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Co-Founder and General Partner, New Enterprise Associates, L.P.
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer
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Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank works with technology, life science, cleantech, venture capital, private equity and premium wine businesses. SVB provides industry knowledge and connections, financing, treasury management, corporate investment and international banking services to its clients worldwide through 27 U.S. offices and seven international operations.

Banking the world’s most innovative companies and exclusive wineries, Silicon Valley Bank’s diverse financial services, knowledge, global network, and world class service increase its clients’ probability of success. Forbes Magazine ranks SVB among America’s Best Banks and Fortune Magazine named SVB one of the Best Companies to Work For in 2012.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Beepi 4/2014Series A$5M6
The Currency Cloud 4/2014Series B$10M5
drchrono 4/2014Debt$2.6M6
Square 4/2014Debt$100M5
EatStreet 4/2014Series B$6M5
Q1Media 4/2014Debt$8M2
Amplience 3/2014Debt$1.4M1
Skimlinks 3/2014Debt£1.5M1
ClearSlide 2/2014Series C$50M7
Intacct 2/2014Debt$15M1
Response Biomedical 2/2014Debt$2.5M1
Kaltura 2/2014Series E$47M9
SportPursuit 2/2014Series B£5M5
fitmob 1/2014Series A$9.8M2
Proteus Digital Health 1/2014Debt$31.6M2
Kareo 1/2014Series G$29.5M3
GetOne Rewards 1/2014Series B$2.5M4
Volusion 1/2014Debt$35M1
Cartiva 1/2014Debt$1.5M1
Ignyta 1/2014Debt$10M1
drchrono 1/2014Venture Round6
Amicus Therapeutics 12/2013Debt$10M3
Lincor Solutions 12/2013Debt$3M1
Crowdtilt 12/2013Series B$23M12
CymaBay Therapeutics 12/2013Debt$5M2
Integrate 12/2013Debt$12.5M1
PaeDae 12/2013Venture Round$11.6M3
OrderWithMe 12/2013Series B$6M6
SumAll 12/2013Series A$4M3
Knewton 12/2013Series E$51M8
Ezoic 11/2013Series A$5.6M3
ShapeUp 11/2013Debt$2.5M1
JIBE 10/2013Debt$4M1
Sefaira 10/2013Debt$2M1
Singulex 9/2013Debt$40M2
Yashi 9/2013Debt$3M1
Demand Media 9/2013Debt$225M1
CoreDial 9/2013Debt$1.5M1
Martini Media Inc 8/2013Series D$14M4
TagMan 8/2013Venture Round$5M3
aTyr Pharma 7/2013Debt$10M1
Ping Identity Corporation 7/2013Series F$44M9
TwentyFeet 7/2013Debt$2M1
SumAll 7/2013Debt$2M1
Cytori Therapeutics 7/2013Debt$27M3
REACH Health 6/2013Debt$3M1
Cognitive Networks 6/2013Debt$2M1
Card Scanning Solutions 6/2013Private Equity4
CrowdOptic 5/2013Venture Round$1M2
MovableInk 5/2013Series B$11M6
CardioFocus 5/2013Debt$11M2
Silverpop 4/2013Venture Round$25M2
Appia 4/2013Debt$5M2
zozi 4/2013Series B$10M14
Gainsight 4/2013Series A$9M2
Kazaana 4/2013Series A$3.98M3
Theraclone Sciences 3/2013Debt$6M2
AccessData 3/2013Debt$25M1
Optimal 1/2013Debt$2.5M2
FireEye 1/2013Venture Round$50M5
Altitude Digital 1/2013Venture Round$5M2
Ignyta 12/2012Series B$5.5M3
CrowdOptic 12/2012Debt1
WhipTail 12/2012Series C$31M4
Intacct 10/2012Venture Round$13.5M6
Punchbowl 10/2012Venture Round$1.5M1
Freedom Meditech 9/2012Series A$2M1
Aviir 9/2012Debt$8M1
XDx 9/2012Debt$15M2
Zendesk 9/2012Series D$60M8
Avanir Pharmaceuticals 6/2012Debt$30M2
Cayenne Medical 6/2012Debt$8M2
Unified 6/2012Venture Round$14M2
PubMatic 6/2012Venture Round$45M5
Zoom Telephonics 4/2012Debt$1M1
SugarCRM 4/2012Venture Round$33M3
NanoString Technologies 4/2012Debt$15M2
The Currency Cloud 3/2012Series A$4M5
Cambridge Broadband Networks 2/2012Debt$7M1
Ceptaris Therapeutics 2/2012Debt$15M2
Assurex Health 1/2012Debt$8M1
Belly 1/2012Series A$2.5M2
Martini Media Inc 12/2011Venture Round$13M4
