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General Information


Fund V, 8/2011 $230M
Fund II, 1/1999 $225M
Fund III, 1/2001 $196M
Fund IV, 1/2006 $300M
RRE Ventures V, 1/2012 $250M
RRE Ventures VI, 2/2014


New York, USA
130 East 59th Street
17th Floor
New York, NY, 10022


Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Managing Partner
General Partner
General Partner and COO
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RRE Ventures

Since its founding in 1994, RRE Ventures has been dedicated to helping talented management teams build industry-leading companies. Today we manage $850 million in assets dedicated to investing in private information technology companies. We focus on rapidly growing markets in the software, communications, and financial services industries. We back entrepreneurs and management teams that possess the industry knowledge, vision, and discipline to create market-dominating companies. Our team brings a unique combination of management, operations, and investment expertise, as well as an unrivaled network of relationships, to help our entrepreneurs drive growth.

At RRE, we have one mission…to help entrepreneurs build great companies.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Paperless Post 4/2014Series C$25M4
The Skimm 4/2014Seed$1.58M8
Base CRM 3/2014Series B$15M6
OnDeck 3/2014Series E$77M8
Business Insider 3/2014Venture Round$12M4
The Black Tux 2/2014Seed$2.6M8
Trumaker 2/2014Series A$6.5M2
Datadog 2/2014Series B$15M8
Noom 2/2014Series A$7M6
The Dodo 1/2014Seed$2M6
Culinary Agents 1/2014Seed$500k2
Hightower 12/2013Seed$2.12M13
Floored 12/2013Series A$5.26M5
Sols 12/2013Venture Round$1.75M11
Sailthru 12/2013Series C$20M6
betaworks 11/2013Venture Round$20M5
TapCommerce 11/2013Series A$10.5M5
Tinybop 11/2013Series A$5M3
Shake 11/2013Series A$3M7
Quirky 11/2013Series D$79M5
itBit 11/2013Seed$3.25M5
eRecycling Corps 10/2013Series C$105M6
Yhat 10/2013Seed$1M4
Logentries 9/2013Series A$10M4
HowAboutWe 9/2013Series B$4.2M3
Electric Cloud 9/2013Series D$8M5
Trusted Insight 8/2013Convertible Note8
Kroll Bond Rating Agency 8/2013Series C$15M2
basno 7/2013Series A$1M5
Mingyian 7/2013Seed$500k4
Yieldbot 7/2013Series A$5M6
imgIX 5/2013Series A5
Kik 4/2013Series B$19.5M4
SocialFlow 4/2013Series B$10M7
BarkBox 4/2013Convertible Note$5M2
Business Insider 4/2013Venture Round$5M3
DailyLook 4/2013Seed$2.5M7
Airware 3/2013Seed$3M7
SideTour 3/2013Series A$2.5M2 3/2013Series A$4.2M7
StellaService 2/2013Series B$15M3
Thinkful 2/2013Seed$1M4
OnDeck 2/2013Series D$42M4
Sailthru 2/2013Series B$19M4
CoverHound 2/2013Series A$8.18M4
Olo 1/2013Series B$5M4
BuzzFeed 1/2013Series D$19.3M6
TapCommerce 1/2013Seed$1.2M4
WhipTail 12/2012Series C$31M4
Tendril 12/2012Venture Round$15M4
Lift 11/2012Series A$2.5M4
Amicus 11/2012Seed$3.2M16
Trumaker 10/2012Seed$1.9M8
Shake 9/2012Seed$1M3
Braintree 9/2012Series B$35M4
Netsertive 8/2012Series B$7.3M3
Wantworthy 8/2012Seed$1M4
Turf Geography Club 8/2012Seed$600k3
Logentries 7/2012Seed$1.1M3
Bitly 7/2012Venture Round$15M3
BarkBox 7/2012Seed$1.7M6
Bloglovin 6/2012Series A$1M9
Moda Operandi 6/2012Series C$36M4
Popdust 6/2012Series A$4.5M3
Vine 6/2012Series A2
Paperless Post 5/2012Series A$6M3
Piictu 5/2012Seed$1M2
Certeon 5/2012Venture Round$4M3
Copiun 4/2012Series A$1.36M2
Nodejitsu 4/2012Series A$1.9M4
Yieldbot 2/2012Series A$4.2M5
Amicus 2/2012Seed$580k8
WhipTail 1/2012Series B3
GetGlue 1/2012Series D$12M4
BuzzFeed 1/2012Series C$15.5M5
numberFire 1/2012Seed$750k7
BestVendor 12/2011Series A$3M4
StellaService 11/2011Series A$5M4
HowAboutWe 11/2011Series B$15M4
SideTour 10/2011Seed$1.5M3
Tykoon 9/2011Seed$1.35M5
Business Insider 9/2011Venture Round$7M6
Piictu 9/2011Seed$730k7
Techstars 9/2011Venture Round$24M7
numberFire 9/2011Seed5
Affinity China 9/2011Seed$600k3
Sailthru 9/2011Series A$8M6
MakerBot 8/2011Venture Round$10M6
Quirky 8/2011Series B$16M2
Spanfeller Media Group 8/2011Series B$6M5
Venmo 8/2011Series A4
SinglePlatform 8/2011Series A$3.25M5
WhipTail 7/2011Series A2
