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SoftBank PrinceVille Investments, 2/2013 $250M
Yahoo! Japan Fund, 4/2013 $20M
Invest in NYC-based Startups, 5/2013 $53M
Early-Stage Technology Fund '10, 1/2010 $100M


Newton, USA
38 Glen Ave
Newton, MA, 02459
New York, USA
130 West 25th Street
8th Floor
New York, NY, 10001


Managing Partner
Managing Partner
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Special Partner
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SoftBank Capital

SoftBank Capital is an independent venture capital firm focused on early stage high growth technology based businesses benefiting from the rapid deployment and adoption of broadband and mobile technologies. They are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who take a hands-on-approach to investing in order to help each portfolio company achieve its potential.

SoftBank Capital offers entrepreneurs and their management teams valuable experience and resources, including their close association with SoftBank Corporation in Japan. They have direct market presence in two of the most significant areas for technology innovation and development with offices in Massachusetts and New York.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
NatureBox 4/2014Series B$18M3
Updater 4/2014Series A$8M4
Reonomy 3/2014Series A$3.7M7
Flashnotes 2/2014Series A$3.6M4
The Dodo 1/2014Seed$2M6
Shake 11/2013Series A$3M7
Jump Ramp Games 10/2013Series B$3M4
Swirl 10/2013Series B$8M3
ActionX 9/2013Series A$3M3
Fitbit 8/2013Series D$43M5
RebelMouse 8/2013Series A$10.3M2
NatureBox 7/2013Series A$8.5M2
Taykey 7/2013Series C$6M4
Z80 Labs Technology Incubator 6/2013Venture Round$1M1
Dering Hall 5/2013Seed$1.4M3
Interactions Corporation 5/2013Private Equity$40M5
NowThis News 5/2013Private Equity$4.8M4
SocialFlow 4/2013Series B$10M7
FlightCar 4/2013Series A$5.5M5
Schematic Labs 4/2013Venture Round$925k2
Spanfeller Media Group 2/2013Venture Round$5M4
Celtra Inc. 1/2013Series B$4M3
BuzzFeed 1/2013Series D$19.3M6
Keychain Logistics 1/2013Seed$2.52M8
Cheezburger 12/2012Venture Round$5M4
xAd 11/2012Series C$5M12
xAd 11/2012Series C$5M12
RebelMouse 10/2012Seed$2.5M13
Cloud Engines 10/2012Venture Round$2.5M1
Criteo 9/2012Series D$40M1
FieldLens 9/2012Seed$1.93M10
Swirl 8/2012Series A$6M3
Mobile Posse 6/2012Series C$5M5
Poptip 6/2012Convertible Note$472k9
Popdust 6/2012Series A$4.5M3
Piictu 5/2012Seed$1M2
True&Co 4/2012Venture Round$2M3
Poptip 3/2012Seed$638k3
Bluefin Labs 1/2012Series B$12M2
BuzzFeed 1/2012Series C$15.5M5
BestVendor 12/2011Series A$3M4
Burstly 11/2011Venture Round$5.5M3
Schematic Labs 11/2011Series A$4.75M3
Piictu 9/2011Seed$730k7
Techstars 9/2011Venture Round$24M7
CrowdTwist 9/2011Series A$6M6
Work Market 9/2011Series B$5M3
Thumb 8/2011Series A$5.54M4
Spanfeller Media Group 8/2011Series B$6M5
BestVendor 6/2011Seed$600k4
Taykey 6/2011Series B$9M3
Yoke 6/2011Seed$500k2
Gilt Groupe 5/2011Series E$138M10
