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Morgenthaler Ventures IX, 11/2008 $400M


Menlo Park, USA
2710 Sand Hill Road
Suite 100
Menlo Park, CA, 94025


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Morgenthaler Ventures

Morgenthaler Ventures has been in the venture capital business for more than 45 years, steadily investing through every market cycle.

Select past and present portfolio companies in the IT space include: Evernote, Lending Club, Siri, MuleSoft, Practice Fusion, Adara Media, Check, Doximity, PeopleMatter, Socrata, NuoDB, Jaspersoft, Voltage Security, Rhythm NewMedia, Nominum, Wize Commerce (NexTag) and back in the day, Apple.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
ForSight Labs 4/2014Series C$15M4
Vapotherm 4/2014Series B$24M8
Holaira 4/2014Series D$42M6
MuleSoft 3/2014Private Equity$50M9
NuoDB 2/2014Series B$14.2M4
Elcelyx Therapeutics 2/2014Series C$24.7M4
Miramar Labs 2/2014Series D$10M5
HealthLoop 12/2013Series A$10M3
Calithera Biosciences 10/2013Series D$35M4
PeopleMatter 10/2013Series E$16M7
Practice Fusion 9/2013Series D$70M9
Convo 9/2013Series A$5M1
Check 9/2013Series C$24M3
SetPoint Medical 8/2013Series A$30.6M7
Socrata 6/2013Series B$18M3
Second Genome 6/2013Series A$11.5M2
Scioderm 4/2013Series A$16M2
Vapotherm 4/2013Series A$29M7
MuleSoft 4/2013Private Equity$37M7
Catalyst Biosciences 4/2013Venture Round$5.07M6
PeopleMatter 3/2013Series D$19M6
Adara Media 2/2013Series B$20M4
Innovative Pulmonary Solutions 2/2013Series C$10M4
OptiScan Biomedical 2/2013Private Equity$30.7M4
R2 Semiconductor 2/2013Venture Round$5M2
RelateIQ 2013Series A$9M4
Calithera Biosciences 12/2012Series C$2M3
Kona Medical 12/2012Series C$10M5
Principia BioPharma 10/2012Series A$12.5M5
Catalyst Biosciences 9/2012Partial Close$13.4M5
Innovative Pulmonary Solutions 9/2012Venture Round$10.6M4
Doximity 9/2012Series B$17M3
Elcelyx Therapeutics 8/2012Series B$4M3
Sonatype 7/2012Series C$25M5
NuoDB 7/2012Series B$10M3
Big Switch Networks 7/2012Series B$21.7M4
Pickwick & Weller 7/2012Venture Round$1.5M1
Rhythm NewMedia 7/2012Venture Round$5M3
Practice Fusion 6/2012Series C$34M11
Twelve 6/2012Venture Round$15M3
LocBox Labs 6/2012Venture Round$5.04M6
Kona Medical 5/2012Series C$30M4
MuleSoft 5/2012Series D$15M3
Second Genome 4/2012Venture Round$2.5M2
Calithera Biosciences 4/2012Venture Round$4M4
Relievant Medsystems 3/2012Series D$30M5
Promedior 3/2012Series D$21.5M6
PeopleMatter 2/2012Series C$14M1
R2 Semiconductor 2/2012Venture Round$10.1M3
Adara Media 1/2012Venture Round$12.4M4
Transcend Medical 1/2012Series B$16M9
Planet Soho 1/2012Series A$8M4
Moximed 1/2012Private Equity$1.77M4
Mosaic Biosciences 11/2011Series A$1M3
Fundly 9/2011Series A$5M6
Practice Fusion 9/2011Venture Round$6M9
Lending Club 8/2011Series D$25M4
Jaspersoft 7/2011Venture Round$11M8
Evernote 7/2011Venture Round$50M2
Big Switch Networks 7/2011Series A$12M8
Big Switch Networks 7/2011Series A$12M8
