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General Information


Angel Fund, 2/2010 $20M
SV Angel III, 5/2011 $40M
SV Angel IV, 8/2012 $40M


San Francisco, USA
588 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA, 94102


Founder & Managing Partner
Limited Partner
Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant


SV Angel

SV Angel is the micro VC firm located in Silicon Valley and founded by angel investors, Ron Conway and David Lee. SV Angel provides capital investments to early stage companies focused on the Internet, e-commerce, and information technology markets.

SV Angel is a venture fund which has raised investment from external investors or limited partners in industry parlance. In April 2010, the fund announced its size of $20 million. Per the firm, SV Angel initially expected to raise a $10 million fund but was oversubscribed and hence the amount was raised to $20 million. Since then, the fund has grown to be approximately twice that size.

SV Angel primarily invests relatively small amounts in early stage companies. The firm is said to see virtually all “interesting” deals in the web and mobile arena.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Paperless Post 4/2014Series C$25M4
Fundbox 4/2014Series A$17.5M7
Last Guide 4/2014Seed$2.1M17
Jaunt 4/2014Venture Round$6.8M5
Sookasa 4/2014Series A$5M3
ClassPass 3/2014Seed$2M10
SmartAsset 3/2014Series A$5.2M5
See Me Group 3/2014Partial Close$1.85M5
Secret 3/2014Series A$8.6M18
Expa 3/2014Venture Round$50M16
Quarterly 2/2014Series A$3.7M6
BloomThat 2/2014Seed$2M9
Celery 2/2014Seed$2M3
Confide 2/2014Seed$1.9M12
Harry's 1/2014Venture Round$123M6
Bluebox 1/2014Series B$18M4
Mindie 1/2014Venture Round$1.2M12
Oyster 1/2014Series A$14M6
Fundera 1/2014Venture Round$3.4M8
Crowdtilt 12/2013Series B$23M12
Secret 12/2013Seed$1.43M10
Heyday 12/2013Seed$2M19
Wizeline 11/2013Seed$1.7M5
Frontback 10/2013Seed$3M10
Layer 10/2013Seed$6M9
Panorama Education 10/2013Seed$4M20
URX 10/2013Seed$3.1M32
Memoir 10/2013Convertible Note6
Splice 10/2013Seed$2.75M10
UpCounsel 10/2013Seed$1.5M6
Leo 10/2013Seed$1.5M12
DoorDash 9/2013Angel$2.4M7
Usermind 9/2013Series A$7.6M3
Studio 9/2013Seed$800k4
Snapguide 9/2013Series A$3M5
Layer 9/2013Seed$1.5M7
Overlay Studio 9/2013Seed$800k3
Vastrm 8/2013Seed$1M7
Heap 8/2013Seed$2M14
Swiftype 8/2013Seed$1.7M15
Aisle50 8/2013Series A$2.6M6
WillCall 8/2013Seed$1.2M9
Vungle 8/2013Series A$6.5M9
Patreon 8/2013Seed$2.1M9
Kiwi, Inc. 7/2013Series A$9M4
Vamo 7/2013Convertible Note$1.6M24
TalentBin 7/2013Seed$1.2M4
Mark43 7/2013Seed$1.95M6
Wildcard 7/2013Series A$3M6
Snapchat 6/2013Series B$60M5
Cloudtop 6/2013Seed$1.8M10
Ink 6/2013Seed$1.8M3
FiftyThree 6/2013Series A$15M9
EasyPost 6/2013Seed$850k12
Porch 6/2013Seed$6.25M7
Sunrise 6/2013Seed$2.2M18
Experiment 6/2013Seed$1.23M22
Hullabalu 5/2013Seed$1.8M19
PandoDaily 5/2013Seed$3M18
Jelly HQ 5/2013Series A9
MessageMe 5/2013Series A$10M8
TransferWise 5/2013Series A$6M5
Coinbase 5/2013Series A$6.11M6
imgIX 5/2013Series A5
Strikingly 4/2013Seed$1.5M9
CrowdMed 4/2013Seed$1.1M5
Pickwick & Weller 4/2013Venture Round$2M9
Balanced 4/2013Seed$2M10 4/2013Venture Round5
ClassDojo 4/2013Series A$8.5M8
DailyLook 4/2013Seed$2.5M7
RedCap 4/2013Seed$2.03M9
Simpler 3/2013Seed$1.2M5
Crowdtilt 3/2013Series A$12M8 3/2013Series A$4.2M7
Sift Science 3/2013Series A$4M7
MessageMe 3/2013Venture Round$1.9M9
Hangtime 3/2013Venture Round$3.5M13
Red Hot Labs 2/2013Seed$1.5M4
CircleCI 2/2013Seed$1.5M10
Elasticsearch 2/2013Series B$24M3
FlightCar 2/2013Seed$590k13
Kitchensurfing 2/2013Seed$1M12
Nomi 2/2013Seed$3M10
NewHive 1/2013Seed11
Flatiron Health 1/2013Series A$8M8
InstallMonetizer 1/2013Seed$500k5
Svbtle 1/2013Seed5
RelateIQ 2013Series A$9M4
Sessions 2013Seed4
Periscope, Inc. 12/2012Seed2
Kinnek 12/2012Seed$1.5M3
Tubular Labs 12/2012Series A$2.5M11
ImpulseSave 12/2012Seed1
Judicata 12/2012Venture Round$2M6
NEST 12/2012Seed1
MetroMile 12/2012Series A$4M4
SmartThings 12/2012Seed$3M23
Plivo 12/2012Seed$1.75M5
Snapchat 12/2012Series A$12.5M3
Lift Worldwide 11/2012Series A$2.5M2
Lift 11/2012Series A$2.5M4
Spindle 11/2012Venture Round$2.3M6
Balanced 11/2012Seed$1.4M6
Discourse 11/2012Seed1
wedgies 11/2012Seed$550k6
Picturelife 11/2012Series A$4M10
ItsOn 10/2012Venture Round$15.5M3
BlackJet 10/2012Venture Round$2.14M29
Clever 10/2012Seed$3M14
FundersClub 10/2012Seed$6.5M25 10/2012Seed$600k4
Romotive 10/2012Series A$5M4
Oyster 10/2012Seed$3M6
Perfect Audience 10/2012Seed$1.1M11
1stdibs 10/2012Seed1
MyVR 9/2012Seed$1.4M11
Kabbage 9/2012Series C$30M7
The New Hive 9/2012Seed2
YourMechanic 9/2012Seed$1.8M11
Babelverse 9/2012Seed$150k3
Lever 9/2012Convertible Note2
Twice 8/2012Venture Round$4M15
Sherpaa 8/2012Seed$1.8M5
LayerVault 8/2012Seed$535k3
LearnUp 8/2012Seed$1.9M1
Shop Hers 8/2012Seed7
OrderAhead 8/2012Seed$2.5M9
Scoutzie 8/2012Seed3
Boosted Boards 8/2012Seed2
BufferBox 8/2012Seed$1M8
PayDragon 7/2012Seed$1.35M4
MessageMe 7/2012Seed1
Booshaka 7/2012Series A$1M8
Nextdoor 7/2012Series A$18.6M7
WillCall 7/2012Seed$850k6
Openbucks 7/2012Series A$4.8M13
Ink 7/2012Seed3
Open Air Publishing 7/2012Angel$800k13
SteelHouse 7/2012Venture Round$8.25M6
Highfive 7/2012Series A$4M5
GitHub 7/2012Series A$100M2
Practice Fusion 6/2012Series C$34M11
Citus Data 6/2012Seed$1.65M9
Moped 6/2012Venture Round$1M4
Bluebox 6/2012Series A$9.5M4
Frontback 6/2012Seed$910k9
Creative Market 6/2012Venture Round$1.3M6
Who What Wear 6/2012Seed1
MobileWorks 6/2012Venture Round6
Grouper 5/2012Seed3
Exec 5/2012Seed$3.3M14
Crowdtilt 5/2012Seed$2.1M14
Cook Taste Eat 5/2012Seed1
Paperless Post 5/2012Series A$6M3
Priceonomics 5/2012Seed$1.5M28
Couple 5/2012Seed$4.2M13
Vungle 5/2012Seed$2M17
Socialcam 4/2012Angel38
Ark 4/2012Seed$5M15
Locu 4/2012Series A$4M8
Neighborland 4/2012Seed6
Wander 4/2012Seed$1.2M8
