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Phone(650) 321-8000
DescriptionVenture Capital & Growth Equity Firm


Norwest Venture Partners XI, 11/2009 $1.2B



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Norwest Venture Partners

Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) is a multi-stage investment firm that has partnered with entrepreneurs to build great businesses for more than 50 years. The firm manages over $3.7 billion in capital and has funded more than 500 companies since inception.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., NVP has subsidiaries in Mumbai and Bengaluru, India and Herzelia, Israel. NVP makes early to late-stage venture and growth equity investments across a wide range of sectors including: technology, information services, business services, financial services, consumer products/services and healthcare.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Yatra online 4/2014Venture Round$23M3
Act-On Software 4/2014Venture Round$42M5
Quikr India 3/2014Series F$90M7
iCardiac Technologies 3/2014Venture Round1
Casper Sleep 2/2014Seed$1.6M5
Shape Security 2/2014Series C$40M7
Apprity 2/2014Series A$8M7
RiseSmart 2/2014Venture Round$11M2
Madison Reed, Inc. 1/2014Series B$12M3
Health Catalyst 1/2014Series C$41M5
iProf Learning Solutions 1/2014Series B$9M2
Turn 1/2014Series E$80M9
Sojern 12/2013Series C$10M5
Extole 12/2013Venture Round$5M4
Zenverge 12/2013Series E$11M5
Misfit Wearables 12/2013Series B$15.2M10
Bluenose Analytics 11/2013Series A$8M2
Quirky 11/2013Series D$79M5
Good.Co 11/2013Seed$1.45M6
Komli Media 10/2013Private Equity$30M5
SundaySky 10/2013Series C$20M6
MobileIron 10/2013Series F$48M5
Basis Science 10/2013Series B$23M8
Blue Jeans Network 9/2013Series D$50M4
ClearDATA Networks 8/2013Series B$7M2
Apigee 7/2013Series F$35M7
Zenverge 7/2013Debt$5.76M2
Seculert 7/2013Series B$10M2
CareCloud 6/2013Series B$20M3
Snowman 6/2013Venture Round$10.4M1
Adaptive Planning 5/2013Series D$45M7
Workspot 4/2013Seed$1.9M6
Motif Investing 4/2013Series C$25M4
iRhythm Technologies 4/2013Series D$16M5 4/2013Series B$8M1
Ravello Systems 4/2013Private Equity$11.5M3
Bitglass 3/2013Series A$10M2
Pertino 3/2013Series B$20M7
Basis Science 3/2013Series B$11.5M3
StellaService 2/2013Series B$15M3
Intersect ENT 2/2013Series D$30M4
Morta Security 2/2013Seed$1M6
Ravello Systems 2/2013Venture Round$26M3
Extole 1/2013Venture Round$7.6M4
PICS Auditing 1/2013Private Equity$35M1
FireEye 1/2013Venture Round$50M5
Health Catalyst 1/2013Series B$33M3
Manthan Systems 1/2013Series D$4M3
Perfint Healthcare 1/2013Series D$14M2
Exablox 12/2012Venture Round$22M3
Attune Technologies 12/2012Series A$6M1
ScaleIO 12/2012Venture Round$12M2
The Rainmaker Group 10/2012Venture Round$33.8M1
Owler 10/2012Series B$17.3M2
Capillary Technologies 9/2012Series A$15.5M3
Zenverge 9/2012Series D$26.2M8
Appnomic Systems 9/2012Series C$5M1
Act-On Software 9/2012Series D$16M4
Lumos Labs 8/2012Series D$31.5M5
Apigee 7/2012Series E$20M5
The Echo Nest 7/2012Series D$17.3M4
Seculert 7/2012Venture Round$5.35M2
Avere Systems 7/2012Series C$20M4
ModCloth 7/2012Venture Round$2.5M1
Blue Jeans Network 6/2012Series C$25M3
Komli Media 6/2012Series D$39M5
Gemvara 6/2012Series D$25M4
Badgeville 5/2012Series C$25M4
MobileIron 5/2012Series E$40M5
Quikr India 5/2012Series E$32M4
ModCloth 5/2012Series C$25M6
Elemental Technologies 5/2012Venture Round$13M4
BranchOut 4/2012Series C$25M4
Skybox Imaging 4/2012Series C$70M6
41st Parameter 4/2012Series D$13M4
Pertino 4/2012Series A$8.85M2
