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Trinity XI, 11/2012 $325M


Menlo Park, USA
3000 Sand Hill Road Building 4, Suite 160
Menlo Park, CA, 94025
Dolores Labs
455 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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Trinity Ventures

Founded in 1986, Trinity Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm dedicated to partnering with passionate entrepreneurs to transform revolutionary ideas into reality. With over $1 billion under management, Trinity Ventures believes in personal engagement, mutual respect and goal alignment with the entrepreneurs. Trinity focuses on early stage and seed technology investments with particular emphasis on social commerce and entertainment, digital media, Saas, and cloud and infrastructure.

Trinity Ventures has invested in such leading companies as Aruba Networks, 21Vianet, Blue Nile, LoopNet, Photobucket, SciQuest, Starbucks, BeachMint, Infoblox, Trion Worlds and Zulily.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Act-On Software 4/2014Venture Round$42M5
Simply Measured 3/2014Series C$20M3
ServiceMax 3/2014Series E$71M11
Hoopla Software 2/2014Series B$8M3
TeamSnap 2/2014Series B$7.5M4
Docker 1/2014Series B$15M4
View the Space 12/2013Series A$7M6
Clearleap 11/2013Series C$20M3
Cyphort 10/2013Series B$15.5M3
JumpCam 9/2013Series A$2.7M2
NextGreatPlace 9/2013Series A$500k1
Whisper 9/2013Series B$21M3
Loggly 9/2013Series B$8M5
Taulia 8/2013Series C$18M5
Jama Software 8/2013Series B$13M3
BlueTarp Financial 7/2013Private Equity$15M5
Biba 6/2013Series B$15M5
FitStar 6/2013Series A$4M4
TubeMogul 5/2013Series C$10M4
Cloudscaling 5/2013Series B$10M3
RJMetrics 5/2013Series A$6.25M2
ProtectWise 5/2013Series A$3.05M1
Ruby Ribbon 4/2013Series B$8.5M2
PlayFirst 4/2013Convertible Note$2.02M3
Clearleap 4/2013Partial Close$750k2
Whisper 4/2013Series A$3M5
Ruby Ribbon 4/2013Venture Round$2.05M1
Moovweb 3/2013Series A$16M3
Deliv 3/2013Seed$1M5
Cheers 3/2013Series A$2.5M4
Namo Media 3/2013Seed$1.88M13
Rentlytics 3/2013Seed$1M7
Armor5 2/2013Seed$2M3
New Relic 2/2013Private Equity$80M8
TeamSnap 2/2013Venture Round$2.75M4
Ellie 2/2013Seed$2M4
ScaleArc 1/2013Series C$12.3M3
New Relic 1/2013Private Equity$60M7
TubeMogul 12/2012Series C$28.7M3
Duetto 12/2012Series A$10.1M7
ServiceMax 11/2012Series D$27M5
Owler 10/2012Series B$17.3M2
MongoHQ 10/2012Series A$6M3
Skyfire Labs 10/2012Series D$10M5
thredUP 10/2012Series C$14.5M3
Taulia 10/2012Venture Round$6M1
Act-On Software 9/2012Series D$16M4
Lasso Media 9/2012Convertible Note$1.25M4
NextGreatPlace 8/2012Series A$3.5M1
One Jackson 8/2012Seed$2M5
One Jackson 8/2012Seed$2M5
Green Throttle Games 8/2012Series A$6M2
Dynamic Signal 7/2012Series B$13.3M4
Cloudability 7/2012Series A$8.7M5 7/2012Series E$50M4
Citus Data 6/2012Seed$1.65M9
White Sky 6/2012Venture Round$7.5M3
HyperBees 6/2012Seed$110k1
Badgeville 5/2012Series C$25M4
Loggly 5/2012Series A$9.9M2
dotloop 5/2012Series A$7M1
Ruby Ribbon 5/2012Seed$3M1
Bonfaire 4/2012Venture Round$2.2M1
Skyfire Labs 1/2012Series C$8M4
GridIron Systems 1/2012Private Equity$13M3
BeachMint 1/2012Venture Round$36.2M9
Cloudability 12/2011Seed$1.1M7
ScaleArc 12/2011Series B$5.33M2
Endeka Group 11/2011Debt$4.2M1
New Relic 11/2011Venture Round$15M6
TeamSnap 11/2011Venture Round$910k2 10/2011Series D$25M3
Cloudscaling 9/2011Series A$4M1
KIXEYE 8/2011Series C$18M3
Weddington Way 8/2011Seed$2.5M3
Badgeville 7/2011Series B$12.2M4
PayScale 7/2011Venture Round$7M4
Taulia 7/2011Series B$8.5M3
Connected 6/2011Angel$500k6
EggCartel 6/2011Seed$1M4
BeachMint 6/2011Venture Round$23.5M4
ServiceMax 6/2011Series C$14M4
Aryaka Networks 6/2011Series B$15M3
Act-On Software 6/2011Series C$10M3
