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Spark Media Fund II, 7/2007 $360M
Spark Capital Fund III, 10/2010 $360M
Spark Capital Fund IV, 2/2013 $450M
Spark Capital Founders' Fund IV, L.P., 3/2014 $4.5M


Boston, USA
137 Newbury Street
8th Floor
Boston, MA, 02116
New York, USA
138 Spring Street
6th Floor
New York, NY, 10012


Founder & General Partner
Founder & General Partner
Founder & General Partner
General Partner
General Partner
General Partner & CFO
Venture Partner
Director of Community
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Spark Capital

Spark Capital is a venture capital firm that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs seeking to build disruptive, world-changing companies. Founded in 2005, the firm manages approximately $1,500,000,000 across four funds.

Spark maintains offices in Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Spark Capital focuses on Internet and mobile investments across the following key categories: advertising & monetization, commerce & services, content & media, financial services, hardware & infrastructure, mobile and social.

Spark Capital’s has lead the early funding of Tumblr (acquired by Yahoo!), Oculus VR (Acquired by Facebook), (acquired by AOL), AdMeld (acquired by Google), OMGPOP (acquired by Zynga), and Twitter (NYSE: TWTR).

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Consumer United 4/2014Venture Round$14M2
Storefront 4/2014Series A$7.3M3
Kitchensurfing 3/2014Series B$15M3
Skillshare 2/2014Venture Round$6.1M2
Postmates 2/2014Series B$16M4
Jelly HQ 1/2014Series B2
Heyday 1/2014Series A$3.5M3
peerTransfer 1/2014Series C$6.2M4
Orchard 12/2013Seed$2.7M3
Warby Parker 12/2013Series C$60M5
Oculus VR 12/2013Series B$75M4
Heyday 12/2013Seed$2M19
Signpost 11/2013Series B$10M4
BloomNation 10/2013Seed$1.65M5
Superpedestrian 10/2013Series A$2.1M2
Socratic 10/2013Seed$1.5M7
Quantopian 10/2013Series A$6.7M2 9/2013Series B$11.1M3
Plaid 9/2013Seed$2.8M11
Upworthy 9/2013Series A$8M4
Benu Networks 9/2013Series B$26.6M3
Zazma 9/2013Series A$10M2
Timehop 7/2013Series A$3M2
Panjo 7/2013Seed$1.6M5
Mark43 7/2013Seed$1.95M6
peerTransfer 6/2013Series C$6.4M5
Oculus VR 6/2013Series A$16M5
Covestor 6/2013Series B$12.8M4
Thalmic Labs 6/2013Series A$14.5M3
Qriously 5/2013Series A$3.5M2
Jelly HQ 5/2013Series A9
Kik 4/2013Series B$19.5M4
Foursquare 4/2013Debt$41M5
Kitchensurfing 4/2013Series A$3.5M3 4/2013Venture Round5
Consumer United 2/2013Series C$52.5M3
Storenvy 2/2013Series A$5M3
Linkwell Health 1/2013Series C$11M2
Quantopian 1/2013Seed$2.1M2
GetYourGuide 1/2013Series A$14M3
Warby Parker 1/2013Series B$41.5M6
Wayfair 12/2012Venture Round$36M4
1stdibs 12/2012Venture Round$42M3
Triggit 11/2012Series B$7.4M2
Lift Worldwide 11/2012Series A$2.5M2
Lift 11/2012Series A$2.5M4
Picturelife 11/2012Series A$4M10
FundersClub 10/2012Seed$6.5M25
