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General Information



Credit Fund, 8/2012 $520M
Credit Fund II LP, 1/2014 $762M
Summit Ventures, 1/1984 $160M
Summit Ventures II, 1/1988 $230M
Summit Ventures III, 1/1992 $280M
Summit Subordinated Debt Fund, 1/1994 $140M
Summit Ventures IV, 1/1995 $610M
Summit Subordinated Debt Fund II, 1/1997 $335M
Summit Ventures V, 1/1998 $1.12B
Summit Accelerator Fund, 1/1999 $170M
Summit Ventures VI, 1/2001 $2.08B
Summit Subordinated Debt Fund III, 1/2004 $465M
Summit Partners Private Equity Fund VII, 1/2005 $3.1B
Summit Partners Venture Capital Fund II, 1/2005 $310M
Summit Partners Europe Private Equity Fund, 1/2008 €1.05B
Summit Partners Subordinated Debt Fund IV, 1/2008 $840M
Summit Partners Growth Equity Fund VIII, 1/2012 $2.7B
Summit Partners Venture Capital Fund III, 1/2012 $550M



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Summit Partners

Summit Partners is a growth equity firm that invests in rapidly growing companies. Founded in 1984, Summit has raised nearly $15 billion in capital and has provided growth equity, recapitalization and management buyout financing to more than 365 growing companies across a range of industries and geographies. The firm supports outstanding management teams that have self-financed their companies to market leadership.

Summit Partners enhances the value of these companies through infrastructure development, executive and board recruiting, and strategic and operational advice. The firm also brings extensive experience in helping companies navigate the complex process of public offerings or strategic sales and mergers.

Summit Partners can commit from $5 million to more than $500 million per investment from its equity and credit funds. Summit has offices in Boston, Menlo Park, London and Mumbai.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
NetBrain Technologies 4/2014Partial Close$30M1
ABILITY Network 4/2014Private Equity$550M1
Parts Town 1/2014Venture Round1
Answers Corporation 12/2013Private Equity$300M2
JAMF Software 12/2013Venture Round$30M2
Gainsight 11/2013Series B$20M3
Linio 11/2013Private Equity$50M6
Systems Maintenance Services 10/2013Venture Round1
A10 Networks 10/2013Private Equity$80M1
Clarabridge 9/2013Private Equity$80M3
Modernizing Medicine 8/2013Series C$14M1
RiskIQ 7/2013Series A$10M1
THE ICONIC 7/2013Venture Round$26M3
WebAction 7/2013Series B$11M3
Lazada Group 6/2013Series D$100M5
COMS Interactive 6/2013Venture Round$21M1
Lamoda 6/2013Private Equity$130M3
RuffaloCODY 5/2013Private Equity1
Visier 5/2013Series B$15M2
ZALORA 5/2013Series C$100M4
Acacia Communications 5/2013Series A$20M4
Namshi 5/2013Series C$13M1
Peak Well Systems 5/2013Venture Round1
Philz Coffee 5/2013Private Equity2
Jumia 3/2013Series A$26M1
Linio 2/2013Private Equity$26.5M1
Heart to Heart Hospice 12/2012Venture Round1
Dafiti 12/2012Series C$65M3
Lazada Group 12/2012Series B$26M1
Zando 11/2012Venture Round€20M1
Zenoss 10/2012Series C$25M5
Rocket Fuel 6/2012Venture Round$50M6
Progressive Finance 6/2012Venture Round1
WestWing 6/2012Venture Round$50M5
Delphix 6/2012Series C$25M5
TeleSign Corporation 5/2012Venture Round1
Solutionreach 5/2012Venture Round1
Help/Systems 4/2012Venture Round1
Infor 4/2012Venture Round2
Wowza Media Systems 3/2012Venture Round1
360T 2/2012Venture Round1
Wildfire, a division of Google 12/2011Series B$10M1
LogiAnalytics.com 11/2011Private Equity$10M2
PeerApp 9/2011Venture Round$8M4
CareCentrix 9/2011Venture Round1
