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General Information

DescriptionSeed Investment Firm


Amidzad Partners, 1/1999
Plug & Play Ventures, 7/2009
Startup Camp Fund, 11/2009


440 N. Wolfe Rd
Sunnyvale, CA, 94085


Managing Partner
Founding General Partner
Venture Partner
Startup Camp Mentor


Plug & Play Ventures

Plug & Play Ventures is a seed and early-stage Investment firm focused on investing in emerging growth companies. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, It is the investment arm of [] which has over 150 portfolio companies in the areas of Web 2.0, software (SaaS), Social Networking, Social Media, Gaming, Enterprise, Cloud and telecom verticals.

Plug & Play Ventures participates in Seed, Angel and Series A funding where they often co-invest with their strategic partners. Through years of experience and as part of their network, the firm has put together a world-class network of serial entrepreneurs, strategic investors, and industry leaders who actively assist the firm with its successful and growing investment portfolio.

SEED ROUND Plug and Play Ventures participates in seed round investing through a program called Startup Camp. Startup Camp is a 10-week program based in Silicon Valley for top-notch entrepreneurs to work intensively on building out their business. Select startups will refine their business models and prototypes with help from a combination of structured workshops, speaker series and mentorship sessions, as well as active coaching from their investment team. At the culmination of Startup Camp, founders will have crystalized their business plans and pitched their company to the venture capital community at EXPO Demo Day.”

ANGEL ROUND Plug and Play Ventures makes angel round investments throughout the year, sourced from our monthly Plug and Play Angels (PAPA) sessions. They are partnered with local angel investors in Silicon Valley who participate in PAPA to find the most promising startups and best new technologies.

SERIES A Series A rounds are a critical stage in the funding of new companies. A typical Series A round is in the range of $2 million to $10 million, and is intended to provide operating capital for the company for six months to two years. This round capitalizes the company as it develops its products, performs initial marketing and branding, acquires talent, and conducts other early-stage business operations. It is in this stage that they will co-invest with over 180 venture capital partners.