Yipit 6/2011Series B$6M4
VYou 5/2011Series A$3M5
Datadog 4/2011Seed$1.2M5
Payfone 4/2011Series C$19M6
SocialFlow 4/2011Series A$7M7
Kohort 4/2011Seed$3M22
Nodejitsu 4/2011Seed$750k4
StellaService 3/2011Series A$2M6
Kik 3/2011Series A$8M3
Recyclebank 2/2011Series C$14M7
Solvate 2/2011Series B$4M2
Solvate 2/2011Series B$4M3
Popdust 2/2011Series A$1M4 12/2010Venture Round$4M3
Netsertive 12/2010Series A$4.48M2
Yieldbot 12/2010Seed$1.2M8
mobiTeris 12/2010Seed1
Connectivity Data Systems 12/2010Seed1
StreetSpark 11/2010Seed$750k1
Bitly 10/2010Series B$10M10
SinglePlatform 9/2010Seed$1.2M5
ADstruc 9/2010Seed$1.1M9
Copiun 9/2010Series A$1.9M4
HowAboutWe 9/2010Series A$3.1M7
Hyperpublic 9/2010Seed$1.15M7
Fluidinfo 8/2010Series A$1.79M12
Payfone 8/2010Series B$11M3
Hitpost 8/2010Seed1
The Huffington Post 8/2010Venture Round1
Kroll Bond Rating Agency 8/2010Series A1
K2 Intelligence 8/2010Series A1
Business Insider 7/2010Series D$3M5
LearnBoost 7/2010Angel$975k10
Sailthru 7/2010Seed$1M7
Yipit 6/2010Series A$1.3M11
Spanfeller Media Group 6/2010Series A$2M4
Trusted Insight 5/2010Seed1
BuzzFeed 5/2010Series B$8M8
Venmo 5/2010Seed$1.2M8 5/2010Series C$4.85M3
Xobni 4/2010Series C$16.2M7
Quirky 4/2010Series A$6M4
betaworks 3/2010Series B$20M13
Boom Financial 3/2010Debt$5M1
StyleTrek 2/2010Seed$1.5M6
GetGlue 1/2010Series C$6M3
Hot Potato 11/2009Series A$1.42M16
Recyclebank 11/2009Venture Round$28M4
Drobo 10/2009Series E$10M5
Semtek Innovative Solutions 9/2009Series B3
Solvate 8/2009Series A$2.3M2
Tendril 6/2009Series C$30M4
Revolution Money 6/2009Series D$15.2M1
Enpirion 3/2009Series E$16M6
Roundbox 12/2008Series C$20M5 11/2008Series D$7M3
Flipswap 11/2008Series B$14M2
eRecycling Corps 11/2008Series A2
Kashless 10/2008Series A$5M1
AdaptiveBlue 10/2008Series B$4.52M2
Tippr 10/2008Series A1
Drobo 9/2008Series D$15M4
SkyGrid 8/2008Series B$11M2
Boom Financial 7/2008Series A1
Payfone 5/2008Seed1
Tendril 3/2008Series B$12M4 3/2008Series B$3.9M3
Storm Exchange 3/2008Venture Round$7.2M2
Recyclebank 3/2008Series B$30M4
Proofpoint 2/2008Venture Round$28M8
Liquid Machines 2/2008Series D$10M6
AdmitOne Security 1/2008Series C$11M4
Peek & Co 1/2008Series A1
betaworks 1/2008Series A$7.5M4
Olo 1/2008Series A$7M3 12/2007Series A$1.2M1
Semtek Innovative Solutions 10/2007Series A$6.72M3
Mintera 10/2007Series C$19M6 9/2007Series C$18M3
SavaJe Technologies 8/2007Venture Round$4.15M3
iCrossing 7/2007Series E$62M4
Certeon 7/2007Series B$15M4
Skyhook Wireless 7/2007Series C$8.5M4
E-Duction 5/2007Series B$7.5M5
Recyclebank 5/2007Series A$13.1M2
Electric Cloud 1/2007Series C$9M4
OnDeck 2007Series B$16M5
SmartPay Jieyin 12/2006Series B$10M3
Scout Analytics 12/2006Series C1
Storm Exchange 12/2006Series A$3.6M2
Vocera Communications 11/2006Venture Round$7M6
Mintera 10/2006Series B$10M5
Drobo 7/2006Series B$12M3
Enpirion 7/2006Series C$20M7
Quirky 7/2006Venture Round5
Ember 6/2006Venture Round$12M7
Teja Technologies 5/2006Venture Round$2.5M4
Roundbox 4/2006Series B$15M3 4/2006Series B$12M3
Proofpoint 3/2006Series E$20M7
OpenPeak 3/2006Series C1
ColdWatt 1/2006Series B$16M4
SavaJe Technologies 12/2005Venture Round$40M5
Drobo 10/2005Series A$6M2
Visiprise 10/2005Series B$32M7
PrimeRevenue 9/2005Series B$10M2
Roundbox 9/2005Series A$8M2
SmartPay Jieyin 8/2005Series B1
iCrossing 7/2005Series C2
Tacit Networks 5/2005Series C$12M6
Orchestria Corporation 5/2005Series D$21M7
Mintera 4/2005Series B$18.5M5
Frictionless Commerce 2/2005Venture Round$6.2M4
VIEO 1/2005Series A$15M3
Massive 1/2005Series C$10M5
Enpirion 12/2004Series B$17M5
WisdomTree 12/2004Series A1
BitPass 9/2004Series B$11.8M6
Electric Cloud 7/2004Series B$8M3
Massive 7/2004Series B1
Nexsan 12/2003Series A$17M3
Proofpoint 10/2003Series B$9M3
SavaJe Technologies 3/2003Series B$17.5M5
Taqua 1/2003Series B$20M6
Tacit Networks 12/2002Series A$7.3M2
Cyota 12/2002Series D$8M1
Ember 10/2002Series B$20M6
BroadSoft 9/2002Series C$32.5M6
MessageOne 3/2002Series C$10M3
Teja Technologies 1/2002Series B$12M5
ReefEdge 7/2001Series B$15M4