iCracked 4/2012Seed2
Boundless 4/2012Series A$8M5
Nodejitsu 4/2012Series A$1.9M4
FiftyThree 4/2012Seed$100k5
Boundless 4/2012Seed$1.7M4
Dojo 4/2012Seed1
Shoptiques 3/2012Seed5
PaperKarma 3/2012Seed3
Sookasa 3/2012Seed$1.6M6
NationBuilder 3/2012Series A$6.25M9
Branch 3/2012Seed$2M9
Obvious 3/2012Venture Round$2M2
PS DEPT. 3/2012Seed1
Lockitron 3/2012Seed1
EmployInsight 2/2012Venture Round$1M5
Quartzy 2/2012Seed$1.2M10
Newsle 2/2012Seed$600k2
See Me Group 2/2012Seed$2.25M6
Backplane 2/2012Series A$4M8
DoubleRecall 2/2012Seed$1.6M6
Voxer LLC 2/2012Series C$30M9
Gumroad 2/2012Seed$1.1M6
WibiData 2/2012Series A$5M4
GoCardless 2/2012Venture Round$1.5M6
Delectable 2/2012Seed2
FlightCar 2/2012Seed1
Highlight 2/2012Seed4
Verbling 1/2012Seed$1M8
Embly 1/2012Seed1
Embark 1/2012Seed3
Tikl 1/2012Seed2
Ridejoy 1/2012Seed$1.3M8
Endorse 1/2012Series A$4.25M2
Trigger 1/2012Seed$1M6
Hacker School 1/2012Venture Round$200k2
Custora 1/2012Seed10
Flotype 1/2012Seed$1.4M9
Spool 1/2012Venture Round$1M5
RJMetrics 1/2012Debt$1.2M6
Swiftype 1/2012Seed4
Priceonomics 1/2012Seed$150k3
Blueprint Labs 1/2012Venture Round$1M3 1/2012Seed$1.4M5
IFTTT 1/2012Seed$1.5M16
FamilyLeaf 1/2012Seed$177k3
ChatID 1/2012Seed$2M16
FoundationDB 12/2011Angel$5.65M1
Tutorspree 12/2011Seed$1M9
Percolate 12/2011Seed$1.5M9
Vayable 12/2011Seed2
Pawngo 12/2011Seed1
SteelHouse 12/2011Series B$6.3M4
Science Exchange 12/2011Seed$1.5M6
Side.Cr 12/2011Seed14
nprogress 12/2011Seed$1.7M7
Graffiti 12/2011Seed$1.6M6
42Floors 12/2011Seed$400k6
Fancy Hands 11/2011Convertible Note4
Vidyard 11/2011Venture Round$1.65M7
Trippy 11/2011Venture Round$1.75M4
Dispatch 11/2011Seed$965k12
MinoMonsters 11/2011Seed$1M9
Comprehend Systems 11/2011Seed$1.2M12
Mailbox 11/2011Series A$5M5
Clipboard 11/2011Seed14
Kicksend 11/2011Seed$1.8M8
Kaggle 11/2011Series A$11M8
Fullscreen 11/2011Seed1
Incident Technologies 11/2011Seed$745k13
GoodRx 11/2011Seed$1.5M7
Codecademy 10/2011Venture Round$2.5M7
Hyperink 10/2011Venture Round$1.2M4
Sincerely 10/2011Series A$3M4
Dropbox 10/2011Series B$250M12
Egomotion 10/2011Seed$1.1M12
ClassDojo 10/2011Seed1
Origami Labs 10/2011Debt$1.5M20
Stripe 9/2011Seed$2M5
Lookout 9/2011Venture Round$40M4
Practice Fusion 9/2011Venture Round$6M9
Swrve 9/2011Seed$2.7M5
Prism Skylabs 9/2011Seed$1.5M9
RethinkDB 9/2011Series A$3M9
Sift Science 9/2011Seed$1.6M10
Game Closure 8/2011Seed7
RelateIQ 8/2011Seed1
Moat 8/2011Angel$1.5M9
Backplane 8/2011Angel$1.8M5
ShowMe 8/2011Seed$800k8
Fab 8/2011Series A$7.7M19
ZeroCater 8/2011Venture Round$1.5M15
Getable 8/2011Seed$1.4M11
Parse 8/2011Angel$1.5M15
BetterWorks (Closed) 8/2011Series A$8M3
ShuttleCloud 8/2011Seed$280k3
BabbaCo 8/2011Series A$1.2M3 7/2011Seed$500k8
Yext 7/2011Series D$10M4
Visual Revenue 7/2011Seed$512k4
Quid 7/2011Series C$10M6
One Inc. 7/2011Seed$1M8
Domo 7/2011Series A$33M3
MemSQL 7/2011Seed$5M15
Fab 7/2011Seed$1M4
Warby Parker 7/2011Seed$1.5M4
Piazza 7/2011Seed$1.5M4
Memoir 7/2011Series A$1.2M8
Circle Inc 6/2011Series A$5M5
Rockmelt 6/2011Series B$30M5
EggCartel 6/2011Seed$1M4
MongoHQ 6/2011Seed$417k6
BestVendor 6/2011Seed$600k4
AppRedeem 6/2011Seed$700k2
Pulse 6/2011Series A$9M4
DrawQuest 6/2011Series A$3M6
Snapguide 6/2011Seed$2M6
Livestar 6/2011Seed$2M11
OnSwipe 6/2011Venture Round$5M9
Canvas Networks 6/2011Series A$3M6
SellStage 6/2011Seed3
Interviewstreet 5/2011Seed$200k3
Mailgun 5/2011Seed$1.1M6
Inporia 5/2011Seed$1.25M10
Gobble 5/2011Venture Round$1.2M14
HotelTonight 5/2011Series A$3.59M8
CardSpring 5/2011Seed6
Superb 5/2011Angel$1.6M15
Skillshare 5/2011Series A$550k10
ED01 5/2011Seed$565k7
140 Proof 4/2011Series B$2.5M4
Humble Bundle 4/2011Venture Round$4.48M2
Listia 4/2011Seed$1.75M8
Aereo 4/2011Seed$4.5M5
Openbucks 4/2011Seed1
Zencoder 4/2011Series A$2M14
SocialFlow 4/2011Series A$7M7
Cabana 4/2011Seed1
Kno 4/2011Series C$37.3M7
Nodejitsu 4/2011Seed$750k4
Milk 4/2011Angel$1.5M25
Everlane 4/2011Seed$1.1M12
Bloom Studio 3/2011Seed7
dotCloud 3/2011Series A$12.9M4
THE MELT 3/2011Seed1
A Bit Lucky 3/2011Venture Round$7.71M6
Thinkfuse 3/2011Angel$520k9
Zaarly 3/2011Seed$1M8
Lumier 3/2011Debt$350k8
The Climate Corporation 2/2011Series B$42M10
TinyCo 2/2011Series A$18M3
Pipewise 2/2011Series A$3.5M5
Findery 2/2011Angel$2M8
StarStreet 2/2011Seed$600k6
Hearsay Social 2/2011Series A$3M10
Lightbox 2/2011Seed$1.2M11
Poshmark 2/2011Series A$3.5M4 2/2011Series A$4.4M6
Style for Hire 1/2011Seed1
OnSwipe 1/2011Seed$1M11
Bump Technologies 1/2011Series B$16.5M5
GroupMe 1/2011Series B$10.6M8
Crowdbooster 1/2011Seed11 1/2011Series A$5M12
CruiseWise 1/2011Seed3
Noteleaf 1/2011Seed3
Sulia 12/2010Series A$3.5M5 12/2010Seed3
Factual 12/2010Series A$25M6
Tasty Labs 11/2010Series A$3M5
Lionside 11/2010Series A$1.6M3
Fashism 11/2010Series A$1M8
Topguest 11/2010Series A$2M6
Leftronic 11/2010Seed$500k3
Beautylish 11/2010Angel$1M2
Airbnb 11/2010Series A$7.2M7
Twilio 11/2010Series B$12M5
Path 11/2010Angel$2.5M28 10/2010Series A$2.1M11 10/2010Venture Round$1.2M6
Bitly 10/2010Series B$10M10
Hipmunk 10/2010Seed$1M9
The Simple 9/2010Seed1
PagerDuty 9/2010Seed$1.9M3
Votizen 9/2010Venture Round$1.5M12
Nicira Networks 9/2010Series B$11.3M2
WibiData 9/2010Seed1
Hyperpublic 9/2010Seed$1.15M7
Simple 9/2010Series A$2.9M9
Chartbeat 9/2010Seed$3M12
Opzi 9/2010Angel$1M9
Cue 8/2010Seed$700k9
Spotzer Media Group 8/2010Seed1
GroupMe 8/2010Series A$850k11
AeroFS 8/2010Seed11
Embedly 8/2010Series A$250k3
Kima Labs 8/2010Seed$770k6
Tello 7/2010Seed$1M12
Flipboard 7/2010Series A$10.5M9
Ze Frank Games 7/2010Seed$500k11
shopkick 7/2010Series B$15M4
ZocDoc 7/2010Series B$15M3
Better Finance 7/2010Series A$4.5M7
Course Hero 7/2010Seed$1.5M6
E la Carte 7/2010Seed3
Wavii 7/2010Seed$2M11
Yipit 6/2010Series A$1.3M11
Foursquare 6/2010Series B$20M6
ElationEMR 6/2010Seed1 6/2010Seed3
Open Places 6/2010Seed$1.1M7
