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Fourth health care venture fund, 1/2010 $312M
Biotech fund, 4/2011 $203M
Health-Care royalties fund I, 8/2011 $600M
Israeli biomedical fund, 4/2012 $222M
Asia Life Science Fund, 8/2013
OrbiMed Private Investments V, LP, 11/2013 $735M


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OrbiMed Advisors

OrbiMed is ahealthcare-dedicated investment firm, with approximately $5 billion in assets under management. OrbiMed’s investment advisory business was founded in 1989 with a vision to invest across the spectrum of healthcare companies: from private start-ups to large multinational companies. OrbiMed manages the Caduceus Private Investments series of venture capital funds and a family of public equity investment funds.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Unilife Corporation 3/2014Post IPO Debt$60M1
SAGE Therapeutics 3/2014Series C$38M5
Ornim Medical 2/2014Series B$10M3
Igenica 1/2014Series C$14M4
TigerText 1/2014Series B$21M7
Clementia Pharmaceuticals 1/2014Series A$22.5M2
RedHill Biopharma 12/2013Venture Round$8.5M2
ViewRay 12/2013Venture Round$30M5
ARMO BioSciences 11/2013Series A$20M3
Iroko Pharmaceuticals 11/2013Debt$75M1
Alector 10/2013Series A2
Loxo Oncology 10/2013Series A$33M2
Practice Fusion 9/2013Series D$70M9
Otonomy 9/2013Series C$45.9M8
Arsanis 9/2013Series B$20M4
Acutus Medical 8/2013Series B$28M4
Audentes Therapeutics 7/2013Series A$30M3
Singulex 6/2013Series G$15M4
Sonendo 6/2013Series C$18M5
ViewRay 5/2013Series D$15M5
Natera 5/2013Venture Round$54.6M6
Treato 4/2013Series B$14.5M3
Glaukos 2/2013Series F$30M7
CardiAQ Valve Technologies 11/2012Series B$37.3M2
Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals 11/2012Series B$28M4
Ambit Biosciences 11/2012Venture Round$50M9
Principia BioPharma 10/2012Series A$12.5M5
Aragon Pharmaceuticals 10/2012Series D$50M4
Relypsa 10/2012Venture Round$2.6M3
cCAM Biotherapeutics 9/2012Series A3
OmniGuide 8/2012Venture Round$35M1
Whale Imaging 8/2012Series A$8M1
Ornim Medical 8/2012Series B$20M2
Intercept Pharmaceuticals 8/2012Series C$30M1
Relypsa 7/2012Private Equity$62.4M7
Sonendo 6/2012Series C$9.2M3
Igenica 6/2012Series C$33M4
Good Start Genetics 4/2012Series B$14M2
Singulex 3/2012Series F$15.3M3
Receptos 3/2012Venture Round$30M6
ViewRay 3/2012Series C$45M5
Roka Bioscience 1/2012Series D$47.5M4
Kalidex Pharmaceuticals 1/2012Venture Round$6.5M6
arGEN-X 12/2011Series B€32.5M7
Rempex Pharmaceuticals 11/2011Series B$67.5M5
DFine 11/2011Venture Round$25M5
Arteaus Therapeutics 10/2011Venture Round$18M2
Cleave Biosciences 10/2011Series A$44M6
ViewRay 9/2011Venture Round$10M5
Vessix Vascular 8/2011Series B$23M4
Roka Bioscience 7/2011Series C$20M4
Ambit Biosciences 6/2011Series D$30M10
Biodel 5/2011Venture Round$30M2
Crown Bioscience 5/2011Series C$28.8M4
SMT Research and Development 4/2011Venture Round$10.5M1
Arsanis 2/2011Series A$10M3
Bonovo Orthopedics 12/2010Series C$10M1
Anthera Pharmaceuticals 9/2010Venture Round$31.5M2
Eddingpharm (Cayman) 9/2010Series B$24M3
Relypsa 9/2010Series B$70M6
Good Start Genetics 9/2010Series A$18M3
SuperDimension 9/2010Venture Round$24.8M4
ViewRay 8/2010Series C$20M5
Complete Genomics 8/2010Series E$39M7
Cerenis Therapeutics 7/2010Series C€40M7
DFine 7/2010Venture Round$36.2M4
Igenica 6/2010Series B$24M3
Acceleron Pharma 6/2010Venture Round$10.3M5
Aragon Pharmaceuticals 4/2010Series B$22M3
Selecta Biosciences 4/2010Series C$15M5
Adimab 1/2010Series D$8.2M5
Manipal Acunova 12/2009Series B1
PharmAbcine 9/2009Series A$6M4
Complete Genomics 8/2009Series D$45M6
Enobia Pharma 8/2009Series C$50M4
Aragon Pharmaceuticals 5/2009Series A$8M2
Cerapedics 4/2009Series B$15M2
Singulex 1/2009Series E$19M3
Adimab 11/2008Series C$4M4
ARYx Therapeutics 11/2008Venture Round$21.6M3