Aviary 6/2012Venture Round$6M2
Group Commerce 5/2012Series C$21M5
Priceonomics 5/2012Seed$1.5M28
Signpost 5/2012Series A$3.75M1
eToro 3/2012Venture Round$15M4
Extension Entertainment 2/2012Venture Round$1.5M1
Timehop 1/2012Seed$1.1M10 11/2011Series A$4.5M2
FitnessKeeper 11/2011Series B$10M2
Sincerely 10/2011Series A$3M4
Tumblr 9/2011Series E$85M8
Work Market 9/2011Series B$5M3
Skillshare 8/2011Series A$3.1M3
peerTransfer 8/2011Series A$7.5M4
Foursquare 6/2011Series C$50M5
Wayfair 6/2011Series A$165M4
OnSwipe 6/2011Venture Round$5M9
Group Commerce 5/2011Series B$10M4
Extension Entertainment 4/2011Seed$750k4
Jana Mobile 4/2011Series A$8.5M1 3/2011Series C$20M4
Stack Exchange 3/2011Series B$12M3
Kik 3/2011Series A$8M3
Lexity 3/2011Series A$4.5M3
Boxee 3/2011Series C$16.5M5 1/2011Venture Round$1.5M9
eToro 1/2011Venture Round$8.3M1
OnSwipe 1/2011Seed$1M11
OMGPOP 1/2011Series B$10.1M4
Global Fitness Media 1/2011Series B$3.2M1
AdKeeper 1/2011Series B$35M5
Timehop 1/2011Venture Round9
Storenvy 1/2011Seed$1.53M10
Keep Holdings 1/2011Series B$35M5
Svpply 11/2010Seed$550k5
Tumblr 11/2010Series D$30M3
Altius Education 11/2010Series B$18.6M3
peerTransfer 10/2010Seed$1.1M11
AdKeeper 9/2010Series A$8M10
Keep Holdings 9/2010Series A$8M10
ConvertMedia 9/2010Series A1
Admeld 8/2010Series C$15M4
Triggit 6/2010Venture Round$4.2M2
Inform Technologies 6/2010Venture Round$4M3
Group Commerce 6/2010Series A$8M4
Extension Entertainment 5/2010Seed$500k4
Tumblr 4/2010Series C$5M2
gdgt 4/2010Series A$3.17M6
Top Prospect 2010Seed7
IPWireless 11/2009Series A$15.5M2
Aviary 10/2009Series B$7M2
Intune Networks 10/2009Venture Round$32.5M7
Twitter 9/2009Series D$100M6
Altius Education 9/2009Series A$8M2
Verivue 9/2009Series C$20M5
OneRiot 8/2009Series C$7M3
Boxee 8/2009Series B$6M3
5min Media 7/2009Series B$7.5M2
Admeld 6/2009Series B$8M2
SendMe 3/2009Series D$12M5
Twitter 2/2009Series C$35M6
Tumblr 12/2008Series B$4.5M2
Boxee 11/2008Series A$4M3
Admeld 11/2008Series A$7M2 9/2008Series B$13M3
Verified Identity Pass 8/2008Series C$44.4M4
CLEAR 8/2008Series D$44.4M7
Bug Labs 8/2008Series C3
Verivue 7/2008Series B$40M5
OMGPOP 6/2008Series A$1.5M5
Veoh 6/2008Series D$30M10
Twitter 5/2008Series B$15M6
Covestor 4/2008Series A$6.5M4
SendMe 3/2008Series C$15M4
Next New Networks 3/2008Series B$15M6
8D World 3/2008Series A$7M2
Inform Technologies 1/2008Series C$15M1
Buzzwire 12/2007Series B$8M3
5min Media 11/2007Series A$5M1
Tumblr 10/2007Series A$750k5
Intune Networks 8/2007Venture Round$17.8M3
KickApps 8/2007Series B$11M4
Veoh 8/2007Series C$25M5
Buzzwire 7/2007Series A$4M2
OneRiot 6/2007Series B$15M4
Next New Networks 1/2007Series A$8M1
SendMe 12/2006Series B$6M3
KickApps 6/2006Series A$7M2
Veoh 4/2006Series B$12.5M4
thePlatform 1/2006Venture Round$8M1
Twistbox Entertainment 1/2006Venture Round$12.8M1
OneRiot 1/2006Series A$5.3M2



