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General Information
Phone(650) 854-3927
DescriptionVenture Capital


Sequoia Israel Fourth Fund, 12/2008 $201M
Sequoia India III, 8/2007 $300M
China Fund, 12/2009 $1B
Sequoia Capital US Venture 2010 Fund, 4/2010
Israel-focused Fund V, 8/2012 $200M
Global Growth Fund, 12/2012 $700M


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Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital is a venture capital firm founded by Don Valentine in 1972. The Wall Street Journal has called Sequoia Capital “one of the highest-caliber venture firms” and noted that it is “one of Silicon Valley’s most influential venture-capital firms”. It invests between $100,000 and $1 million in seed stage, between $1 million and $10 million in early stage, and between $10 million and $100 million in growth stage.

The firm has offices in the U.S., China, India and Israel.

Sequoia has funded an unprecedented number of enormously successful companies including Google, Yahoo, Paypal, Electronic Arts, NVIDIA, Cisco Systems, Oracle, Apple, YouTube, Admob and Zappos.

Sequoia estimates that 19% of the NASDAQ’s value is made up of firms they have funded.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
PPDai 4/2014Series B$10M3
Kenshoo 4/2014Series F$20M4
Clari 4/2014Venture Round$6M1 4/2014Series E$68.5M1
Clever 3/2014Series A$10.3M4
Forter 3/2014Series A$3M1
Percolate 3/2014Series B$24M5
Maimaibao 3/2014Series B3
Flite 3/2014Series C$23M3
Klarna 3/2014Private Equity€90M3
vIPtela 3/2014Venture Round$33.5M1
Whisper 3/2014Series C$30M4
Kahuna 2/2014Series A$11M1
Mobvoi 2/2014Series B$10M3
To8to 2/2014Series B$16.5M2
Cheyipai 2/2014Venture Round$50M4
Bit9 2/2014Series E$38.3M6
Guardant Health 2/2014Venture Round$10M1
Truecaller 2/2014Series B$18.8M3
Health Catalyst 1/2014Series C$41M5
QFPay 1/2014Series B$16.5M1
Stripe 1/2014Series C$80M4
Adallom 1/2014Series B$15M2
Angel Group Holding Company 1/2014Series B1 1/2014Series B$13M2
Ailvxing net 1/2014Series A$1M1
Cumulus Networks 1/2014Series B$36M3
Plain Vanilla 12/2013Series B$22M6
Backplane 12/2013Series A$12.1M2
Moovit 12/2013Series B$28M3
wildcraft 12/2013Private Equity1
Acousticeye 12/2013Venture Round$7M4
Broadlink 12/2013Angel$300k2
Kuaiyong 12/2013Series B$1M1
Zhaogang 12/2013Series C$34.8M3 11/2013Series C$25M3
girnarsoft 11/2013Series A$15M1
Plain Vanilla 11/2013Series A$2M4
Mojave Networks 11/2013Venture Round$5M2
6Wunderkinder 11/2013Series B$19M3
Zomato 11/2013Series D$37M2
Super 11/2013Series B1
Cloopen 11/2013Series A$4M1
Ingageapp 11/2013Series A$1.62M1
Cloudnine Hospitals 10/2013Series B$16.3M2
Chukong Technologies 10/2013Series D$50M6
Mintigo 10/2013Series C$10M3
Wilocity 10/2013Venture Round$35M7
Druva 10/2013Series C$25M3
MobileIron 10/2013Series F$48M5
Achates Power 10/2013Series C$35.2M5
Idea Device 10/2013Series A$4M1
CoreOS 10/2013Seed3
MongoDB, Inc. 10/2013Series F$150M9
Skyscanner 10/2013Venture Round1
HireVue 10/2013Series D$25M6
Friday 10/2013Series B$1.62M1
Good Eggs 9/2013Series A$8.5M5
Shopular 9/2013Series A$6.4M2
Prosper 9/2013Private Equity$25M2
App Annie 9/2013Series C$15M5
Okta 9/2013Series D$27M4
Jawbone 9/2013Private Equity$20M4
Hearsay Social 9/2013Series C$30M2
Whisper 9/2013Series B$21M3
Zazma 9/2013Series A$10M2
Feidee 9/2013Series B$10M1
Dayima 9/2013Series B$10M2
Souche 9/2013Series B$10M3
mo9 (moKredit) 8/2013Series B2
Birst 8/2013Series E$38M4
IPG 8/2013Series C$10M2
Clustrix 8/2013Series D$10M4
Kiwi, Inc. 7/2013Series A$9M4
Taykey 7/2013Series C$6M4
Inkling Systems 7/2013Series C$16M4
Comprehend Systems 7/2013Series A$8.4M6
Instacart 7/2013Series A$8.5M1
Seculert 7/2013Series B$10M2
Rong360 7/2013Series B$30M3
kiwi666 7/2013Venture Round$9M1
WhatsApp 7/2013Series C$50M1
ThousandEyes 6/2013Venture Round$5.5M1
Personetics Technologies 6/2013Series B$11.5M3
Thumbtack 6/2013Series B$12.5M1
Snowball Finance 6/2013Series B$10M2
Idc917 6/2013Venture Round$81.2k1
Weibu 6/2013Venture Round$81.2k1
Friday 6/2013Angel$3M1
TuneIn 5/2013Private Equity$25M4
Skyhigh Networks 5/2013Series B$20M2
Interlude 5/2013Series A$16M5
MadeiraCloud 5/2013Series A$1.5M1
Clustrix 5/2013Series C$16.5M4
CSD E.P. Water Service 5/2013Series B3
Natera 5/2013Venture Round$54.6M6
MarkLogic 4/2013Series E$25.7M4
Ravello Systems 4/2013Private Equity$11.5M3
Pyramid Analytics 3/2013Series A$11.5M1
Innovid 3/2013Series C$11M4
Click Security 2/2013Series B$17.7M3
Drawbridge 2/2013Series B$14M3
R2 Semiconductor 2/2013Venture Round$5M2
Scodix 2/2013Venture Round$14M3
Ravello Systems 2/2013Venture Round$26M3
Beisen 2/2013Series B$1.62M2
Dexetra 1/2013Series A$1M2
Houzz 1/2013Series C$35M6
Prosper 1/2013Venture Round$20M7
FireEye 1/2013Venture Round$50M5
Health Catalyst 1/2013Series B$33M3
Chartboost 1/2013Series B$19M3
EndoChoice 1/2013Venture Round$43M2
QFPay 1/2013Series A1
iCreate Software 12/2012Series B$9.2M2
Okta 12/2012Series C$25M5
Feidee 12/2012Series A$15M1
Gokuai Technology 12/2012Series B$5.2M2
Adallom 12/2012Series A$4.5M1
AgilOne 11/2012Series B$10M2
AdNear 11/2012Series A$6.5M2
Versa Networks 11/2012Series A$14.4M1
HubSpot 11/2012Venture Round$35M5
Kenshoo 11/2012Series E$12M3
Airbnb 11/2012Series C$200M6
Reocar 11/2012Series B$100M2
Romotive 10/2012Series A$5M4
PPDai 10/2012Series A$25M1
Airbnb 10/2012Venture Round$6.62M3
Duck Duck Moose 9/2012Series A$7M3
Medallia 9/2012Venture Round$35M1
Capillary Technologies 9/2012Series A$15.5M3
Virident Systems 9/2012Series D$26M4
Nimble Storage 9/2012Series E$40.7M5
Huaat 9/2012Series A1
Bubbly 8/2012Series E$5M3
Telcare 8/2012Series B$25.5M2
FutureAdvisor 8/2012Series A$5M1
TuneIn 8/2012Venture Round$16M4
MindSnacks 8/2012Venture Round$6.5M1
Avalanche Technology 7/2012Series D$30M6
Bit9 7/2012Series D$34.5M5
FREECULTR 7/2012Series B$9M2
Stripe 7/2012Series B$20M7
Clustrix 7/2012Venture Round$6.75M2
Virident Systems 7/2012Venture Round$5.7M5
Kaminario 6/2012Series D$25M4
OneAssist Consumer Solutions 6/2012Venture Round2
Assurex Health 5/2012Series C$12.5M3
MobileIron 5/2012Series E$40M5
MongoDB, Inc. 5/2012Series E$42M4
Acousticeye 5/2012Venture Round$6M2
Sunrun 5/2012Series D$60M4
Qualtrics 5/2012Private Equity$70M2
Drawbridge 5/2012Series A$6.5M2
Changba 5/2012Series A$15M4
Birst 5/2012Series D$26M3
Quantenna Communications 4/2012Private Equity$79M8
Instagram 4/2012Series B$50M5
Navidog 4/2012Series C$32.3M1
Appirio 3/2012Series D$60M3