Biolex Therapeutics 10/2008Series D$60M11
Innovative Spinal Technologies 9/2008Series C$18M2
Glaukos 8/2008Series D$35M7
InteKrin 8/2008Series C$18.5M7
SGX Pharmaceuticals 11/2007Venture Round$25M2
Enobia Pharma 8/2007Series BC$40.1M4
Agensys 7/2007Series D$41.3M8
EUSA Pharma 6/2007Venture Round$9.1M7
Singulex 6/2007Series D$19M3
Sientra 4/2007Series B$85M3
ChemoCentryx 3/2007Series D$29.8M5
Cerapedics 2/2007Venture Round$12.3M1
EUSA Pharma 11/2006Venture Round$18.6M16
ChemoCentryx 8/2006Series C$17.7M6
Acceleron Pharma 8/2006Series B$30M6
MacroGenics 5/2006Series C$45M11
Arius Research 3/2006Venture Round$21.5M3
Amnis 8/2005Series C$11.3M5
Adiana 8/2005Series D$23M9
EUSA Pharma 7/2005Venture Round$14M2
ChemoCentryx 6/2004Venture Round$33M5



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  10. Igenica Raises $14M in Series C Financing ( [edit]
  11. TigerText Raises $21M To Bring Its Secure, Mobile Messaging Platform To The Healthcare Industry ( [edit]
  12. Clementia Pharmaceuticals Closes $22.5M Series A Financing ( [edit]
  13. RedHill Biopharma closes $8.5 million private placements from OrbiMed Israel Partners and Broadfin Capital ( [edit]
  14. ViewRay Secures $30M ( [edit]
  15. ARMO BioSciences Raises $20M, Begins Cancer Immunotherapy Trial ( [edit]
  16. Iroko Pharmaceuticals Closes $75M Debt Facility ( [edit]
  17. Alector LLC Secures Series A Financing to Find Cure for Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases ( [edit]
  18. Loxo Oncology Completes $33M Series A Financing Round ( [edit]
  19. Practice Fusion Raises $70M in Series D Funding ( [edit]
  20. Otonomy completes $45.9m Series C financing ( [edit]
  21. Arsanis, Inc. Closes $20 Million Series B Financing ( [edit]
  22. Acutus Medical Completes $28M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  23. Audentes Therapeutics Closes $30M Series A Financing ( [edit]
  24. Medical test developer Singulex lands $15 million round ( [edit]
  25. Sonendo Raises $18M In venture capital funding ( [edit]
  26. ViewRay Raises Fresh $15M for Its Medical Imaging Technology ( [edit]
  27. Natera Completes $54.6M Financing ( [edit]
  28. Treato Raises $14.5m from OrbiMed, New Leaf and Reed Elsevier ( [edit]
  29. Glaukos Spots $30M for Eyeball Stent, Doesn't Blink in Ivantis Rivalry ( [edit]
  30. CardiAQ Raises $37.3M Series B Led by OrbiMed ( [edit]
  31. Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals Raises $28 Million in Series B Financing Led by OrbiMed Advisors ( [edit]
  32. Ambit Biosciences Completes $50 Million Financing to Advance Lead Drug Candidate in Acute Myeloid Leukemia ( [edit]
  33. Principia Biopharma Secures $12.5M Second Tranche In Series A Financing, Expands Senior Management Team ( [edit]
  34. Aragon Pharmaceuticals Raises $50 Million in Series D Financing to Advance Promising Therapeutic Candidates for Hormone-Driven Cancers ( [edit]
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  36. cCAM Biotherapeutics Announced Today the Completion of its Series A Financing ( [edit]
  37. OmniGuide Closes $35M Financing ( [edit]
  38. Whale Imaging Lands $8M First Round Led by OrbiMed Asia ( [edit]
  39. Ornim Raises $20M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  40. Intercept Pharmaceuticals Completes $30M Series C Financing ( [edit]
  41. VC Funding: Q3 2012 source [edit]
  42. Sonendo Raises $9.2M of $20M Round for Root-Canal Tool ( [edit]
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  44. Good Start Genetics lands $14M ( [edit]
  45. SEC ( [edit]
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  47. ViewRay Closes $45M Series C Venture Capital Financing ( [edit]
  48. Roka Bioscience Secures $47.5 Million in Series D Financing ( [edit]