ShopIgniter 5/2011Series B$8M2
StackMob 5/2011Series A$7.5M3
thredUP 5/2011Series B$7M3
dotCloud 3/2011Series A$12.9M4
CrowdFlower 3/2011Series B$7M4
RadiumOne 3/2011Series B$21M4
MaxPoint Interactive 3/2011Series B$8M2
dotCloud 2/2011Angel$800k10
Dynamic Signal 2/2011Series A$8M6
Taulia 12/2010Series A$3.2M3
BeachMint 12/2010Venture Round$10M4
Badgeville 11/2010Series A$2.5M4
Clearleap 11/2010Partial Close$2M2
Clearleap 11/2010Series B$5M3
New Relic 10/2010Series C$10M4
PlayFirst 10/2010Venture Round$9.2M5
TubeMogul 10/2010Series B$10M3
Aryaka Networks 9/2010Series A$14M4
MaxPoint Interactive 9/2010Series A$3M1
RPO 9/2010Debt$15M2 9/2010Series C$20M3
zulily 8/2010Series B$6M3
Triangulate 7/2010Venture Round$750k1
thredUP 7/2010Venture Round$1.4M3
InboxQ 7/2010Angel6
ServiceMax 4/2010Series B$8M3
Avaak 3/2010Series B$10M4
Triangulate 3/2010Seed$750k2
Posterous 3/2010Series A$4.4M8
Perfect Market 3/2010Series C$6M4
CrowdFlower 1/2010Series A$5M11
RadiumOne 12/2009Series A$10.5M2
CubeTree 11/2009Series B$8M2
Skyfire Labs 9/2009Series B$5M3
Amalfi Semiconductor 8/2009Series C$24M4
Red Aril 7/2009Venture Round3
Ankeena Networks 6/2009Series B$6.5M3
Likewise Software 4/2009Series C$10M3
BlueStripe Software 4/2009Series B$8M2
LoopNet 4/2009Venture Round$50M3
TubeMogul 3/2009Series B$3M1
Ripple TV 3/2009Series C$4M2
Exalt Communications 2/2009Series C$15M3
New Relic 11/2008Series B$6M2
BillShrink 10/2008Series B$8M2
Avaak 10/2008Series A$7M3
Trion Worlds 9/2008Series C$70M6
Uptake 9/2008Series B$8M2
White Sky 9/2008Series B$11M3
Ankeena Networks 8/2008Series A$9.4M2
Perfect Market 7/2008Series A$15.6M4
Skyfire Labs 5/2008Series B$13M3
Wetpaint 5/2008Series C$25M4
Jobster 4/2008Series D$7M4
CR2 4/2008Venture Round$1.56M2
CubeTree 4/2008Series A$3.18M1
Fluid Entertainment 3/2008Series A$3.2M1
Focus 3/2008Series C$12.2M3
Clearleap 3/2008Series A$9M2 3/2008Series B$10M2
PlayFirst 12/2007Series C$16.5M4
Hidden City Games 10/2007Series B$15M2
Trion Worlds 7/2007Series B$30M6
PayScale 7/2007Series C$10.3M7
Ripple TV 7/2007Series B$10M2
Skyfire Labs 6/2007Series A$4.8M2
ID Analytics 5/2007Series C$20M4
scanR 3/2007Series B$8M4
Aepona 2/2007Series C$10M3
BlueTarp Financial 1/2007Series B$18.5M4
Ripple TV 1/2007Series A$5M2
BlueStripe Software 1/2007Series A$5M1
Wetpaint 1/2007Series B$9.5M3
Clarus Systems 10/2006Series B$3.33M3
Aruba Networks 10/2006Series D$30M5
White Sky 9/2006Series A$5M1
Netcordia 7/2006Series B$10M2
Jobster 7/2006Series C$18M4
Sabrix 6/2006Series D$13M4
Identity Engines 5/2006Series B$13M3
Photobucket 5/2006Series B$10.5M2
Network Physics 4/2006Venture Round$8.63M4
Centeris Corporation 3/2006Series B$11.5M3
MyNewPlace 3/2006Series A$8M4
ID Analytics 2/2006Series B$5.15M3
Lightstorm Networks 2/2006Series A€4.35M4
Amalfi Semiconductor 2/2006Series B$20M3
Cinario 1/2006Venture Round$908k5
Affinity Labs 1/2006Series A3
Bix 1/2006Series A$6.7M2
PlayFirst 1/2006Series B$5M3
Mirage Networks 11/2005Series C$12M5
PayScale 10/2005Series B$7M4
Wetpaint 10/2005Series A$5.25M2
Jobster 8/2005Series B$19.5M3
mSpot 8/2005Series A$2.33M1
Shenick Network Systems 5/2005Series B$3.25M2
CR2 5/2005Venture Round$12.6M2
Codefast 3/2005Series A$6.5M2
Aepona 3/2005Series B$20M4
Similarity Systems 2/2005Venture Round$7M2
Jobster 1/2005Series A$8M2
Modulus Video 3/2004Series A$8.5M1
PlayFirst 1/2004Series A$5M2
ID Analytics 5/2002Series A$10M2
Blue Nile 7/2001Series C$7M5
Blue Nile 4/2000Series B$42M4


Mehdi Maghsoodnia

Vator TV interviews Mehdi Maghsoodnia

Added: 3/18/09

Vator TV interviews Gus Tai

Added: 3/18/09

Cloud technologies are a huge, untapped market, says Trinity Ventures’ Dan Scholnick

Added: 2/2/12


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