Manta 4/2012Venture Round$44M1
InsightsOne 3/2012Series A$4.3M1
Sojern 3/2012Series C$7.5M4
Adaptive Planning 3/2012Venture Round$22M5
ClearDATA Networks 3/2012Series A3
Manthan Systems 2/2012Series C$15M2
Extole 2/2012Series C$10M4
RiseSmart 2/2012Venture Round$2M1 12/2011Series A$5M1
Perfint Healthcare 12/2011Series C$8M3
Fashion & You 11/2011Venture Round$40M4
SolarEdge 10/2011Venture Round$37M6
Hadapt 10/2011Series A$9.5M2
CareCloud 9/2011Series A$20.1M2
Simpirica Spine 9/2011Series C$22M3
Quirky 8/2011Series B$16M2
Lending Club 8/2011Series D$25M4
Motif Investing 7/2011Series B$20M3
Badgeville 7/2011Series B$12.2M4
Motif Investing 7/2011Series A$6M2
ClariPhy Communications 6/2011Series C$14M6
Lumos Labs 6/2011Series C$32.5M4
SST Inc. (Formerly ShotSpotter) 6/2011Venture Round$10.5M7
PCH International 6/2011Series C$30M6
MobileIron 5/2011Series D$20M4
BranchOut 5/2011Series B$18M4
Quikr India 5/2011Series D$8M3
JiWire 5/2011Venture Round$20M5
mBlox 4/2011Venture Round6
TreatFeed 4/2011Series A$5.4M1
Extole 4/2011Series B$6M3
Blue Jeans Network 4/2011Series B$18M3
Basis Science 3/2011Series A$9M2
true[x] Media 3/2011Series D$20M4
iProf Learning Solutions 3/2011Series A$6M2 3/2011Series C$110M5
PCH International 2/2011Series B$26M5
Rafter 2/2011Venture Round$20M4
Komli Media 1/2011Series C$15M3
RiseSmart 12/2010Venture Round$3M2
RetailMeNot, Inc. 12/2010Series B$90M3
Appnomic Systems 12/2010Series B$2.5M1 12/2010Series B$50M4
SundaySky 10/2010Series B$9M3
ClairMail 10/2010Series D$13.8M4
BranchOut 9/2010Series A$6M17
Extole 9/2010Series A$5M4
Sojern 8/2010Venture Round$9M3
Avere Systems 8/2010Series B$17M3
Admeld 8/2010Series C$15M4
MobileIron 7/2010Series C$16M4 6/2010Series C$14M3
Rafter 6/2010Series B$10M3
ClariPhy Communications 5/2010Series C$24M4
Zenverge 4/2010Series C$30M4
Lending Club 4/2010Series C$24.5M4
Quikr India 3/2010Series C$6M1
1010data 3/2010Venture Round$35M1
Snapfinger, Inc. 3/2010Series B$6.76M1
ngmoco 2/2010Series C$24.2M4
Amcom Software 1/2010Venture Round2
Cyan 12/2009Series D$22M4
Center'd 12/2009Venture Round$1.9M2
Playdom 11/2009Series A$43M4
Blue Jeans Network 11/2009Series A$5.5M2
RiseSmart 10/2009Series A$4.6M2
Unisfair 9/2009Venture Round$3.2M2
Advanced Inquiry Systems Inc. 8/2009Series B$11M6
MobileIron 8/2009Series B$11M3
Borqs 7/2009Series B$17.4M3
TimeBridge 5/2009Series B$5M2
NearbyNow 4/2009Series C$11.8M3
ngmoco 3/2009Series B$10M3
Lending Club 3/2009Series B$12M3
Pontis 2/2009Series B$19.7M4
M-Factor 2/2009Series D$10.1M4
Appnomic Systems 1/2009Series A$4.2M1
SpectraLinear 1/2009Series C$10M6
RiseSmart 12/2008Series A$3M1
iStorez 10/2008Series A$2.3M1
Apigee 10/2008Series C$10M4
Vanu 9/2008Venture Round$32M3
PCH International 9/2008Series A$21M3 8/2008Series B$10M2
Picateers 8/2008Series B$6.6M1
Turn 8/2008Series C$15M4
MeetMe, Inc. 7/2008Series B$13M3
Sojern 7/2008Series A$16M2
Lumos Labs 6/2008Series B$3.1M3
StarCite, Part of Active Network 6/2008Series B$15M3
SST Inc. (Formerly ShotSpotter) 5/2008Series D$7.5M6
FireEye 5/2008Series C$14.5M6
deCarta 5/2008Series C$10.5M4
Mozes 5/2008Series B$11.5M3
Retrevo 3/2008Series B$8M2
Turn 3/2008Series B$15M3
MobileIron 3/2008Series A$8.8M3
Unisfair 1/2008Series B$10M2
TuVox 12/2007Series D$20M5
KAYAK 12/2007Series D$196M9
Zenverge 10/2007Series B$15M3
Center'd 10/2007Series A$5.5M2
Peopleclick Authoria 9/2007Series E$22.5M7
Lending Club 8/2007Series A$10.3M2
41st Parameter 8/2007Series C$10.1M3
Adzilla 8/2007Series A$10.3M2
Cast Iron Systems 7/2007Series F$16.5M4