POET Technologies 11/2011Debt$5M1
Proterra 10/2011Venture Round$15M1
Digital Assent 10/2011Series B$2.5M1
vcopious Software 10/2011Venture Round3
Connexity 9/2011Debt$2M1
iJento 9/2011Venture Round$8M3
Independa 9/2011Debt$200k1
Techstars 9/2011Venture Round$24M7
The Rainmaker Group 9/2011Debt$9M1
RingCentral 9/2011Series D$10M6
TRUECar 9/2011Private Equity$100M10
ParAccel 7/2011Venture Round7
Ping Identity Corporation 6/2011Venture Round$21M6
Active-Semi 6/2011Debt$6M1
Birch Communications 6/2011Debt$77.5M3
Adconion Media Group 5/2011Venture Round$34M1
Highwinds 5/2011Venture Round$50M2
Games2Win 3/2011Series B$6M2
CardioFocus 3/2011Debt$5M1
INVISION 3/2011Venture Round$8.5M2
Totsy 3/2011Debt$6M1
Intuity Medical 2/2011Venture Round$20M2
ecoATM 2/2011Venture Round$14.4M2
Kaltura 2/2011Venture Round$20M5
Auditude 1/2011Series B$11M4
Icera 1/2011Debt$12M1
Location Based Technologies 1/2011Venture Round1
PneumRx 1/2011Venture Round$33M8
Zoopla 12/2010Venture Round£3.25M3
AisleBuyer 11/2010Debt$4M1
picoChip 11/2010Debt$9M1
eVestment 11/2010Venture Round$19M1
Clearleap 11/2010Series B$5M3
Global Telecom & Technology 9/2010Private Equity$15M1
SpringCM 9/2010Debt$5M1
Endocyte 8/2010Venture Round$15M2
Kno 8/2010Series B$26.8M3
Tachyon Networks 8/2010Venture Round$4M1
Color Labs Inc. 8/2010Series A$13M2
LensVector 2/2010Series C$30M7
PlumChoice 12/2009Debt$10M1
Braintech 11/2009Debt$3M1
Innovalight 10/2009Venture Round$15M7
Calix 8/2009Debt$50M1
MediaMath 8/2009Debt$2.5M1
Tumri 6/2009Debt$5M1
Peer39 by Sizmek 5/2009Series C$10.5M5
Lending Club 5/2009Venture Round$3.97M2
PA Semi 5/2009Series B$36M3
Rubicon Project 4/2009Debt$8M1
Formatta 2/2009Venture Round$3M2
One97 Communications 1/2009Venture Round3
BA Systems 1/2009Venture Round$10M3
Roundbox 12/2008Series C$20M5
Interactive Fitness 12/2008Series D$14M4
StillSecure 11/2008Debt$5M1
One97 Communications 10/2008Venture Round$25M2
Mintera 10/2008Debt$8M1
Digg 9/2008Series C$28.7M4
Aprius 9/2008Series B$20M5
OpenCloud 7/2008Series B$10M4
SCIO Health Analytics 5/2008Series A2
FireEye 5/2008Series C$14.5M6
LeadPoint 4/2008Series E$6M2
DiVitas Networks 4/2008Venture Round$15M4
Aerovance 3/2008Debt$20M2
iRise 3/2008Series C$20M4
Glam Media 2/2008Debt$20M2
KAYAK 12/2007Series D$196M9
Four Interactive 9/2007Series B$10M3
Nomis Solutions 4/2007Series C$8M4
Games2Win 3/2007Series A$5M2
Fulcrum Microsystems 3/2007Series D$16.8M7
TutorVista.com 12/2006Series B$10.8M3
Thumbplay 10/2006Series C$15M4
ARIO Data Networks 7/2006Series E$8M6
Vhayu Technologies 3/2005Series C$10.3M4
Approva 1/2005Venture Round$5M5
Vernier Networks 6/2002Series D13
Perficient 1/2002Debt$6M1
Endeca 1/2001Series A$10M3



  1. Beepi Raises $5 Million From Redpoint To Simplify Buying Or Selling A Used Car (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  2. The Currency Cloud, An API-Based Money Mover, Raises Another $10M (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  3. drchrono Raises $2.69M in Convertible Debt Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  4. Square secures credit in 'low hundreds of millions' (cnbc.com) [edit]
  5. Following GrubHub IPO, Online Food Ordering Platform EatStreet Raises $6 Million (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  6. Q1Media Secures $8M in Debt Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  7. Amplience Closes $1.4m Loan with Silicon Valley Bank (finsmes.com) [edit]
  8. Silicon Valley Bank provides £1.5m financing to Skimlinks (svb.com) [edit]