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  8. Exclusive: Kitchensurfing raises $15 million for private chef marketplace ( [edit]
  9. A Year From Launch, Skillshare Lands $6M From USV, Spark To Double Down On Project-Based, Online Classes ( [edit]
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  11. Biz Stone’s Jelly Raises Series B Led By Greylock, And Josh Elman Joins The Board ( [edit]
  12. Heyday Raises $3.5M for Automated Journal App ( [edit]
  13. PeerTransfer Raises $6.2M in Series B-1 Funding ( [edit]
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  16. Oculus VR Raises $75 Million To Help Bring Virtual Reality Goggles To The Masses ( [edit]
  17. Heyday app launches, reveals $2 mln in seed funding ( [edit]
  18. Signpost Raises $10M To Bring Online Marketing Tools To Small Businesses ( [edit]
  19. BloomNation, A Platform For Local Florists, Raises $1.65M From Andreessen Horowitz & Others ( [edit]
  20. Superpedestrian raises $2.1m In Series A Funding ( [edit]
  21. Socratic Raises $1.5M Seed Funding ( [edit]
  22. Quantopian, A Community Of Quants, Picks Up $6.7M From Khosla, Spark ( [edit]
  23., The Social Networking Platform For Researchers, Raises $11.1 Million ( [edit]
  24. Plaid Raises $2.8M To Make Banking Data More Developer Friendly ( [edit]
  25. Video Site Upworthy Closes $8M Round, Will Build Revenue Through Sponsored Content ( [edit]
  26. Benu Networks raises $26.6m in Series B funding ( [edit]
  27. Zazma Raises $10M in Funding ( [edit]
  28. Timehop, The Place To Reminisce Online, Raises $3M Led By Spark Capital ( [edit]
  29. Panjo Raises $1.6M In Seed Funding ( [edit]
  30. Mark43 Closes $1.95M Seed Funding ( [edit]
  31. PeerTransfer Cioses $6.4M Funding ( [edit]
  32. Oculus VR Raises $16M To Build Their Crazy Virtual Reality Gaming Goggles ( [edit]
  33. Covestor Raises $12.75M In Serise B Funding ( [edit]
  34. Thalmic Labs Raises $14.5M To Make The MYO Armband The Next Big Thing In Gesture Control ( [edit]
  35. Qriously Raises $3.5 Million Led By Spark Capital For Its Question-Based Mobile Ad Network ( [edit]
  36. Jelly, Biz Stone’s Startup, Raises a Round (With a Little Help From Friends) ( [edit]
  37. Kik Raises $19.5M Series B, Bets On Its Cards Platform Play To Take On WhatsApp And Others ( [edit]
  38. BITSAT 2014 Application Form ( [edit]
  39. Kitchensurfing Wants to Make Dinner at Your House, With Help From USV, Spark ( [edit]
  40. Raises Funding From SV Angel, Spark Capital To Improve Communication For Salespeople ( [edit]
  41. Online insurer Consumer United raises $52.5M co-led by Spark Capital ( [edit]
  42. Storenvy Goes From Getting Kicked Out Of YC To Raising A $5M Round ( [edit]
  43. Linkwell Lands $11M From WellPoint, Spark Capital To Help You Make Healthier Choices ( [edit]
  44. Quantopian Raises $2.1M to Make Traders of Techies ( [edit]
  45. Online Holiday Events Booking Platform GetYourGuide Raises $14M Series A To Internationalize Content, Zero In On Mobile ( [edit]
  46. J. Crew Chief and American Express Invest in Warby Parker ( [edit]
  47. Wayfair raises $36M to extend its control over home goods sales ( [edit]
  48. 1stdibs raises $42 million for luxury marketplace ( [edit]
  49. ‘Facebook DSP’ Triggit Raises $7.4 Million From Existing Investors ( [edit]
  50. Obvious-Incubated Lift Lands $2.5M From Spark Capital, SV Angel To Help You Build Good Habits ( [edit]
  51. Obvious-Incubated Lift Lands $2.5M From Spark Capital, SV Angel To Help You Build Good Habits ( [edit]
  52. OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Raises $4M For Picturelife, An App For Backing Up Your Photos In The Cloud ( [edit]
  53. To Turn The Crowd Into Venture Capitalists, FundersClub Raises $6M Seed Round -- Biggest In YC History ( [edit]
  54. Aviary Soars to $6M from Spark, Bezos ( [edit]
  55. With new funding, Group Commerce looks beyond daily deals ( [edit]
  56. YC Price Guide Startup Priceonomics Raises $1.5M Seed From Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel ( [edit]
  57. “AdSense For Local Commerce” Signpost Raises $3.75M From Spark Capital ( [edit]
  58. ‘Social’ Investment Network eToro Is Picking Up Another $15 Million From Spark, Others ( [edit]
  59. Exfm Raises $1.5 M. (and $1) From Previous Investor Spark Capital ( [edit]
  60. [edit]
  61. Raises $4.5 Million To Help Researchers Share Their Scholarly Papers ( [edit]
  62. RunKeeper Raises $10 Million From Spark Capital, Steve Case, And OATV ( [edit]
  63. Sincerely Raises $3 Million To Deliver Real-World Postcards, Holiday Cards On The Way ( [edit]
  64. Tumblr Raises $85M in Funding ( []
  65. SEC D ( [edit]
  66. Skillshare Raises $3.1 Million to Turn Everyone Into Teachers ( [edit]
  67. PeerTransfer Raises $7.5 Million From Spark, Accel, And Maveron For Simple Payment Solution For Students ( [edit]
  68. BITSAT 2014 ( [edit]
  69. CSN Stores adds $165M VC funding to bootstrapped strategy ( [edit]