deCarta 7/2007Series C$15M3
3Jam 7/2007Series A$4M2
ConteXtream 6/2007Series A$9.6M4
Cyan 5/2007Series A$8.75M3
Veveo 5/2007Venture Round$14M3
AmberPoint 4/2007Venture Round$9M5
Open Silicon 3/2007Series D$10M5
Mozes 2/2007Series A$5.8M2
Veraz Networks 2/2007Venture Round$10M9
Summit Microelectronics 2/2007Venture Round$10M6
Zenverge 2/2007Series A$5.05M2
SideStep 2/2007Series C$15M4
Kriyari 12/2006Venture Round$1M1
Retrevo 12/2006Series A$3.2M2
Apigee 11/2006Series B$16M4
SpectraLinear 11/2006Series B$14M3
Mobile2Win India 11/2006Venture Round$15M2
TimeBridge 11/2006Venture Round$6M2
Wallop 9/2006Series B$10M2
LifeSize, a Division of Logitech 9/2006Series D$25M6
Quirky 7/2006Venture Round5
Stream Processors 6/2006Venture Round$26M3
Reliance Globalcom 6/2006Venture Round$8.5M4
Kace Networks 5/2006Series B$8M2
41st Parameter 5/2006Series B$11.2M2
Reconnex 4/2006Series C$16M4
AmberPoint 3/2006Series D$19.3M6
mBlox 2/2006Series D$25M5
SpectraLinear 2/2006Series A$8M2
OnVantage 1/2006Series B$18M4
Yatra online 1/2006Venture Round$5M2
Double Fusion 1/2006Series C$26M7
Summit Microelectronics 1/2006Venture Round$3.2M5
Picateers 1/2006Series A$5.5M1
LifeSize, a Division of Logitech 12/2005Series C$17.5M5
Advanced Inquiry Systems Inc. 11/2005Series A$6.6M3
TestQuest 11/2005Venture Round$7.5M3
Open Silicon 9/2005Series C$15.1M3
CollabNet 9/2005Series B$9.5M5
ClairMail 8/2005Series A$8.3M2
Reliance Globalcom 4/2005Venture Round$24M4
Apigee 4/2005Series A$12M2
Cast Iron Systems 3/2005Series D$14M5
deCarta 3/2005Venture Round$10.7M4
Stream Processors 1/2005Venture Round$12M1
Mercora 1/2005Series A$5M1
FireEye 1/2005Series A$6.45M2
Turn 1/2005Series A$7.5M2
mBlox 7/2004Series B$10M6



  1. AltaAssets ( [edit]
  2. Online travel agency Yatra raises $23M more led by IDG Ventures and Temasek’s VC arm ( [edit]
  3. Act-On Software Raises $42M in Funding ( [edit]
  4. India’s Largest Online Classifieds Site Quikr, Raises $90M Led By Sweden’s Kinnevik ( [edit]
  5. iCardiac Technologies Receives Equity Funding from Norwest Venture partners ( [edit]
  6. Casper Raises $1.6M To Offer A New Approach To Building And Selling Mattresses ( [edit]
  7. Shape Security Raises $40M in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  8. Stealthy Security Company Apprity Raises $8 Million ( [edit]
  9. RiseSmart Raises $11M in Growth Equity Funding ( [edit]
  10. Madison Reed Raises $12M To Disrupt Hair Dye Market ( [edit]
  11. Health Catalyst Raises $41M For Healthcare Data Storage And Analysis ( [edit]
  12. iProf Raises $9 Million From DMGI, NVP and IDG; Launching New Product ( [edit]
  13. Digital Ad Company Turn Raises $80M, Stays Vague On Possible IPO Plans ( [edit]
  14. Sojern Raises $10M in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  15. Extole Raises $5M To Reward Customers For Promoting Products To Their Friends ( [edit]
  16. Zenverge Closes $11M Financing ( [edit]
  17. Misfit Raises $15.2M From Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures For Its Activity Tracker, The Shine ( [edit]
  18. Forbes ( [edit]
  19. Quirky Raises $79M in Series D Funding ( [edit]
  20. Raises $1.3M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  21. Digital Ad Firm Komli Media Raises $30 mn from PE Fund Peepul Capital & Existing Investors ( [edit]
  22. Personalized Video Ad Company SundaySky Raises $20M Round Led By Comcast Ventures ( [edit]
  23. MobileIron Amasses $48M Series F for Mobile Security ( [edit]
