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General Information

Phone0207 710 2800
DescriptionVenture Capital


Titan 1 & 2, 5/2008 £33M
Titan 3, 5/2009 £20M
Eureka, 1/2009 £15M
Capital For Enterprise, 4/2009 £30M
Titan 4, 4/2010 £22.5M
Eclipse 1, 12/2004 £30M
Eclipse 2, 4/2005 £20M
Eclipse 3&4, 3/2006 £60M


London, GBR
20 Old Bailey
London, EC4M 7AN, GBR


Venture Partners
Venture Partner Manager
Managing Director
Entrepreneur in Residence
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Octopus backs talented entrepreneurs who wish to build big businesses. They invest from £100k to £5m.

Although we come from different professional, industry, and scientific backgrounds, we share a real passion for business. We are committed to our companies. We view our management teams both as partners and customers. We bring considerable experience and expertise to our companies along with no small amount of ambition, energy, resolve and creativity.

We also understand just how difficult it is to create and grow a business. It’s not just about having a great idea and a capable team: having a network of contacts and real world experience to draw upon counts for as much. That’s why we have been building both an informal and a formal network for over a decade.

The latter, the Octopus Venture Partners, now numbers in excess of 120 businessmen, leaders of commerce, and entrepreneurs. This group coinvests with Octopus and is a unique and invaluable resource for our companies to draw upon. This blend of knowledge and skill has allowed us to help businesses like, Zoopla, Secret Escapes, and Swiftkey thrive in recent years.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Adbrain 3/2014Series A$7.5M2
Bowman Power 2/2014Venture Round£3M2
Michelson Diagnostics 1/2014Series A$3.25M3
StreetHub 12/2013Seed$1.2M4
Kabbee 11/2013Series A£3.8M2
Uniplaces 11/2013Seed£700k3
Swoon Editions 10/2013Seed£1.2M2
Zynstra 9/2013Series A$3.8M2
Calastone 9/2013Series B$18M2
SwiftKey 9/2013Series B$17.5M7
Amplience 7/2013Series B$5.7M2
Affectv 7/2013Series A£2M2
UltraSoC Technologies 6/2013Series B$2.3M1
shopa 6/2013Seed$1.4M2
YPlan 6/2013Series A$12M10
Conversocial 5/2013Venture Round$3.2M2
Decoholic 5/2013Venture Round1
TrialReach 5/2013Series A£2M2
Metrasens 3/2013Private Equity2
Rangespan 12/2012Venture Round$5M1
Bowman Power 11/2012Series A$6.7M1
Faction Skis 10/2012Venture Round$3M2
iovox 10/2012Venture Round1
Secret Escapes 10/2012Venture Round£8M3
LifeBook 9/2012Venture Round£1.6M1
YPlan 7/2012Seed$1.7M9
Aframe 4/2012Series A$7M3
Michelson Diagnostics 3/2012Venture Round£607k3
Surrey NanoSystems 3/2012Series C£4.5M4
Artesian Solutions 2/2012Series A£2M1
SwiftKey 12/2011Series A$2.4M7
CertiVox 11/2011Series A£1.5M2
Secret Escapes 10/2011Series A2
Applied Superconductor 6/2011Series A£3.67M1
CertiVox 3/2011Venture Round$1.46M2
CertiVox 3/2011Seed£250k1
Amplience 2/2011Venture Round£1.6M1
Vega-Chi 2/2011Series A£2M1
Zoopla 12/2010Venture Round£3.25M3
Diverse Energy 12/2010Series A£2M1
UltraSoC Technologies 10/2010Series A£2M1
Bluebell Telecom 10/2010Venture Round£3.9M2
Michelson Diagnostics 10/2010Series A£1.7M1
SwiftKey 10/2010Venture Round£275k1
PrismaStar 9/2010Series A£2M1
SwiftKey 9/2010Seed$1.25M1
Elonics 9/2010Series B$9.5M2
Executive Channel 9/2010Venture Round1
VYRE Limited 7/2010Series A£1M1
Semafone 6/2010Venture Round$2.84M1
Carebase 5/2010Venture Round£5.8M1
Gymbox 4/2010Venture Round£1.3M1
Frankis Solutions Limited 3/2010Venture Round£2M1
The History Press 3/2010Venture Round1
The Good Mortgage Company 3/2010Series A£1.52M1
Metrasens 2/2010Series A£1.5M1
Clifford Thames 2/2010Venture Round£6.25M1
Mi-Pay 2/2010Venture Round$3M1
AQS 2/2010Series A£2M1
Calastone 1/2010Venture Round$1.58M1
Coal Grill & Bar 11/2009Series A£1.5M1
Monkey Bizness 10/2009Venture Round1
iProfile Ltd 9/2009Venture Round£1.5M2 9/2009Series A£1.36M1
Surrey NanoSystems 8/2009Venture Round£2.5M2
KeTech 7/2009Venture Round£2M1
Graze 7/2009Venture Round$1.4M2
Phase Vision 5/2009Venture Round1
Phasor Solutions 4/2009Venture Round£900k1
eTherapeutics 3/2009Venture Round£2M1
CSL DualCom 3/2009Debt£2.65M1
Zoopla 1/2009Series B$5.44M2
Calastone 10/2008Venture Round£2M1
GB Environmental 9/2008Series B$1.32M1
Evi 7/2008Series A£2M1
The Key Revolution 6/2008Venture Round$2.46M1
BDA 1/2008Venture Round1
Tristar 1/2008Venture Round1
Evi 9/2007Seed£600k1
T4 Media 7/2007Venture Round1
Sweet Cred 4/2007Venture Round1
AVM Impact 10/2006Venture Round1
Phasor Solutions 8/2006Venture Round$1.89M2
Intamac Systems 7/2006Venture Round$1.49M3
Perfect Pizza 3/2006Venture Round1
The Kendal Group 11/2005Venture Round£1.5M1
Reading Room 1/2005Venture Round1



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