Songkick 3/2012Series B$10M1
Great Technology 3/2012Venture Round$16.2M1
Ruckus Wireless 2/2012Series G$21.7M9
Backplane 2/2012Series A$4M8
Correlix 2/2012Venture Round4
Stripe 2/2012Series A$18M1
R2 Semiconductor 2/2012Venture Round$10.1M3
Jasper Wireless 2/2012Series D$61.2M3
Onavo 1/2012Series B$10M4
Avalanche Technology 1/2012Series C$11.5M6
Natera, Inc. 1/2012Series D$20M3
Natera 1/2012Venture Round$20M3
Liebo 1/2012Series A$5M2
indeni 2012Series A1
Mobvoi 2012Series A$1.62M2
Tutorspree 12/2011Seed$1M9
Houzz 12/2011Series B$11.6M5
Hinacom 12/2011Series B$4.87M1
Edaytown 12/2011Venture Round$16.2M1
Xoom Corporation 11/2011Series F$25M4
Trippy 11/2011Venture Round$1.75M4
Virident Systems 11/2011Series C$21M5
Sencha 10/2011Series B$15M3
Dropbox 10/2011Series B$250M12
Meilishuo 10/2011Series B$20M4
Stripe 9/2011Seed$2M5
Achievers 9/2011Series C$24.5M4
Tumblr 9/2011Series E$85M8
Mintigo 9/2011Series B$9M2
Roambi 9/2011Series A$30M1
MongoDB, Inc. 9/2011Series D$20M3
RingCentral 9/2011Series D$10M6
Kanshu 9/2011Series A$4.38M1
jslyhl 9/2011Series A$10M1
Lvmama 9/2011Series C$16.2M1
Health Catalyst 9/2011Series A1
Douban 9/2011Series C$50M3
Hoolai Games 9/2011Series B4
Flickme 8/2011Venture Round1
Innovid 8/2011Series B$9.5M3
Druva 8/2011Series B$12M2
Inkling Systems 8/2011Series B$17M5
Basha 8/2011Series B$1.62M1
Reocar 8/2011Series A2
Hearsay Social 7/2011Series B$18M2
Unity Technologies 7/2011Series B$12M3
SynapSense 7/2011Series C$16M7
MoboTap 7/2011Series A$10M2
Nimble Storage 7/2011Series D$25M4
Evernote 7/2011Venture Round$50M2
Piazza 7/2011Seed$1.5M4
CloudShare 7/2011Venture Round$10M4 7/2011Series B3
Boyaa Interactive 7/2011Series A$6M1
Chukong Technologies 7/2011Series B$14M3
Cotendo 6/2011Series D$17M6
Taykey 6/2011Series B$9M3
Mu Sigma 6/2011Series C$25M1
Just Dial 6/2011Venture Round$10M2
Octmami 6/2011Series A$6.49M1
THE MELT 6/2011Venture Round1
Snowball Finance 6/2011Series A$3.25M1
Centaur 6/2011Venture Round$100k2
MobileIron 5/2011Series D$20M4
Mixpanel 5/2011Seed$1.25M4
Personetics Technologies 5/2011Series A$6.5M2
Sourcebits 5/2011Series A$10M2
Kaminario 5/2011Series C$15M3
ganjiwang 5/2011Series C$70M2
Onavo 5/2011Series A$3M2
Meilishuo 5/2011Series A$8M1 4/2011Series A$10M1
POPSUGAR 4/2011Venture Round$15M2
WhatsApp 4/2011Venture Round$8M1
DianDian 4/2011Series A$10M3 4/2011Series A$32.5M1
Tuniu 4/2011Series C$50M4 4/2011Series B$41.2M2
Cityzenith 3/2011Series C1
Bubble Motion 3/2011Series A$10M3
Assurex Health 3/2011Series B$11M3
Color Labs Inc. 3/2011Series B$28M1
Sosh 3/2011Seed$1M11
HubSpot 3/2011Series D$32M6
DailyBooth 3/2011Series A$6M2 3/2011Series A$10M1
Weebly 3/2011Series B1
Inkling Systems 3/2011Series B$6M6
Kunlun 3/2011Series A$8.12M3
Clickatell 2/2011Series B$12M2
Jigsee 2/2011Series A2
Meraki 2/2011Series C$15M1
Hearsay Social 2/2011Series A$3M10
Interlude 2/2011Seed$3.25M1
Cue 2/2011Series A$4M4
Huoli 2/2011Series A$5M1
Bubbly 1/2011Series D$10M4
Stoke 1/2011Series E$17M9
Square 1/2011Series B$27.5M2
Stella & Dot 1/2011Series B$37M1
Bump Technologies 1/2011Series B$16.5M5 1/2011Series A$9.19M1
Laiyaoyao 1/2011Series A$2M1
Churn Labs 1/2011Seed1
Newsummitbio 1/2011Venture Round2
AgilOne 1/2011Series A$6M1
Wanxue Education 1/2011Series B$16M3
Wochacha 1/2011Series A$10M1
Karma 1/2011Venture Round5
CSD E.P. Water Service 1/2011Venture Round2
Meebo 12/2010Series D$27.5M5
Clustrix 12/2010Series B$12M3
Pocket Gems 12/2010Series A$5M2
iYogi 12/2010Series D$30M5
Fashion & You 12/2010Venture Round$8M1
Nimble Storage 12/2010Series C$16M3
MongoDB, Inc. 12/2010Series C$6.5M3
Sinnet 12/2010Series A$8.12M1
Beststudy 12/2010Series B$10M1
Lvmama 12/2010Series B$11.4M2
Tumblr 11/2010Series D$30M3
GameGround 11/2010Series B$5.3M1
Virident Systems 11/2010Series B$12.7M3
TokBox 11/2010Series C$12M3
Airbnb 11/2010Series A$7.2M7
Vipshop 11/2010Venture Round$20M2
Acousticeye 11/2010Series B1
Guokang Health Management 11/2010Series B$16.2M2
NQ Mobile Inc. 11/2010Series D5 11/2010Angel$20M2
DataStax 10/2010Series A$2.7M3
RingCentral 10/2010Series C$10M3
Evernote 10/2010Series C$20M1
Celon Laboratories 10/2010Venture Round$15.8M1
Eventbrite 10/2010Series D$20M3 10/2010Series B1 10/2010Series C4
OpenDNS 9/2010Venture Round$4.5M2
Quantenna Communications 9/2010Series E$21M5
Aster Data Systems 9/2010Series C$30M5
Micromax Informatics 9/2010Venture Round$43M3
Eddingpharm (Cayman) 9/2010Series B$24M3
K-12 Techno Services 9/2010Venture Round$15M2
Airstrip Technologies 8/2010Venture Round$30M1
Nimbula 8/2010Series B$15M2 8/2010Series A1
Inkling Systems 8/2010Series A4
Quick Heal Technologies 8/2010Venture Round$13M1 8/2010Series A$20M1
NQ Mobile Inc. 8/2010Series C3
Kenshoo 7/2010Series C1
SynapSense 7/2010Venture Round$5M7
Jive Software 7/2010Series C$30M2
Wilocity 7/2010Venture Round$20M4
MobileIron 7/2010Series C$16M4
eMeter 7/2010Series F$12.5M3
Ourpalm 7/2010Series A$2.27M1
Mengcao 7/2010Series A$8.12M1
POLYBONA 7/2010Series C5
Sunrun 6/2010Series C$55M3
Nimbula 6/2010Series A$5.75M2
Sencha 6/2010Series A$14M2
Snaptu 6/2010Series B$6M2
Taykey 5/2010Series A$2M1
Y Combinator 5/2010Venture Round$8.25M2
Sipera Systems 5/2010Venture Round$10.2M5
Klarna 5/2010Series B$9M1
Cotendo 5/2010Series C$12M3
Jiujiuweikang 5/2010Venture Round1
Druva 4/2010Series A$5M2
Beijingyicheng 4/2010Series A$11.4M2
NQ Mobile Inc. 4/2010Series A2
Xoom Corporation 3/2010Series F$33M6
Beijing Zhijin Leye Education and Technology Co 3/2010Venture Round$4.39M1
Hantele 3/2010Series B1
Huayi 3/2010Series A$4.87M1
IPG 2/2010Series B$25.4M1
Quantenna Communications 2/2010Series D$15M7
Avalanche Technology 2/2010Series B$7.5M3
Sanrad 1/2010Series D$3M3
Blippy Social Commerce 1/2010Angel$1.73M10
Oorja Protonics 1/2010Debt$450k6
Acton Pharmaceuticals 1/2010Series A$15M1 1/2010Series A2
19pay 1/2010Series B$6.23M2
TuneIn 1/2010Venture Round$6M2
CloudShare 12/2009Series B$10M3
Kenshoo 12/2009Venture Round1
7fgame 12/2009Series A1
Aobi Island 12/2009Angel$4.87M1
5211game 12/2009Venture Round$1M1 11/2009Venture Round$10M1
ServiceNow 11/2009Private Equity$41.4M2
ReaMetrix 11/2009Venture Round$2.1M3
Dropbox 11/2009Series A$6M2
Outright 11/2009Series A$5.5M4
IMImobile 11/2009Venture Round$13M2
Eventbrite 11/2009Series C$6.5M1
Bootstrap Software 11/2009Series B$5.5M4
Bicon Pharmaceutical 11/2009Series A2 11/2009Series B$10M1
Unity Technologies 10/2009Series A$5.5M3
Bump Technologies 10/2009Series A$3.4M7