  9. ClearSlide Raises $50M From The Social+Capital Partnership, Greylock To Help Make Sales Presentations More Effective (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  10. Intacct Raises $45M To Bring Bean Counters To The Cloud (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  11. Response Biomedical Corp. Secures US$2.5 Million Term Loan (marketwired.com) [edit]
  12. Kaltura Secures $47M (finsmes.com) [edit]
  13. SportPursuit, A Flash Sales Site For Sporty Types, Raises £5M Series B For European Expansion (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  14. Fitness startup Fitmob gets $9.75M in Series A funding to unleash “Weapons of Ass Reduction” on SF (gigaom.com) [edit]
  15. Proteus Digital Health Receives $31.6M Debt Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  16. Fast-Growing Kareo Lands $29M To Help Doctors Move Their Practices Into The Cloud (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  17. GetOne Rewards Raises more than $2.5M in Series B Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  18. Eyeing An IPO, E-commerce Software Company Volusion Raises $35M To Take On Shopify (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  19. Cartiva Secures $1.5 Million Senior Credit Facility from Silicon Valley Bank (businesswire.com) [edit]
  20. Ignyta Gets $10M In Term Loan (socaltech.com) [edit]
  21. Citation Needed [add]
  22. Amicus Therapeutics completes debt financing of up to $25m (processandproduction.pharmaceutical-business-review.com) [edit]
  23. Silicon Valley Bank provides $3M financing to Lincor Solutions Inc. (svb.com) [edit]
  24. Crowdtilt Raises Another $23 Million From Andreessen Horowitz & Others For International Expansion, Enterprise Tools (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  25. Gout drug developer CymaBay lands $5M venture debt financing (bizjournals.com) [edit]
  26. Integrate Secures $12.5M from Silicon Valley Bank - AZ Tech Beat (aztechbeat.com) [edit]
  27. PaeDae Raises $11.6M, Looks Beyond Mobile Rewards To “User-Centric Advertising” (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  28. OrderWithMe.com Closes $6M Series B Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  29. SumAll Raises Another $4M To Help Businesses Understand Their Data (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  30. Powering Smart Content For Publishing Giants, Knewton Lands $51M To Take Personalized Learning Global (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  31. Ezoic Raises $5.6M in Series A Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  32. ShapeUp Raises $7.5 Million to Expand Mobile and Global Employee Wellness Offerings (shapeup.com) [edit]
  33. Jibe Secures $4 Million Credit Facility To Help Make Companies Better At Hiring (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  34. Sefaira Raises $9.2 Mln (pehub.com) [edit]
  35. Singulex Closes $55M Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  36. SEC (secinfo.com) [edit]
  37. Demand Media Gets $225M Credit Facility (socaltech.com) [edit]
  38. CoreDial Receives $1.5M Debt Dacility from Silicon Valley Bank (finsmes.com) [edit]
  39. Martini Media Raises $14M To Target Ads At Rich People (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  40. TagMan Raises US$5M in Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  41. Scripps spinout aTyr grabs $59M in venture deals with a public twist (fiercebiotech.com) [edit]
  42. Ping Identity Closes $44M Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  43. SumAll Acquires Germany's TwentyFeet, Raises $2M Debt (pevc.dowjones.com) [edit]
