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Warrington, GBR
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The North West Fund

The North West Fund is a £155m evergreen investment fund established to provide debt and equity funding to small and medium sized enterprises in the North West of England. The Fund will address an identified gap in the lending, venture capital and private equity markets.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Beat My Waste Quote 1/2014Private Equity£100k2
Funding Options 1/2014Venture Round£500k2
ChargePoint Technology 10/2013Seed£1.63M2
RealityMine 7/2013Private Equity£600k2
Absynth Biologics 7/2013Seed£850k2
Acoustic Sensing Technology 3/2013Private Equity£650k1
Diagnostic Healthcare 3/2013Seed£1M2
Ph.Creative 2/2013Venture Round£500k1
Loksys Solutions 2/2013Venture Round£500k1
Med ePad 1/2013Venture Round£150k2
Ultromex 1/2013Seed£550k2
iCare Technology 12/2012Venture Round£50k1
Med ePad 12/2012Venture Round£125k1
Kanichi Research Services 12/2012Series C£285k1
TTS Pharma 12/2012Venture Round£550k1
Cable-Sense 12/2012Venture Round£800k2
Redtree People 10/2012Venture Round£50k1
BiOxyDyn 10/2012Venture Round£1.2M2
Compliance Control 10/2012Venture Round£110k1
Molplex 9/2012Venture Round£350k1
Connect Technology Group 9/2012Venture Round£135k2
SenseLogix 8/2012Series B£1M3
Dot Medical 7/2012Venture Round£550k1
PlaceFirst 7/2012Venture Round1
Evgen 7/2012Venture Round£460k2
CellCap Technologies 7/2012Venture Round£75k1
Nanoflex 6/2012Venture Round1
Zilico 6/2012Venture Round£985k2
Alchemy Pharmatech 6/2012Venture Round£400k2
Setgo 6/2012Venture Round1
App55 5/2012Venture Round1
Autology World 5/2012Venture Round£330k1
EcoLogicLiving 4/2012Venture Round£500k1
Tyres on the Drive 4/2012Venture Round£340k1
Zutux 4/2012Venture Round£950k1
Survival Media 4/2012Private Equity£100k2
Sound2Light Productions 3/2012Venture Round£175k1
Castlerock Recruitment Group 2/2012Venture Round1
Imperative Energy 2/2012Venture Round1
ScraperWiki 2/2012Venture Round$1M1
Channel Intellect 1/2012Venture Round1
HammerKit 1/2012Venture Round€1.25M1
InterRisk Solutions 12/2011Venture Round1
Albert Medical Devices 11/2011Venture Round£210k1
Ambitious Minds 9/2011Venture Round£350k1
Med ePad 8/2011Venture Round£50k1
Future Medical Technologies 8/2011Venture Round£50k1
Alchemy Pharmatech Ltd. 8/2011Venture Round£50k1
Autology World 7/2011Venture Round£660k2
TopCat Research 7/2011Venture Round£50k1
Camiloo 6/2011Seed£50k1
ACAL Energy 6/2011Venture Round£6.1M4
Glamorous Travel 3/2011Venture Round£100k1



  1. secures funding from The North West Fund for Digital & Creative ( [edit]
  2. Funding Options Limited secures £500k equity funding ( [edit]
  3. ChargePointTechnology Receives £1.625M in Financing ( [edit]
  4. RealityMine Secures £600,000 Investment from The North West Fund for Digital & Creative ( [edit]
  5. University spin-out raises £850,000 ( [edit]
  6. Acoustic Sensing Technology Raises £650K in Equity Funding ( [edit]
  7. Diagnostic Healthcare Raises £1M in Funding ( [edit]
  8. Ph.Creative Raises £500K ( [edit]
  9. Loksys Solutions Receives £500K in Funding ( [edit]
  10. Med ePad Raises £150K in Funding ( [edit]
  11. Ultromex Ltd Raises £550K in Funding ( [edit]
  12. iCare Technology Secures £50K in Funding ( [edit]
  13. Med ePad Raises £125k in Funding ( [edit]
  14. Kanichi Research Services Raises £285K ( [edit]
  15. TTS Pharma Receives £550K in Funding ( [edit]
  16. Cable-Sense Raises £800K in Equity Funding ( [edit]
  17. Redtree Systems Raises £50K in Funding ( [edit]
  18. BiOxyDyn Secures £1.2M Investment ( [edit]
  19. The Compliance Control Receives £110K from the North West Fund for Biomedical ( [edit]
  20. Molplex Raises £350K ( [edit]
  21. Connect Technology Group Receives Equity Investment from North West Fund for Digital & Creative ( [edit]
  22. SenseLogix Raises £1M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  23. Dot Medical Raises £550K ( [edit]
  24. PlaceFirst Raises Funding ( [edit]
  25. Evgen Raises £460K in Funding ( [edit]
  26. CellCap Technologies Ltd Receives £75k Investment ( [edit]
  27. Nanoflex Receives Significant Investment from The North West Fund for Venture Capital ( [edit]
  28. Zilico Receives £985K in Funding ( [edit]
  29. Alchemy Pharmatech Raises £400k from SPARK Impact ( [edit]
  30. Setgo Receives Six-Figure Equity Investment ( [edit]
  31. App55 Raises Funding from The North West Fund for Venture Capital ( [edit]
  32. Autology World Raises £330K ( [edit]
  33. EcoLogicLiving Secures £500k Investment ( [edit]
  34. Tyres on the Drive Receives £340K in Funding ( [edit]
  35. Zutux Receives £950K Investment from the North West Fund for Development Capital ( [edit]
  36. North West Fund invest in start-up Survival Media ( [edit]
  37. Sound2Light Productions Raises £175K in Funding from The North West Fund for Venture Capital ( [edit]
  38. Castlerock Recruitment Receives Investment from North West Fund for Development Capital ( [edit]
  39. Imperative Energy Receives Investment ( [edit]
  40. ScraperWiki Completes $1M Funding ( [edit]
  41. Channel Intellect Receives Significant Investment from North West Fund for Venture Capital ( [edit]
  42. Hammerkit Raises €1.25M in Funding ( [edit]
  43. InterRisk Solutions Raises Funding ( [edit]
  44. Albert Medical Devices Raises £210K in Funding ( [edit]
  45. Ambitious Minds Raises £350K ( [edit]
  46. Med ePad Raises £50K from North West Fund for Biomedical ( [edit]
  47. Future Medical Technologies Receives £50K Investment from the North West Fund for Biomedical ( [edit]
  48. Alchemy Healthcare Receives £50K Investment from the North West Fund for Biomedical ( [edit]
  49. Autology World Raises £660K in Funding ( [edit]
  50. TopCat Research Raises £50K from the North West Fund for Biomedical ( [edit]
  51. Camiloo receives investment from North West Fund / ERDF ( [edit]
  52. ACAL Energy Closes £6.1M Funding ( [edit]
  53. Glamorous Travel £100K Equity Investment ( [edit]
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