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General Information


Fund Eleven, 10/2010 $400M
Menlo Talent Fund, 9/2011 $20M


Menlo Park, USA
3000 Sand Hill Road
Building 4, Suite 100
Menlo Park, CA, 94025


Venture Partner
Venture Partner
Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director
Managing Director
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Menlo Ventures

Menlo Ventures provides capital for seed through growth technology companies in the consumer and enterprise sectors. For decades, the firm’s market-driven research analysis has led to the identification of and successful exits in innovative technology markets. Notable research areas of investment include Mobile (Siri, Uber, TeleNav), Enterprise Storage (3PAR, Spinnaker Networks, Coraid), Communications (Acme Packet, Cavium Networks), and Consumer (Fab, Tumblr, Carbonite, Roku). Founded in 1976, Menlo’s portfolio includes 70 public companies and more than 100 mergers and acquisitions. Throughout the firm’s history, Menlo’s deep network of portfolio entrepreneurs, angels and advisors are a key resource made available to all of our family of investments. Menlo Ventures has $4 billion under management and is currently investing Menlo Ventures XI, a $400 million fund with $20 million allocated to our Menlo Talent Fund for fast seed funding. For more information, visit

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants
Betterment 4/2014Series C$32M6
Munchery 4/2014Series B$28M5 3/2014Series C$12M4
The Black Tux 2/2014Seed$2.6M8
BeyondCore 2/2014Series A$9M1
UrbanSitter 2/2014Series B$15M5
Tintri 2/2014Series E$75M3
Jack Erwin 2/2014Series A$2M4
DataXu 2/2014Series D$10M4
Epic! 1/2014Seed$1.4M6
Takipi 12/2013Series A$4.5M1
Coraid 12/2013Series D$29.3M5
Talari Networks 11/2013Series D$15M4
Kidaptive 11/2013Series B$10.1M8
Scan 10/2013Series A$7M4
Handle 10/2013Debt$1.81M2
3VR 10/2013Debt$3.57M2
Sepaton 9/2013Partial Close$2M3
Keaton Row 9/2013Seed$1.6M4
Munchery 9/2013Seed$700k3
Munchery 9/2013Series A$4M7
Check 9/2013Series C$24M3
SendHub 9/2013Series A$3M10
Ansible 8/2013Series A$6M2
Dropcam 7/2013Series C$30M4
EdgeCast Networks 7/2013Series D$54M3
Scality 7/2013Series C$22M6
Synthego 7/2013Series A$8.29M2
Propeller 6/2013Seed$1.25M13
Entelo 6/2013Series A$3.5M2
Fab 6/2013Series D$150M8
Talari Networks 6/2013Series C$5M2
BitSight Technologies 6/2013Series A$24M4
Zillabyte 6/2013Seed4
PandoDaily 5/2013Seed$3M18
OwnerListens 5/2013Seed$1.1M4
Vidyo 4/2013Private Equity$17.1M6
Flurry 4/2013Venture Round$255k4
Hoteles y Clubs de Vacaciones SA 4/2013Venture Round$750k3
MobiTV 4/2013Private Equity$16.5M3
Nexenta Systems 2/2013Series D$24M9
Virool 2/2013Seed$6.62M22
GroupTalent 2/2013Seed$1M3
DataXu 2/2013Series C$27M4
Emu Messenger 1/2013Seed$1.5M4
Circa 1/2013Convertible Note$750k6
Nexxo Financial 1/2013Series F$3.66M2
Pluribus Networks 12/2012Series C$23M4
Poshmark 12/2012Series B$12.5M4
Cinemagram 11/2012Series A$8.5M3
Flurry 11/2012Series D$25M7
UrbanSitter 10/2012Series A$6M4
Betterment 10/2012Series B$10M4
Scan 10/2012Venture Round$6.5M1
eXelate 9/2012Series C$12M4
Couchsurfing 8/2012Series B$15M5
Lumos Labs 8/2012Series D$31.5M5
OrderAhead 8/2012Seed$2.5M8
Getaround 8/2012Series A$13.9M7 8/2012Seed17
Roku 7/2012Series E$45M4
Tintri 7/2012Venture Round$25M3
Fab 7/2012Series C$105M10
Avere Systems 7/2012Series C$20M4
Dropcam 6/2012Series B$12M3
Credit Sesame 6/2012Series C$12M3
YuMe 5/2012Venture Round$10M6
Vidyo 5/2012Venture Round$2M6
Livingly Media 5/2012Series B$8.9M6
SendHub 4/2012Seed$2M6
NComputing 4/2012Venture Round$21.8M4
Kidaptive 4/2012Seed9 3/2012Series B$16.7M7