Access Information Management 9/2011Venture Round1
Continuum Managed Services 9/2011Private Equity1
Solid State Equipment Holdings 6/2011Venture Round1
Bigpoint 4/2011Private Equity$350M2
M/A-COM 1/2011Venture Round1
Hiperos 12/2010Venture Round1
Clearwater Analytics 12/2010Venture Round1
Central Security Group 10/2010Venture Round1
My Dentist 10/2010Venture Round1
Winshuttle 9/2010Venture Round$12M1
AVAST Software 8/2010Private Equity$100M1
Accedian Networks 8/2010Series C$19.5M3
Acturis 6/2010Venture Round1
Ogone 5/2010Venture Round1
Ob Hospitalist Group 5/2010Venture Round1
Casa Systems 5/2010Private Equity$96.5M1
Krishidhan Seeds 5/2010Venture Round$30M1
Wildfire, a division of Google 4/2010Series A$4M5
Ubiquiti Networks 3/2010Venture Round1
Cloudmark 2/2010Venture Round1
NetWitness 1/2010Series B$5.69M1
ApoCell 9/2009Venture Round1
FleetCor Technologies 4/2009Series E$100M3
Heald College 3/2009Venture Round1
PeopleAdmin 9/2008Venture Round1
Telerik 8/2008Venture Round1
Associa 6/2008Venture Round1
Snap Fitness 6/2008Venture Round1
Flow Traders 5/2008Venture Round1
Tiny Prints 4/2008Series A2
Immco Diagnostics 12/2007Venture Round1
Answers Corporation 12/2007Venture Round1
Trident University 10/2007Venture Round1
Fermentas International 10/2007Venture Round1
Welltec International 7/2007Venture Round1
Nomacorc 6/2007Venture Round1
Fortegra Financial 6/2007Venture Round1
LiveOffice 6/2007Venture Round1
Vente-privee.com 5/2007Venture Round1
Champion Windows 5/2007Venture Round1
National Veterinary Associates 5/2007Private Equity$128M1
Innov-X Systems 1/2007Venture Round$28.8M3
Empower RF Systems 11/2006Venture Round1
AvePoint 11/2006Venture Round1
Anesthetix Holdings 9/2006Venture Round1
Multifonds 6/2006Venture Round1
Aurora Diagnostics 6/2006Venture Round1
Mo Industries Holdings 5/2006Venture Round1
Sparta Systems 4/2006Venture Round1
The Mutual Fund Store 2/2006Venture Round1
QuietStream Financial 2/2006Venture Round1
Rapt 1/2006Series D$11.2M3
Focus Financial Partners 1/2006Venture Round1
SafeBoot 10/2005Venture Round1
Tivoli Audio 5/2005Venture Round1
Aramsco 4/2005Venture Round1
Actix 3/2005Venture Round1
HealthCare Partners 3/2005Venture Round1
NameMedia 2/2005Venture Round1
Liquidnet 2/2005Venture Round1
B&W Tek 1/2005Series A$20M1
MDVIP 12/2004Venture Round1
Diagnostic Hybrids 8/2004Venture Round1
Tippmann Sports 6/2004Venture Round1
Logisticare 5/2004Venture Round1
NightHawk Radiology Services 4/2004Private Equity$25M1
Autobase 4/2004Venture Round1
Web Reservations International 3/2004Venture Round1
Bartlett Holdings 1/2004Venture Round1
optionsXpress 1/2004Venture Round1
Commnet Wireless 12/2003Venture Round1
Physicians Formula 11/2003Venture Round1
SeaBright Insurance 10/2003Venture Round1
Jamba! 9/2003Venture Round1
Senior Home Care 2/2003Venture Round1
Meditech 2/2003Venture Round1
M-Audio 2/2003Venture Round1
IntelliChem 12/2002Venture Round1
Sage Telecom 10/2002Private Equity$30M1
PSC Info Group 7/2002Venture Round1
ProClarity Corporation 7/2002Venture Round$7.75M1
Belkin International 6/2002Venture Round1
GoldenGate Software 3/2002Venture Round1
TrelliSoft 3/2002Venture Round1
Axis Systems 10/2001Venture Round1
Clontech Laboratories Inc 5/2001Venture Round1
Clinical Pathology Laboratories 4/2001Venture Round1
Blue Ocean Software 4/2001Venture Round1
Sybari 3/2001Venture Round1
Postini 2/2001Venture Round1
Hittite Microwave 11/2000Venture Round1
PowerSmart 10/2000Venture Round1