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  50. arGEN-X Closes €27.5M Series B Funding Round ( [edit]
  51. Rempex Announces Series B Financing of up to $67.5 Million ( [edit]
  52. DFINE Closes $25M Equity Financing ( [edit]
  53. Arteaus Therapeutics Raises $18M in Funding ( [edit]
  54. Cleave Biosciences Raises $42M in Series A Financing ( [edit]
  55. MRI-guided radiotherapy firm ViewRay gets $10M in new funding ( [edit]
  56. Vessix Vascular Completes $23M Series B Financing ( [edit]
  57. Roka Bioscience Completes $20M Series C Equity Financing ( [edit]
  59. Connecticut’s Biodel plans to raise $30M ( [edit]
  60. Crown Bioscience Closes $28.8M Series C Financing Round ( [edit]
  61. Brain clot protection co SMT raises $10.5m ( [edit]
  62. Arsanis closes Series A financing for $10 million ( [edit]
  63. Bonovo Orthopedics, Inc. Closes Series C Financing Led by OrbiMed Asia Partners ( [edit]
  64. Anthera Pharmaceuticals Announces Pricing of $31.5 Million PIPE Financing ( [edit]
  65. Eddingpharm (Cayman) Closes $24M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  66. Relypsa Raises $70M in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  67. Good Start Genetics, Inc. Raises $18 Million to Develop and Launch Sequencing‐Based Pre‐Pregnancy Genetic Screening Test ( [edit]
  68. superDimension Raises $24.8 Million in Debt and Equity Financing ( [edit]
  69. ViewRay Secures Series C Financing ( [edit]
  70. Complete Genomics, Inc. Announces Completion of $39 Million Series E Financing ( [edit]
  71. Cerenis Therapeutics raises EUR 40 million in series C financing ( [edit]
  72. DFine raises $36.2M to repair spine fractures ( [edit]
  73. Igenica, Inc.: Series B $24M ( [edit]
  74. SEC ( [edit]
  75. Aragon Pharma readies first cancer trial after $22M B round ( [edit]
  77. Adimab, Inc.: Series D $8.2M ( [edit]
  78. OrbiMed Makes First Indian Investment Through Pan Asia Fund ( [edit]
  79. PharmAbcine Closes USD $6 Million Series A Financing ( [edit]
  80. Complete Genomics bags $45M round for sequencing ( [edit]
  81. Enobia Raises US$50M from Current Investors in Series C Financing ( [edit]
  82. Aragon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Series A $8M ( [edit]
  83. CeraPedics, Inc. Raises $15 Million ( [edit]
  84. Singulex Closes $19 Million Financing Round ( [edit]
  85. Adimab, Inc. Announces Series C Financing ( [edit]
  86. ARYx Therapeutics Inc. Announces $21.6 Million Private Placement ( [edit]
  87. Biolex Therapeutics Completes $60 Million Series D Financing to Accelerate Development of Locteron® in Hepatitis C ( [edit]
  88. Innovative Spinal Technologies Jilted, Now Bankrupt, Source Says ( [edit]
  89. Glaukos Adds $35 Million ( [edit]
  90. InteKrin raises $18.5M for continued work on diabetes drug ( [edit]
  91. SGX Pharmaceuticals raises $25 million: SGX Pharmaceuticals Inc. ( [edit]
  92. [edit]
  93. Agensys Raises $41 Million ( [edit]
  94. EDGAR [edit]
  95. Biomarker-diagnostics developer Singulex validates $19M ( [edit]
  96. Sientra, device maker for plastic surgery, raises $85M ( [edit]
  97. ChemoCentryx, autoimmune disease drug co., raises $29.84M ( [edit]
  98. CeraPedics Closes $12.25M PE Financing ( [edit]
  99. EDGAR [edit]
  100. ChemoCentryx Completes Series C Financing ( [edit]
  101. Acceleron Pharma Closes $30M Series B Financing ( [edit]
  102. MacroGenics Raises $45M in Series C Financing - Company to Advance Monoclonal Antibody Clinical Programs ( [edit]
  103. ARIUS Closes US$21.5 Million Financing ( [edit]
  104. Amnis Closes Oversubscribed $11.25M Series C Round ( [edit]
  105. Adiana, Inc. Reports Completion of $23 Million Financing. ( [edit]
  106. EDGAR [edit]
  107. ChemoCentryx Raises $33 Million in Private Financing ( [edit]
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