  44. Business intelligence startup SumAll raises $2m in debt funding and buys TwentyFeet (thenextweb.com) [edit]
  45. Cytori Gets $27M In Loan (socaltech.com) [edit]
  46. REACH Health Secures $7.4 Million in Funding (reuters.com) [edit]
  47. Cognitive Networks Secures $3.5 Million in Additional Financing from DCM Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank (businesswire.com) [edit]
  48. Card Scanning Solutions receives equity investment (finsmes.com) [edit]
  49. CrowdOptic Raises Another $1M To Build Experiences Based On Where Your Phone Is Pointing (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  50. Movable Ink Gets $11 Million Series B Led By Intel Capital For Real-Time Email Marketing Tech (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  51. CardioFocus Closes $11M Debt Financing Round (finsmes.com) [edit]
  52. Silverpop Closes $25 Mln Funding (pehub.com) [edit]
  53. Appia Raises $5M in Debt Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  54. ZOZI Secures $10 Million in Growth Financing (prweb.com) [edit]
  55. JBara becomes Gainsight, raises $9M to help SaaS vendors manage customer success (pandodaily.com) [edit]
  56. Citation Needed [add]
  57. Theraclone Sciences Closes $14M in Series B and Debt Financing (finsmes.com) [edit]
  58. Digital Forensics And Cyber Security Firm AccessData Gets $45M Investment From Sorenson Capital, Silicon Valley Bank (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  59. Optimal Announces $7 Million in New Funding to Fuel Social Media Ad Buying and Analytics Expansion. (marketwatch.com) [edit]
  60. Security Firm FireEye Raises Extra $50M, Says It’s Preparing Ground For IPO (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  61. Altitude Digital Secures $5 Million of Funding (businesswire.com) [edit]
  62. Ignyta Ends 2012 with Oversubscribed, Expanded Series B Financing (prweb.com) [edit]
  63. CrowdOptic Announces Additional Funding From Silicon Valley Bank to Fuel Product and Market Expansion, Introduce New Apps for Social Media Sharing, Data Mining and Smart Glasses (prnewswire.com) [edit]
  64. WHIPTAIL Raises $31 Million in Series C (whiptail.com) [edit]
  65. Financial SaaS Company Intacct Raises $13.5M Led By Split Rock Partners, Secures $6M Line Of Credit From Silicon Valley Bank (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  66. Digital Greeting Card Site Punchbowl Raises $1.5M From Silicon Valley Bank (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  67. Freedom Meditech Secures $2 Million in Funding from Silicon Valley Bank (in.finance.yahoo.com) [edit]
  68. Aviir Borrows $8M for Heart-Disease Tests (pevc.dowjones.com) [edit]
  69. XDx Gets $15M Credit Facility From Oxford Finance and Silicon Valley Bank (pevc.dowjones.com) [edit]
  70. Preparing For An IPO, Online Customer Service Platform Zendesk Raises $60M From Redpoint, Goldman Sachs And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  71. Avanir Pharmaceuticals Receives $30M Debt Facility (finsmes.com) [edit]
  72. NXT Capital, SVB Provide $8M Venture Loan Package to Cayenne Medical (pevc.dowjones.com) [edit]
  73. UNIFIED Secures $14 Million in Financing From Advance Publications and Silicon Valley Bank (marketwire.com) [edit]
  74. PubMatic raises $45M in mezzanine financing led by August Capital; Eyes acquisitions (techcircle.vccircle.com) [edit]
  75. Zoom Telephonics Receives Line of Credit for Up to $1 Million (freshnews.com) [edit]
  76. Upstart SugarCRM Raises Another $33 Million To Take On Salesforce And Microsoft (businessinsider.com) [edit]