DailyBooth 10/2009Angel$1M11
Jive Software 10/2009Series B$12M1
Achates Power 10/2009Series A$12.1M4
IAT-Auto 10/2009Series A$20M2
Unisfair 9/2009Venture Round$3.2M2
Ruckus 9/2009Series F$10.7M5
Sofa Labs 9/2009Series A$1.2M11
Great Dream 8/2009Series D2
MobileIron 8/2009Series B$11M3
imeem 8/2009Venture Round$6M3
Rayspan 7/2009Series B$12.5M2
Santur Corporation 7/2009Series E$13M3
Kontera 7/2009Series C$15.5M3
eMeter 7/2009Series C$32M2
StrongView 7/2009Series D$7.6M3
eCardio 7/2009Series A1
OpenDNS 7/2009Venture Round2
POLYBONA 7/2009Series B$9.5M4
GameGround 6/2009Series A$4.1M1
POPSUGAR 6/2009Series C$16M1
Bubbly 6/2009Series C$6M2
Mixer Labs 6/2009Series A6
POLYBONA 6/2009Series A3
LogLogic 5/2009Series D$8.8M5
MarkLogic 5/2009Series D$12.5M2
Etonkids 5/2009Series A1
Quantenna Communications 4/2009Series C$14M5
Stoke 4/2009Series D$15M4
Airbnb 4/2009Seed$600k2
Y Combinator 3/2009Venture Round$2M4
Cotendo 3/2009Series B$7M2
SynapSense 3/2009Series B$7M5
Aster Data Systems 2/2009Series B$17M5
Appirio 2/2009Series C$10M3
Pontis 2/2009Series B$19.7M4
Natera, Inc. 1/2009Series B$6M3
Maimaibao 1/2009Angel$10M1
Natera, Inc. 12/2008Series A$4M2
Green Dot Corporation 12/2008Venture Round$13M1
cdream network 11/2008Series A$6.5M1
AdMob 10/2008Series C$15.7M2
Dropbox 9/2008Seed$1.2M4
Correlix 9/2008Series B$8M4
Challenge Games 9/2008Series B$10M2
SKY Network Technology 9/2008Series B$500k1
Palo Alto Networks 8/2008Series C$26.6M4
Amobee 8/2008Series C$22M7
TokBox 8/2008Series B$10M2
PopularMedia 7/2008Series C$8M3 7/2008Venture Round$18M2
Conformia Software 7/2008Series D$2.95M3
Appirio 7/2008Series B$5.6M1
Challenge Games 7/2008Series A$4.5M1
Trulia 7/2008Series D$15M3
Mevio 7/2008Series C$15M5
ideacts innovations 7/2008Venture Round$5M1
Jasper Wireless 7/2008Series C$25M3
LinkedIn 6/2008Series D$53M4 6/2008Series A$10M1
Maxscend Technologies 6/2008Series B$8M2
SCIO Health Analytics 5/2008Series A2
SatNav Technologies 5/2008Series A$7M1
FireEye 5/2008Series C$14.5M6
MarketLive 5/2008Series E$20M5
SearchMe 5/2008Series E$12.6M8
POLYBONA 5/2008Angel$20M2
Meebo 4/2008Series C$25M5
ScaleMP 4/2008Series D$8M4
Kenshoo 4/2008Series A2
Storwize 4/2008Series C$19M3
51wan 4/2008Series A$1.5M1
LAFASO 4/2008Venture Round1
Fleet Entertainment Group 4/2008Venture Round1
imeem 4/2008Series B1
Bubbly 3/2008Series B$13M3
Advanced Power Projects 3/2008Series A$13M3
Skyrider 3/2008Series C$5M3
Gecko TV 3/2008Series A$10M1
MobileIron 3/2008Series A$8.8M3
Kangsheng Chuangxiang 3/2008Series B1
Mecox Lane 3/2008Series C2
Tribi Embedded Technologies Private 2/2008Venture Round$1.6M1
Dash 2/2008Series C$30M10
Wanxue Education 2/2008Venture Round$5M1
Zhongheedu 2/2008Series B$18M1
RingCentral 2/2008Series B$12M3
Unisfair 1/2008Series B$10M2
Mixer Labs 1/2008Seed2
HealthCentral 1/2008Venture Round$50M4
Widgetbox 1/2008Series B$8M4
Nuokang Medicine 1/2008Venture Round$17M1
Jawbone 1/2008Series B$30M2
Changelight 1/2008Venture Round$10M1
Meraki 1/2008Series B$20M3
Cotendo 1/2008Series A1
Nazara Technologies 12/2007Series B$7M1
TokBox 12/2007Series A$4M6
KAYAK 12/2007Series D$196M9 12/2007Series B$20M5
ApnaPaisa 12/2007Series B$15M3
Osen 12/2007Series A$1.62M1
NQ Mobile Inc. 12/2007Series B4
Funny Or Die 12/2007Series B$15M2
Kenshoo 12/2007Series A1
adBrite 11/2007Series C$23M2
Silent Communication 11/2007Venture Round$5M1
Navigenics 11/2007Venture Round$25M4
Ruckus Wireless 11/2007Series E$7.5M8
Quantenna Communications 11/2007Series B$12.7M4
Noah Private Wealth Management 10/2007Private Equity$5M1
Sipera Systems 10/2007Series C$10M4
A123 Systems 10/2007Series D$30M8
SearchMe 10/2007Series D$15M3
Hintsoft 10/2007Series B2
Satellier 9/2007Series B$10M1
RingCentral 9/2007Series A$12M2
Xoom Corporation 9/2007Series E$20M7
Dianping 9/2007Series B$25M2
Clearwell Systems 8/2007Series C$17M3
Zhanzuo 8/2007Series B$8M4
Jive Software 8/2007Series A$15M1
Great Dream 8/2007Series B2
Kontera 8/2007Series B$10.3M3
Cast Iron Systems 7/2007Series F$16.5M4
Loopt 7/2007Series B$12M2
MarkLogic 7/2007Series C$15M2
SKY Network Technology 7/2007Series A$3.5M1 7/2007Series B$15M4
Palo Alto Networks 6/2007Series B$18M3
WiQuest Communications 6/2007Series C$28M6
Storwize 6/2007Series B$9M1
SearchMe 6/2007Series C$12M2
Widgetbox 6/2007Series A$5M3
Jasper Wireless 6/2007Series B$31.6M2
Joost 5/2007Series A$45M3
Conformia Software 5/2007Series C$12.3M4
Trulia 5/2007Series C$10M3
CTS Media 5/2007Series B$8M3
Minglebox 5/2007Series A$7M1
Pure Digital Technologies 5/2007Series E$40M4
CTS Media 5/2007Series B$8M2
ImageShack 5/2007Series A$10M2
Aster Data Systems 5/2007Series A$5M3
StrongView 4/2007Series C$13M4
Funny Or Die 4/2007Series A2
Litepoint 3/2007Venture Round1
Open Silicon 3/2007Series D$10M5
Fon 3/2007Series B€10M3
UUSEE 3/2007Venture Round$23.5M6
Provigent 3/2007Series D$17M7
Palm Commerce Information Technology 3/2007Series B6
Genlot 3/2007Series B5
Eons 3/2007Series B$22M5
AdMob 3/2007Series B$15M3
RockYou 3/2007Series B$15M3
UUSEE 3/2007Series B$23.5M4
Pontis 2/2007Series B$15M3
Dash 2/2007Series B$25M7
Beceem Communications 2/2007Series D$40M11
PopularMedia 2/2007Series B$4.25M2
Meraki 2/2007Series A$5M1
ApnaPaisa 1/2007Venture Round$2.2M1
Discretix 1/2007Series C$20M7
Mahalo 1/2007Series B$16M6
Collactive 1/2007Series A$2M1
RockYou 1/2007Series A$1.5M3 12/2006Series B$10.8M3
Green Dot Corporation 12/2006Series B$20M1
Songbird 12/2006Series A$8M2
Amobee 11/2006Series A$5M2
Qihoo 360 Technology 11/2006Series B$25M6
Aruba Networks 10/2006Series D$30M5
Skyrider 10/2006Venture Round$12M3
Narzana Technologies 10/2006Venture Round$1.5M1
Miradia 10/2006Series C$15M5
Songbird 10/2006Series A$1M2
POPSUGAR 10/2006Series A$5M1
AutoNavi 10/2006Series A$40M7
Conformia Software 10/2006Venture Round$12M3
Maxscend Technologies 10/2006Series A$3M1
PortAuthority Technologies 9/2006Series D$18M3
Websense 9/2006Venture Round$18M4
PeakStream 9/2006Series B$17M3
hdtMEDIA 9/2006Series B2
Bubbly 9/2006Series A$5M1
CTS Media 9/2006Series A$2M1
hdtMEDIA 9/2006Venture Round1
AdMob 9/2006Series A$3.6M2 9/2006Venture Round1
Unisfair 8/2006Series C$4M1
Huoshi 8/2006Series A$10M1
Digital Chocolate 7/2006Series C$22.5M10
Comsenz 7/2006Series A$2M1
ConSentry Networks 7/2006Series D$20M4
Kangsheng Chuangxiang 7/2006Series A$10M1
Zhanzuo 7/2006Series A$5M2
Kontera 7/2006Series A$7M2
Topio 6/2006Series D$8M3
AppLabs 6/2006Venture Round$10M1