  24. Basis Science Raises $11.75M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  25. Video Conferencing Company Blue Jeans Network Raises $50M For Global Growth ( [edit]
  26. ClearData Raises $7 Million For Cloud Service Designed For Health Care Providers ( [edit]
  27. Apigee Raises $35M For Its API Management Platform ( [edit]
  28. SEC ( [edit]
  29. Seculert Raises $10M For Anti-Botnet Cure ( [edit]
  30. CareCloud Raises $20M In Series B Financing ( [edit]
  31. Norwest Venture Partners to invest $10.4M in cold chain logistics firm Snowman ( [edit]
  32. Performance management biz Adaptive Planning nets $45M from BVP & others ( [edit]
  33. Workspot Raises $1.9M From Kleiner, Norwest, Redpoint, Others ( [edit]
  34. Motif Gets $25M Series C Led By Goldman Sachs For Its Theme-Based Stock Investment Platform ( [edit]
  35. iRhythm Technologies Closes $16M Series D Venture Financing ( [edit]
  36. Pepperfry Raises US$8 Million from Norwest Venture Partners ( [edit]
  37. VC Funding: Q2 2013 source [edit]
  38. Bitglass nabs huge $10M first round for … it is a mystery ( [edit]
  39. Pertino Raises $20M For Cloud-Based Networking Service That Foretells A New Wave Of Disruption For Enterprise Giants ( [edit]
  40. Basis Lands $11.5M, Adds Esther Dyson & Deepak Chopra As Advisors As It Beefs Up Production Of Its Wearable Health Tracker ( [edit]
  41. With $15M From Norwest, Battery, DFJ & More, StellaService Is On A Mission To Build The Nielsen For eCustomer Service ( [edit]
  42. Intersect ENT Lands $30M From Norwest, Kleiner, USVP & More For Its Innovative Sinus Drug & Device Combo ( [edit]
  43. Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock And Norwest Back Stealthy Cyber Security Startup Founded By NSA Engineers, Morta ( [edit]
  44. Ravello Systems Raises $26M And Launches App Cloud Capsule For Test And Development ( [edit]
  45. Extole Secures $7.6 Million in Financing ( [edit]
  46. PICS Auditing Raises $35M Minority Equity Investment from Norwest Venture Partners ( [edit]
  47. Security Firm FireEye Raises Extra $50M, Says It’s Preparing Ground For IPO ( [edit]
  48. Health Catalyst Closes $33M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  49. Citation Needed [add]
  50. Citation Needed [add]
  51. Exablox Raises $22M From Norwest And Others To Disrupt The Enterprise Storage Market ( [edit]
  52. Attune raises $6 million from Norwest Venture Partners in an attempt to enhance product development ( [edit]
  53. ScaleIO Secures $12M to Address Demand for Its Elastic Converged Storage Solution ( [edit]
  54. The Rainmaker Group Raises $33.8M in Equity Funding ( [edit]
  55. Data 2.0 Goes Large: InfoArmy Raises $17.3M To Build Out Its Crowdsourced Competitive Intelligence Platform ( [edit]
  56. Capillary Technologies Raises $15.5 Million Series A Investment From Norwest Venture Partners and Sequoia Capitalf ( [edit]
  57. SEC ( [edit]
  58. Bangalore-based enterprise IT startup Appnomic raises a modest $5M ( [edit]
  59. Act-On enters act IV of investment with $16M ( [edit]
  60. Lumosity Raises $31.5M From Discovery Communications For Brain Fitness Games ( [edit]
  61. Apigee Adds $20 Million to Warchest, Looks to Extend Lead in Enterprise API Management ( [edit]
  62. The Eco Nest Raises over $17 Million in New Financing to Bring Big data to Music ( [edit]
  63. Seculert Raises $5.35M in Financing ( [edit]
  64. Avere Raises $20M to Help Corporations Store and Manage Data ( [edit]
  65. VC Funding: Q3 2012 [edit]
  66. Startup Blue Jeans Networks Nabs $25 Million And Launches A Cool New Service ( [edit]
