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Oak Investment Partners

Oak Investment Partners is a multi-stage venture capital firm with a total of $8.4 billion in committed capital. The primary investment focus is on high growth opportunities in clean energy, communications, information technology, internet new media, financial services information technology, healthcare services and consumer retail. Over a 29-year history, Oak has achieved a strong track record as a stage-independent investor funding more than 435 companies at key points in their lifecycle. Oak has been involved in the formation of companies, funded spinouts of operating divisions and technology assets, and provided growth equity to mid- and late-stage private businesses and to public companies through PIPE investments.

Oak has helped innovators exploit new business opportunities and anticipate trends through long-term relationships that endure the changing economic landscape. Their accomplishments can be best recognized through the success of their companies and the ability to deliver consistent performance over time.­

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
NFC Direct 3/2014Series B$17M6
DueDil 3/2014Series B$17M3
Good Technology 12/2013Private Equity$65M8
Norse 12/2013Series A$10M1
Phononic Devices 12/2013Series C$21M4 10/2013Series B$40M2
B5M.COM 10/2013Series B$16M3
Deem 9/2013Series G$70M4
Deem 9/2013Debt$2.62M2
eSolar 9/2013Venture Round$22M1
Cloud Technology Partners 8/2013Series B$5M1
RebelMouse 8/2013Series A$10.3M2
Deem 7/2013Debt$12.5M2
Brit + Co. 6/2013Series A$6.3M7
NowThis News 5/2013Private Equity$4.8M4
DueDil 4/2013Series A$5M4
Precision for Medicine 4/2013Private Equity$150M4
MobiTV 4/2013Private Equity$16.5M3
Aurora Biofuels 4/2013Private Equity$16M1
Gazillion Entertainment 4/2013Venture Round$7M1
One Medical Group 3/2013Private Equity$30M5
1Life Healthcare 3/2013Series E$30M5 12/2012Seed6
Centric Software 12/2012Series C$11.6M2
RebelMouse 10/2012Seed$2.5M13
Attivio 10/2012Series A$34M1
FRS 10/2012Venture Round$18M1
Thrillist Media Group 8/2012Series A$13.1M3 8/2012Series A$13M3
Protean Electric 7/2012Private Equity$84M3
Aurora Biofuels 7/2012Private Equity$20M1
SmartDrive Systems 6/2012Venture Round$47M3
SunSun Lighting 5/2012Series B$30M2
Castlight Health 5/2012Series D$100M7
NanoH2O 4/2012Private Equity$60.5M7
Gazillion Entertainment 4/2012Private Equity$16M1
Stretch 4/2012Venture Round$1M1
GreenVolts 4/2012Venture Round$15M1
B5M.COM 2/2012Series A$7.1M1
Milyoni 2/2012Series B$11M2
Stretch 2/2012Series C$5M2
Boston Power 12/2011Private Equity$30M3
GreenVolts 12/2011Venture Round$35M2
NanoH2O 12/2011Venture Round$30M2
BONDS.COM 12/2011Series E$16.6M4
Boston Power 9/2011Private Equity$125M3
One Medical Group 9/2011Series E$20M4
Bleacher Report 8/2011Venture Round$22M3
nLIGHT Corp. 8/2011Series E$17.5M3
Gazillion Entertainment 8/2011Venture Round$20M1
FirstRain 8/2011Venture Round$6.4M1
Movik Networks 3/2011Series C$25M3
BONDS.COM 3/2011Venture Round$6.5M5
Phononic Devices 2/2011Series B$10M2
Centric Software 2/2011Series C$7.5M3
Wonga 2/2011Series C£73M3
Yoyi Media 2/2011Series B$20M3
Ybrant Digital 1/2011Venture Round$48M3
AdKeeper 1/2011Series B$35M5
Keep Holdings 1/2011Series B$35M5
Kineto Wireless 11/2010Debt$3M4
Gazillion Entertainment 11/2010Series C$60M3
TxVia 10/2010Series D$27.5M4
Veebeam 10/2010Series B$6M7
Nexant 9/2010Venture Round$43M3
GreenVolts 8/2010Debt$7.5M1
Boston Power 6/2010Series E$60M2
Castlight Health 6/2010Series C$60M7
Aurora Biofuels 3/2010Series C$15M3
FirstRain 3/2010Venture Round$7.3M3
SmartDrive Systems 12/2009Series E$25M2
BridgeWave Communications 11/2009Venture Round$2.4M13
Stretch 11/2009Series B$10M3
Deem 9/2009Series F$40M2
Airspan 9/2009Series C$10M1
Clarient 5/2009Venture Round$40M1
Moxie Software, Inc. 5/2009Series C$10M2
nLIGHT Corp. 1/2009Venture Round$10.7M3
Major League Gaming 1/2009Series B$7.5M1
Boston Power 1/2009Series D$55M5
One Medical Group 1/2009Series D$15M3
Solarflare Communications 12/2008Venture Round$32M3
The Huffington Post 12/2008Series C$25M1
Staccato Communications 11/2008Venture Round$20M11
Kineto Wireless 10/2008Series D$15.5M4
NeoPhotonics 9/2008Venture Round$30M3
GreenVolts 9/2008Series B$300k1
Chamate 9/2008Series C$23M3
Plastic Logic 8/2008Series E$50M5
Solarflare Communications 6/2008Venture Round$26M4
Aurora Biofuels 6/2008Series B$20M3
Photobucket 5/2008Series B$10M3
ReliOn 4/2008Series E$5M6
eSolar 4/2008Series B$130M2
Federated Media 4/2008Series C$50M2
Deem 4/2008Series E$100M4
Stretch 3/2008Series B$15M3
Sundrop Fuels 2/2008Series A$21.3M1
ReliOn 2/2008Series D$18M5
NextG Networks 1/2008Venture Round$49.8M2
Centric Software 1/2008Series B$14.3M3
FirstRain 1/2008Venture Round$13.6M3
Boston Power 1/2008Series C$45M4
Modiv Media 12/2007Series A$8M3
KAYAK 12/2007Series D$196M9
CDNetworks 12/2007Private Equity$96.5M3
SmartDrive Systems 11/2007Series D$46M6
Tengion 10/2007Series C$33M9
NemeriX 9/2007Series C$22.7M5
Zayo Bandwidth 8/2007Private Equity$225M5
iCrossing 7/2007Series E$62M4
Stretch 6/2007Series B$12M3
LumaSense Technologies 5/2007Venture Round1
Zumobi 5/2007Series A$12M2 4/2007Venture Round$25M1
MyLife 4/2007Series A$25M1
Artimi 3/2007Series B$31.5M6
Aurora Biofuels 1/2007Series A$5M3
SmartDrive Systems 1/2007Series C4
Plastic Logic 1/2007Series D$100M5
Newport Media 11/2006Series C$30M6
Ontela 11/2006Series A$4.5M3
Photobucket 11/2006Series A$4.5M4
Good Technology 10/2006Private Equity$51.3M4
Visto 9/2006Private Equity$51M7
Linux Networx 9/2006Series D$37M4
Trapeze Networks 8/2006Series D$30M7
Mojix 8/2006Venture Round$50M3
CoVi Technologies 7/2006Venture Round$15M4
MobiTV 7/2006Series C$70M5
PWRF 6/2006Series C$30M4
Stretch 6/2006Series A$10M3
Tengion 6/2006Series B$50M7
NeoPhotonics 6/2006Series C$75M10
Qpixel Technology 6/2006Series B$25M4
Potbelly Sandwich Works 6/2006Private Equity$58M4
Beijing Lingtu Software 5/2006Venture Round$30M6
Collabera 5/2006Venture Round$30M1
Wavestream 5/2006Venture Round$28M1
FirstRain 4/2006Venture Round$18.7M3
Linux Networx 3/2006Series C$10M2
Vayusa 3/2006Series A$10M3
RazorGator 3/2006Series B$22.8M4
Newport Media 2/2006Series B$25M5
SNAPin Software 2/2006Series C$19.3M4
BeamExpress 2/2006Venture Round$16.7M2
Movaz Networks 1/2006Venture Round$20M6
Trumba Corporation 11/2005Series B$8M3
SHOP.COM 10/2005Series A$25M1
Univa UD 9/2005Series C$15M7
NemeriX 9/2005Series B$31M6
Visto 9/2005Private Equity$70M7
Business Engine 9/2005Venture Round$4M3
Deem 9/2005Series C$25M2
White Rock Networks 8/2005Venture Round$15.5M5
Tengion 8/2005Series A$39M4
SNAPin Software 7/2005Series B$3M5
Level 5 Networks 6/2005Series B$30M4
BeamExpress 4/2005Series C$14.2M3
Trapeze Networks 4/2005Series C$17.5M5
RazorGator 3/2005Series A$26M3
GENBAND 3/2005Venture Round$18M11
Solarflare Communications 2/2005Series C$48M6
Talisma 2/2005Venture Round$7.07M1
CoVi Technologies 1/2005Series B$15M4