BillGuard 5/2010Series A$3M6
TweetDeck 5/2010Series B$3.5M8
Etacts 5/2010Seed$740k3
Canvas Networks 5/2010Seed$625k5
BuzzFeed 5/2010Series B$8M8
beatlab 5/2010Seed1
NOWBOX 5/2010Angel12
Swipely 5/2010Series A$7.5M11
Loyalty Lab 4/2010Seed1
TellApart 4/2010Series A$4.75M6
UberMedia 4/2010Series A$3.5M8
gdgt 4/2010Series A$3.17M6
Stitcher 4/2010Series B$6M3
RethinkDB 4/2010Seed$1.2M11
LockPath 4/2010Seed2
The Trade Desk 3/2010Seed3
Quora 3/2010Series A$11M3
Tiny Speck 3/2010Seed1
Formspring 3/2010Series A$2.5M11
Evri 3/2010Venture Round$349k1
A Bit Lucky 3/2010Convertible Note$2.6M6
Posterous 3/2010Series A$4.4M8
SteelHouse 3/2010Seed1
Vook 2/2010Seed$2.5M7
Okta 2/2010Series A$10M7 2/2010Seed1
Yammer 2/2010Series B$10M6
Blippy Social Commerce 1/2010Angel$1.73M10
RollCall ( 1/2010Angel$1M2
Cardpool 1/2010Seed17
Simperium 1/2010Seed3
CitizenNet 12/2009Venture Round$50k1
WePay 12/2009Series A$1.65M5
Gowalla 12/2009Series B$8.29M10
Groupon 12/2009Series B$30M3
SimpleGeo 11/2009Seed$1.47M15
Hot Potato 11/2009Series A$1.42M16
Milo 11/2009Series A$4M17
Credit Karma 11/2009Series A$2.5M5
Chomp 11/2009Seed$565k3
Simple 11/2009Seed$190k3
JustSpotted 10/2009Seed$750k5
Thing Labs 10/2009Series A$2.09M5
DailyBooth 10/2009Angel$1M11
20x200 10/2009Series A$800k9
Sulia 9/2009Seed2
Fluther 9/2009Seed$600k7
Foursquare 9/2009Angel$1.35M9
Rockmelt 9/2009Series A$8.2M5
SocialDeck 8/2009Venture RoundC$500k2
DNAnexus 8/2009Series A$1.55M5
BookFresh 7/2009Seed$500k5
TellApart 7/2009Seed1
shopkick 7/2009Series A$2.5M4
CoTweet 7/2009Series A$1.1M6
Typekit 6/2009Venture Round8
Motally 6/2009Series A$1.25M3
Bump Technologies 6/2009Seed2
Topsy Labs 5/2009Venture Round1
DealBase Corporation 5/2009Seed$1M3
Expensify 5/2009Seed$1M4
StumbleUpon 4/2009Series A6
Bitly 3/2009Series A$2M14
Luminate 3/2009Series A$5.75M8
Cloudera 3/2009Series A$5M9
Hunch 3/2009Series A$2M3
Eventbrite 12/2008Series A$1.5M13
Aardvark 10/2008Series A$5.25M6
BOKU 10/2008Seed1
Asana 9/2008Seed1
DocVerse 7/2008Seed$1.3M4
Heroku 5/2008Series A$3M3
EQAL 4/2008Series A$5M7
Salesforce Buddy Media 4/2008Series B$6.5M5
FitOrbit 4/2008Seed1
Zynga 1/2008Series A$10M11
betaworks 1/2008Series A$7.5M4
AppNexus 12/2007Angel$2.5M7
TokBox 12/2007Series A$4M6
Funny Or Die 12/2007Series B$15M2
Blekko 9/2007Series A$2M6
AddThis 7/2007Series B$10M1
Rupture 7/2007Angel$3M6
Jawbone 7/2007Series A$5M2
Twitter 7/2007Series A$5M10
AdReady 7/2007Series A$2M2
Weplay 7/2007Series A$3.5M2
SnapTell 6/2007Series A$4M4
OMGPOP 5/2007Angel4
Yardbarker Network 4/2007Seed6
Sharethrough 4/2007Seed1
Xobni 3/2007Series A$4.26M7
AdMob 3/2007Series B$15M3
TrialPay 2/2007Series A$3.1M8
Kanjoya 2/2007Seed1
Flixster 2/2007Series A$2M3
Ning by Glam Media 1/2007Series A3
Weebly 1/2007Seed$20k2
Mashery 1/2007Angel6
ooma 12/2006Series B$18M6
Photobucket 11/2006Series A$4.5M4 11/2006Angel$750k4
Revision3 9/2006Series A$1M2
YuMe 8/2006Seed2
Viagogo 8/2006Series B$20M2
Snapvine 7/2006Series A$2M4
Arroweye Solutions 6/2006Seed1
MerchantCircle 6/2006Series A$4.3M4
Vitrue 5/2006Seed$2.2M2
RockYou 5/2006Seed1
oDesk 4/2006Series A$6M3
Facebook 4/2006Series B$27.5M4
Mocana 4/2006Seed1
Tremor Video 3/2006Seed1
Kingfish Group 3/2006Seed1
Wikia 3/2006Series A$4M10
Blip 3/2006Seed1
Gerson Lehrman Group 3/2006Seed1
Untangle 3/2006Seed1
Adara Media 2/2006Seed1
Attributor 1/2006Series A$2M6
Code Green Networks 1/2006Series C$15M3
Associated Content 1/2006Series A$5.4M2
Aster Data Systems 11/2005Angel$1M5
Digg 10/2005Series A$2.8M8
Odeo 8/2005Series A17
Become 8/2005Series B$7.2M4 5/2005Series A$3.3M5
Kaboodle 3/2005Series A$1.5M9
StubHub 1/2005Series A3
ExactTarget 7/2004Venture Round$10.5M2
Plaxo 11/2002Series A$3.8M2
iLike 1/2002Angel$700k4
Opsware 11/1999Series A$21M2
Tellme 6/1999Series A$6M3
Zappos 1/1999Series A$150k2



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  31. URX Is A Brilliant Mobile Ad Service That Deeplinks Customers Right To Ecommerce App Product Pages ( [edit]
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  33. Splice Raises $2.75M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  34. Online Attorney Marketplace UpCounsel Raises $1.5 Million, Opens Its Patent Practice To All ( [edit]
  35. Meet Leo, The Lightweight New Way To Send Self-Destructing Messages ( [edit]
  36. DoorDash Raises $2.4M To Improve Food Delivery ( [edit]
  37. usermind Raises $7.6M in Series A Financing ( [edit]
  38. Meet Studio, The App That Launched A Million Designers And Counting ( [edit]
  39. Snapguide Picks Up Another $3M, Redesigns Its How-To iPhone App ( [edit]
  40. Layer Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  41. Silicon Valley Venture Capital Almanac - Source [edit]
  42. Vastrm Fashion Raises $1M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  43. Heap Raises $2M For Their “Capture Everything” Analytics Tool ( [edit]
  44. Site Search Engine Creator Swiftype Raises $1.7M From A16Z, Others ( [edit]
  45. Aisle50 Raises $2.6 M In Series A Financing ( [edit]
  46. WillCall Raises $1.2M From SV Angel And Sean Parker For Concert, Merch, And Drink Mobile Payments ( [edit]
  47. Vungle Raises $6.5M For A Growing In-App Mobile Video Advertising Business ( [edit]
  48. Patreon Raises $2.1M ( [edit]
  49. Sequoia Makes Another Bet in Gaming By Leading $9M Round For Android-Focused Kiwi ( [edit]
  50. Facebook Veteran Ari Steinberg’s New Startup Vamo Taps Big Data To Book You Cheap And Easy Travel ( [edit]
  51. TalentBin Raises $2M From Lightbank To Be The Data-Focused Recruiting Platform For Technical Talent ( [edit]
  52. Mark43 Closes $1.95M Seed Funding ( [edit]
  53. This is all star designer Khoi Vinh's next move, and it's awesome ( [edit]
  54. Source: Snapchat Snaps Up $80M From IVP At An $800M Valuation ( []
  55. Silicon Valley Venture Capital Almanac source [edit]
