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Kima Ventures

The Kima Ventures fund was started in 2010 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Kima’s goal is to support and finance innovative companies with seed capital all over the world.

Kima Ventures promotes the growth of startups, supporting them in the fastest and most effective ways:

  • By financing the early stages of development,
  • By pooling their resources, and
  • By providing access to its network of partners and relationships around the world.

Kima Ventures partners with the best business angels and venture, funds, and invests primarily in projects that meet a simple need and have a simple business model.

Their goal is to invest in 100 startups during our first 2 years.

Recent Milestones


Company Date Round Size Participants 4/2014Seed$150k1
BlueVine 3/2014Venture Round$4M5
SimpliField 3/2014Seed$450k3
TrackDuck 3/2014Seed€200k2
Caktus 2/2014Seed$200k2 2/2014Seed$150k1
The Orange Chef 2/2014Seed$3M16
Voxeet 2/2014Seed$1.5M3
Petnet 1/2014Seed$1.13M4
Cloud 66 1/2014Seed$500k8
Freenom 12/2013Series A$3M1
Weekdone 11/2013Seed$200k1
Futurelytics 11/2013Seed$800k4
ExpenseBot 11/2013Seed$250k3
Placemeter 11/2013Seed$1.7M5
Useful Systems 11/2013Seed$250k2
22seeds 10/2013Seed$250k1
Tulip Retail 10/2013Seed$2.4M11
SmallRivers 9/2013Venture Round$2M4
eShares 8/2013Seed$1.8M9
DooBop 8/2013Seed$1.3M2
Boatbound 6/2013Seed$1M6
Kiwup 6/2013Seed$130k1
EduKart 5/2013Seed$500k3
Zula 5/2013Seed$1M8
Quote Roller 5/2013Seed$650k3
SixDoors 5/2013Seed$650k6
TransferWise 5/2013Series A$6M5 4/2013Seed$325k3
Assured Labor 4/2013Series A$5.5M4
Fanzy 3/2013Seed$550k2
Festicket 3/2013Seed$680k3
Blottr 2/2013Venture Round$612k2
Quandora 2/2013Seed$150k1
Leanplum 2/2013Angel$825k4
Vonjour 2013Angel1
vidCoin 1/2013Seed1
LaunchKey 12/2012Seed$750k7
Whitetruffle 10/2012Seed$1.2M4
Pixowl 9/2012Seed$1.2M8
Homeloc 3/2012Seed11
Boxcar 3/2012Seed$150k1
spotflux 3/2012Series A$1M3
DocRun 2/2012Seed$1.1M4
Brass Monkey 1/2012Seed$750k2
Planet Soho 1/2012Series A$8M4
Storific 1/2012Angel$300k3
iKnowl 1/2012Seed$175k1
Fooducate 12/2011Seed1
Prêt d’Union 11/2011Series B€3.8M2
Zooz Mobile Ltd. 11/2011Seed$1.5M8
Adility 9/2011Series A7
DeckDAQ 9/2011Seed5
LOOKK 8/2011Venture Round6
Manpacks 8/2011Angel$500k13
Visual Revenue 7/2011Seed$512k4
MovableInk 7/2011Series A$1.3M10
Wibbitz 7/2011Seed3
OpenSearchServer 7/2011Venture Round$300k1
TicTacTi 6/2011Venture Round$1.6M1
24PageBooks 5/2011Seed1
Saygent 5/2011Seed$1M4
YellowBrck 5/2011Seed$150k1
AstroloMe 4/2011Seed$300k1
Wingz 4/2011Seed1
Adyoulike 4/2011Angel€200k1
BrightArch 2/2011Seed1
Sparrow 2/2011Seed1
Covertix 1/2011Angel$1M3
TekTrak 11/2010Series A10
DaWanda 10/2010Venture Round3
AppMakr 10/2010Seed$1M7
ecomom 9/2010Angel$1.1M26
Ifeelgoods 9/2010Seed$1.5M6
KOALA.CH 9/2010Seed$240k1
Rapportive 8/2010Seed$1M16
Planet Soho 7/2010Seed$1M2
SmallRivers 6/2010Angel4
Mashed Pixel 6/2010Seed$100k1
Kukunu 5/2010Seed$400k3
Assured Labor 4/2010Seed$1M4
Plyce 4/2010Seed€300k2
Lengow 3/2010Series A€190k1
Scoville 1/2010Seed$400k3
StatusNet 10/2009Seed$875k4