Stardoll 6/2006Series B$6M2 6/2006Series A$2M1
Zhongheedu 6/2006Series A$18M2
VanceInfo Technologies 5/2006Series B3
Oorja Protonics 5/2006Series A$5.52M1 5/2006Venture Round$6M2
Great Dream 5/2006Angel$7.5M1 5/2006Series A$6M2
Dblur Technologies 4/2006Series B$6M3
SintecMedia 4/2006Series C$10M3
Clearwell Systems 4/2006Series B$12M2
YouTube 4/2006Series B$8M1
GotoTel 4/2006Series A1
Eons 4/2006Series A$10M2
Dianping 4/2006Series A$2M1
WiQuest Communications 3/2006Series B$18M4 3/2006Series B$4.75M1
Sipera Systems 3/2006Series B$13.2M3
Genlot 3/2006Series A4
Jajah 3/2006Series A$3M1
Insider Pages 3/2006Series A$8.5M3
Qihoo 360 Technology 3/2006Angel$200k4
Palm Commerce Information Technology 3/2006Series A$15M1
Fon 2/2006Series A€18M4
adBrite 2/2006Series B$8M2 1/2006Series A$8M1
ITA Software 1/2006Private Equity$100M5
StrongView 1/2006Series B$9.5M3
Agitar 1/2006Series C$10M3
PowerFile 1/2006Series B$10M2
Barracuda Networks 1/2006Venture Round$40M2
19pay 1/2006Venture Round1
CTS Media 1/2006Series A$3M1
Mahalo 1/2006Series A$5M3
Dash 1/2006Series A$10M3
SearchMe 1/2006Series B$3.6M1
Palo Alto Networks 1/2006Series A$10M2
Guruji 1/2006Series A$7M1
UUSEE 12/2005Venture Round$10M2
Comviva 12/2005Series A$13.5M3
Meebo 12/2005Series A$3.5M2
UUSEE 12/2005Series A$10M2
Loopt 11/2005Series A$5M2
Olive Software 11/2005Series C$9M2
Zappos 11/2005Series E$13M1
YouTube 11/2005Series A$3.5M1
Nazara Technologies 10/2005Series A$1.5M1
Logical Apps 10/2005Series A$14M2
Traiana 10/2005Series D$15M4
Open Silicon 9/2005Series C$15.1M3
Stoke 9/2005Series B$20M4
Navini Networks 8/2005Series E$13.4M6
Aceva Technologies 7/2005Series D$5.28M3
ConSentry Networks 7/2005Series C$17M3
Mevio 7/2005Series A$8.9M2
SearchMe 7/2005Series A$400k1
Beceem Communications 6/2005Series B$9.6M3
Xceive 6/2005Series C$13.5M4
Elemental Cyber Security 6/2005Series C$11M3
Right Hemisphere 6/2005Series B$12M3
PortAuthority Technologies 6/2005Series C$13.4M3
Jasper Wireless 6/2005Series A$7.5M2
PeakStream 5/2005Series A$5M2
Infoblox 4/2005Series E$30M5
Topio 4/2005Series C$8M3
Cast Iron Systems 3/2005Series D$14M5
T-Networks 2/2005Series C$5.75M4
Followap 2/2005Series C$16M6
Cafe Press 2/2005Series B$14M1
Chelsio Communications 1/2005Series C$25M8
FireEye 1/2005Series A$6.45M2
KAYAK 12/2004Series B$7M3
FoundValue 12/2004Series A$4M1
eHarmony 11/2004Series B$110M3
Zappos 10/2004Series D$20M1
imeem 9/2004Series A$3M2
adBrite 9/2004Series A$4M1
Plaxo 4/2004Series C$7M4
StrongView 3/2004Series A$6M2
WeatherBug 3/2004Series B$23M3
Gracenote 3/2004Series D$13M4
Digital Chocolate 12/2003Series B$13M4
LinkedIn 11/2003Series A$4.7M2
Plaxo 7/2003Series B$8.5M3
GameFly 4/2003Series B$4.57M2
Green Dot Corporation 1/2003Series A1
MarkLogic 1/2003Series B$12M2
Plaxo 11/2002Series A$3.8M2
Gracenote 9/2002Series C$9.5M1
MarkLogic 1/2002Series A$6M1
AtomShockwave 3/2001Venture Round$22.9M5
Atom Entertainment 3/2001Series A$22.9M5
PayPal 4/2000Series C$100M14
Google 6/1999Series A$25M2
Yahoo! 11/1995Series B$4.8M3
Yahoo! 4/1995Series A$2M1
Cisco 1/1987Series A$2.5M1



October 2008 Presentation To Portfolio Companies About Economic Downturn

Added: 10/10/08


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  83. Inking New Deals With Pearson And Elsevier, Inkling Nets $16M From Sequoia & More To Digitize The World’s Textbooks ( [edit]
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  131. Kenshoo Raises $12M in Financing ( [edit]
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  139. Capillary Technologies Raises $15.5 Million Series A Investment From Norwest Venture Partners and Sequoia Capitalf ( [edit]
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  147. MindSnacks Nabs $6.5M From Sequoia To Bring Fun Educational Games To Your Mobile Device ( [edit]
  148. Avalanche Amasses $30M to Bring MRAM Mainstream ( [edit]
  149. Cybersecurity: Bit9 Gets $34.5M From Sequoia, Others For Its Whitelist Approach To Fighting Attacks ( [edit]
  150. Ambitious To Be The Next Online-Only Uniqlo, India’s Freecultr Gets $9M From Ru-Net, Sequoia ( [edit]
  151. Sexy Payments Startup Stripe Swipes $20M From General Catalyst, Sequoia, Thiel And More ( [edit]
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  156. AssureRx Pulls Together $12.5M to Develop Genetic Tests ( [edit]
  157. MobileIron Raises $40M in Series E Mezzanine Financing ( [edit]
  158. MongoDB Developer 10gen Raises $42 Million Round Led By New Enterprise Associates ( [edit]
  159. AcousticEye Raises $6 Million in Funding from ICV and Sequoia Capital, Aims to Disrupt Global NDT Market ( [edit]
  160. Sunrun raises $60M for residential solar service ( [edit]
  161. Qualtrics Raises $70 Million in Funding from Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  162. Kleiner Perkins And Sequoia Fund $6.5M Round For Cross-Device Ad Targeter Drawbridge ( [edit]
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  165. Quantenna Communications Raises $79 Million Led by RUSNANO and Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  166. Sequoia Set to Lead $500M Valuation Round for Instagram ( [edit]
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  168. General Atlantic And Sequoia Put $60M In Enterprise Cloud Consultancy Appirio ( [edit]
  169. Songkick Secures Sequoia’s First Ever UK Investment With A $10M B Round ( [edit]
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  171. Ruckus Wireless Names Former Verizon and Ericsson Telecom Heavyweights to Its Board, Closes Mezzanine Round of $22 Million ( [edit]
  172. Lady Gaga-Backed Backplane Raises Over $4M From Sequoia & More; Acquires Sharing Platform Cortex ( [edit]
  173. Correlix Raises Additional Funding for Continued Growth ( [edit]
  174. Stripe attracts $18M in funding at $100M valuation ( [edit]
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  178. Semiconductor startup Avalanche closes $11.5M funding round ( [edit]
  179. Gene Security Network, Now Natera, Adds $20M For Prenatal Tests ( [edit]
  180. Natera Completes $20M Financing ( [edit]
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  184. Tutorspree Raises $1 Million Round Led By Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  185. Home design social network Houzz gets $11.6M in funding ( [edit]
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  189. Disrupt Alum Trippy Raises $1.75 Million Thanks to Ribs and Fried Chicken ( [edit]