  56. YC-Backed Rebrands As Ink, Raises $1.8M From Andreessen Horowitz, Highland Capital & Others ( [edit]
  57. FiftyThree, Maker Of Drawing App Paper, Raises $15 Million From Andreessen Horowitz And Others ( [edit]
  58. [edit]
  59. Home Improvement And Repair Marketplace Porch Raises $6.3M From SV Angel, Jeff Skoll And Others ( [edit]
  60. Sunrise Raises $2.2 Million Because “It Is The Only Calendar App With A Design-Oriented Approach” ( [edit]
  61. Wall Street Journal ( [edit]
  62. To Spark Children’s Imaginations, Hullabalu Raises $1.8 Million From SV Angel, Great Oaks & Others For iPad Storytelling App ( [edit]
  63. PandoDaily Adds Redpoint, Brings Funding to $3M ( [edit]
  64. Jelly, Biz Stone’s Startup, Raises a Round (With a Little Help From Friends) ( [edit]
  65. MessageMe Raises A $10M Series A Led By Greylock As It Gears Up For Money And Premium Services In Its Rich Messaging App ( [edit]
  66. P2P Currency Exchange TransferWise Raises $6M Led By Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, With Participation From SV Angel, Others ( [edit]
  67. SEC ( [edit]
  68. [edit]
  69. Strikingly Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  70. With $1.1 Million In Funding, YC-Backed CrowdMed Launches To Crowdsource Medical Diagnoses ( [edit]
  71. Silicon Valley Venture Capital Almanac - Source [edit]
  72. Balanced Closes $3.4M Seed Funding ( [edit]
  73. Raises Funding From SV Angel, Spark Capital To Improve Communication For Salespeople ( [edit]
  74. ClassDojo Raises $8.5M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  75. DailyLook Gets $2.5M From GRP Partners, Rachel Zoe, And Others To Be The Web’s Go-To For Fast Fashion ( [edit]
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  77. Simpler Raises $1.2M From Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, Khosla To Make Employee Onboarding Paperless ( [edit]
  78. Crowdfunding Platform Crowdtilt Lands $12M From Sean Parker, Andreessen & More; Now Acquiring To Expand Into Mobile ( [edit]
  79. Albumatic Photo Sharing App Is Raising $4.5 Million, Says SEC Filing ( [edit]
  80. Ex-Googlers Launch Sift Science, A Fraud-Fighting System For Websites, Backed By $5.5M In Funding From Union Square, First Round, YC & Others ( [edit]
  81. Facebook Isn’t Holding Back Their Growth: MessageMe Raises $1.9M And Grabs 1M Users ( [edit]
  82. Silicon Valley Venture Capital Almanac - Source [edit]
  83. The Brain Trust Behind FarmVille Launches Red Hot Labs With $1.5M From All-Star Investors ( [edit]
  84. CircleCI Raises $1.5M From Eric Ries And Heroku Founders For Platform To Test Web Apps ( [edit]
  85. Enterprise And Open Source Data Search And Analytics Startup Elasticsearch Raises $24M From Index Ventures, Benchmark And SV Angel ( [edit]
  86. FlightCar Raises $570K in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  87. Private chef service Kitchensurfing grabs $1 million, expands beyond New York ( [edit]
  88. Nomi Raises $3M To Help Retailers Understand Their Customers, Online And Offline ( [edit]
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  90. Flatiron Health Raises $8M From Google Ventures, First Round To Build An Intelligent Data Platform For Oncology ( [edit]
  91. Y Combinator-Backed InstallMonetizer Is A Selective Ad Network For Desktop Software ( [edit]
  92. Svbtle funding ( [edit]
  93. RelateIQ Launches With $29M From Formation 8, Dustin Moskovitz And More To Be Your Next-Gen Relationship Manager ( [edit]
  94. Behavioral Health Startup Sessions Launches To Provide Personalized Fitness Programs To All ( [edit]
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  97. Tubular Raises $2.5 Million To Provide Audience Development Tools To YouTube Content Creators ( [edit]
  98. EDGAR [edit]
  99. Judicata Raises $2M From Peter Thiel, Keith Rabois And Others To Give Lawyers Better Research And Analytics Tools ( [edit]
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  101. MetroMile Raises $4M to Sell Car Insurance by the Mile ( [edit]
  102. SmartThings Closes $3M Seed Round, Led By First Round Capital, Launches Competition To Grow Community Of Smart Object Developers ( [edit]
  103. YC-Backed Telephony Startup Plivo Raises $1.75M From Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, Qualcomm Inc. & SV Angel ( [edit]
  104. Snapchat Raises $13.5M Series A Led By Benchmark, Now Sees 60M Snaps Sent Per Day ( []
  105. Obvious-Incubated Lift Lands $2.5M From Spark Capital, SV Angel To Help You Build Good Habits ( [edit]
  106. Obvious-Incubated Lift Lands $2.5M From Spark Capital, SV Angel To Help You Build Good Habits ( [edit]
  107. Spindle Labs Raises $2.3M in Funding ( [edit]
  108. Y Combinator-Backed Balanced Raises $1.4M To Provide A Payment Platform For Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces ( [edit]
  109. EDGAR [edit]
  110. Wedgies Raises 500K ( [edit]
  111. OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Raises $4M For Picturelife, An App For Backing Up Your Photos In The Cloud ( [edit]
  112. ItsOn gets $15.5M from Andreessen Horowitz to empower mobile data customers ( [edit]
  113. Uber Co-Founder Garrett Camp Launches BlackJet, The “Uber For Private Jets” ( [edit]
  114. Twilio For Education Data, Clever, Lands $3M From Kevin Rose, Mike Maples & Ashton Kutcher, Now In 2K Schools ( [edit]
  115. To Turn The Crowd Into Venture Capitalists, FundersClub Raises $6M Seed Round -- Biggest In YC History ( [edit]
  116. Backed By Floodgate, SV Angel & Others, Launches iOS App For Building Mobile Websites From Your iPhone ( [edit]
  117. WSJ ( [edit]
  118. Oyster raises $3 million from Founders Fund for “Spotify for books” ( [edit]