Scan 2/2012Seed$1.7M13
Backplane 2/2012Series A$4M8
Nexenta Systems 1/2012Series C$21M5
Machine Zone, Inc. 1/2012Series B$8M1
PlayPhone 1/2012Private Equity$67.2M4
Uber 12/2011Series B$37M6
Fab 12/2011Series B$40M5
Minted 11/2011Series B$5.5M5
Comprehend Systems 11/2011Seed$1.2M12
Coraid 11/2011Series C$50M4
Handle 11/2011Series A$4M1
Enflick 10/2011Seed$1M4
Shaker 10/2011Series A$15M6
Vidyo 9/2011Series D$22.5M4
Warby Parker 9/2011Series A$12M5
RF Surgical Systems 9/2011Venture Round$12M3
nLIGHT Corp. 8/2011Series E$17.5M3
Backplane 8/2011Angel$1.8M5
Roku 8/2011Venture Round$8M2
Fab 8/2011Series A$7.7M19
Parse 8/2011Angel$1.5M15
Mr. Number 8/2011Series A$4.8M1
Bloomspot 8/2011Series B$35M8
ParAccel 7/2011Venture Round7
Glympse 6/2011Series B$7.5M3
Lumos Labs 6/2011Series C$32.5M4
PowerReviews 5/2011Series C$10M4
Pixable 4/2011Series B$3.6M1
Credit Sesame 3/2011Series B$6.15M2
3VR 12/2010Series E$17M2
Dstillery (formerly Media6Degrees) 12/2010Series B$17M3
Flurry 12/2010Series C$15M5
Coraid 11/2010Series B$25M3
AeroScout 11/2010Series E$16M7
Bloomspot 9/2010Series A$9M3
PlaySpan 8/2010Series C$18M5
Avere Systems 8/2010Series B$17M3
eXelate 8/2010Series B$16M3
Talari Networks 7/2010Series C$10M3
Wellcore 7/2010Debt$2M1
OnRequest Images 6/2010Venture Round$2M1
Crowdcast 6/2010Series A$6M2
INVIDI Technologies 5/2010Series D$23M7
EdgeCast Networks 4/2010Series C$10M1
Vidyo 4/2010Series C$25M5
Socialcast 3/2010Series B$8M2
ReadyForce 3/2010Series A$12.2M6
PatientSafe Solutions 3/2010Series B$30M7
DataXu 3/2010Series B$11M3
PowerReviews 3/2010Venture Round$1.1M2
MOG 2/2010Series E$9.5M2
YuMe 2/2010Venture Round$25M5
DiVitas Networks 2/2010Venture Round$430k3
LensVector 2/2010Series C$30M7
Pliant Technology 1/2010Venture Round$27.3M4
PowerReviews 12/2009Venture Round$4.93M3 12/2009Venture Round$5M4
Siri 11/2009Series B$15.5M5
Intransa 11/2009Venture Round$1.5M5
Stretch 11/2009Series B$10M3
Firetide 9/2009Series E$8.59M2
MOG 8/2009Venture Round$5M3
3VR 8/2009Series D$12M1
Lytx, Inc. 8/2009Series D$19M5
Roku 8/2009Series D$8.4M1
Santur Corporation 7/2009Series E$13M3
Schooner Information Technology 7/2009Series B$20M3
ParAccel 6/2009Series C$22M5
Kazeon 4/2009Series F$10M4
Sepaton 4/2009Series F$15.5M5
Pliant Technology 3/2009Series C$15M4
Vidyo 3/2009Series B$15M4
Rivulet Communications 2/2009Series C$11.5M4
RNA Networks 2/2009Series A$7M2
nLIGHT Corp. 1/2009Venture Round$10.7M3
IMVU 1/2009Series D$10M4
Talari Networks 12/2008Series B$6.2M2
PlaySpan 11/2008Series B$16.8M4
VT Silicon 11/2008Venture Round$5.5M1
VBrick Systems 10/2008Venture Round$11.9M4
Roku 10/2008Series C1
Intransa 10/2008Venture Round$15M5
Siri 10/2008Series A$8.5M3
Carbonite 9/2008Series C$21.2M5
Aprius 9/2008Series B$20M5
SpeedDate 8/2008Series B$6M1
Entone Technologies 8/2008Series B$14.5M3 8/2008Series C$32M5
Broncus Technologies, Inc. 7/2008Debt3
PlaySpan 7/2008Venture Round$5M4
Parascale 6/2008Series A$11.4M2
AeroScout 4/2008Series D$12M3
DiVitas Networks 4/2008Venture Round$15M4
EPAC Software Technologies 3/2008Venture Round$20M3
Stretch 3/2008Series B$15M3
sellpoints 2/2008Series A$7M2
Cellfire 2/2008Series C$12M3
Jobfox 1/2008Series C$20M4
BigTent Design 1/2008Series A$5M2
CREDANT Technologies 12/2007Series C$5M5
NComputing 12/2007Venture Round$28M3
INVIDI Technologies 12/2007Series C$25M4
Mobius Microsystems 12/2007Series B$10.2M3
Voltage Security 10/2007Series D$12M6
GreenNote 10/2007Series A$4.2M2
Peopleclick Authoria 9/2007Series E$22.5M7
Quellan 9/2007Series C$20M9
VT Silicon 9/2007Series A$3.3M1
PowerReviews 9/2007Series B$15M3
NebuAd 9/2007Series B$19M2