  190. Virident Grabs $21 Million From Intel Capital, Cisco, Sequoia And More For Enterprise Storage Solutions ( [edit]
  191. Sencha Raises $15 Million For Their HTML5 App Development Tools ( [edit]
  192. Dropbox Raises $250M In Funding, Boasts 45 Million Users ( [edit]
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  194. Sequoia-Backed Stripe Wants To Disrupt The Online Payments Space ( [edit]
  195. Sequoia Leads $24.5M Funding Round For Employee Rewards Company Achievers ( [edit]
  196. Tumblr Raises $85M in Funding ( []
  197. Sequoia Leads $9M Round In Data-Driven Customer Acquisition Startup Mintigo ( [edit]
  198. Sequoia Leads $30M Round In Mobile Business Data Visualization App Roambi ( [edit]
  199. 10gen raises $20M for MongoDB in maturing NoSQL space ( [edit]
  200. Eyeing An IPO, Cloud-Based Phone System RingCentral Raises $10M From Cisco And Others ( [edit]
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  206. CyberAgent Invests In China-Based Hoolai Games ( [edit]
  207. Flickme Launches; Received Funding from Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  208. Sequoia Leads $9.5 Million Round in Innovid ( [edit]
  209. Druva raises $12M for protecting enterprise data ( [edit]
  210. iPad Textbook Publisher Inkling Raises $17 Million ( [edit]
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  213. NEA And Sequoia Put $18M In Brand-Focused Social Media Platform Hearsay Social ( [edit]
  214. Unity Technologies Takes $12 Million For 3D Gaming Development, Looks To China For Big Growth ( [edit]
  215. SynapSense Raises $16 Million To Help Data Centers Save On Energy Bills ( [edit]
  216. MoboTap Raises $10m in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  217. What Cloud? Nimble Grabs $25 Million For Storage And Backup Boxes ( [edit]
  218. Evernote Takes $50 million To Become The Anti-Zynga ( [edit]
  219. Piazza Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  220. Sequoia And Others Put $10 Million In Cloud-Based Demo SaaS CloudShare ( [edit]
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  223. CocoaChina Raises $14M From Sequoia China, Steamboat to Foster Local iOS Developer Community ( [edit]
  224. Cloud Technology Startup Cotendo Raises $17 Million From Citrix, Juniper, VCs ( [edit]
  225. With A $9 Million B Round, Taykey Targets Social Interests With Ads In Realtime ( [edit]
  226. Mu Sigma Helps Companies Analyze ‘Big Data’, Raises $25 Million From Sequoia ( [edit]
  227. Just Dial Raises $10M From SAP Ventures, Sequoia ( [edit]
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  229. Flip creator gets into the grilled cheese business, Sequoia invests ( [edit]
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  232. MobileIron Closes $20M Series D Financing Round ( [edit]
  233. Data Tracking Startup Mixpanel Raises $1.25 Million From Sequoia, Rabois, Levchin, And Birch ( [edit]
  234. Personetics Completes $6.5M Funding Round ( [edit]
  235. Sequoia And IDG Put $10 Million Into Mobile App Developer Sourcebits ( [edit]
  236. Kaminario Closes $15M Round of Funding ( [edit]
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  241. Sugar Inc Raises Another $15 Million To Grow Its Women-Focused Media Empire ( [edit]
  242. Sequoia Invests $8 Million In Messaging App Maker WhatsApp: Sources ( [edit]
  243. Innovation Works invested in DianDian ( [edit]
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  247. Screampoint Seals Series C Funding ( [edit]
  248. Bubble Motion Raises $10M For Social Voice Blogging Service ( [edit]
  249. AssureRx Health Raises $11 Million Series B Financing ( [edit]
  250. Color Looks To Reinvent Social Interaction With Its Mobile Photo App (And $41 Million In Funding) ( [edit]
  251. Offline Labs Goes Online With $1 Million Seed Round. Enter The Project Dragon: Sosh ( [edit]
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  256. Standard Nine Investors Ink a Series B Round of Funding ( [edit]
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  258. Clickatell Garners $12,000,000 Series B Funding Round ( [edit]
  259. Video Streaming Co Jigsee Gets Series-A Funding From Indian Angel Network ( [edit]
  260. Sequoia Leads $15 Million Round In Wireless Networking Company Meraki ( [edit]
  261. Hearsay Brings Compliance to Social Media ( [edit]
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  263. [edit]
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  265. Bubble Motion Raises $10M For Social Voice Blogging Service ( [edit]
  266. Stoke Raises $17m in Series E Funding ( [edit]
  267. Square Rounds Up $27.5M Led By Sequoia For Mobile Payments ( [edit]
  268. Sequoia Bets $37 Million on Stella & Dot, a Next-Gen Mary Kay ( [edit]
  269. Bump Raises $16 Million Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz ( [edit]
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  274. AgilOne Closes $10M Series B ( [edit]
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  277. Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins, And Obvious Put $4.5M In Sleek Social, Mobile Gifting Platform Karma ( [edit]
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  279. Meebo closes $27.5M round to socialize the Web ( [edit]
  280. Clustrix Raises $12 Million Series B Funding ( [edit]
  281. Mobile Gaming Startup Pocket Gems Raises $5 Million From Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  282. iYogi Raises $30 Million Led by Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  283. Indian Private-Sales Start-Up Fashion And You Signs $8M Deal ( [edit]
  284. Nimble Storage Closes $16 Million in Over-Subscribed Series C Round of Funding ( [edit]
  285. 10gen Raises $6.5M to Dominate the NoSQL Space ( [edit]
  286. Citation Needed [add]
  287. Citation Needed [add]
  288. Citation Needed [add]
  289. What’s New At Tumblr: Funding, Hires, Office, Board Member, And A Focus On Fashion ( []
  290. GameGround Raises Series B Financing, Begins Open Beta for Gaming App That Enhances and Unifies Player Experience ( [edit]
  291. SEC ( [edit]
  292. TokBox raises $12M to jam Skype into your web browser ( [edit]
  293. Airbnb Press Release, Nov. 11, 2010 ( [edit]
  294. Vipshop Closes $20m Round of Funding ( [edit]
  295. AcousticEye Closes Investment Round with Funding from Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  296. Citation Needed [add]