  77. NanoString Ties Up $15M In Debt Financing (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  78. The Currency Cloud Secures $4M To Disrupt The Trillion Dollar Foreign Exchange Market (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  79. SVB Provides $7M Credit Facility To Cambridge Broadband (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  81. AssureRx Health Secures $8M Financing with Silicon Valley Bank to Support Growth (assurerxhealth.com) [edit]
  82. Citation Needed [add]
  83. Marketing Network Martini Media Raises $13 Million (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  84. Opel fueled by $5M SVB credit (masshightech.com) [edit]
  85. Proterra Secures $15M in Working and Growth Capital Financing from Silicon Valley Bank (finsmes.com) [edit]
  86. Digital Assent Receives $2.5M Debt Financing from Silicon Valley Bank (finsmes.com) [edit]
  87. vcopious Raises Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  88. Connexity Secures $2M Credit Facility with Silicon Valley Bank (finance.yahoo.com) [edit]
  89. iJento Raises $8M in Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  90. Independa Secures $1.8M in Debt and Seed Financing; Plans to Raise further $600K (finsmes.com) [edit]
  91. Startup Incubator TechStars Raises $24M, Increases Funding For Each Company By $100K (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  92. The Rainmaker Group Receives $9M Debt Financing from Silicon Valley Bank (finsmes.com) [edit]
  93. Eyeing An IPO, Cloud-Based Phone System RingCentral Raises $10M From Cisco And Others (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  94. Comment 0 inShare44 Car Price Comparison Company TrueCar Raises $200M+, Gears Up For IPO (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  95. ParAccel Receives Additional Investment from Amazon.com (finsmes.com) [edit]
  96. Ping Identity Raises $21M To Provide A Secure, Single Sign-On For Enterprise Applications (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  97. Active-Semi Secures $6 Million Credit Facility With Silicon Valley Bank (prnewswire.com) [edit]
  98. Birch Communications Completes $77.5 Million Debt Financing (birch.com) [edit]
  99. Ad Network Adconion Raises $34 Million To Support Acquisition Plans (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  100. Highwinds Capital Closes New $50 Million Credit Facility (highwinds.com) [edit]
  101. India’s Games2win raises $6M for casual online games (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  102. CardioFocus claims $5M credit line with Silicon Valley Bank (masshightech.com) [edit]
  103. Invision Secures $8.5 Million Financing For Cross Platform Ad Sales (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  104. Citation Needed [add]
  105. Intuity Medical Nabs $20M In Credit Line (silicontap.com) [edit]
  106. ecoATM Raises $14.4M for eCycling Kiosks (gigaom.com) [edit]
  107. Kaltura, Open Source Video Platform Provider, Secures $20 Million in Funding, and Lands Major Customer Wins (corp.kaltura.com) [edit]
  108. Auditude Raises $11 Million More For Its Online Video Ad Platform (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  109. Icera Secures $12M Debt Facility From Silicon Valley Bank (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  111. PneumRx Raises $33M (finsmes.com) [edit]
  112. Zoopla.co.uk Raised £3.25m in New Funding (finsmes.com) [edit]
  113. AisleBuyer Receives $4.0 Million (marketwire.com) [edit]
