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General Information

DescriptionHealthcare Venture Capital


$550M HealthCare Fund, 3/2007 $550M
MPM BioVentures V, 2/2010 $140M


The John Hancock Tower
200 Clarendon Street 54th Floor
Boston, MA, 02116
San Francisco Office
601 Gateway Boulevard
Suite 350
San Francisco, CA, 94080
Germany office
Promenadeplatz 12
Munich, 80333, DEU


Venture Partner, Chief Medical/Scientific Advisor
Chairman Venture Partner
Chairman Venture Partner
Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director
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MPM Capital

Unique to MPM is an internal team of industry experts that has been specifically assembled not only to enable MPM to assess opportunities but to participate in the value creation and value enhancing acitivites once MPM is an investor. They believe that there senior team is the broadest and deepest team in healthcare venture capital, comprised of talented individuals with impressive investing and finance pedigrees, as well as persons who possess specific functional and operating expertise. MPM executives have and will continue to take interim operating positions in portfolio companies. They can “drop in” expertises in chemistry or biology, intellectual property, licensing and business development, clinical trial design and execution, and commercial operations. Whether we are helping build a company, filling in short-term management gaps, or working alongside management to prepare for key value-creating events, they do whatever it takes to help there companies succeed.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Iconic Therapeutics 4/2014Series B$20M3
TriVascular 11/2013Series E$40M9
Sideris Pharmaceuticals 10/2013Series A$32M3
iPierian 9/2013Series A$30M3
Syndax Pharmaceuticals 8/2013Series B$26.6M4
InformedDNA 7/2013Seed$3M1
Radius Health 4/2013Private Equity$43M6
Theraclone Sciences 3/2013Series B$8M8
Nevro 3/2013Series C$48M9
23andMe 12/2012Series D$57.9M6
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals 11/2012Series B$8M5
Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corporation 9/2012Series A$23M1
Vascular Pharmaceuticals 9/2012Series A$16M2
Chiasma 7/2012Series D$38.5M3
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals 6/2012Series B$25M4
Astute Medical 6/2012Series C$40.4M6
TriVascular 6/2012Series D$60M7
NeoVista 5/2012Partial Close$6M5
Celladon 5/2012Venture Round$10M1
Kalidex Pharmaceuticals 1/2012Venture Round$6.5M6
Radius Health 12/2011Private Equity$21.4M7
Aratana Therapeutics 12/2011Series B$15M3
Verastem 11/2011Series C$20M4
Valeritas 9/2011Series C$150M8
Radius Health 7/2011Series C$66M7
Nevro 7/2011Venture Round$58M7
Verastem 7/2011Series B$32M6
Conatus Pharmaceuticals 4/2011Series B$7.5M1
Aratana Therapeutics 1/2011Series A$20M3
Verastem 11/2010Series A$16M4
iPierian 11/2010Series B$29M8
TriVascular 8/2010Series C$60M5
NeuroTherapeutics Pharma 5/2010Series B$43M4
Theraclone Sciences 3/2010Series B$1.5M6
Syndax Pharmaceuticals 3/2010Series A$9M5
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals 3/2010Series A$21M2
Alnara Pharmaceuticals 1/2010Series B$35M1
EndoGastric Solutions 1/2010Series E$21.5M6
Oxagen 11/2009Series C$26.7M9
TriVascular 11/2009Series B$30M4
PrimeraDx (Primera Biosystems) 10/2009Series C$20M6
Xanodyne 10/2009Series D$87.8M7
EndoGastric Solutions 10/2009Venture Round$9.5M6
Epizyme 10/2009Series B$32M5
PharmAthene 7/2009Secondary Market Transaction$19.3M4
iPierian 7/2009Venture Round$11.5M3
EndoGastric Solutions 6/2009Venture Round$3.75M5
Elixir Pharmaceuticals 5/2009Series D$12M5
Taigen 1/2009Series C$37M5
KaloBios Pharmaceuticals 12/2008Series D$12M8
Radius Health 11/2008Series C$15M7
ARYx Therapeutics 11/2008Venture Round$21.6M3
Innovative Spinal Technologies 9/2008Series C$18M2
TriVascular 3/2008Series A$65M4
Allozyne 10/2007Series B$30M5
Ceregene 6/2007Series C$28M6
CymaBay Therapeutics 4/2007Series D$32M16
Radius Health 4/2007Series B$57.5M6
NeoVista 12/2006Series C$41M6
Elixir Pharmaceuticals 11/2006Series C$46M6
Chiasma 11/2006Series C$44M4
VLST Corporation 6/2006Series B$55M7
MacroGenics 5/2006Series C$45M11
Allozyne 12/2005Series A$3.5M4
Cellerant Therapeutics 5/2005Series B$16M4
Perlegen Sciences 2/2005Series D$74M15
EndoGastric Solutions 9/2004Series B$12M3
Taigen 3/2004Series B$38M8
EndoGastric Solutions 6/2003Series A$5M2



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