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Fund I, 4/2011 $450M
Fund IV, 4/2014 $500M




Founder and Managing Director
Founder and Managing Director
Managing Partner
Managing Director


QiMing Venture Partners

Since our debut in 2006, we’ve established ourselves as a leading investment firm in China and currently manage four funds with over $1.2 billion in assets. Qiming has invested in over 70 companies, including many successful IPOs and M&A transactions in both the US and China. 
 Our team of 20 investment professionals has a wealth of enterprise management and venture capital experience. Our partners are proven business leaders with strong operational experience and successful investment track records, including Lin Chen, CEO of ChenYifei Group, Gary Rieschel, founder of SOFTBANK Venture Capital and Mobius Venture Capital, Jianping Gan, CFO in and Shihao Tong, vice President Bessemer Venture Partners. 
 Qiming Venture Partners invests in young, fast-growing companies across China in the media and internet, IT, consumer and retail, healthcare, and clean technology sectors.

Our portfolio companies include domestic companies like Tigermed, Bluesign Tech, Shijijiayuan, Taome, Xiaomi and multinational companies like Cisco, Intel and SAIF.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
LanzaTech New Zealand 3/2014Series D$60M5
Wacai 2/2014Series A$15M1
TutorGroup 2/2014Series B$100M4
LanzaTech New Zealand 11/2013Series C$55.8M4
Dajiabao 10/2013Series A1
Yunzhisheng 10/2013Series A$16.2M1
Tiangua Online 9/2013Series B$1M1
Hortor 7/2013Series A$2.5M1
CSD E.P. Water Service 5/2013Series B3
Mafengwo 4/2013Series B$15M2
Origene Technologies 3/2013Series C$21.3M3
Tujia 2/2013Series B$40M5
Qiniu 2/2013Venture Round1
YPX Cayman Holdings 11/2012Series C$11.5M2
Dianping 8/2012Series E$32.3M2
Forgame 6/2012Series A$68.8M2
TutorGroup 4/2012Venture Round$15M2
Dang Le 4/2012Series B$20M2
Touchmedia 2/2012Series C$16.2M2
Qiniu 1/2012Venture Round1
Mogujie 1/2012Series B$10M2
Appconomy 12/2011Series B$10M4
Zhihu 11/2011Series A$1.62M2
Leho 11/2011Venture Round$50M2
YPX Cayman Holdings 10/2011Series B$20M3
Slanissue 9/2011Angel$10M1
Nurotron Biotechnology 9/2011Venture Round1
Arrail Dental Clinic 8/2011Series B$20M2
Fanli website 7/2011Series A$10M1
Domob 6/2011Series B$20M2
Crown Bioscience 5/2011Series C$28.8M4
Gan & Lee Pharmaceutical 5/2011Series B$30.2M2
CrownBio 5/2011Venture Round$1M2
TouchPal 1/2011Series B2
CSD E.P. Water Service 1/2011Venture Round2
Xiaomi 12/2010Series A$41M2
wali 12/2010Series A$4.6M1
Docin 11/2010Series B2
Guokang Health Management 11/2010Series B$16.2M2
Dang Le 10/2010Series A$12M1
Aeonmed Medical Treatment 9/2010Series A1
BTR 8/2010Series A$1.62M1
eHi Car Rental 8/2010Series C$70M5
2Duche 8/2010Venture Round3
Dianping 7/2010Series C$100M1
Sangon Biotech 7/2010Series A$6.2M1
TouchPal 6/2010Series A$5M1 5/2010Angel$1.14M3
ChinaCache 5/2010Post IPO Equity1
Gan & Lee Pharmaceutical 5/2010Series A$16.2M1
Tigermed 3/2010Venture Round$2M1
Arrail Dental Clinic 3/2010Series A$20M2
YPX Cayman Holdings 1/2010Series A$10M1
CITIC Pharmaceutical 12/2009Series D$1M3
ChinaCache 12/2009Series D6
Alltech Medical Systems 6/2009Series B$5M2
Taomee 6/2009Series A1
Novast 6/2009Series B$25M3
Touchmedia 5/2009Series B$16.2M3
Kaixin001 4/2009Series B$20M3
Youxigu 3/2009Venture Round1
Nurien Software 1/2009Series A$10M4
eHi Car Rental 1/2009Private Equity$95M3
Novast 10/2008Series A$50M2
ChinaCache 9/2008Series C6
LP Amina 6/2008Series A$5M1
Kuwo Science and Technology 5/2008Series B1
Oriental Cambridge Education Group 5/2008Venture Round$1M2
Nurien Software 4/2008Series A$15M4
eHi Car Rental 3/2008Series A$5M2
Ether Optronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 2/2008Venture Round1
PPS 1/2008Series B$20M2
9DIAMOND 1/2008Series A$9.6M3
CrownBio 1/2008Venture Round2
Shenzhen Zhizun Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd 12/2007Series C$50M2
Dining Secretary 11/2007Series B1
Guokang Health Management 10/2007Series A$10M1
Gaoxing Co., Ltd 9/2007Series A1
ICE Entertainment 6/2007Series A$8.5M2
ChinaCache 4/2007Series B7
Huan Xiong 4/2007Venture Round$1.8M1
PPS 3/2007Series A$10M2
Yeelion 1/2007Venture Round$5.5M2
Gammastar Medical Group 1/2007Series A$10M3
Tianyuan Bio-Pharmaceutical 1/2007Series A1
Kuwo Science and Technology 11/2006Series A$5.5M1
Alltech Medical Systems 9/2006Series A1
Touchmedia 8/2006Series A1
Fangtek 6/2006Series C$12M4
Fangtek 6/2006Series C$12M4



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  38. 小米科技融资额达4100万美元 作价2.5亿美元 ( [edit]
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  45. Goldman Leads $70M Investment In China's EHi Car Rental ( [edit]
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  50. Flash Game Site Gains USD7mn VC - Investors Business Daily ( [edit]
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  62. Insider: SNS Kaixin001 to Raise $20M ( [edit]
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  64. Nurien Software Secures Additional $10M in Series A-1 Funding From Leading U.S. and China VCs ( [edit]
  65. With $70M, China’s eHi Car Rental Looks To Untangle Traffic Snarls ( [edit]
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  68. EDGAR [edit]
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  71. Nurien Gets $15M in Series A for 3D Social Networking ( [edit]
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  91. Fangtek Successfully Concludes Financing Round of US$12 Million ( [edit]
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