    Kimaventures Invests in Pretdunion ( [edit]
  1. picks up $150K to help startups predict customer behavior ( [edit]
  2. BlueVine Closes $4M Funding ( [edit]
  3. SimpliField Raises $450K in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  4. TrackDuck Secures €200K Seed From Kima And Practica ( [edit]
  5. Caktus Closes $200K Seed Funding ( [edit]
  6. Browser-Based Call Center Closes $150K Seed From Via Kima Ventures ( [edit]
  7. Orange Chef Raises $3M to Make Home Cooks Smarter in the Kitchen ( [edit]
  8. Voxeet raises $1.5 Million for its pitch-perfect conference call solution ( [edit]
  9. Petnet Raises $1.125M To Make A Smart Food Dispenser For Your Furry Friends ( [edit]
  10. Citation Needed [add]
  11. Freenom Closes $3M Series A Funding ( [edit]
  12. Weekdone Closes $200K Funding ( [edit]
  13. Futurelytics Gets $800k From Index And More So That Small Enterprises Can Access Big Data, Too ( [edit]
  14. LaunchHouse LHX2013 Demo Day ( [edit]
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  16. App Maker Gets Cash for Marketing ( [edit]
  17. IoT Startup Greenbox Aims To Become Nest For The Garden ( [edit]
  18. Tulip Raises $2.4M from SoftTech VC And Others To Provide Connected Online, Mobile And In-Store Software And Hardware To Retailers ( [edit]
  19. Main Event Page europe Comment 1 inShare23 News Curation Platform Raises Further $2 Million ( [edit]
  20. eShares Raises $1.8 Million In Funding To Replace Paper Stock Certificates With Electronic Shares At Private Companies ( [edit]
  21. Citation Needed [add]
  22. Boatbound Launches ‘Pier-To-Pier’ Boat Rental Marketplace ( [edit]
  23. Say Goodbye To Ugly Newsletters, Stamplia Launches Its Email Templates Marketplace ( [edit]
  24. Edukart Raises $500K To Bring Better Online Education To India And The Developing World ( [edit]
  25. Jeff Pulver raises $350,000 for Zula via OurCrowd ( [edit]
  26. Quote Roller Raises $650K in Seed Funding ( [edit]
  27. Last Minute Holiday Shopping? SixDoors Raises $600K To Courier Gifts, Well, To Your Door ( [edit]
  28. P2P Currency Exchange TransferWise Raises $6M Led By Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, With Participation From SV Angel, Others ( [edit]
  29. Raises $325K Led By Kima Ventures For Its Smart Dashboard To Help Track Online/SaaS Expenditure ( [edit]
  30. Assured Labor Raises $5.5M To Find Jobs For Workers Across Latin America ( [edit]
  31. Fanzy fetches $550K from Kima Ventures & others to get your Facebook friends to spam you ( [edit]
  32. Festicket, The Booking Platform For Festival Goers, Raises $680K As It Expands With B2B Offering ( [edit]
  33. With A Revenue Model In Sight, Crowdsourced News Service Blottr Raises $612K For Its Content Syndication Platform NewsPoint ( [edit]
  34. Quandora's Social Knowledge Management Service Secures $150k Seed Funding ( [edit]
  35. Leanplum Raises $825K Angel Round For Its Mobile A/B Testing And Optimization Tool ( [edit]
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  37. Citation Needed [add]
  38. LaunchKey Raises $750,000 to Abolish Passwords ( [edit]
  39. Citation Needed [add]
  40. Pixowl Raises $1.2 Million to Expand the “Grub” Mobile Game Franchise ( [edit]
  41. Frenchweb ( [edit]
  42. Boxcar Raises $150K, Preps Push Notifications Service For Developers ( [edit]
  43. Spotflux Brings Privacy Back to the Web with $1 Million in New Funding from New Atlantic Ventures, Kima and Angels ( [edit]
  44. Stealthy Legal Startup DocRun Raises $1.1M From Resolute.VC, Don Dodge And Others ( [edit]
  45. Brass Monkey Grabs $750K To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wii Controller For Browser Games ( [edit]
  46. SohoOS’s Small Business Management Suite Gets An $8M Vote Of Confidence ( [edit]
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  48. Pakistan’s first Euro VC-backed startup ( [edit]
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  50. Prêt d’Union Raises €3.8M in Series B Funding ( [edit]
  51. ZooZ Lands $1.5 Million For In-App Mobile Payments Solution ( [edit]
  52. Adility Closes Funding ( [edit]
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  54. Carmen Busquets invests in social networking clothing design business ( [edit]
  55. BetaSpring Source [edit]
  56. Visual Revenue Secures $512K ( [edit]
  57. Movable Ink, A Startup That Magically Updates Content In Sent Emails, Just Raised $1.3 Million ( [edit]
  58. [edit]
  59. OpenSearchServer Raises $300,000 ( [edit]
  60. Tictacti Secures Funding To Take On Heyzap In Game Aggregation ( [edit]
  61. 24PageBooks Launches; Raised Seed Funding from Kima Ventures ( [edit]
  62. Voice Sentiment Analysis Startup Saygent Raises $1 Million ( [edit]
  63. Kima Ventures announces new investment in Yellowbrck, a Foursquare for parents ( [edit]
  64. Kima Ventures Invests In Astrolome’s Real-Time Horoscope Platform ( [edit]
  65. Tickengo Closes Seed Round With Kima Ventures So You Can Charge Hitchhikers ( [edit]
  66. La régie Adyoulike débarque en France ( [edit]
  67. We've raised funds and are focusing on clients ( [edit]
  68. [edit]
  69. Covertix Raises $1 Million, Helps Companies Secure Sensitive Data ( [edit]
  70. iPhone Tracking Service Provider TekTrak Locates Seed Funding ( [edit]
  71. Kima Ventures und Piton Capital steigen bei DaWanda ein ( [edit]
  72. AppMakr Raises $1 Million To Help You Build Custom iPhone Apps ( [edit]
  73. Techcrunch ( [edit]
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  75. Privates and Professionals [edit]
  76. Gmail Plugin Rapportive Raises Over $1 Million From Gmail Creator, Many Others ( [edit]
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  78. Lets You Read Twitter In Daily Newspaper Form, Raises More Funding ( [edit]
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  80. Pres release: Kukunu launch ( [edit]
  81. Latin American Jobs Platform Assured Labor Raises $1M In Seed ( [edit]
  82. Plyce lands funding for mobile social network in Europe ( [edit]
  83. EDGAR [edit]
  84. Social Travel Planning Service Kukunu Launches, Raises Funding ( [edit]
  85. TechCrunch ( [edit]
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