B&W Loudspeakers 8/2000Venture Round1
MediaQ,Inc 6/2000Venture Round1
Meridian Systems 6/2000Venture Round1
Freedom Scientific Holdings, LLC 4/2000Venture Round1
MIND C.T.I. Ltd 3/2000Venture Round1
Globe Wireless 2/2000Venture Round1
Burst Media 2/2000Venture Round1
Hemophilia Resources of America 12/1999Venture Round1
Staples 12/1999Venture Round1
WebEx Communications 12/1999Venture Round1
RightNow Technologies 12/1999Venture Round1
Unica 11/1999Venture Round1
ISH 11/1999Venture Round1
CallTech Communications 11/1999Venture Round1
iPayment 10/1999Venture Round1
Sirenza Microdevices,Inc. 10/1999Venture Round1
Fry Multimedia 7/1999Grant1
IDEAglobal 7/1999Venture Round1
WebSideStory 6/1999Venture Round1
Newmarket International 6/1999Venture Round1
AlphaSmart 6/1999Venture Round1
EMED Co 4/1999Venture Round1
Keystone RV Company 2/1999Venture Round1
Galtney Group 1/1999Venture Round1
Benesight 12/1998Venture Round1
Navis Holdings 11/1998Venture Round1
Finisar 11/1998Venture Round1
Somera Communications 7/1998Venture Round1
Hatcher Associates 6/1998Venture Round1
Motion Recruitment Partners 6/1998Venture Round1
Price Interactive 6/1998Venture Round1
Altocom 4/1998Venture Round1
3 day Blinds 3/1998Venture Round1
Dorn Technology Group 2/1998Venture Round1
InstallShield Software Corporation 2/1998Venture Round1
GERS 1/1998Venture Round1
Sanitors 11/1997Venture Round1
OPNET Technologies, Inc. 9/1997Venture Round1
NetCom Systems 8/1997Venture Round1
E-TEK Dynamics 7/1997Venture Round1
Elumen Solutions 3/1997Venture Round1
Ditech Communications 3/1997Venture Round1
Card Capture Services 3/1997Venture Round1
Somero Enterprises 2/1997Venture Round1
Ghz Technology 12/1996Venture Round1
IMPAC Medical System 10/1996Venture Round1
Educational Services Institute 9/1996Venture Round1
Harris Research 9/1996Venture Round1
Triton Systems, Inc 7/1996Venture Round1
Omtool, Ltd 7/1996Venture Round1
MCK Communications 6/1996Venture Round1
First Marketing 5/1996Venture Round1
Pacer Electronics 5/1996Venture Round1
Intelligroup 4/1996Venture Round1
Insync Systems 3/1996Venture Round1
Cardiovascular Provider Resource Holdings 2/1996Venture Round1
TransEnergy 2/1996Venture Round1
Splash Technology 1/1996Venture Round1
American Dental Partners 1/1996Venture Round1
DSET Corporation 12/1995Venture Round1
HMT Technology 11/1995Venture Round1
SeaChange International 10/1995Venture Round1
Paragon Vision Sciences 10/1995Venture Round1
Powerwave Technologies 10/1995Venture Round1
Suburban Ostomy Supply Company 6/1995Venture Round1
AMX 3/1995Venture Round1
Wilmar Industries 3/1995Venture Round1
Rehab Management Services 3/1995Venture Round1
Diamond Multimedia 12/1994Venture Round1
Software Artistry 11/1994Venture Round1
COMPS.com 10/1994Venture Round1
Catalyst International 10/1994Venture Round1
MECON Associates 9/1994Venture Round1
A+ Network 4/1994Venture Round1
AmeriPath 2/1994Venture Round1
Simulation Sciences 12/1993Venture Round1
TGV Software 12/1993Venture Round1
Academic Management Services 11/1993Venture Round1
United Dental Care 11/1993Venture Round1
SteriGenics International 9/1993Venture Round1
Xylan Corporation 9/1993Venture Round1
Chase Federal Bank 8/1993Venture Round1
Intri-Plex Technologies 6/1993Venture Round1
IntelliQuest Information Group, Inc 5/1993Venture Round1
CIDCO 5/1993Venture Round1
Superior Services 2/1993Venture Round1
MEDNAX 10/1992Venture Round1
Fiber Options 10/1992Venture Round1
Extended Systems 9/1992Venture Round1