  119. Y Combinator-Backed Perfect Audience Makes Facebook Retargeting Easy (Even For Tech Bloggers), Raises $1.1M ( [edit]
  120. EDGAR [edit]
  121. MyVR Raises $1.4M From YC, SV Angel, Chris Dixon To Attack The $85B Vacation Rental Industry ( [edit]
  122. Data-Focused Online Merchant Lender Kabbage Raises $30M From UPS, SV Angel And Others ( [edit]
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  124. YourMechanic Raises $1.8M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  125. Babelverse Lands Round Led By 500 Startups For Human-Powered Online Translation ( [edit]
  126. VC Funding: 2014 Source [edit]
  127. Disrupt San Francisco Early Bird Special news Comment 0 inShare14 Twice Raises $4M From IA, SV Angel And CrunchFund For Its Concierge-Style Secondhand Clothing Marketplace ( [edit]
  128. Sounds Boring, Actually Awesome. Sherpaa Raises $1.8M To Find Your Business Cheap Health Insurance ( [edit]
  129. Betaworks, High Line Venture Partners, SV Angel Back LayerVault ( [edit]
  130. LearnUp picks up $1.9m in funding to help job seekers brush up on skills ( [edit]
  131. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  132. OrderAhead Nabs $2.3M From Adam D’Angelo, Matrix, Eric Schmidt For Ordering On The Go ( [edit]
  133. Scoutzie Is A More Curated, Thoughtful Marketplace For Designers ( [edit]
  134. [edit]
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  136. PayDragon Raises $1.35 Million So Hungry People Can Skip Lines ( [edit]
  137. EDGAR [edit]
  138. You've Got Facebook Fans, Now What? Booshaka Raises $1M To Ensure Your Posts Earn You Money ( [edit]
  139. Nextdoor, the social network for neighbors, raises $18.6 million to help Americans stop bowling alone ( [edit]
  140. WillCall Sells You What You’re Doing Tonight, Launches Web App, Raises $850K From SV Angel, 500 Startups ( [edit]
  141. Gift Card Payment Network Openbucks Raises $4.8 Million Series A, Led By Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang ( [edit]
  142. YC-Backed Goes Mobile, Brings Cloud Service Integration To iOS And Android Apps ( [edit]
  143. How-To Publisher Open Air Raises $800K From SV Angel, Charles River, And Others ( [edit]
  144. SteelHouse Takes in $8.25 Million to Expand Best-in-Class Behavioral Analytics and Real Time Ad Targeting Platform ( [edit]
  145. General Catalyst And Andreessen Horowitz Parlay $4 Million On X-Googler Startup Parlay Labs ( [edit]
  146. GitHub Valued at $750M With First Outside Funding Ever ( [edit]
  147. Practice Fusion Pulls In $34M Series C Led By Artis To Crush The Other Electronic Medical Record Startups ( [edit]
  148. Y Combinator Alum Citus Data Wants To Make Scalable Data Analytics Accessible To Anyone ( [edit]
  149. Moped Raises $1 Million From Betaworks And SV Angel To Become Twitter For Private Messages Only ( [edit]
  150. Bluebox Raises $9.5M From Andreessen Horowitz & Others For A Stealthy, Disruptive Mobile Security Solution ( [edit]
  151. Would-Be ‘Instagram for Publishing’ CheckThis Raises $910K From Lerer Ventures and Others ( [edit]
  152. Creative Market Nabs $1.3M From SV Angel, CrunchFund To Become An Etsy For Digital Design ( [edit]
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  156. Exec, The Mobile App For Errands, Adds Messaging (Oh, And Sam Altman Led Their Round) ( [edit]
  157. Group-Funding Service Crowdtilt Collects $2.1M In New Financing ( [edit]
  158. EDGAR [edit]
  159. Online Invitations And Stationery Startup Paperless Post Raises $6M From RRE, Tim Draper, SV Angel ( [edit]
  160. YC Price Guide Startup Priceonomics Raises $1.5M Seed From Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel ( [edit]
  161. Yuri Milner, Dave Morin, SV Angel, CrunchFund And More Hook Up Pair With $4.2M ( [edit]
  162. Vungle Hustles Its Way Into $2M All-Star Seed Round For Mobile App Video Trailers Network ( [edit]
  163. Socialcam Nabs Angel Funding From The A-List: Yuri Milner, Tim Draper, Laurene Powell Jobs, And More ( [edit]
  164. Ark Raised $4.2 Million Seed Round Instead Of Series A To "Keep Complete Control" Of Its People Search Engine ( [edit]
  165. Data-Focused Locu Raises $4M Series A From General Catalyst, Lowercase, Lightbank & SV Angel ( [edit]
  166. New Orleans’ Neighborland Raises Seed Round ( [edit]
  167. Wander Wins $1.2M From Rob Go, SV Angel, Google Ventures, SoftTech And Others ( [edit]
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  169. Publishers Sue As Boundless Learning Grabs $8M For An Open Alternative To Textbooks ( [edit]
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  172. Boundless Learning Raises $1.7M, Taking Big Swing In Education ( [edit]
  173. EDGAR [edit]
  174. Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Back Marketplace For Local Fashion Boutiques, Shoptiques ( [edit]
  175. EDGAR ( [edit]
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  177. Community Organizing Platform NationBuilder Raises $6.3M From Andreessen Horowitz; Causes Founder Joins As President ( [edit]
  178. Branch Raises $2 Million From SV Angel And Others ( [edit]
  179. With $2M In Tow, Branch Teams Up With Twitter Co-Founders’ Obvious For ‘New Brand Of Discourse’ ( [edit]
  180. EDGAR [edit]
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  182. EmployInsight Grabs $1M For Its Employee Measurement Platform (And NYSE As Its First Client) ( [edit]
  183. Quartzy Scores $1.2M To Help Life Scientists Stay Organized ( [edit]
  184. Backed By Lerer And SV Angel, Newsle Launches To Let You Track News About Your Friends ( [edit]
  185. SEC ( [edit]
  186. Lady Gaga-Backed Backplane Raises Over $4M From Sequoia & More; Acquires Sharing Platform Cortex ( [edit]
  187. Y Combinator Alum DoubleRecall Nabs $1.6 Million To Give Brands An Alternative To Paywalls ( [edit]
