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General Information


Products & Services Fund, 7/2012
Processes & Infrastructure Fund, 7/2012


T-Venture Holding GmbH
Gotenstrasse 156
Bonn, 53175, DEU
T-Venture America, Inc.
33 New Montgomery Street
Suite 2000
San Francisco, CA, 94105
T-Venture America, Inc.
295 N. Bernardo Ave
Mountain View, CA, 94043


Managing Director
Managing Director / CFO
Investment Director
Senior Investment Manager
Fund Manager IT & Intelligent Networks
Fund Manager Core Telco
Fund Manager Special Investments
Senior Manager Controlling & Finance



T-Venture is the venture capital company of Deutsche Telekom, an integrated telecommunications company with more than 180 million customers and roughly 58 billion Euro revenue in 2012 – more than half of that from international operations.

T-Venture was founded in 1997. It has since then invested in young companies that demonstrate economic and technological synergies with the Deutsche Telekom business units as well as above-average growth potential. Its head office is in Bonn. It is supported and complemented in its activities by T-Venture of America, Inc. in San Francisco and in Seattle. Investment activities focus on Europe, the United States and Israel.

T-Venture has two evergreen funds: Products & Services Fund, Processes & Infrastructure Fund.

T-Venture has roughly 720 million Euro under management, of which 280 million Euro was raised in July 2012 for new portfolio companies. T-Venture invests from Preferred Seed through mezzanine stages, 250k - 40 million Euro. T-Venture contributes to, co-leads, and leads investment rounds. Over 70% of the 100+ active portfolio companies have a commercial engagement with Deutsche Telekom.

T-Venture has an exit-oriented venture capital investment strategy. Successfully nurtured and exited companies include BelAir Networks, CoreOptics, Danger, Demandware, Flarion Technologies, Jajah, Starent Networks, Voice Objects, Mobilisafe, Percello, Ruckus Wireless, and Ubiquisys.

T-Venture intensively accompanies companies and acts as their long-term partner. The objective of the co-operation is a valorization of the company followed by a successful sale of the shareholding after five to seven years.

T-Venture’s shareholdings also include the distribution and marketing as well as research and development networks from Deutsche Telekom. Portfolio companies receive nationally and internationally pro-active support.

T-Venture is one of the most significant corporate venture capital companies worldwide, with a 15-year track record of over 190 successful investments, over 20 of which were high-flyer outperformers.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Boxfish 3/2014Series B$7M4
Teqcycle 2/2014Venture Round2
Lookout 10/2013Series E$55M9
VeliQ 8/2013Series B$9M2
Zimory 7/2013Venture Round$20M5
NumberFour 6/2013Series A$38M7
Affirmed Networks 6/2013Series C$51M7
Numecent 5/2013Series B$13.6M1 4/2013Seed$850k3
StreetLight Data 4/2013Series A2
ShareThis 3/2013Series C$23M7
Innovid 3/2013Series C$11M4
Smarkets 2/2013Series A$2.3M2
iversity 1/2013Venture Round2
Kwarter 1/2013Series A$4M2
NewAer 12/2012Seed2
Embark 11/2012Seed7
Affirmed Networks 11/2012Series B$52M5
Netbiscuits 10/2012Venture Round$27M3
SCVNGR 8/2012Series D$9M1
DropGifts 7/2012Venture Round1
Pie Digital 7/2012Venture Round$8M2
flaregames 4/2012Venture Round€2M1
myThings 3/2012Venture Round$15M4
Pinger 2/2012Venture Round$7.5M1
clipkit 1/2012Series A2
Intelligent Apps (mytaxi) 1/2012Series B€10M5
9flats 1/2012Venture Round3
Skorpios Technologies 11/2011Series B$2M1
Content Fleet 9/2011Series B$3.5M3
apprupt 9/2011Series B3
Innovid 8/2011Series B$9.5M3
CipherCloud 8/2011Venture Round3
Mobile Event Guide 8/2011Seed€500k3
VeliQ 8/2011Venture Round1
Boxfish 7/2011Series A$3M1
Intelligent Apps (mytaxi) 6/2011Series A2
6Wunderkinder 6/2011Seed1
Cuculus 2/2011Venture Round1
Cooliris 2/2011Series C$9.6M4
Netbiscuits 1/2011Series B2
sones 1/2011Series A3
myThings 11/2010Series C$6M5
ASSIA 10/2010Series D$20.8M9
Intelligent Apps (mytaxi) 10/2010Seed1
Innovid 9/2010Venture Round$4.1M2
Pie Digital 8/2010Venture Round$10.1M3
IGA Worldwide 6/2010Partial Close$4.36M1
apprupt 5/2010Series A3
Pie Digital 2/2010Series B$6.02M3
ASSIA 11/2009Venture Round$10M5
Ruckus 9/2009Series F$10.7M5
Actelis Networks 9/2009Venture Round$10M10
playnik 9/2009Series A3
kaufDA 1/2009Series A2
Netviewer 10/2008Venture Round$8.74M2
Percello 9/2008Series B$12M3
Pie Digital 9/2008Series A$9.9M3
Swoodoo 7/2008Series A1
sevenload 6/2008Series B€25M2
Pelago 5/2008Series B$15M6
CoreOptics 4/2008Venture Round$25M8
1bib 2/2008Series A1
Ruckus Wireless 11/2007Series E$7.5M8
Axentra 10/2007Series A$6M1
LiteScape Technologies 8/2007Series B$14M5
Jajah 5/2007Series C$20M2
Cittadino 1/2007Venture Round1
Danger 11/2006Series E$10.3M4
ClickandBuy 11/2006Series C€5M1
Ruckus Wireless 10/2006Venture Round$16M3
Ruckus 10/2006Series D$16M2
BelAir Networks 10/2006Series D$21.4M8
VoiceObjects 7/2006Series C$10.8M5
Flash Networks 6/2006Series FC$15M8
Apertio 2/2006Series B$30M6
Crackle 12/2005Series A$1.75M2
BelAir Networks 10/2005Series C$20M6
VoiceObjects 10/2005Venture Round$11.5M5
Nova Ratio 4/2005Series A$1.3M2
BelAir Networks 3/2004Series A$2M1
Danger 10/2001Series B$36M6