Rivet Games 4/2011Series B4
SocialFlow 4/2011Series A$7M7
Thumb 3/2011Angel$1.2M8
Boxee 3/2011Series C$16.5M5
PPTV 2/2011Series D$250M1
Popdust 2/2011Series A$1M4
Seesmic 2/2011Series C$4M2
Cheezburger 1/2011Venture Round$30M4
SmallRivers 1/2011Series A$2.1M3
OMGPOP 1/2011Series B$10.1M4
Cheezburger 1/2011Series A$30M4
Cloud Engines 12/2010Series B$15M2
ZipList 11/2010Series B$2M2
Salesforce Buddy Media 10/2010Series C$23M4
JNJ Mobile 9/2010Venture Round$3.5M1
MocoSpace 9/2010Venture Round$3.5M1
Hyperpublic 9/2010Seed$1.15M7
YouAre.TV 8/2010Series A$1.15M6
Spanfeller Media Group 6/2010Series A$2M4
Zynga 6/2010Series B$300M2
RockYou 6/2010Venture Round$10M1
BuzzFeed 5/2010Series B$8M8
betaworks 3/2010Series B$20M13
Ustream 2/2010Series B$46.6M3
ZipList 1/2010Series A$2.5M2
RockYou 11/2009Series D$50M1
picaboo 6/2009Seed$1M5
Grab Media 6/2009Private Equity$12M4
Associated Content 4/2009Series C$6M3
Thumbplay 3/2009Series F$8M6
Rivermine Software 1/2009Series D$5M4
App TOKYO Co. 12/2008Venture Round$331k1
FooPets 12/2008Series A$9.9M1
KickApps 11/2008Series C£14M3
Goodmail Systems 11/2008Series C$20M4
RockYou 11/2008Series C$17M2
Apreso Classroom 10/2008Series B$15M3
xAd 8/2008Series A$15M3
BuzzFeed 7/2008Series A$3.5M4
JellyCloud 5/2008Series A$6.6M4
Giant Realm 5/2008Series A$2M1
Renren Inc. 4/2008Private Equity$430M2
Salesforce Buddy Media 4/2008Series B$6.5M5
DanceJam 2/2008Series B$3.5M3
Ad Infuse 1/2008Series B$12M3
Mobile Posse 12/2007Series B$10M4
The Huffington Post 9/2007Series B$5M4
Sermo 9/2007Series C$25M3
PureVideo Networks 9/2007Series B$2.85M1
VoodooVox 9/2007Series D$8.1M4
Communicado 8/2007Series B$11.6M3
LiteScape Technologies 8/2007Series B$14M5
KickApps 8/2007Series B$11M4
Desktone 7/2007Series A$17M3
Insightix 7/2007Series B$6M1
Rivermine Software 6/2007Series C$8.7M4
Anystream 2/2007Series C$7M2
Sermo 1/2007Series B$9.5M2
Betfair 1/2007Venture Round3
Goodmail Systems 12/2006Series B$12M1
Danger 11/2006Series E$10.3M4
Thumbplay 10/2006Series C$15M4
Grab Media 9/2006Series B$10.5M3
The Huffington Post 8/2006Series A$5M4
Insider Pages 3/2006Series A$8.5M3
Associated Content 1/2006Series A$5.4M2
LiteScape Technologies 12/2005Series A$5M3
PureVideo Networks 12/2005Series A$5.6M1
BeliefNet 6/2005Series A$7M1
Anystream 4/2005Venture Round$8M2
LiteScape Technologies 1/2005Venture Round$7.5M3
Danger 7/2004Series D$37M5
Paltalk 4/2004Series A$6M1
Alibaba 2/2004Private Equity$82M4
TNC 2004Angel1
Gomez, Inc. 9/2003Series C$6M3
Danger 2/2003Series D$35M5
Gomez, Inc. 11/2001Venture Round$3.5M3
Danger 10/2001Series B$36M6
Gomez, Inc. 10/2001Series B$9.3M5
Alibaba 10/2000Venture Round$25M3
Gomez, Inc. 2/2000Series A$28.5M3
Anystream 1/2000Venture Round$44M2
NetEase.com 12/1999Series A1
iPrint 10/1999Series C$20M2
GeoCities 1/1998Series D$25M2



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Added: 9/29/08


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