  188. Walkie Talkie App Voxer Goes Big, IVP And Intel Lead $30 Million Round ( [edit]
  189. Gumroad Gets $1.1 Million From Chris Sacca, Max Levchin And Others To Turn Any Link Into A Payment System ( [edit]
  190. Cloudera Founder’s Big Data Management Startup WibiData Raises $5M From NEA And Eric Schmidt ( [edit]
  191. Accel, SV Angel, Y Combinator Put $1.5M In Online Bank Payments Platform GoCardless ( [edit]
  192. EDGAR [edit]
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  194. Hot Background Location App Highlight Gets Funding As It Plans SXSW Update ( [edit]
  195. Verbling Raises $1M To Link Up Language Learners Through Video Chat ( [edit]
  196. EDGAR [edit]
  197. YC-Funded Embark Is Now Plotting Two Million Transit Trips A Month ( [edit]
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  199. Social Ridesharing Startup Ridejoy Raises $1.3M From Freestyle Capital, Lerer Ventures And Others ( [edit]
  200. Accel And SV Angel Back Endorse With $4.25 Million To Close The Loop Between Shoppers And Brands ( [edit]
  201. Trigger Raises $1M in Seed Round of Funding ( [edit]
  202. SV Angel And Founder Collective Give Hackruiter $200K For Its Hacker School ( [edit]
  203. SV Angel, Founder Collective And Others Put $850K In Customer Retention SaaS Custora ( [edit]
  204. Andreessen Horowitz, Salesforce Put $1.4M In Real-Time Messaging Infrastructure Startup Flotype ( [edit]
  206. After Three Years Of Bootstrapping, RJMetrics Raises $1.2 Million From Fab's CEO And SoftTech ( [edit]
  207. Y Combinator-Backed Swiftype Builds Site Search That Doesn’t Suck ( [edit]
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  209. VC Funding: Q1 2012 [edit]
  210. A Travel Start-Up Raises Money for Planning Tourism Activities ( [edit]
  211. IFTTT, A Glue Gun For Sticking The Web Together, Raises $1.5M Seed Round From Top Investors ( [edit]
  212. FamilyLeaf Brings Your Kin Together In Its Own Private Social Network ( [edit]
  213. SEC ( [edit]
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  215. Tutorspree Raises $1 Million Round Led By Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  216. Percolate Raises $1.5 Million From Dave Morin And First Round Capital To Turn Brands Into Tumblrs ( [edit]
  217. EDGAR [edit]
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  219. SteelHouse Closes $6.3 Million Series B Financing ( [edit]
  220. Science Exchange’s Marketplace For Research Facilities Gets A $1.5 Million Boost ( [edit]
  221. Hail A Fellow Human, Not A Taxi With “SideCar” – The New P2P Uber ( [edit]
  222. nProgress Raises over $1.7M in Angel Funding ( [edit]
  223. VC Funding: 2014 Source [edit]
  224. 42Floors Takes Commercial Real Estate Online (Because Searching For Office Space Sucks) ( [edit]
  225. EDGAR [edit]
  226. Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel Put $1.7M In The YouTube For Businesses, Vidyard ( [edit]
  227. Disrupt Alum Trippy Raises $1.75 Million Thanks to Ribs and Fried Chicken ( [edit]
  228. Dispatch Raises $965K To Manage All Of Your Cloud Files From One Place ( [edit]
  229. MinoMonsters Nabs $1 Million From Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, And More For Mobile Monster Battles ( [edit]
  230. Comprehend Systems Closes $1.2M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  231. Chatty To-Do List App Orchestra Banks $5M From SV Angel And CRV For "Texting With A Purpose" ( [edit]
  232. ‘Web Clipping 2.0′ Startup Clipboard Backed By Andreessen Horowitz, Index, CrunchFund, Others ( [edit]
  233. Kicksend Grabs $1.8 Million From True Ventures, SV Angel & More For Dead Simple File Sharing ( [edit]
  234. Index And Khosla Lead $11M Round In Kaggle, A Platform For Data Modeling Competitions ( [edit]
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  237. GoodRx Grabs $1M+ From SV Angel, Founders Fund & More To Help You Find Cheap Prescription Drugs ( [edit]
  238. Codecademy Raises $2.5 Million To Teach You How To Code ( [edit]
  239. Y Combinator Startup Hyperink Raises $1.2 Million To Launch A Skillshare For Books ( [edit]
  240. Sincerely Raises $3 Million To Deliver Real-World Postcards, Holiday Cards On The Way ( [edit]
  241. Dropbox Raises $250M In Funding, Boasts 45 Million Users ( [edit]
  242. Tagstand Raises $1.1 Million To Help Take NFC Mainstream ( [edit]
  243. EDGAR [edit]
  244. [edit]
  245. Sequoia-Backed Stripe Wants To Disrupt The Online Payments Space ( [edit]
  246. Andreessen Horowitz Leads $40M Round In Smartphone Security Company Lookout ( [edit]
  247. Practice Fusion Announces New Investors Helping to Drive Health Tech Innovation ( [edit]
  248. Swrve raises $2.7M for real-time gamer feedback ( [edit]
  249. TechCrunch ( [edit]
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  252. Game Closure Quietly Raises Seed Round From SV Angel, Yuri Milner, Greylock, And More ( [edit]
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  254. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  255. Eric Schmidt, Tomorrow Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Founders Fund / Angel Fund, SV Angel, Lerer Ventures, Vast Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures, WGI Group, Harbor Pacific Capital Partners ( [edit]
  256. Tablet Education Startup ShowMe Raises $800,000 From Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, And Betaworks ( [edit]
  257. Ashton Kutcher-Backed Closes $7.7 Million ( [edit]
  258. ZeroCater Raises $1.5 Million For No-Hassle Office Lunches ( [edit]
  259. Rentcycle Raises $1.4 Million From Collaborative Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, And Others ( [edit]
  260. YC-Funded Parse: A Heroku For Mobile Apps ( [edit]
  261. BetterWorks Raises $8M in Series A Funding from Redpoint Ventures ( [edit]