PlaySpan 9/2007Series A$6.5M4
Livingly Media 8/2007Series A$6.8M2
newScale 7/2007Series D$11M6
NebuAd 7/2007Series A$11.2M1
Adomo 6/2007Venture Round$15M2
WiQuest Communications 6/2007Series C$28M6
Stretch 6/2007Series B$12M3
nCircle Network Security 5/2007Venture Round$5M4
Texas Instruments 5/2007Series C$10M2
PlayPhone 5/2007Series C$18.8M3
Carbonite 5/2007Series B$15M3
Solidcore Systems 4/2007Series D$10M4
IMVU 4/2007Series B$9M2
Sepaton 4/2007Series E$22M4
OnRequest Images 4/2007Series C$17M3
Lytx, Inc. 3/2007Series C$28M4
Aquest Systems 2/2007Series B$20M3
Sequence Design 2/2007Venture Round$670k1
LiveOps 2/2007Series C$28M4
Q1 Labs 1/2007Series D$9M5
SpeedDate 1/2007Series A$2.6M2
mywaves 12/2006Series A$6M1
Tablus 10/2006Series B$16M2
TalkPlus 10/2006Series A$5.5M1
PlayPhone 8/2006Series B$9.1M3
Questra 8/2006Series D$12.5M3
Kazeon 8/2006Venture Round$21M2
DiVitas Networks 8/2006Series B$15M2
Matisse Networks 7/2006Series B$7.5M3
Cellfire 7/2006Series B$10M1
MobiTV 7/2006Series C$70M5
ePAC Technologies 6/2006Series C$40M2
Stretch 6/2006Series A$10M3
Jobfox 5/2006Series B$13M2
WiQuest Communications 3/2006Series B$18M4
IMVU 3/2006Series A$9M2
Visible Path 3/2006Series A$7.7M4
Visible Path 3/2006Series B$17M4
Bluesocket 2/2006Series C$9M4
Neterion 2/2006Series D$6.48M3
Solidcore Systems 2/2006Series C$10M3
Asempra Technologies 2/2006Series B$20M3
Mobius Microsystems 1/2006Series A$10M3
Movaz Networks 1/2006Venture Round$20M6
Enuclia Semiconductor 1/2006Series B$13M3
MailFrontier 1/2006Venture Round$1.5M3
Encirq Corporation 1/2006Series B$14M6
Centrality Communications 12/2005Series D$20M7
Sequence Design 12/2005Venture Round$5.3M7
PowerReviews 12/2005Series A$6.25M2
Netcontinuum 10/2005Venture Round$15M4
Quellan 9/2005Series B$12M1
Texas Instruments 8/2005Series B$10M1
Lytx, Inc. 6/2005Series B$18M2
Voltage Security 5/2005Series C$15M5
Ingrian Networks 4/2005Series D$15.4M5
newScale 3/2005Series C$15M6
Vhayu Technologies 3/2005Series C$10.3M4
INVIDI Technologies 3/2005Series B$20.3M5
Solidcore Systems 2/2005Series B$20M3
Bluesocket 1/2005Series B$10M5
Vocent 1/2005Series C$6.4M2
MobiTV 8/2004Series B$15M4
CinemaNow 7/2004Series A$11M2
Firetide 4/2004Series B$13.6M2
LiveOps 4/2004Series B$22M2
Firetide 6/2003Series A$3.2M2
Entone Technologies 5/2003Series A$9.5M2
IronPort Systems 6/2002Series B$16.5M7



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  16. Children’s Educational iPad App Maker Kidaptive Scores $10.1 Million Series B ( [edit]
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  32. Entelo, The Big Data Recruitment Platform Used By Box, Yelp And Square, Lands $3.5M From Battery And Menlo ( [edit]
  33. Fab Grabs $150M At $1B Valuation (And Is Raising Another $100M+ More) ( [edit]
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  45. GroupTalent Grabs $1M From Founders Co-Op, Menlo & Others To Help Businesses Connect With Top Technical Talent ( [edit]
  46. DataXu Raises $27M For Real-Time, Data-Driven Ad Buying ( [edit]
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  53. Investors Plug Another $25 Million Into IPO-Bound Flurry ( [edit]
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  60. OrderAhead Nabs $2.3M From Adam D’Angelo, Matrix, Eric Schmidt For Ordering On The Go ( [edit]
  61. Getaround Raises $13.9M Series A Led By Menlo Ventures, Launches Getaway For Managed Car Rentals ( [edit]
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  63. Roku Becomes Pay TV’s Streaming Box Of Choice, Raises $45 Million From News Corp, BSkyB, And Others ( [edit]