  67. Komli Media Raises $39 Million Led by Norwest Venture Partners ( [edit]
  68. Custom Jewelry Startup Gemvara Raises $25M In Oversubscribed Series D Round ( [edit]
  69. Badgeville Levels Up With $25M From InterWest & More To Gamify Enterprise ( [edit]
  70. MobileIron Raises $40M in Series E Mezzanine Financing ( [edit]
  71. Quikr, India’s Spin On Craigslist, Gobbles Up $32M From Warburg Pincus, eBay & More ( [edit]
  72. ModCloth Closes $25M Funding ( [edit]
  73. Aiming For Global Expansion, Elemental Technologies Raises $13M In Round Led By Norwest ( [edit]
  74. BranchOut Hits 25 Million Users, Nabs $25M In Series C Funding ( [edit]
  75. Skybox Imaging Raises $70M To Launch Two High-Res Imaging Microsatellites ( [edit]
  76. Online Fraud Detection Startup 41st Parameter Raises $13M From Kleiner Perkins And Others ( [edit]
  77. Pertino Closes $8.85M Series A Venture Funding ( [edit]
  78. Online Community For Small Businesses Manta Raises $44M From Norwest Venture Partners ( [edit]
  79. InsightsOne Secures $4.3 Million in Series A Round of Funding Led by Norwest Venture Partners ( [edit]
  80. Sojern Raises $7.5 Million For Its Push Into Travel Tech And Targeted Travel Ads ( [edit]
  81. Adaptive Planning Raises $22M in Venture Capital Financing ( [edit]
  82. Citation Needed [add]
  83. Manthan Systems Raises $15M From Norwest Venture Partners ( [edit]
  84. Social Marketing Platform Extole Raises $10 Million ( [edit]
  85. RiseSmart Raises $2M in funding from NVP ( [edit]
  86. Raises $5M in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  87. Citation Needed [add]
  88. Raises $40M in Funding ( [edit]
  89. SolarEdge Closes a $37M Round for Panel Electronics ( [edit]
  90. Hadapt raises $9.5M for Hadoop data warehouse ( [edit]
  91. CareCloud Raises $20.1M After Catching The Eye Of IBM ( [edit]
  92. Simpirica Spine Closes $22M Series C Venture Funding ( [edit]
  93. Quirky Raises $16 Million For Social Product Development Platform ( [edit]
  94. WSJ ( [edit]
  95. Former Microsoft Exec Raises $20 Million For Motif, An Investment Vehicle For Ideas ( [edit]
  96. Badgeville Raises $12 Million ( [edit]
  97. Motif Investing Closes $6M Series A Funding ( [edit]
  98. ClariPhy Announces New Funding Round Led by N okia S iemens N etworks ( [edit]
  99. Lumos Labs raises $32.5m: Largest Cognitive/ Brain Fitness Investment so far ( [edit]
  100. ShotSpotter Receives $10.5M in Equity and Debt Financing ( [edit]
  101. Electronics Manufacturing Company PCH International Raises $30 Million ( [edit]
  102. MobileIron Closes $20M Series D Financing Round ( [edit]
  103. Exclusive: BranchOut Raises $18M For Facebook-Focused Professional Network ( [edit]
  104. Quikr Raises $8M In Series D, Led By Nokia Growth Partners ( [edit]
  105. Location-Based Mobile Advertising Company JiWire Raises $20 Million ( [edit]
  106. mBlox closes new fund raising round with Singapore’s EDBI to accelerate growth and geographic coverage ( [edit]
  107. TreatFeed Secures $5.4 Million in Venture Funding, Closes Series A ( [edit]
  108. Extole Raises $6 Million in Series B Funding, Led by Norwest ( [edit]
  109. Blue Jeans Network Launches Video-Conferencing Product ( [edit]
  110. Heart Rate Watch Device Company Basis Raises $9 Million ( [edit]
  111. SocialVibe Closes $20 Million Funding Round ( [edit]
  112. Citation Needed [add]
  113. Closes Giant $110M VC Financing ( [edit]
  114. [edit]
  115. BookRenter Raises $40 Million To Take On Chegg In Textbook Rentals ( [edit]