  297. Citation Needed [add]
  298. Citation Needed [add]
  299. Riptano Prophesizes Success With Cassandra Database, $2.7M Funding ( [edit]
  300. RingCentral Rings In Another $10 Million From Khosla, Sequoia ( [edit]
  301. Evernote Raises $20M In Bid To Become A "Global Platform For Human Memory" ( [edit]
  302. Sequoia Capital Invests $15.8M In Celon Laboratories ( [edit]
  303. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  304. Citation Needed [add]
  305. Citation Needed [add]
  306. DNS Service Provider OpenDNS Gets A $4.5 Million Injection ( [edit]
  307. Quantenna brings in $21M to carry faster Wi-Fi into the home ( [edit]
  308. Aster Data Closes $30M Series C Financing Round ( [edit]
  309. Micromax Informatics Raises $43M ( [edit]
  310. Eddingpharm (Cayman) Closes $24M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  311. Sequoia Capital, Song invest $15 mln in K12 techno services ( [edit]
  312. Medical Software Maker AirStrip Banks $30M ( [edit]
  313. Nimbula raises $15M to expand cloud service ( [edit]
  314. Health products B2C site secures funding from Sequoia ( [edit]
  315. Digital Textbook Startup Inkling Scores Sequoia Funding, Publisher Deals ( [edit]
  316. Quick Heal Technologies Receives Investment from Sequoia Capital India ( [edit]
  317. Citation Needed [add]
  318. Citation Needed [add]
  319. Hungry For Growth, Search Marketing Startup KENSHOO Raises More Funding ( [edit]
  320. SynapSense Raises Additional $5 Million ( [edit]
  321. Readying For An IPO, Jive Software Raises $30 Million From Kleiner Perkins And Sequoia ( [edit]
  322. Atheros teams with Wilocity; leading $20m round ( [edit]
  323. MobileIron raises $16 million to manage employee smartphones ( [edit]
  324. Citation Needed [add]
  325. Citation Needed [add]
  326. Citation Needed [add]
  327. Citation Needed [add]
  328. Homerun For SunRun: Sequoia Capital Leads $55 Million Financing ( [edit]
  329. Private Cloud Redux — Nimbula Bets on Today's Reality ( [edit]
  330. Sequoia Capital Leads $14 Million Round For Sencha’s HTML5 Frameworks. ( [edit]
  331. Snaptu Hits 10 Million Users, Raises $6 Million More From Carmel And Sequoia ( [edit]
  332. Sequoia Invests in Israeli Online Ad Optimization's Taykey ( [edit]
  333. Y Combinator Closes New $8.25 Million Fund, Sequoia Is Lead Investor ( [edit]
  334. Sipera Raises $10M ( [edit]
  335. Sequoia Capital Invests In Swedish Startup Klarna ( [edit]
  336. Cotendo Closes $12 Million Investment Round ( [edit]
  337. Citation Needed [add]
  338. Druva Raises $5 Million From Sequoia And IAN For Data Protection Software ( [edit]
  339. Citation Needed [add]
  340. Citation Needed [add]
  341. Series F, 3/10 [edit]
  342. EDGAR [edit]
  343. Citation Needed [add]
  344. Citation Needed [add]
  345. Silicon Valley VC invests $25M in implant provider ( [edit]
  346. Quantenna raises $15M to make Wi-Fi faster and more reliable ( [edit]
  347. SEC D ( [edit]
  348. Sanrad secures $3 million in fourth round of venture funding ( [edit]
  349. [edit]
  350. Oorja charges up with $450K for forklift fuel cells ( [edit]
  351. Acton Pharma completes $15M first funding round ( [edit]
  352. Citation Needed [add]
  353. Citation Needed [add]
  354. TuneIn: The Sequoia-Funded Radio App With More Usage Than Pandora or Spotify ( [edit]
  355. CloudShare Lands $10 Million To Bring Software Demos To The Cloud ( [edit]
  356. Kenshoo Secures Additional Funding From Sequoia Capital, to launch new “Kenshoo Local” Business Unit ( [edit]
  357. Citation Needed [add]
  358. Citation Needed [add]
  359. Citation Needed [add]
  360. zero2ipo ( [edit]
  361. SEC D ( [edit]
  362. ReaMetrix raises $2.1M to develop cell lines ( [edit]
  363. Dropbox Raised $6 Million Sequoia-Led Series A In October 2008 ( [edit]
  364. Outright raises $5.5M to help small businesses with their finances ( [edit]
  365. NASDAQ ( [edit]
  366. Eventbrite Gets A $6.5 Million Infusion From Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  367. EDGAR [edit]
  368. Citation Needed [add]
  369. OkayBuy Completes Series B Financing ( [edit]
  370. Unity Technologies Announces Investment from Sequoia Capital and Silicon Valley Luminaries ( [edit]
  371. Bump Technologies Confirms Sequoia Funding, Reveals Roster Of Angels. ( [edit]
  372. YC-Funded DailyBooth Raises $1 Million From Sequoia, Kevin Rose, Ron Conway Et Al. ( [edit]
  373. Jive Raises $12 Million For Social Enterprise Software ( [edit]
  374. Clean Diesel Specialist Achates Power Raises $12.1M ( [edit]
  375. Citation Needed [add]
  376. Unisfair captures $3.2M to host virtual events ( [edit]
  377. Ruckus nabs $10.7M for Wi-Fi for internet TV ( [edit]
  378. Raises $1.2 Million For Facebook-Powered Matchmaking Service ( [edit]
  379. Citation Needed [add]
  380. Employee smartphone manager MobileIron raises $11M ( [edit]
  381. []
  382. Rayspan raises $12.5 million to filter out noise in cell phones ( [edit]
  383. Santur Lands $13M ( [edit]
  384. Kontera Raises $15.5M For Annoying In-Text Advertising Technology ( [edit]
  385. eMeter takes $32M to help utilities switch to smart meters ( [edit]
  386. StrongMail Raises $7.6 Million—Likely In Order To Fund Purchase Of PopularMedia ( [edit]
  387. eCardio Receives Significant Investment in Private Funding from Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  388. [edit]
  389. Citation Needed [add]
  390. GameGround snags $4.1 million from Sequoia for gamer services ( [edit]
  391. Sugar Buys; Raises $16 Million In Third Round ( [edit]
  392. Bubble Motion raises $6M for mobile voice messaging ( [edit]
  393. Looks Like Twitter Paid Mixer Labs $5.17M in Stock ( [edit]
  394. Citation Needed [add]
  395. LogLogic scores $8M for data management services ( [edit]
  396. Citation Needed [add]
  397. Citation Needed [add]
  398. Quantenna Communications Raises $14 Million in Series C Funding for Wireless High Definition Home Networking ( [edit]
  399. Citation Needed [add]
  400. Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  401. Y Combinator Gets The Sequoia Capital Seal Of Approval ( [edit]
  402. CDN Upstart Cotendo Launches, Gets More Cash ( [edit]
  403. SynapSense Raises $7M for Data Center Energy Efficiency ( [edit]
  404. Aster Data Systems Extends oversubscribed Series B Funding to $17 Million ( [edit]