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  58. Digital Marketing Company (And Lycos Owner) Ybrant Digital Raises $48 Million ( [edit]
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  60. AdKeeper Inc. Secures $35 Million in Series B Funding Led by Oak Investment Partners ( [edit]
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  111. Goldman Sachs and Oak Investment Partners Lead Investment in Digital Marketing Leader iCrossing ( [edit]
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  120. E-Paper Display Company Plastic Logic Receives $100 Million Funding ( [edit]
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  129. CoVi Technologies Secures $15 Million in Additional Funding Fueling Growth of World's First High Definition, IP-based Video Surveillance System ( [edit]
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  131. PulseWave RF Secures $30 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  132. Stretch Inc. ( [edit]
  133. Tengion Inc. Completes $50 Million Series "B" Round Financing led by Bain Capital and Quaker BioVentures will support neo-bladder clinical trials, manufacturing capacity and pipeline development ( [edit]
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  135. Qpixel Technology Raises $25 Million in Second Round Funding ( [edit]
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  137. LINGTU SECURES US$30 MILLION IN NEW FUNDING Gobi Partners Leads Oversubscribed Round ( [edit]
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  139. Wavestream Closes $28M Funding Round Led by Oak Investment Partners ( [edit]
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  155. White Rock Networks closed a “top up” funding round in which it raised $15.5 million from inside investors ( [edit]
  156. Tengion Inc. Completes $39 Million Series "A" Round Financing Will Advance Development of Regenerative Medicine Products ( [edit]
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  158. Level 5 Networks Raises $30 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  159. Beam Express closes $14.2M 3rd Funding Round ( [edit]
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  162. General Bandwidth Raises $18 Million in New Funding Round ( [edit]
  163. Solarflare Raises Record $48 Million in Funding ( [edit]
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  165. CoVi's video camera product helps land company $15M in funding ( [edit]
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