  116. Komli Media Raises $15M in Funding ( [edit]
  117. RiseSmart Announces $3 Million in Equity Financing; Talent Management Startup Has Raised $11.85 Million to Date ( [edit]
  118. WhaleShark Media Closes A Whale Of A Financing, Buys RetailMeNot ( [edit]
  119. Appnomic Systems Closes $2.5M Series B Funding ( [edit]
  120. Raises US$50M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  121. SundaySky Automatically Turns Web Content Into Videos, Raises $9 Million ( [edit]
  122. ClairMail Secures $13.8 Million in Financing to Grow Technology Infrastructure and Services in Mobile Banking and Payments Market ( [edit]
  123. TechCrunch ( [edit]
  124. Extole Raises $5 Million For Social Media Marketing Tools ( [edit]
  125. Sojern Secures $9M in Venture Capital Funding ( [edit]
  126. Avere Systems raises $17M to beef up enterprise storage ( [edit]
  127. AdMeld Raises $15 Million Round; Time Warner Among New Backers ( [edit]
  128. MobileIron raises $16 million to manage employee smartphones ( [edit]
  129. Brand-Only Ad Network Raises $14 Million ( [edit]
  130. BookRenter Raises $10 Million To Be The Netflix For Textbook Rentals ( [edit]
  131. ClariPhy Announces $24 Million Investment, New Strategic Alliances Funding, OEM Partnerships Lay Foundation for Rapid Growth in 10G/40G/100G Optical Networking ICs ( [edit]
  132. Zenverge Closes $30 Million Series C Financing Led by Battery Ventures ( [edit]
  133. Peer Lending Site Lending Club Raises $24.5 Million Series C Round ( [edit]
  134. Classifieds Biz Quikr Raises $6 Million Series C Funding Led by Norwest Venture Partners ( [edit]
  135. SEC D ( [edit]
  136. Kudzu Interactive Raises $7M To Bolster Growth Of Digital Ordering Service Snapfinger ( [edit]
  137. TechCrunch, SEC ( [edit]
  138. Amcom Software Receives Equity Investment ( [edit]
  139. Cyan Optics spies $22M for optical communication systems ( [edit]
  140. Center’d lands $1.9M to help you find local events, activities ( [edit]
  141. Exclusive: Playdom Raises A Huge Round At A Huge Valuation ( [edit]
  142. Blue Jeans Network Launches Video-Conferencing Product ( [edit]
  143. High-End Job Site RiseSmart Adds $4.6 Million More In Funding ( [edit]
  144. Unisfair captures $3.2M to host virtual events ( [edit]
  145. AISI Raises $11M in Series B ( [edit]
  146. Employee smartphone manager MobileIron raises $11M ( [edit]
  147. As Android Rollouts Ramp Up, China’s Borqs Gets $17.4M ( [edit]
  148. TimeBridge Secures $5 Million in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  149. NearbyNow gets $11.75M in 3rd round ( [edit]
  150. iPhone Game Publisher Raises $10 Million ( [edit]
  151. Lending Club Gets A $12 Million Credibility Boost ( [edit]
  152. Marketing platform start-up Pontis raises nearly $20m ( [edit]
  153. SEC ( [edit]
  154. Appnomic snags $4.2M for application management ( [edit]
  155. SpectraLinear Closes $10M Series C Financing ( [edit]
  156. High End Job Search Site RiseSmart Raises $3M ( [edit]
  157. iStorez raises $2.3 million in Series A ( [edit]
  158. Sonoa Systems Raises $10 Million Series C Financing ( [edit]
  159. MarketWatch ( [edit]
  160. [edit]
  161. Ex-Yahoo execs take on brand ad network, raise funds ( [edit]
  162. Picateers Gets $6.6 Million For Online Photo Based School Fundraising ( [edit]
  163. alarm:clock article ( [edit]
  164. Teen Social Network myYearbook Gets $13 Million ( [edit]
  165. The Alarm Clock ( [edit]
  166. Lumos Labs Gets $3 Million Funding for Brain Games ( [edit]