  405. Appirio raises $10M to bring business into the cloud ( [edit]
  406. Marketing platform start-up Pontis raises nearly $20m ( [edit]
  407. Gene Security Network Completes $6M Series B Financing ( [edit]
  408. Citation Needed [add]
  409. Gene Security Network raises $4M, aims to improve IVF gene tests ( [edit]
  410. United States Securities and Exchange Commission ( [edit]
  411. Citation Needed [add]
  412. Mobile ad network AdMob hits profitability, raises $15.7 million ( [edit]
  413. [edit]
  414. Corvil Signs Fixnetix, Correlix Gains Investor ( [edit]
  415. Challenge Games raises $10 Million in Series B funding ( [edit]
  416. Citation Needed [add]
  417. Palo Alto Networks Raises $27 Million in Series C Financing ( [edit]
  418. Mobile Firm Amobee Raises $22 Million For Ad-Supported Cellphone Service ( [edit]
  419. Video Chat Service TokBox Raises $10 Million From Bain ( [edit]
  420. PopularMedia Gets $8 Million Third Round For Social Media Tools ( [edit]
  421. gets $18-m PE funding ( [edit]
  422. Conformia Software, Inc. Obtains $2,950,000 Series D Financing ( [edit]
  423. Sequoia Capital Invests in Appirio to Accelerate the Adoption of On-Demand ( [edit]
  424. Online Gamer Challenge Games Raises $4.5 Million First Round ( [edit]
  425. Real estate search company Trulia raises $15M more ( [edit]
  426. MEVIO Secures $15 Million in Funding to Support Rapid Growth and Move Into Vertical Entertainment Networks ( [edit]
  427. Ideacts Innovations raises $5 million from Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  428. Citation Needed [add]
  429. LinkedIn Closes Its Round; Got That Billion Dollar Valuation ( [edit]
  430. Chinese In-Game Advertiser Raises $10 Million First Round ( [edit]
  431. Raising $8M funding, Maxscend aggressively pursues China’s terrestrial DTV market ( [edit]
  432. SCIOinspire announces formal launch ( [edit]
  433. SatNav Technologies receives funding worth $7 million from Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  434. FireEye raises $14.5M for botnet protection ( [edit]
  435. Press Releases ( [edit]
  436. More betting on visual search: SearchMe raises another $12.6M ( [edit]
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  438. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  439. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  440. Webitpr release ( [edit]
  441. Storwize Secures $19M ( [edit]
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  443. Citation Needed [add]
  444. Citation Needed [add]
  445. Citation Needed []
  446. Press Release ( [edit]
  447. Advanced Power Projects, for power plant efficiency, takes first funding ( [edit]
  448. P2P Firm Skyrider Raises $5 Million; Changes CEOs ( [edit]
  449. Citation Needed [add]
  450. Employee smartphone manager MobileIron raises $11M ( [edit]
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  453. EDGAR [edit]
  454. TechCrunch [edit]
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  457. [edit]
  458. Unisfair Gets $10M in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  459. Twitter Acquires Mixer Labs ( [edit]
  460. IAC Buying Major Chunk In HealthCentral; Carlyle, Sequoia & Polaris Also Investing; Total $50M ( [edit]
  461. [edit]
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  463. SEC ( [edit]
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  466. Latest Sequoia investments highlight global focus ( [edit]
  467. EDGAR [edit]
  468. [edit]
  469. [edit]
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  471. [edit]
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  474. [edit]
  475. [edit]
  476. AdBrite Raises $23 Million ( [edit]
  477. Sequoia Capital Invests In Israel's Silent Communications ( [edit]
  478. Navigenics raises more than $25M for personal genetics ( [edit]
  479. Ruckus Wireless raises $7.5M more for IPTV router ( [edit]
  480. Quantenna Secures Series B Funding Of Over $12.7 Million ( [edit]
  481. Sequoia Capital invests in Noah, a Chinese wealth management co. ( [edit]
  482. Sipera secures $10 million ( [edit]
  483. [edit]
  484. Citation Needed [add]
  485. Citation Needed [add]
  486. Satellier receives a $10 million investment ( [edit]
  487. [edit]
  488. Xoom Raises $20 Million Series E ( [edit]
  489. Citation Needed [add]
  490. Clearwell, email analytics company, raises $17M. ( [edit]
  491. EDGAR [edit]
  492. Jive Software Receives $15 Million from Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  493. Citation Needed [add]
  494. Kontera raises $10.3M more for “in-text” ad technology ( [edit]
  495. EDGAR [edit]
  496. Loopt draws on $8.25 million of a $12M planned second round ( [edit]
  497. Mark Logic Secures $15 Million in Third-Round Financing ( [edit]
  498. Citation Needed [add]
  499. Has 60M users and Another $10M in Funding ( [edit]
  500. Palo Alto Networks Raises $18 Million in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  501. WiQuest Raises $28M in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  502. Storewiz raises $9M for online storage compression appliance ( [edit]
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  505. Citation Needed [add]
  506. Joost Announces $45 million Funding ( [edit]
  507. Venture Beat ( [edit]
  508. [edit]
  509. [edit]
  510. [edit]
  511. AllThingsD ( [edit]
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  513. TechCrunch ( [edit]
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  515. SEC ( [edit]
  516. [edit]
  517. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  518. Open-Silicon, chip design company, gets $10M. ( [edit]
  519. Founder's Blog ( [edit]
  520. UUSee – the YouTube Killer – gets more funding – $23 million worth ( [edit]
  521. Provigent, system-on-a-chip for wireless, raises more cash ( [edit]
  522. Citation Needed [add]
  523. Citation Needed [add]
  524. [edit]
  525. [edit]
  526. [edit]
  527. Citation Needed [add]
  528. Pontis Secures $15 Million in Equity Financing Led By Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  529. [edit]
  530. Beceem Raises Over $40 Million in Series D-Round Financing ( [edit]
  531. Viral marketing company, PopularMedia, raises $4.25M ( [edit]
  532. [edit]
  533. EDGAR [edit]
  534. Discretix, mobile device and flash memory security co., raises $20M ( [edit]
