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General Information


DFJ Mercury Fund II, 6/2010 $70M
DFJ Mercury Fund I, 3/2005 $20M
Mercury Fund III, 10/2013 $125M


One Greenway Plaza
Suite 930
Houston, TX, 77046


Managing Director, Co-Founder
Managing Director
Dir. of Financial Reporting
Executive Assistant
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Mercury Fund

Mercury Fund is a seed-stage venture capital firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. Mercury invests in compelling and novel software and science-based startup opportunities, focusing on entrepreneurs and technology innovation in the Midcontinent. The firm has a particular interest in startups originating from seed accelerators, universities and incubators; and frequently invests prior to the formation of a business plan or complete management team.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Dónde 2/2014Seed$1M5
Molecule Software 12/2013Debt$250k1
Meshify 12/2013Debt$305k1
Datical 12/2013Series A$3M2
Deep Imaging Technologies 12/2013Debt$1.5M1
Filament Labs 12/2013Debt$100k1
Macheen 12/2013Debt$1.4M1
DNAtriX 11/2013Debt$1.54M1
Sinopsys Surgical 10/2013Debt$600k1
Confluence Life Sciences 10/2013Series A$500k1
Swift Biosciences 10/2013Series B$7M3
Glycos Biotechnologies 10/2013Debt$375k2
Graphicly 9/2013Venture Round$1.3M2
DNAtriX 8/2013Debt$840k1
Ambiq Micro 8/2013Series B$10M4
ShareThis 8/2013Series C$7M2
Koupon Media 7/2013Series B$400k1
Deep Imaging Technologies 6/2013Debt$301k1
DNAtriX 6/2013Debt$160k1
Infochimps 3/2013Debt$300k1
Ambiq Micro 11/2012Series B$3.6M2
Graphicly 11/2012Debt$320k1
Confluence Life Sciences 9/2012Series A$4M3
Macheen 9/2012Venture Round$10M3
Infochimps 9/2012Debt$1.9M4
Datical 7/2012Seed$660k6
Alert Logic 6/2012Series F$12.2M5
Illumitex 4/2012Venture Round$9.3M6
Koupon Media 4/2012Series B$4.5M3
DNAtriX 1/2012Seed$4.5M1
Koupon Media 11/2011Series A$2M1
Techstars 9/2011Venture Round$24M7
BlackLocus 7/2011Series A$2.5M2
Macheen 6/2011Series B$10M2
Illumitex 6/2011Venture Round$13.5M2
Alert Logic 4/2011Series E$12.6M4
GameSalad 3/2011Series A$6.1M10
Deep Imaging Technologies 1/2011Debt$150k1
Graphicly 1/2011Series A$3.8M5
Ambiq Micro 11/2010Seed$2.4M2
Infochimps 11/2010Series A$2.2M4
Glycos Biotechnologies 10/2010Series B$4.22M5
Kabongo 10/2010Venture Round$1.1M2
Swift Biosciences 8/2010Series A$3M1
GameSalad 7/2010Series A$1M9
Macheen 4/2010Series A$2.75M3
Marval Pharma 1/2010Series B$2.5M2
Vertos Medical 1/2010Series D$15.5M5
Graphicly 1/2010Series A$1.2M8
DNAtriX 2010Debt$170k1
Kabongo 8/2009Series A3
Glycos Biotechnologies 5/2009Series A$5M2
DNAtriX 9/2008Seed$479k1
Actacell 7/2008Series A$5.8M4
Vertos Medical 7/2008Series C$16.4M1
Phurnace Software 7/2008Series A$5M2
Illumitex 5/2008Series B$5.25M3
Alert Logic 3/2008Series C$8.25M4
Glycos Biotechnologies 2/2008Venture Round$2.35M2
Phurnace Software 9/2007Series A$5M2
Prolacta Bioscience 4/2007Series C$12.5M1
Vertos Medical 3/2007Series B$4.19M1
ShareThis 1/2007Series A$6M5
Prolacta Bioscience 11/2006Series B$540k1
Alert Logic 8/2006Series B$5M4
Unwired Nation 7/2006Series B$6.1M4
Unwired Nation 7/2006Series B$7M2
DNAtriX 5/2006Debt$176k1
Vertos Medical 4/2006Series A$725k1
Unwired Nation 3/2006Series A$1.5M4
Alert Logic 9/2005Series A$2.3M4



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