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Seed Capital

SEED Capital is Denmarks biggest venture capital fund within the seed segment and specializes in identifying, financing and developing competent and innovative entrepreneurial companies developing the medtech and technology companies of the future from seed stage to exit.

SEED Capital also manages public funds via a strategic corporation with the innovation incubator DTU Symbion Innovation. Public funding allows SEED Capital to invest in start-ups in the early stages, and private venture capital is invested in the most successful companies in subsequent investment rounds. This business model allows them to invest earlier than most VC companies and to provide substantially more capital than most seed investors.

SEED Capital invests in approximately 15 new promising growth companies every year. This is based on a screening of more than 500 business proposals every year and meetings with more than 100 of these opportunities to further investigate or advice on the suggested business ventures. Besides investment SEED Capital assists portfolio companies with value-generating activities such as management support, business development, organizational and strategic development, marketing, and ad hoc operational, financial, and legal assistance.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
DealCircle 3/2014Venture Round$750k4
deskwolf 1/2014Venture Round€1.5M4
Trustpilot 1/2014Series C$25M4
Bellmetric 11/2013Seed1
Nanovi 11/2013Seed€600k1
Sepior 9/2013Seed4
Vivino 7/2013Series A$10.3M4
Mofibo 7/2013Seed1
deskwolf 3/2013Venture Round1
Wantr 3/2013Seed$600k1
Acarix 3/2013Seed€3.6M1
Sensorist 1/2013Seed1
Trustpilot 12/2012Venture Round$13M3
CodeSealer 12/2012Series A€2.2M2
Energie Etiche 11/2012Seed€30k1
Admazely 4/2012Seed$600k3
Bownty 1/2012Seed€500k1
abeo 11/2011Venture Round€1.5M1
Trustpilot 11/2011Venture Round$4.5M2
Endomondo 9/2011Series A$2.3M1
Trustpilot 1/2011Venture Round$900k1
Reapplix 9/2010Venture Round€1.02M1
Amminex 9/2007Series C€7M2
Valderm 8/2007Series A$3.37M1
Teklatech 5/2007Seed$1.5M1
Nangate 1/2007Series B$15M3
Celltrix 5/2006Venture Round€3M2
Nangate 4/2006Series A$10M2
Taktio 4/2005Series A$7.79M3



  1. DealCircle Raises $750K ( [edit]
  2. Deskwolf gets €1.5 M investment ( [edit]
  3. Trustpilot Raises $25M in Series C Financing ( [edit]
  5. Nanovi secures funding for radiotherapy marker ( [edit]
  6. Sepior Raises seed funding ( [edit]
  7. Vivino Raises $10.3M In Series A Funding ( [edit]
  8. Danish E-Book Subscription Service Mobifo Raises Funding ( [edit]
  9. Deskwolf Raises Funding from SEED Capital ( [edit]
  10. Wantr Raises $600K in Funding ( [edit]
  11. Acarix Raises €3.6M in Funding ( [edit]
  12. Seed Capital Portfolio ( [edit]
  13. With Nearly 7M Reviews Of 100K Sites, Trustpilot Raises $13M From Index And More To Build Out A Yelp For The World Of E-Commerce ( [edit]
  14. CodeSealer recieves €2.2M in capital ( [edit]
  15. Citation Needed [add]
  16. Citation Needed [add]
  17. Bownty attracts 0.5 mio € to clean up the market for deals ( [edit]
  18. Abeo Raises €1,5M from SEED Capital ( [edit]
  19. Trustpilot Raises $4.5m To Scale Up Trust Ratings For Shopping ( [edit]
  20. Endomondo Raises $2.3M from SEED Capital ( [edit]
  21. Trustpilot Raises DKK5,5M in Venture Capital Funding ( [edit]
  22. Seed Capital backs Reapplix ( [edit]
  23. Amminex raises EUR 7M for cleaner car emission technology ( [edit]
  24. EDGAR [edit]
  25. Teklatech Raise $1.5 Million In Funding ( [edit]
  26. VentureBeat ( [edit]
  27. New owners invest in Celltrix technology ( [edit]
  28. April 5, 2006: EDA Startup Nangate Secures $10M in Venture Capital ( [edit]
  29. EDGAR [edit]
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