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  12. Like A CarWoo For Used Cars, AutoRef Raises $850K Seed Round ( [edit]
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  15. Innovid Raises $11M More From Sequoia And Others To Make Interactive Video Ads Truly Multiplatform ( [edit]
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  22. Netbiscuits Secures $27 Million Funding to Capitalise on Mobile Web Industry Leadership ( [edit]
  23. LevelUp adds $9M to fuel mobile payments expansion ( [edit]
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  25. Pie Digital raises $8 million ( [edit]
  26. T-Venture invests in mobile games start-up flaregames ( [edit]
  27. MyThings picks up $15M to improve display ads ( [edit]
  28. Pinger Raises $7.5M ( [edit]
  29. Online video marketer Clipkit raises funding from T-Venture, IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ( [edit]
  30. Maker Of Taxi-Ordering App myTaxi Raises €10 Million From Daimler, Lars Hinrichs ( [edit]
  31. Raises Multi-Million Euro Funding ( [edit]
  32. Skorpios Technologies Raises Additional $2M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  33. Content Fleet Raises $3.5M in Second Funding Round ( [edit]
  34. Apprupt raises more funding for mobile in-content advertising technology ( [edit]
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  41. 6Wunderkinder Raises Funding from T-Venture ( [edit]
  42. Cuculus Closes Financing Round ( [edit]
  43. Cooliris Gets $9.6 Million From Kleiner Perkins And Others, Releases New Version Of LiveShare Group Photo Sharing App ( [edit]
  44. The Future Web is Mobile - T-Venture and Creathor Venture invest in Mobile Cloud Software Platform Netbiscuits ( [edit]
  45. NoSQL: GraphDB maker Sones raises millions to expand cloud computing business ( [edit]
  46. myThings scores $6 million in funding for personalised retargeting technology ( [edit]
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  67. Ruckus Wireless raises $7.5M more for IPTV router ( [edit]
  68. T-Online Venture Fund Invests in Axentra. ( [edit]
  69. LiteScape raises $14M more for “unified communications” ( [edit]
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  76. BelAir Networks Announces $21.4 Million in Series D Funding ( [edit]
  77. VoiceObjects Closes $10.8M Financing; Adds Veteran Executives to Management Team ( [edit]
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