In the past, they have helped to create markets and technology leaders such as PayPal, Danger, Google and now they have DropBox, LendingClub, Zoosk, SoundHound, CreditSesame, Skytree, Room77 and over 150 more hot startups at their portfolio family.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
NoveltyLab 4/2014Seed$25k1
groopify 3/2014Seed1
Right Relevance 3/2014Convertible Note$730k3
Clicktree 1/2014Seed$25k2
Schedule Savvy 1/2014Seed$25k2
ChemiSense 1/2014Seed$25k2
Shippo 1/2014Seed$25k2
Glance 1/2014Seed$25k2
Intentiva 1/2014Seed$25k1
Intentive Communications 1/2014Seed1
Raynforest 1/2014Seed$25k1
ProxToMe 1/2014Seed$25k1
REEL Qualified 1/2014Seed$25k1
LegitTrader 1/2014Seed$25k2
Stretchr 1/2014Seed$25k1
Snip2Code 1/2014Seed$25k2
Adworx 1/2014Seed1
LitHouse 1/2014Seed$25k2
Skimo TV 1/2014Seed1
Whale Path 1/2014Seed$25k2
MySkillBase Technologies 1/2014Seed1
Listnerd 1/2014Seed1
Blue Perch 1/2014Seed$25k2
Qwalytics 1/2014Seed$25k1
Routezilla 1/2014Seed$25k2
Altitude Co. 1/2014Seed$25k2 12/2013Seed$500k2
OLSET 12/2013Seed$450k16
Boardwalktech 12/2013Angel1
Espresso Logic 11/2013Seed$1.6M7
Otogami 11/2013Venture Round$450k6
Vioozer 11/2013Venture Round$350k1
ShoppinPal 11/2013Seed1
KaChing! 11/2013Seed$1.5M6
Cityblis 10/2013Seed2
URX 10/2013Seed$3.1M32
CardFlight 10/2013Seed$1.6M6
GlobaTrek 10/2013Seed1
NewGoTos 10/2013Seed1
Santech 10/2013Seed1
Mengero 10/2013Seed1
Mercaux 10/2013Seed2
Rock My World 10/2013Seed1
FormaFina 9/2013Seed$1.4M11
Zuli 9/2013Seed3
BookingPal 9/2013Seed$1.5M1
Talentology 9/2013Seed1
aisle411 9/2013Series A$6.34M5
Graphdive 9/2013Series A$2M5
Astoria Road 9/2013Seed1
Sensing Electromagnetic Plus 8/2013Seed$136k1
Cordata 8/2013Seed2
Aisle50 8/2013Series A$2.6M6
DabKick 7/2013Seed2
Tip Network 7/2013Seed1
Traffio 7/2013Seed1
Meograph 6/2013Seed1
FiscalNote 6/2013Convertible Note$25k2
Podo 5/2013Angel2
Globial 5/2013Seed1
Jugo 4/2013Venture Round€150k4
SyMynd 3/2013Seed1
Muzzley 3/2013Series A1
Skypaz 3/2013Seed1
Virool 2/2013Seed$6.62M22
fl3ur 2/2013Series A1
Y-Clients 1/2013Seed1
Eversnap 1/2013Seed2
OpenSilo 1/2013Seed1
Cinpost 2013Seed1
Content Ramen 2013Seed1
CrowdSYNC 2013Seed1
Edfolio 2013Seed1
eFinancial Communications 2013Seed1
Imprint Energy 2013Seed1
Indigio 2013Seed1
Kermdinger Studios 2013Seed1
10alike 1/2013Seed9
proVITAL 2013Seed1
SpotFodo 1/2013Seed1
Flyr 2013Seed2
Qoture 1/2013Seed1
Radius 1/2013Seed1
Glanse 1/2013Seed$25k2
Vixlo 1/2013Seed1
Kamcord 12/2012Seed$1.5M21
NatureBox 12/2012Seed$2M3
TouristEye 11/2012Seed$300k4
FundersClub 10/2012Seed$6.5M25
Graphdive 10/2012Convertible Note$1M6
NGDATA 10/2012Seed$2.5M3
Second Funnel 10/2012Seed1
Spyra 9/2012Seed1
Pixowl 9/2012Seed$1.2M8
Timecros 9/2012Seed1
Deal Decor 8/2012Seed$1.2M8
HealthPocket 8/2012Series A$2M2
Rentmetrics 8/2012Seed3 8/2012Seed1
Kidzloop 8/2012Seed1
Kloudless 8/2012Seed1
TrustGo 7/2012Seed3
Zuli 7/2012Angel1
StyleTech 7/2012Seed1
Smartaxi 7/2012Seed1
Mozio 6/2012Seed1
Sonda41 6/2012Seed1
Stipple 5/2012Series A$5M13 5/2012Seed$1M1 4/2012Seed$400k6
SoundHound 4/2012Venture Round2
Mobspire 4/2012Seed1
Imimtek 3/2012Seed$4.07M2
SourceNinja 3/2012Convertible Note$500k4
Aarki 3/2012Series A2
MindSumo 3/2012Seed$1M5
iCharts 2/2012Series A$3.1M4
Skytree 2/2012Seed$1.5M3
FoodyDirect 1/2012Seed1
Aisle50 1/2012Venture Round$2.6M10
Sha-Sha 1/2012Seed1
GetGoing 1/2012Seed$2.5M8
Snackr 2012Seed1
MerryMarry 2012Seed1
TrustHop 12/2011Seed1 12/2011Seed1
Graphdive 11/2011Seed1
Krowder 10/2011Seed2
ProSent Mobile - VIZL 10/2011Seed1
Matcha 8/2011Seed1
gripNote 8/2011Seed1
Airy Labs 6/2011Seed1
Aarki 6/2011Seed1
Quisk, Inc. 4/2011Seed1
Capseo 11/2010Seed1
Retailigence 11/2010Seed$1.5M9
PiCloud 11/2010Seed$1.4M5
Credit Sesame 4/2010Series A$1.2M5 4/2010Seed$550k1
Artsy 1/2010Seed$50k3
IngBoo 10/2009Seed$1M4
Nor1 9/2009Series A$8.1M2
isocket 8/2009Seed$2.1M32
isocket 8/2009Seed$2.1M32
Fotomoto 8/2009Series A$323k4
Course Hero 5/2009Angel$200k1
Telly 5/2009Seed1
Clixtr 3/2009Seed3
MyFit 3/2009Seed1
Infoaxe 3/2008Seed$900k5
Sendori 11/2007Series A$800k4
Zoosk 3/2007Seed1
Boardwalktech 10/2006Angel$500k2
Parallocity 7/2005Series A1



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