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  263. Kids Educational Products Retailer BabbaCo Raises $1.2M From Lightbank And SV Angel ( [edit]
  264. Stealth Social Mobile Startup Raises $600K From Google Ventures, SV Angel And Others ( [edit]
  265. Yext Raises $10 Million To Double Down On PowerListings For Local Businesses ( [edit]
  266. Visual Revenue Secures $512K ( [edit]
  267. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  268. SV Angel, True Ventures And Others Put $1 Million Into Interest-Based Connections App One ( [edit]
  269. Series A Whopper: Benchmark Invests $33M in New BI Company Domo ( [edit]
  270. Y Combinator Alum MemSQL Raises $2.1 Million From Ashton Kutcher, SV Angel And More ( [edit]
  271. Claims To Be Profitable On $1.3M In Revenue After 30 Days, Raises $1M ( [edit]
  272. TheStreet ( [edit]
  273. Piazza Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  274. TechStars NYC: Where Are They Now? ( [edit]
  275. Andreessen-Horowitz Adds Jeff Jordan As General Partner, Leads $5M+ LikeALittle Series A ( [edit]
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  278. MongoHQ Raises $417K From Y Combinator, Lerer And SV Angel ( [edit]
  279. Peter Thiel, Lerer Ventures And Others Put $600K In BestVendor ( [edit]
  280. AppRedeem Rewarded With $700K From SV Angel And Blue Run Ventures ( [edit]
  281. Pulse Raises $9 Million in Series A Financing from NEA, Greycroft Partners and Lerer Ventures ( [edit]
  282. Union Square Ventures Leads $3M Round In 4chan Founder Moot's New Startup Canvas ( [edit]
  283. Stealthy Startup SnapGuide Closes $2+ Million Round ( [edit]
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  285. Spark, Lightbank And Yuri Milner Get In On OnSwipe's $5M "Series Awesome" ( [edit]
  286. Union Square Ventures Leads $3M Round In 4chan Founder Moot’s New Startup Canvas ( [edit]
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  288. Morpheus Venture Partners ( [edit]
  289. Mailgun Raises $1.1 Million For Its ‘Twilio For Email’ ( [edit]
  290. Stealth Startup Inporia Raises $1.25 Million From Ron Conway, 500 Startups And More ( [edit]
  291. Marketplace For Home-Cooked Food Gobble Raises $1.2M From Founder Collective, Greylock And Other Angels ( [edit]
  292. HotelTonight Raises $3.25M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  293. Webb Investment Network Source [edit]
  294. Investors Cough Up $1.6 Million To Dine With Grubwithus, The Brilliant Social Dining Service ( [edit]
  295. SEC ( [edit]
  296. BetaBeat ( [edit]
  297. 140 Proof Closes $2.5M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  298. Games Deals' Humble Bundle Raises $4.48M ( [edit]
  299. Andreessen Horowitz Leads $1.75M Round In Freebie Marketplace Listia ( [edit]
  300. Bamboom Labs raises $4.5M for live TV over the Web ( [edit]
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  302. Updated: Zencoder Raises $2M for Video Encoding in the Cloud ( [edit]
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  305. SEC Form D ( [edit]
  306. Nodejitsu, Support for JavaScript of the Future, Raises $750K ( [edit]
  307. Milk Completes $1.5 Million Angel Round, Packed with Valley Names ( [edit]
  308. Kleiner Perkins, SV Angel Back Personalized, Designer Quality E-Commerce Platform Everlane ( [edit]
  309. Raises Funding for Playful Data Visualization ( [edit]
  310. SEC ( [edit]
  311. EDGAR [edit]
  312. SEC ( [edit]
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  314. Zaarly Launches Realtime, Local Marketplace To The Public ( [edit]
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  316. WeatherBill Brings in $42M From Google, Khosla ( [edit]
  317. Mobile Game Company TinyCo Raises $18M In Funding ( [edit]
  318. ccLoop Announces Series A Funding ( [edit]
  319. More Details On Caterina Fake’s New Startup, Pinwheel ( [edit]
  320. Investors Put Their Money On StarStreet ( [edit]
  321. Hearsay Brings Compliance to Social Media ( [edit]
  322. Lightbox wants to be Android's new camera app, raises $1.1 million from Valley players ( [edit]
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  326. OnSwipe Raises $1M for Insanely Simple Tablet Publishing Platform ( [edit]
  327. Bump Raises $16 Million Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz ( [edit]
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  329. YC-backed Crowdbooster Launches Social Media Monitoring Dashboard That Does The Thinking For You ( [edit]
  330. Inside Facebook ( [edit]
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  333. Twitter List Service TLists Becomes Sulia, Raises $3.5 Million ( [edit]
  334. Social Fundraising Platform Piryx Is Reborn As With Top Investors In Tow ( [edit]
  335. Dow Jones VentureWire ( [edit]
  336. Delicious Founder Raises Funding For Tasty Labs’ Take On Social Software ( [edit]
  337. Lionside scores $1.6M to make Facebook games for sports fans ( [edit]
  338. Fashism Raises $1 Million To Grow Social Shopping Business ( [edit]
  339. Topguest Checks In With $2M Series A, Peter Thiel As Advisor ( [edit]
  340. Leftronic Turns Any Startup Office into a Command Center ( [edit]
  341. Beauty Commerce Site Beautylish Struts With $1M From Angels ( [edit]
  342. Airbnb Press Release, Nov. 11, 2010 ( [edit]
  343. Twilio Raises $12 Million For Powerful Telephony API ( [edit]
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  345. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  346. Unvarnished Becomes, Raises $1.2 Million And Opens The Floodgates ( [edit]
  347. Raises $10 Million Series B, Still Growing Like Crazy ( []
  348. Travel Site Hipmunk Raises $1M Seed Funding ( [edit]
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  350. Andreessen Horowitz leads $10.7M funding of PagerDuty ( [edit]
