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General Information


SEP III, 9/2006 £160M
SEP IV, 1/2011 £200M
The Environmental Energies Fund, 1/2012 £95M


17 Blythswood Square
Glasgow, G2 4AD, GBR
London Office
29 St George Street
London, W1S 2FA, GBR


Founder and Partner
Managing Partner
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Scottish Equity Partners

Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) is a leading UK venture capital firm which invests in innovative, technology and technology-enabled, companies with significant growth potential. SEP’s team has invested in more than 150 such enterprises many of which have become successful global companies.

The current SEP portfolio comprises over 30 high growth companies including travel search company Skyscanner, luxury fashion retailer Matches, healthcare informatics company Aridhia and energy services company Anesco. SEP invests in companies throughout the UK in the TMT (technology, media and telecoms), healthcare and energy sectors.

SEP is one of the largest venture capital firms in Europe and operates from offices in London and Glasgow. Investors in SEP’s limited partnership funds include global financial institutions, alternative asset management companies, pension funds, family offices and major corporates.

SEP was named ‘Venture Capital Firm of the Year’ at the British Private Equity Awards in 2012 for the third time in recent years.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Silent Herdsman 3/2014Venture Round£3M3
Powervation 2/2014Series C$5.5M5
Car Loan 4U 2/2014Private Equity£8M1
Sumerian 9/2013Venture Round£2.4M2
Micron Technology 9/2013Series C$16M1
Pure360 7/2013Venture Round£10.5M1
CYBERHAWK Innovations 6/2013Seed£1.25M1
SocialBro 6/2013Series A$1.8M3
Mister Spex 5/2013Private Equity€16M3
hetras 4/2013Series D2
Smarter Grid Solutions 1/2013Venture Round£3M3
Powervation 12/2012Series C$7M5
Green Highland Renewables 10/2012Venture Round£3.3M1
Matches Fashion 9/2012Venture Round£12M1
SkyDox 9/2012Venture Round£20M2
Workshare 9/2012Venture Round£20M2
Clavis Technology 7/2012Venture Round£1.56M2
WAYN 5/2012Venture Round1
hetras 3/2012Series C2
Reaqua Systems 1/2012Venture Round1
Anesco 1/2012Venture Round1
Smarter Grid Solutions 1/2012Venture Round1
Vital Energi 1/2012Venture Round1
Green Highland Renewables 1/2012Venture Round1
CYBERHAWK Innovations 1/2012Venture Round1
Solarcentury 1/2012Venture Round1
Geothermal International 12/2011Venture Round£12M3
IndigoVision 12/2011Venture Round1
ip.access 12/2011Venture Round$15M7
Exco inTouch 9/2011Venture Round£3M1
Metaforic 4/2011Series B$8M3
Media Ingenuity 4/2011Venture Round£17.5M1
hetras 2/2011Series B€6.25M2
Elonics 9/2010Series B$9.5M2
picoChip 6/2010Venture Round$20M7
ControlCircle 3/2010Venture Round£6M1
Zinwave 3/2010Venture Round£2.5M1
picoChip 11/2009Series E$20M8
Powervation 11/2009Series B5
CamSemi 9/2009Series D$8.19M3
Micron Technology 8/2009Series C$16M3
Powervation 7/2009Series B$10M4
Stentys 7/2009Series B$22.2M3
Clavis Technology 4/2009Series A€2.1M4
BioVex 3/2009Series F$40M7
Aridhia Informatics 3/2009Venture Round£600k1
Cmed 11/2008Seed$5M1
Fotech 6/2008Series A£6.5M3
ARKeX 6/2008Series C$30.7M3
Deep Casing Tools 5/2008Venture Round£4M2
Tideway 4/2008Series C$27M2
Futuretec 3/2008Seed£4M1
Stentys 3/2008Series A$18M1
Zinwave 3/2008Series B£4.97M1
Sumerian 3/2008Venture Round1
Micron Technology 2/2008Series B$12M1
Powervation 12/2007Series A£4.96M1
Gigle Networks 11/2007Series B$20M3
Atraverda 11/2007Series B£10.4M7
Skyscanner 11/2007Series A£2.5M1
BioVex 11/2007Series E$35M1
Kiala 11/2007Venture Round€26M1
CamSemi 10/2007Series C$26M5
MicroEmissive Displays Group 9/2007Venture Round$15.8M2
Xanic 6/2007Series A$808k2
picoChip 6/2007Series D$27M8
Heartscape 4/2007Series B£8.49M1
Atraverda 3/2007Series A£6.22M1
ip.access 2/2007Venture Round$10M1
Nallatech 1/2007Series C$3.93M2
Micron Technology 10/2006Series A$6.41M1
daysoft 8/2006Venture Round£1.5M1
Chronicle Solutions 6/2006Series A$5.52M3
Empower Interactive 3/2006Private Equity$18M5
ip.access 3/2006Venture Round£8.5M1
ARKeX 12/2005Series B£5M4
ARKeX 11/2005Venture Round£500k1
Zinwave 8/2005Series A$7.64M2
Intercytex Group 8/2005Venture Round£12M5
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals 7/2005Venture Round£5M1
picoChip 6/2005Series C$20.5M5
Gendel 5/2005Venture Round$366k3
Zeus 3/2005Series C£3M1
Rhytec 12/2004Venture Round£8M1
MTEM Limited 9/2004Series A£7.4M3
Sosei 9/2004Venture Round£29M1
Searchspace 9/2004Venture Round£11.4M1
Surfkitchen 7/2004Series A£9.6M1
Verisim 6/2004Seed£1.2M1
MicroEmissive Displays Group 5/2004Venture Round£1.7M1
Tideway 4/2004Series A2
ARKeX 3/2004Seed£4M1
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals 1/2004Series D£21.3M1
Photonic Materials 1/2004Series C£3.75M3
Nallatech 1/2004Venture Round£2M2
BioVex 10/2003Series C£17M4
Intercytex Group 8/2003Venture Round£1M1
MicroEmissive Displays Group 7/2003Venture Round£4.7M3
AMGas 5/2003Venture Round1
CamSemi 1/2003Seed£3.75M1
Aspects Software 12/2002Seed£5M3
Tideway 12/2002Seed3
CSR 9/2002Venture Round£12.2M1
Photonic Materials 6/2002Series B£8M4
daysoft 3/2002Venture Round£2M1
MicroEmissive Displays Group 3/2002Venture Round£6.3M1
Terahertz Photonics 1/2002Series B$60M1
Gendel 1/2002Venture Round£2M1
RadioScape 12/2001Series A£15.6M1
Essential Viewing 11/2001Seed£1.5M1
Rhetorical Group plc 11/2001Venture Round£4.3M1
Photonic Materials 7/2001Series A£2.5M4
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals 6/2001Series C£34M1
KAL 5/2001Venture Round£2.4M1
daysoft 3/2001Seed£1M1
Aspects Software 1/2001Venture Round£12M1
Nallatech 12/2000Venture Round£2M1
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals 5/1999Venture Round£5M1



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