Stemgent 6/2011Series B$10.6M2
Check 5/2011Venture Round$15M2
Practice Fusion 4/2011Series B$23M5
Spine Wave 2/2011Series E$17.5M5
Rhythm NewMedia 11/2010Series C$10M4
Sonatype 9/2010Series B$11.6M4
Calithera Biosciences 7/2010Series A$40M5
Big Switch Networks 7/2010Seed$1.5M5
Foldrx Pharmaceuticals 6/2010Venture Round$29M7
Overture Networks 4/2010Venture Round$17.2M7
Tragara 4/2010Series B$5M5
Lending Club 4/2010Series C$24.5M4
MuleSoft 3/2010Series C$12M5
Practice Fusion 1/2010Venture Round$5.02M6
Stemgent 11/2009Debt$2.7M2
Siri 11/2009Series B$15.5M5
sezmi 11/2009Series C$24.8M5
Evernote 11/2009Series B$10M3
Intelleflex 11/2009Venture Round$8M4
imeem 8/2009Venture Round$6M3
Relievant Medsystems 7/2009Series C$20M4
Transcend Medical 6/2009Series B$35M6
Unity Semiconductor 5/2009Series C$22M3
R2 Semiconductor 5/2009Series A$13M3
Ardian 3/2009Series C$47M5
Lending Club 3/2009Series B$12M3
OneChip Photonics 3/2009Series A$19.5M4
Stemgent 3/2009Series B$14M2
Jaspersoft 12/2008Venture Round$12.5M5
Catalyst Biosciences 12/2008Series C$40M7
Paratek 12/2008Venture Round$20M5
sezmi 11/2008Series B$33M5
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals 11/2008Series B$154M8
Siri 10/2008Series A$8.5M3
ZeroG Wireless 10/2008Series B$17M4
Arisdyne Systems 6/2008Series A$5.3M4
ExploraMed 4/2008Venture Round$18.5M3
Miramar Labs 3/2008Series B$20.3M2
Socrata 2/2008Seed$6.5M2
Intelleflex 12/2007Series C$15.5M6
Voltage Security 10/2007Series D$12M6
Utterz 9/2007Series A$4M2
Jaspersoft 8/2007Series D$12M5
sezmi 8/2007Series A$17.5M3
Satiety 7/2007Series D$30M6
IGA Worldwide 7/2007Series B$25M6
Xoomsys 6/2007Series B$8M3
ZeroG Wireless 6/2007Series A$13M3
Danal d/b/a BilltoMobile 6/2007Series A$9.5M1
MuleSoft 5/2007Series B$12.5M3
Trellis Bioscience 2/2007Series B$10M4
Digital Railroad 2/2007Series B$10M3
Zolo Technologies 1/2007Series D$12.5M5
Five Star Technologies 11/2006Venture Round$7.1M5
Ardian 11/2006Series B$10.1M3
MuleSoft 10/2006Series A$4M2
Cortina Systems 9/2006Series D$132M7
NanoOpto 6/2006Series D$5M6
BlueArc 6/2006Venture Round$29M8
Overture Networks 6/2006Series C$7.5M6
Promedior 5/2006Series A$14M5
Avidia 5/2006Series C$43.8M7
Snocap 3/2006Series C$15M3
Netli 2/2006Venture Round$18M7
Catalyst Biosciences 2/2006Series B$30M6
IGA Worldwide 2/2006Series A$17M3
Sionex 12/2005Series C$12M4
Cortina Systems 8/2005Series C$30M7
StarGen 8/2005Series B$15.5M6
Jaspersoft 7/2005Series C$8M3
Zolo Technologies 7/2005Series C$5M3
Digital Railroad 6/2005Series A$5.2M2
Force10 Networks 6/2005Series E$45M6
Paratek 5/2005Series C$15M5
Voltage Security 5/2005Series C$15M5
NanoOpto 3/2005Series C$12M5
Nominum 3/2005Series D$16M6
Agility Communications 3/2005Series E$15M6
CLK Design Automation 1/2005Series A$5M2
Snocap 12/2004Series A$10M2
Orb Networks 10/2004Series A$4M1
imeem 9/2004Series A$3M2
Nominum 5/2002Series B$10M4



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