CDB Infotek 7/1992Venture Round1
Home Health Corporation of America 6/1992Venture Round1
Prompt Associates 6/1992Venture Round1
Microbank Software 6/1992Venture Round1
Boca Research 3/1992Venture Round1
Kaye Group 10/1991Venture Round1
McAfee 9/1991Venture Round1
Hyperion Solutions 8/1991Venture Round1
Intercommunity Cancer Centers of America 8/1991Venture Round1
Astech 4/1991Venture Round1
Softdesk 2/1991Venture Round1
Structural Research and Analysis Corporation 1/1991Venture Round1
Lincare 11/1990Venture Round1
MedAlliance 11/1990Venture Round1
Active Voice Corporation 10/1990Venture Round1
Artisoft 10/1990Venture Round1
Renal Treatment Centers 9/1990Venture Round1
Pharmaco Dynamics Research 8/1990Venture Round1
Intellution 7/1990Venture Round1
Archive 5/1990Venture Round1
Software 2000 4/1990Venture Round1
Saber Software Corporation 2/1990Venture Round1
Software Spectrum Corporation 12/1989Venture Round1
Future Domain 3/1989Venture Round1
Litchfield Financial Corporation 11/1988Venture Round1
Platinum Software Corporation 9/1988Venture Round1
Digital Link Corporation 12/1987Venture Round1
Clean Harbors 8/1987Venture Round1
Integrated Systems Inc. 4/1987Venture Round1
Chips and Technologies 7/1986Venture Round1
Telebit 6/1986Venture Round1
Medaphis Physician Services Corporation 5/1986Venture Round1
Employee Benefit Plans 3/1986Venture Round1
FSI International 10/1985Venture Round1
Aehr Test Systems 9/1985Venture Round1



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  189. 3 Day Blinds, Inc. has been acquired by Summit Partners (kerlincapital.com) [edit]
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  220. Citation Needed [add]
  221. Citation Needed [add]
  222. Citation Needed [add]
  223. Citation Needed [add]
  224. Citation Needed [add]
  225. Citation Needed [add]
  226. Citation Needed [add]
  227. Citation Needed [add]
  228. Citation Needed [add]
  229. Citation Needed [add]
  230. Citation Needed [add]
  231. Citation Needed [add]
  232. Citation Needed [add]
  233. Citation Needed [add]
  234. Citation Needed [add]
  235. Citation Needed [add]
  236. Citation Needed [add]
  237. Citation Needed [add]
  238. Citation Needed [add]
  239. Citation Needed [add]
  240. Citation Needed [add]
  241. Citation Needed [add]
  242. Citation Needed [add]
  243. Citation Needed [add]
  244. Citation Needed [add]
  245. Citation Needed [add]
  246. Citation Needed [add]
  247. Citation Needed [add]
  248. Citation Needed [add]
  249. Citation Needed [add]
  250. Citation Needed [add]
  251. Citation Needed [add]
  252. Citation Needed [add]
  253. Citation Needed [add]
  254. Citation Needed [add]
  255. Citation Needed [add]
  256. Citation Needed [add]
  257. Citation Needed [add]
  258. Citation Needed [add]
  259. Citation Needed [add]
  260. Citation Needed [add]
  261. Citation Needed [add]
  262. Citation Needed [add]
  263. Citation Needed [add]
  264. Citation Needed [add]
  265. Citation Needed [add]
  266. Citation Needed [add]
  267. Citation Needed [add]
  268. Citation Needed [add]
  269. Citation Needed [add]
  270. Citation Needed [add]
  271. Citation Needed [add]
  272. Citation Needed [add]
  273. Citation Needed [add]
  274. Citation Needed [add]
  275. Citation Needed [add]
  276. Citation Needed [add]
  277. Citation Needed [add]
  278. Citation Needed [add]
  279. Citation Needed [add]
  280. Citation Needed [add]
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