  70. Spark, Lightbank And Yuri Milner Get In On OnSwipe's $5M "Series Awesome" ( [edit]
  71. NYC Startup Group Commerce Raises An Additional $10 Million And Says It Could Have Raised More ( [edit]
  72. Social Jukebox exfm Raises $750,000 For Its Music Discovery And Sharing Extension ( [edit]
  73. Eagletxt raises $8.5M with Spark Capital ( [edit]
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  75. Stack Overflow, Now Stack Exchange Inc, Raises $12M From Union Square Ventures And Others ( [edit]
  76. Mobile Messaging Startup Kik Raises $8M; Launches Group Chat And Photo Sharing ( [edit]
  77. Vurve Raises Another $4.5 Million To Give Businesses "Advertising On Autopilot" ( [edit]
  78. Boxee Raises $16.5 Million For Its Vision For The "Future Of TV" ( [edit]
  79. Raises $1.5M in Funding ( [edit]
  81. OnSwipe Raises $1M for Insanely Simple Tablet Publishing Platform ( [edit]
  82. Gaming Site OMGPOP Raises $10.1 Million, Plans Acquisitions ( [edit]
  83. FitOrbit Gains $3.2 Million To Help You Lose Pounds ( [edit]
  84. AdKeeper Inc. Secures $35 Million in Series B Funding Led by Oak Investment Partners ( [edit]
  85. TechStars [edit]
  86. Storenvy Finds A Number Of Impressive Buyers For Its $1.5 Million Round ( [edit]
  87. AdKeeper Inc. Secures $35 Million in Series B Funding Led by Oak Investment Partners ( [edit]
  88. Svpply is a Social Shopping Site With a Funny Name, Good Buzz and a New Funding Round ( [edit]
  89. What’s New At Tumblr: Funding, Hires, Office, Board Member, And A Focus On Fashion ( []
  90. Altius Education Raises $18.6M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  91. PeerTransfer Banks $1.1M For International Money Transfers ( [edit]
  92. “Stealth” Advertising Startup AK Networks Raises $8 Million ( [edit]
  93. "Stealth" Advertising Startup AK Networks Raises $8 Million ( [edit]
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  95. AdMeld Raises $15 Million Round; Time Warner Among New Backers ( [edit]
  96. Triggit Raises $4.2 Million For Its Demand Side Ad Platform ( [edit]
  97. Semantic Web Startup Inform Technologies Lands $4 Million, New CMO ( [edit]
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  99. Extension Entertainment Inc. Launches ExtensionFM: A Chrome Extension That Turns The Entire Web Into Your Personal Music Library ( [edit]
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  101. Gdgt Raises New Financing with New Concept ( [edit]
  102. Holy Start-Up Pileup! Social Networking Gets Professional. ( [edit]
  103. IPWireless ( [edit]
  104. Aviary Raises $7 Million From Spark And Jeff Bezos To Crush Adobe Online (ADBE, AMZN) ( [edit]
  105. AltAssets ( [edit]
  106. Twitter ( []
  107. Altius lands $8M to launch accredited online colleges ( [edit]
  108. Verivue streams $20M straight to coffers in latest round ( [edit]
  109. [edit]
  110. Boxee Watches $6 Million More In Funding Stream In ( [edit]
  111. ‘How To’ Video Site 5min Raises An Extra $7.5 Million ( [edit]
  112. Ad Optimizer AdMeld Raises $8 Million, Opens UK Operations ( [edit]
  113. SendMe nabs another $12 million for mobile entertainment content ( [edit]
  114. Twitter Raises $35 Million Series C From Benchmark and IVP, Others ( []
  115. TechCrunch ( []
  116. Boxee raisted 4m Today ( [edit]
  117. Industry Moves: AdMeld Taps Former FIM Exec Barrett As CEO, Secures New Funding ( [edit]
  118. Video Ad Platform Raises Another $13 Million ( [edit]
  119. Verified Identity Pass, Steve Brill's Airport Security Company, Raises $44.4 Million ( [edit]
  120. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  121. We’ve raised a third round of funding ( [edit]
  122. VeriVue Picks up $40M For Video On Demand ( [edit]
  123. Iminlikewithyou Gets VC Cash For New Game ( [edit]
  124. Veoh Raises Another $30 Million From Intel Capital, Adobe, and Gordon Crawford ( [edit]
  125. Twitter Announces Their Funding, Calls Itself A Communication Utility ( []
  126. Covestor Raises $6.5M for Social Investing ( [edit]
  127. [edit]
  128. Next New Networks - $15 million From Velocity Interactive Group And Goldman Sachs ( [edit]
  129. TechCrunch [edit]
  130. Inform Technologies Raises $15M For Big Media Site Tools ( [edit]
  131. [edit]
  132. [edit]
  133. ( []
  134. Intune Networks ( [edit]
  135. KickApps Secures Series B Funding to Extend Leadership in Hosted Social Media Platform Market ( [edit]
  136. Veoh Goes for the Big Money ( [edit]
  137. Mobile Audio/Video Streaming Service Buzzwire Gets $4 Million Funding ( [edit]
  138. [edit]
  139. Next New Networks Building Micro Television Networks ( [edit]
  140. [edit]
  141. Stealth-Mode KickApps Seals $6M Series A, Plans Beta ( [edit]
  142. Veoh Gets $12.5M From Eisner, Others ( [edit]
  143. ThePlatform pulls in $8 million to boost its online distribution deals ( [edit]
  144. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  145. OneRiot lets you search for Spock in realtime ( [edit]
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