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  204. Visiprise Merges With Software Firm, Gets $32 Million in Financing ( [edit]
  205. James D. Robinson III, Former American Express CEO, Joins PrimeRevenue Board; Company Receives $10 Million in Series B Financing. ( [edit]
  206. Roundbox Launches Company With $8 Million in Financing and Experienced Leadership Team ( [edit]
  207. SmartPay Receives Investment From RRE Ventures ( [edit]
  208. Generation Partners Invests in icrossing, Inc. ( [edit]
  209. Phatak founded Tacit Networks bags $12 M ( [edit]
  210. Orchestria Secures $21 Million In Funding To Extend Market Leadership ( [edit]
  211. Mintera ( [edit]
  212. Frictionless lands $6.2M in financing, hires new CEO Read more: Frictionless lands $6.2M in financing, hires new CEO - Boston Business Journal ( [edit]
  213. VIEO Announces $15 Million in Funding From RRE Ventures, Rho Ventures, and INVESCO; Financing to Expand Sales and Marketing for Application Service Level Management Leader. ( [edit]
  215. Enpirion closes $17 million Series B funding ( [edit]
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  218. Electric Cloud Secures $8 Million Series B Financing ( [edit]
  219. RRE Ventures Source [edit]
  220. Nexsan Corporation Receives Series A Investment From RRE Ventures LLC, Banca Gesfid SA, VantagePoint Capital Partners, Inc., And Others ( [edit]
  221. Proofpoint Announces $9 Million in Series B Funding from Blue-Chip Venture Capital Firms ( [edit]
  222. SavaJe Technologies Receives $17.5 million in Series B Funding to Support Deployment and Volume Shipments. ( [edit]
  223. Taqua Secures in Excess of $20M to Fully Fund Business Plan. ( [edit]
  224. Tacit Networks Obtains $7.3 Million in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  225. Cyota Secures $8M in Financing Led by RRE Ventures. ( [edit]
  226. Ember Closes Series B Round With $20 Million in Financing; Funding Round Strengthens Ember's New Product Development and Global Expansion Efforts. ( [edit]
  227. BroadSoft Closes Series C Round With $32.5 Million ( [edit]
  228. E-mail manager MessageOne raises $10M ( [edit]
  229. Teja Technologies Secures $12 Million in Second Round of Financing. ( [edit]
  230. ReefEdge reels in $15 million ( [edit]
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