  535. @ D: Calacanis’ New Venture: Mahalo, Human-Powered Search Engine; $16 Million Funding ( [edit]
  536. Collactive seeks to overwhelm Digg, Reddit with interested stories ( [edit]
  537. [edit]
  539. GreenDot : The Ubiquitous Pre-Paid Card Gets Funded at $20M ( [edit]
  540. Songbird, a browser-integrated media player, received $8M last year ( [edit]
  541. [edit]
  542. Qihoo raises $25M for new Web 2.0 search engine ( [edit]
  543. Aruba raises $5M, sweetening pot before going public? ( [edit]
  544. SkyRider gets $12M more for aggressive P2P search engine ( [edit]
  545. EDGAR [edit]
  546. Digital display component co., Miradia, raises around $15M ( [edit]
  547. Music player Songbird gets $1M, releases cross-platform version ( [edit]
  548. Citation Needed [add]
  549. Citation Needed [add]
  550. EDGAR [edit]
  551. EDGAR [edit]
  552. NEA leads PortAuthority $18m third round. ( [edit]
  553. Leak prevention company PortAuthority gets $18M more ( [edit]
  554. Peakstream gets $17M more from Foundation, Sequoia, Kleiner ( [edit]
  555. Cyberagent Ventures Source [edit]
  556. Press Release ( [edit]
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  560. Citation Needed [add]
  561. Web conferencing co Unisfair raises $4m ( [edit]
  562. Citation Needed [add]
  563. Digital Chocolate Gets $22.5 Million ( [edit]
  564. EDGAR [edit]
  565. ConSentry Networks Raises $20 Million in Oversubscribed Round ( [edit]
  566. Citation Needed [add]
  567. EDGAR [edit]
  568. [edit]
  569. Click here to find out more! Network Appliance to buy storage company, Topio, for $160M ( [edit]
  570. AppLabs Secures $10 Million in Funding from Sequoia Capital. ( [edit]
  571. From Little Things Big Things Grow ( [edit]
  572. TutorVista Secures $2 Million from Sequoia Capital India ( [edit]
  573. Citation Needed [add]
  574. China-based VanceInfo Technologies Inc. Secures Venture Capital Funding Led by Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  575. Is Sequoia jumping on the green-tech bandwaggon? ( [edit]
  576. EDGAR [edit]
  577. Citation Needed [add]
  578. Citation Needed [add]
  579. Dblur Technologies Raises $6 Million in Second Financing Round. ( [edit]
  580. Formula Vision subsidiary SintecMedia to raise $10 million ( [edit]
  581. Email Intelligence Pioneer Clearwell Systems Announces $12 Million in Funding ( [edit]
  582. []
  583. Citation Needed [add]
  584. [edit]
  585. Citation Needed [add]
  586. WiQuest secures $18 million in second-round funds ( [edit]
  587. EDGAR [edit]
  588. Sipera Secures $13.2 Million From Sequoia Capital, Austin Ventures And Star Ventures ( [edit]
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  590. [edit]
  591. [edit]
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  594. LightReading ( [edit]
  595. [edit]
  596. waps a chinese wireless company reportedly raises $8m ( [edit]
  597. ITA Software Announces $100 Million in Equity Financing ( [edit]
  598. StrongMail Systems Secures $9.5 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  599. Agitar Snags Another $10M ( [edit]
  601. Barracuda Networks Announces Investment from Sequoia Capital and Francisco Partners ( [edit]
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  603. [edit]
  604. @ D: Calacanis’ New Venture: Mahalo, Human-Powered Search Engine; $16 Million Funding ( [edit]
  605. Dash gets more VC cash ( [edit]
  606. Citation Needed [add]
  607. Palo Alto Networks ( [edit]
  608. Sequoia puts $7 mn in ( [edit]
  609. Sequoia Leads Investment in China's UUSEE ( [edit]
  610. Bharti Telesoft Raises $13.5M ( [edit]
  611. Meebo Confirms Sequoia Funding ( [edit]
  612. Citation Needed [add]
  613. Loopt to make mobile presence usable ( [edit]
  615. Zappos [edit]
  616. []
  617. EDGAR [edit]
  618. Oracle Grabs LogicalApps ( [edit]
  619. Traiana Inc. Secures $15 mm in Financing Led by Pitango Venture Capital ( [edit]
  620. EDGAR [edit]
  621. Stoke Gets Stoked With $20M ( [edit]
  622. VC: Wireless Networks and Mobile Content ( [edit]
  623. EDGAR [edit]
  624. ConSentry Networks Raises $17 Million in Oversubscribed Series C Funding Round from Accel Partners, INVESCO and Sequoia Capital ( [edit]
  625. Citation Needed [add]
  626. Citation Needed [add]
  627. EDGAR [edit]
  628. Xceive Secures $13.5 Million in Funding to Continue Leading-Edge Development; Silicon Valley Company Completes Series C Financing. ( [edit]
  629. Elemental raises $11 million in third funding round ( [edit]
  630. EDGAR [edit]
  631. PortAuthority Technologies -Formerly Vidius- Raises $13.4 Million in Funding from Greylock.. ( [edit]
  632. Citation Needed [add]
  633. EDGAR [edit]
  634. Infoblox Secures $30 Million To Continue Rapid Growth ( [edit]
  635. Topio Taps $8M ( [edit]
  636. EDGAR [edit]
  637. EDGAR [edit]
  638. EDGAR [edit]
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  641. Corporate Brochure ( [edit]
  642. [edit]
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  644. eHarmony Replacing Yenta ( [edit]
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  646. Techmoz article ( []
  647. [edit]
  648. Plaxo connects to more funding ( [edit]
  649. StrongMail Systems Receives Equity Funding from Sequoia Capital and Evercore Ventures ( [edit]
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  651. Gracenote Closes $13M Round of Funding, Led by Bessemer Venture Partners ( [edit]
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  654. Plaxo Press Release - 7/28/2003 ( [edit]
  655. SEC Filing Via Liquid Scenarios Search2Model ( [edit]
  656. GreenDot : The Ubiquitous Pre-Paid Card Gets Funded at $20M ( [edit]
  657. Mark Logic Secures $12 Million in Series B Funding; Funds Targeted to Help Company Meet Surge in Customer Demand; Tom Banahan Joins Board of Directors ( [edit]
  658. Plaxo Press Release - 2/18/2003 ( [edit]
  659. Gracenote Raises $9.5 Million in Third Round of Financing Led by Sequoia Capital; Funding Will Accelerate Next Generation Technologies, Strategic Initiatives ( [edit]
  660. Mark Logic builds on vertical strengths with XML-based content server ( [edit]
  661. Company Secures $22.9 Million in Latest Round of Financing ( [edit]
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  663. PR Newswire ( [edit]
  664. []
  666. The History of Yahoo! - How It All Started ( []
  667. Cisco ( [edit]
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