  351. Votizen Raises $1.5 Million To Make Sure Government Representatives Hear Your Voice ( [edit]
  352. SEC D ( [edit]
  353. EDGAR [edit]
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  355. BankSimple Deposits $3.1 Million From First Round, Ron Conway, And Roger Ehrenberg ( [edit]
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  364. Photographic Evidence Of Stealth Startup Tello Raising $100k ( [edit]
  365. Meet Flipboard: Mike McCue Talks About Stealth "Social Magazine" Start-Up That Just Nabbed $10.5 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  366. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  367. Shopkick Takes $15 Million From Greylock Partners – Reid Hoffman Loves This Company ( [edit]
  368. Khosla Ventures And Founders Fund Invest $15M In Health Appointment Platform ZocDoc ( [edit]
  369. PayPal-Backed BillFloat Launches, Secures $4.5 Million Series A Round (Exclusive) ( [edit]
  370. SEC ( [edit]
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  373. Groupon Aggregator Yipit Raises $1.3 Million In Venture Funding ( [edit]
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  377. Trazzler Gets $1 Million From Star Investors, Takes a Page From Twitter’s Playbook [Video] ( [edit]
  378. BillGuard Raises $3M To Track Hidden Fees, Billing Errors On Credit Card Bills ( [edit]
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  380. Startups And Top Investors Unite At Y Combinator's Tenth Demo Day ( [edit]
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  389. Gdgt Raises New Financing with New Concept ( [edit]
  390. Benchmark Helps Web Talk Radio Startup Stitcher Turn Up The Volume By $6 Million ( [edit]
  391. RethinkDB Raises $1.2 Million For Its Database For Solid-State Drives ( [edit]
  392. LockPath Secures Growth Capital Investment ( [edit]
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  394. Quora Has The Magic: Benchmark Invests at $86 Million Valuation ( [edit]
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  404. Yammer Grabs $10 Million More in Funding, SEC ( [edit]
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  414. Hot Potato Raises $1.42 For Event Social Networking ( [edit]
  415. Milo, a Site to Help People Shop Offline, Attracts Investors ( [edit]
  416. Credit Karma Raises $2.5 Million To Take The Mystery Out Of Credit Scores ( [edit]
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  420. SEC ( [edit]
  421. YC-Funded DailyBooth Raises $1 Million From Sequoia, Kevin Rose, Ron Conway Et Al. ( [edit]
  422. Online Art Store 20x200 Scores $800,000 From True Ventures And Angels ( [edit]
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  424. Fluther Raises $600k From Top Valley Investors For Crowd-Sourced Answers ( [edit]
  425. JEE Main 2014 ( [edit]
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  427. Announcing financing + release of Shake & Spell for BlackBerry ( [edit]
  428. DNAnexus raises $1.55M for DNA sequencing ( [edit]
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  431. Roeding's New Startup Raises $2.5 Million from KPCB, Hoffman; Raising More ( [edit]
  432. View my * My Posts * Facebook * Twitter * Friendfeed * LinkedIn * Digg * CoTweet Now in Public Beta; Get the Same Twitter CRM Tools as Big Brands ( [edit]
  433. Small Batch Inc. Announces Typekit Funding ( [edit]
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  435. Y Combinator Endorses Bump Technologies In The Quest To Destroy The Business Card ( [edit]
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  437. DealBase Raises $1 Million In Angel Funding ( [edit]
  438. Expensify raises $1M for online expense reporting ( [edit]
  439. StumbleUpon's founders buy service back from eBay ( [edit]
  440. TinyURL Rival Raises $2 Million ( []
  441. Pixazza Raises $5.75 Million In First Round ( [edit]
  442. Cloudera Raises $5 Million ( [edit]
  443. Hunch Raises Series A ( [edit]
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  445. Mechanical Zoo Gets $6 Million To Build Aardvark Social Search Product ( [edit]
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  448. More funding for document collaboration: DocVerse raises $1.3M ( [edit]
  449. Ruby on Rails Startup Heroku Gets $3 Million ( [edit]
  450. Lonely No More: Lonelygirl15 Production Company EQAL Gets $5 Million Funding ( [edit]
  451. Buddy Media raises $6.5 million, launches ad network ( [edit]
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  469. Xobni raises $4.26M to let you improve your email habits ( [edit]
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  471. TrialPay Backed By Investors of Skype, Google, and Akamai For Payment Platform ( [edit]
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  475. Demo Day: Y Combinator's Spring Chicks ( [edit]
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  478. Mobile Imaging Company Ontela Gets $4.5 Million Series A Funding ( [edit]
  479. Mint Software raises $750,000 for personal finance service ( []
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  483. Venture Capital: Snapvine turns up the volume a notch ( [edit]
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  485. Going local with MerchantCircle ( [edit]
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  503. Odeo receives funding from Charles River (plus: Kapor, Kraus, O'Reilly, Kopelman, Conway...) ( [edit]
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  507. eBay pays face value for StubHub - Pequot profits ( [edit]
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  511. The Case for the Fat Startup ( [edit]
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  513. Zappos [edit]
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