  64. Tintri Raises $25 Million For Storage Designed To Improve Virtual Machine Environments ( [edit]
  65. Fab Seals The Deal On $105 Million In New Funding ( [edit]
  66. Avere Raises $20M to Help Corporations Store and Manage Data ( [edit]
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  69. YuMe Adds Another $10 Million From WestSummit Capital ( [edit]
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  73. NComputing raises $21.8M round as desktop virtualization drives computing costs lower ( [edit]
  74. Kidaptive Raises Large Seed Round From Menlo, CrunchFund & Others To Bring Children’s Educational Apps To iPad ( [edit]
  75. Brazil’s Start-Up Baby Boom ( [edit]
  76. Scan Gets $1.7M From Google Ventures And Shervin Pishevar To Make QR Codes Actually Useful ( [edit]
  77. Lady Gaga-Backed Backplane Raises Over $4M From Sequoia & More; Acquires Sharing Platform Cortex ( [edit]
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  79. Freemium Game Dev Addmired Rebrands As Machine Zone, Lands $8M From Menlo Ventures ( [edit]
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  82. Design-Focused Flash Sales Site Raises $40M From Andreessen Horowitz, Ashton Kutcher ( [edit]
  83. Benchmark, Marissa Mayer Put $5.5M In Stationery Design And Retail Site Minted ( [edit]
  84. Comprehend Systems Closes $1.2M in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  85. Coraid Raises $50 Million For Next-Gen Elastic Data Storage ( [edit]
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  90. Stylish Eyewear Maker Warby Parker Tries On $12M In Funding ( [edit]
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  92. nLIGHT Raises $17.5 Million Investment to Accelerate Growth ( [edit]
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  104. Credit Sesame Raises $6.15 Million, Helps Users Manage Credits And Loans ( [edit]
  105. 3VR Secures $17 Million in Funding to Bring Intelligent Video Search to Broader Market Global Leader in Intelligent Video Search and Analytics Concludes Record Year With Funding and New Addition to the Management Team ( [edit]
  106. Media6Degrees Closes $17 Million Series B Round Led by Menlo Ventures ( [edit]
  107. Mobile app analytics firm Flurry closes $15 million Series C round ( [edit]
  108. Coraid Closes $25M Series B Financing ( [edit]
  109. AeroScout Raises $16 Million For Real-Time Location Technology ( [edit]
  110. [edit]
  111. Payment Platform PlaySpan Raises $18 Million From Vodafone, Softbank ( [edit]
  112. Avere Systems raises $17M to beef up enterprise storage ( [edit]
  113. As Regulatory Scrutiny Intensfies, Ad Targeter eXelate Adds To Second Round ( [edit]
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  115. Wellcore secures $2M for fall detection system ( [edit]
  116. OnRequest Images takes $2M more for global custom photography ( [edit]
  117. Crowdcast Raises $6 Million For ‘Social Business Intelligence’ Solutions ( [edit]
  118. Google Leads $23 Million Round In TV Ad Startup Invidi ( [edit]
  119. EdgeCast Secures $10 Million From Menlo Ventures ( [edit]
  120. Vidyo Scores Monster $25M Funding Round ( [edit]
  121. Socialcast Raises $8 Million Series B To Spread Its Realtime Enterprise Streams ( [edit]
  122. ReadyForce Raises $12.2 Million For On-Demand Labor Marketplace ( [edit]
  123. PatientSafe Solutions, Inc.: Series B $30M ( [edit]
  124. TC50 Finalist DataXu Scores $11 Million More For Online Ad Bidding Platform ( [edit]
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  126. Mog closes $9.5m funding led by Balderton Capital and Menlo Ventures, SEC ( [edit]
  127. Video Ad Start-Up YuMe Raises $25 Million ( [edit]
