Stack Exchange 5/2010Series A$6M10
Simulmedia 4/2010Series B$8M3
Tumblr 4/2010Series C$5M2
AMEE 2/2010Series B$5.5M3
Flurry 1/2010Series B$7M4
GetGlue 1/2010Series C$6M3
Twilio 12/2009Series A$3.7M8 12/2009Series B$7M5
MongoDB, Inc. 11/2009Series B$3.4M2
UpCompany 9/2009Venture Round$5.73M3
Foursquare 9/2009Angel$1.35M9
Boxee 8/2009Series B$6M3 7/2009Series A$6.5M9
Heyzap 5/2009Seed$650k5
Simulmedia 3/2009Series A$4M2
Twitter 2/2009Series C$35M6
Return Path 1/2009Series E$6M4 12/2008Series A$2M3
Tumblr 12/2008Series B$4.5M2
Boxee 11/2008Series A$4M3
Return Path 11/2008Series E$10M1
AdaptiveBlue 10/2008Series B$4.52M2
Zemanta 9/2008Seed$750k2
Bug Labs 8/2008Series C3
Clickable 7/2008Series B$14.5M3
Meetup 7/2008Series D$7.5M1
MongoDB, Inc. 7/2008Series A$1.5M1
Zynga 7/2008Series B$25M5 7/2008Angel$5M8 5/2008Series A$3M5
Twitter 5/2008Series B$15M6
Pinch Media 5/2008Seed6
Covestor 4/2008Series A$6.5M4
Disqus 3/2008Series A$500k3
TargetSpot, Inc. 3/2008Series B$8.6M3
Zynga 2/2008Series A$5.03M3
Etsy 1/2008Series D$27M4
Zynga 1/2008Series A$10M11
AMEE 1/2008Series A3
Clickable 11/2007Series A$3M4
Tumblr 10/2007Series A$750k5 10/2007Angel$1.5M7
Twitter 7/2007Series A$5M10
Clickable 7/2007Series A$3M5
Etsy 7/2007Series C$3.25M2
Wesabe 6/2007Series A$4M2
AdaptiveBlue 2/2007Series A$1.5M1
Tacoda 2/2007Series D$7M4 2/2007Angel$900k9
Etsy 1/2007Series B1
Etsy 11/2006Series A$1M5
Oddcast 6/2006Series D$4M2
Bug Labs 4/2006Series A$500k1
Tacoda 3/2006Venture Round$12M1
Indeed 8/2005Series A$5M3
delicious 4/2005Seed4



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  16. The Football App Scores $7M Led By Union Square Ventures As It Preps For World Cup 2014 ( [edit]
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  23. Covestor Raises $12.75M In Serise B Funding ( [edit]
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  29. Kik Raises $19.5M Series B, Bets On Its Cards Platform Play To Take On WhatsApp And Others ( [edit]
  30. BITSAT 2014 Application Form ( [edit]
  31. Kitchensurfing Wants to Make Dinner at Your House, With Help From USV, Spark ( [edit]
  32. Ex-Googlers Launch Sift Science, A Fraud-Fighting System For Websites, Backed By $5.5M In Funding From Union Square, First Round, YC & Others ( [edit]
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  36. Mobile Gaming Platform Heyzap Confirms $4.3M Round From Union Square And Qualcomm ( [edit]
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  40. NEA Leads Educational Network Edmodo’s $25 Million Series C ( [edit]
  41. After Printing Over 1M 3D Objects, Shapeways Raises $6.2M Round Led By Lux Capital ( [edit]
  42. Codecademy Plans Global Code-Teaching Expansion With $10M From Branson, Milner, Kleiner, Index, Union Square ( [edit]
  43. Social Publisher Wattpad Raises $17.3M From Khosla, Jerry Yang, Others ( [edit]
  44. MongoDB Developer 10gen Raises $42 Million Round Led By New Enterprise Associates ( [edit]
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  53. Codecademy Raises $2.5 Million To Teach You How To Code ( [edit]
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  55. AmEx Leads $12 Million Round In Clickable, Which Wants To "Become The AdWords Of Social" ( [edit]
  56. Union Square Ventures, Others Invest In Alternative Search Engine DuckDuckGo ( [edit]
  57. Tumblr Raises $85M in Funding ( []
  58. Closes That $7 Million Round, Fred Wilson Joins Board ( [edit]
  59. 10gen raises $20M for MongoDB in maturing NoSQL space ( [edit]
  60. Community Writing Site Wattpad Raises $3.5 Million In Series A Funding ( [edit]
  61. Lending Club Raises Funding from Thomvest and Union Square Ventures ( [edit]
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  72. Mobile Messaging Startup Kik Raises $8M; Launches Group Chat And Photo Sharing ( [edit]
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  86. HeyZap Lands Another $3 Million In Funding ( [edit]
  87. EDGAR [edit]
  88. All-Star Team Backs StackOverflow to Go Beyond Programming Questions ( [edit]
  89. TV Promotions Platform Simulmedia Raises $8 Million Second Round ( [edit]
  90. Union Square, Spark Capital Double Tumblr’s Funding To $10 Million Read more: ( []
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  141. TACODA Raises $12 million ( [edit]
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