  114. Picochip Completes $9M Credit Facility To Fuel Growth (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  115. EVestment Alliance Secures $19M Credit Facilities From Silicon Valley Bank (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  116. Clearleap Taps Insiders For $5M (fis.dowjones.com) [edit]
  117. Global Telecom and Technology Successfully Completes $15 Million Credit Facility With Silicon Valley Bank (gt-t.net) [edit]
  118. SpringCM Scores $15M In New Funding (pevc.dowjones.com) [edit]
  119. Endocyte secures $15 million credit facility (endocyte.com) [edit]
  120. SEC Form D (edgar.sec.gov) [edit]
  121. Tachyon Networks Secures $4M Financing with Silicon Valley Bank (finsmes.com) [edit]
  122. Citation Needed [add]
  123. LensVector (lensvector.com) [edit]
  124. PlumChoice pulls in $10M from Silicon Valley Bank (masshightech.com) [edit]
  125. VentureDeal (venturedeal.com) [edit]
  126. Solar ink maker Innovalight shines with $15M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  127. Calix Raises $100M to Meet Broadband Demand (gigaom.com) [edit]
  128. MediaMath Secures $12.5 Million in Growth Capital Financing (freshnews.com) [edit]
  129. Tumri Secures Over $15 Million in New Financing (businesswire.com) [edit]
  130. Another $10.5M Unloads on Peer39's Dock (techcrunch.com) [edit]
  131. Cap Report Index [edit]
  132. P.A. Semi Makes Its Debut (redherring.com) [edit]
  133. the Rubicon Project Adds on for $33 Million in Funding (therubiconproject.com) [edit]
  134. Formatta Closes $3 Million in Funding (formatta.com) [edit]
  136. BA Systems, provider of networking products for large companies, raises $10M (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  137. RoundBox raises $20 in Series C (startupmeme.com) [edit]
  138. Expresso pulls in $14M for interactive cardio equipment (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  139. StillSecure Snags $5M In Venture Debt (techrockies.com) [edit]
  140. Capital Report Index [edit]
  141. Mintera (mintera.com) [edit]
  142. press release (techcrunch.com) []
  143. Aprius Raises $20M to Advance I/O Virtualization Systems (aprius.com) [edit]
  144. OpenCloud announces $10 million investment to drive commercial delivery (opencloud.com) [edit]
  145. SCIOinspire announces formal launch (docs.google.com) [edit]
  146. FireEye raises $14.5M for botnet protection (venturebeat.com) [edit]
  147. paidcontent.org (paidcontent.org) [edit]
  148. DiVitas Networks Gets $15 Million in Venture Capital (ipcommunications.tmcnet.com) [edit]
  149. Aerovance Secures $20 Million in Debt Financing (prnewswire.com) [edit]
  150. iRise Press Release (irise.com) [edit]
  151. techcrunch.com [edit]
  152. techcrunch.com [edit]
  153. Citation Needed [add]
  154. Nomis Solutions Raises $8 Million to Expand Market Leadership Position in the Accelerating Price Optimization Market for Banking and Finance (nomissolutions.com) [edit]
  155. Games2win raises $ 5 million from two VC firms (games2win.com) [edit]
  156. EDGAR [edit]
  158. Thumbplay Announces $15 Million in New Funding (businesswire.com) [edit]
  159. EDGAR [edit]
  160. Vhayu Closes $10.25M Series C Round of Funding; Silicon Valley Bank and Menlo Ventures Fund Drive for Global Distribution of Real-Time Market Data Analysis Platform (findarticles.com) [edit]
  161. Prashanth Boccasam founded Approva raises $ 5 M (siliconindia.com) [edit]
  162. Citation Needed [add]
  163. PERFI C IE NT LANDS $7.9 MI LLION IN NEW FINANCI N G (perficient.com) [edit]
  164. bizjournals.com [edit]
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