  167. Citation Needed [add]
  169. FireEye raises $14.5M for botnet protection ( [edit]
  170. Location-based software provider deCarta raises $10.5M ( [edit]
  171. Mozes Raises $11.5 Million for SMS-Based Communities ( [edit]
  172. Retrevo Gets $8 Million Second Round For Electronics Product Search ( [edit]
  173. Paidcontent article ( [edit]
  174. Employee smartphone manager MobileIron raises $11M ( [edit]
  175. Unisfair Gets $10M in Series B Financing ( [edit]
  176. TuVox raises $20M for speech recognition and phone menu software ( [edit]
  177. [edit]
  178. SEC ( [edit]
  179. Citation Needed [add]
  180. Authoria Secures $22.5 Million in Funding; Grows Bookings by 40 Percent ( [edit]
  181. Lending Club, Newly Launched P2P Lending Success Story, Secures $10.26 Million in Series A Financing Posted by Lending Club ( [edit]
  182. 41st Parameter raises $10.07M more for anti-fraud software ( [edit]
  183. Adzilla Inc. Secures $10.25 Million in Series A Funding ( [edit]
  184. EDGAR [edit]
  185. DeCarta, location-based software provider, raises $15M more. ( [edit]
  186. [edit]
  187. EDGAR [edit]
  188. Cyan Optics, secretive telecom equipment start-up, raises $8.75M ( [edit]
  189. Vtap, easy mobile search ( [edit]
  190. Amberpoint raises $9M for SOA runtime governance software ( [edit]
  191. Open-Silicon, chip design company, gets $10M. ( [edit]
  192. Mozes SMS Service Raises $5m ( [edit]
  193. Veraz, a VoIP equipment provider, raises $10M more before IPO ( [edit]
  194. SEC ( [edit]
  195. SEC ( [edit]
  196. [edit]
  197. EDGAR [edit]
  198. Citation Needed [add]
  199. Sonoa Systems Gets Series B ( [edit]
  200. SpectraLinear Closes $14M Series B Financing ( [edit]
  201. Mobile2win gets $15m from Norwest, Nexus ( [edit]
  202. EDGAR [edit]
  203. Wallop Shows Up to the Party ( [edit]
  204. LifeSize® Secures $25 Million in Funding - Investment Led by Lehman Brothers Venture Partners ( [edit]
  205. FreshTracks Portfolio [edit]
  206. Stream Processors, Inc. Receives $26 Million In Equity Funding ( [edit]
  207. EDGAR [edit]
  208. Early Tivoli Backer Norwest Venture Partners Invests in KACE ( [edit]
  209. The 41st Parameter Secures $11.2 Million in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  210. Reconnex Gets $16 Million ( [edit]
  211. EDGAR [edit]
  212. [edit]
  213. EDGAR [edit]
  214. OnVantage Secures $18M in Series B Financing to Accelerate Growth; Norwest Venture Partners, Texas Pacific Group Ventures Lead Round; Validate Company's Vision, Dominance in Global Meetings and Events Market.(Industry Overview) ( [edit]
  215. TV18 Group, Reliance Capital & Norwest Venture Partners join hands to form Yatra online ( [edit]
  216. Venture Beat ( [edit]
  217. EDGAR [edit]
  218. Picateers Gets $6.6 Million For Online Photo Based School Fundraising ( [edit]
  219. LifeSize Grows $17.5M ( [edit]
  220. Octavian Scientific Inc. obtains $6.6M funding ( [edit]
  221. TestQuest Secures $7.5 Million in Funding; Investments to Further Firm's Momentum ( [edit]
  222. EDGAR [edit]
  223. CollabNet receives $9.5 million in private financing ( [edit]
  224. ClairMail Receives $8.3 M from Norwest Venture Partners and Outlook Ventures ( [edit]
  225. EDGAR [edit]
  226. Deal Radar 2009: Sonoa Systems ( [edit]
  227. EDGAR [edit]
  228. EDGAR [edit]
  229. EDGAR [edit]
  230. Citation Needed [add]
  231. Corporate Brochure ( [edit]
  232. Paidcontent article ( [edit]
  233. [edit]
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