  128. EDGAR [edit]
  129. LensVector ( [edit]
  130. Pliant catches $27.3M for enterprise flash drives ( [edit]
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  132. Scores Another $5 Million In Venture Capital ( [edit]
  133. Siri raises $15.5M more for virtual personal assistant ( [edit]
  134. Intransa raises $1.5M for Ethernet storage ( [edit]
  135. San Jose Business Journal ( [edit]
  136. Firetide raises $8.6M to provide wireless mesh networks ( [edit]
  137. MOG Raises Another $5 Million As Traffic Nearly Doubles Since January ( [edit]
  138. 3VR finds $12M for searchable surveillance ( [edit]
  139. Driver safety company DriveCam steers in $19m in Series D funding ( [edit]
  140. Roku Adds $8.4 Million In Funding From Menlo Ventures ( [edit]
  141. Santur Lands $13M ( [edit]
  143. ParAccel brings in $22M for analytical databases ( [edit]
  144. Kazeon captures $10M for advanced search and discovery ( [edit]
  145. Sepaton Wins $15.5M Series F Round ( [edit]
  146. Pliant Tech Raises $15 Million ( [edit]
  147. Vidyo Nabs $15 Million Third Round; Adds New CFO ( [edit]
  148. Rivulet Communications Raises $11.5 M in Series C Funding ( [edit]
  149. RNA Networks nails $7 million ( [edit]
  150. nLIGHT Adds $10.7 Million in Growth Capital ( [edit]
  151. IMVU Closes $10 Million Financing Led by Best Buy Capital ( [edit]
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  158. Siri, the stealth mode startup raises $8.5 million in Series A ( [edit]
  159. Mass High Tech ( [edit]
  160. Aprius Raises $20M to Advance I/O Virtualization Systems ( [edit]
  161. SpeedDate Scores $6 Million For Matchmaking In A Hurry ( [edit]
  162. Broadband TV Company Entone Raises $14.5 Million Second Round ( [edit]
  163. Closes $32 Million Third Round; Got In Before The Bust ( [edit]
  164. Broncus Technologies lines up venture debt financing for emphysema treatment ( [edit]
  165. PlaySpan Plays With $5 Million Venture Capital ( [edit]
  166. Parascale Secures $11.37 Million in Series a Funding ( [edit]
  167. EDGAR [edit]
  168. DiVitas Networks Gets $15 Million in Venture Capital ( [edit]
  169. EPAC Technologies Inc. Obtains $20,000,000 New Financing ( [edit]
  170. Stretch Inc. Raises $15M in Funding ( [edit]
  171. BizJournals ( [edit]
  172. Mobile coupon company Cellfire raises $12m ( [edit]
  173. Jobfox expanding, raises $20M ( [edit]
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  175. EDGAR [edit]
  176. NComputing Raises $28 Million to Fund Global Expansion ( [edit]
  177. INVIDI Technologies Corporation Completes $25 Million Third Round of Financing ( [edit]
  178. Mobius Microsystems raises $10.22M ( [edit]
  179. Voltage raises $12M more for encryption technology. ( [edit]
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  181. Authoria Secures $22.5 Million in Funding; Grows Bookings by 40 Percent ( [edit]
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  241. Ingrian Nets $15.4 Million in Fourth Round Fundin ( [edit]
  242. newScale Secures $15 Million in Series C Funding ( [edit]
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  248. MobiTV, Inc. Raises $15 million in Series B Financing to Drive International Expansion of MobiTV ( [edit]
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  250. Firetide raises $13.6M in second round of funding ( [edit]
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  252. Landmark Networks Closes Series A at $3.2M ( [edit]
  253. Broadband TV Company Entone Raises $14.5 Million Second Round ( [edit]
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